Kesha’s Incredible Saturn Return

So, the musician Kesha is in court seeking an injunction to not work with the producer/the producer’s company (Kemosabe Records, housed under Sony) as she is alleging he sexually, verbally and emotionally abused her over several years, from when she was a teenage recording artiste.

The judge is so far ruling against it, citing commercial considerations and saying that there is not enough proof of the abusive conduct. With untold big names in the biz and fans coming forward to support Kesha, this story and dispute clearly has a while to run.

It’s like a lodestone of pertinent recollections for myself and many others, mainly women. Who doesn’t recall being in their late teens, trying to hustle ahead in their career or study and having a run-in (at the very least) with someone powerful in their industry/scene, a sleazy predator in mentor’s clothing?

Astrologically, she’s fully in the Saturn Return Zone. This whole thing has been brewing since Saturn got into Sagittarius – she is a multiple Pisces (Mercury, Sun, Moon, Jupiter) with Sagittarius Zero rising.  Her Saturn Return is exact in December 2016 but in orb all year.  Think also Saturn square Sun with Neptune ON her Sun.

Understanding that your past has not only left its mark but has also helped to shape you is a Pluto trip. Doing it while also taking court action against an abuser who is intimately linked with your professional identity is Saturnine.

She is obviously doing battle with a completely cashed up and powerful entity, as well as airing some really uncomfortable subject matter. This clearly is a major stress event; at the same time, she is Mars in Taurus opposite Pluto in Scorpio and in trine to Lilith in Cancer/her 8th + her Sun/Mercury.  So the woman has guts and tenacity.

It’s also Jupiter in her 10th house – a classic transit for heightened renown and success. And, she’s a quadruple Pisces: Jupiter is utterly her speed. Along with Neptune, it ‘rules’ Pisceans.

“I have nothing left to hide. I did this because the truth was eating away my soul and killing me from the inside,” Kesha wrote on Instagram earlier this week in anticipation of today’s hearing. “this is not just for me. this is for every woman, every human who has ever been abused. sexually. emotionally. mentally. I had to tell the truth. so the outcome will be what it will be. there’s nothing left I can do. it’s just so scary to have zero control in your fate. but this is my path this life for whatever reason…”

And the Mars Vibe is going back and forth over her Zero Sagittarius Ascendant until August. The court decision against her was handed down in the shadow zone so, you know, this is just beginning.  It is one hell of a Saturn Return.


Update: In October 2021, Denis Handlin, head of Sony Corporation Australia and the longest-standing employee of Sony International, was stood down in light of multiple allegations to do with toxic workplace culture.

Image: Kesha-Instagram.

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  1. I WAS JUST WONDERING WHO WAS GOING TO POST SOMETHING ABOUT HER MASSIVE SATURN RETURN!! This is such a trying time for her, she truly is a warrior. Thank you for writing about this.

  2. Interesting! Not so much Kesha’s problems, which are sadly all too familiar as the responses here show. The law of the jungle is just below the surface for a large portion of people.
    Take away the veneer of living in a structured, civilised world and many men are just entitled beasts that assume ownership of a smaller body as soon as look at it.

    It’s deeply shocking to experience. I wouldn’t have believed it until I went through it. I think it’s why many people don’t get the support, it seems so OTT. Like those priests going after children, it just unbelievable how organised their predatory behaviour is. People find it hard to believe a person can be so cruel yet deceive themselves and others into thinking they are fine and decent people.

    So I did not know Kesha’s writes her own music! (But apparently Beyoncé changes a lyric and gets acknowledged as a writer, so it’s hard to know what to believe.)
    Kesha projects a very wasted persona which I imagine would impact people’s perception of her unfairly in this kind of case sadly. If Lohan protested similar treatment I doubt there would be support for her either.

    I am interested to see what comes of this situation. I hope she can deal with it and that her mother is there to support her.

    As her mother is a performer you might think she would have helped young Kesha avoid such pitfalls knowing the industry?
    Interesting to note Kesha’s Pisces stellium under so much stress is in her 4th House…

    1. I think Kesha is actually a songwriter (supported and helped by her mom of course) and that’s how she got in the industry as a performer…she’s not the typical manufactured pop star puppet with the voice and the look belting out whatever gets thrown her way and that’s why I think this is all the more difficult for her, because she was very involved in the process of making her albums and doesn’t just wander in to record. She wrote songs for other artists before recording her own stuff.

      Apparently she also has a very high IQ and is quite intelligent despite her party hard persona.

      1. I am not sure but perhaps it is a Neptune issue – how others perceive you being so different from how you truly ‘are’?
        Or at least a mutable issue.

        We are multidimensional creatures yet the tunnel vision of television funnels a tiny pin of perceptions!
        So I wouldn’t have picked her as a talented writer or smart type from what I have seen of her, uncharitable as it sounds.

        She has NN in Aries – 5th House which is typically a struggle for freedom from the past need to please others.
        Uranus in Aries transit to her NN in the mix there too.

        1. Have to agree with you Sphinx,

          So over the whole “Apparently she (it’s usually a she) has a very high IQ and is quite intelligent despite…. ” thing

          Never really understood why women put on the dumb act if they’re actually smart.

          Why? Completely baffles me.

          1. If you are a woman, poor or sociable by nature I guess it would be quite clear that you can get a lot farther with a certain amount of charm and humour. The luxury of thinking otherwise is not afforded by all.

          2. Dumb act?? What – so young chicks with high IQs have to act like demure intellectuals? They can’t express themselves in fun, parody and irony? You don’t get it? Is this too much of a threat for the patriarchy and all that is good and decent? LOL!

            Good luck Kesha!

            1. If the smart boys with high IQ’s can party then so can the smart girls. Not everyone has a strong desire to stay home and wear glasses to be treated with respect plus she’s young and it’s the age to party. If you’re gonna party better do it while still young.

            1. Until recently only boys got ADHD
              According to the popular medical opinion, girls were not unruly, aggressive, argumentative or as difficult to control as boys. We were just diagnosed as being depressed because the pressure to conform and be a good girl, act nice etc. was so intense we mostly turned that anger and hyperactivity inwards so self-harmed and berated ourselves into shame, more shame and then, of course, the feelings of inadequacy did create depression, and the impulsivity became compulsive over eating or shopping. “Oh, she’s just terrible with money, such a scatterbrain.”
              Much easier to say than, “She has a neurobiological condition which makes impulse control almost non-existent. It was considered a mostly male disease. ADD is acceptable in women, symptoms like dreaminess, being bad with money, forgetfulness, etc. are easier to pass off as just being “feminine or ditzy. Aggressive hyperactivity, hmmm.
              Less easy to diagnose or treat because of socialisation and that shame thing. Having just come out of the mental health closet myself, I’m seeing how hard it is for women like me to fess up to being anything but 100% mentally sound. “Oh she’s on her period.” becomes a whole new level of vulnerability. Just today I got an email from – would you believe, my new boss with a link to Time Ferriss interviewing Seth Godin. Both of whom I introduced him to. Under the link was the line, “this will drive the black dogs away.”

              Where do I begin?
              I am so sick of people sending my productivity podcasts too.
              That’s like sending motivational sporting videos to a disabled person.
              I’m not saying I don’t have gifts, and ADHD isn’t cancer but until YOU have a black dog, don’t tell me how to deal with mine, especially via people I was reading and listening to long before we met. If I had time to listen to podcasts. I got so angry. I know he meant well but I could have screamed.

              1. my point is, so many people, esp guys in power just DON’T GET IT.
                and the worst part is, they think it’s ok to pretend they do.
                It’s worse than slactivism
                it’s ignoramouspatriarchalism

              2. It’s good you share Invicta, but your nature is to share and trust (as is mine) and we are going to be disappointed..the problem is endemic. An early childhood educator – legally bound to offer my autistic child a place in her kinder -refuses him for his disability I can take a good guess how empathic your reception will be! It’s tough.
                Neurodiversity Now!

    2. People need to wake up to charming sociopaths/psychopaths red flags.
      I hate to see anyone predated on and the predator goes free and even applauded for being strong. Americans love the predator and desire victims. Just look at the OJ Simpson case celebrity worship is insane. A jury let him go.
      The more people who make a stand, say no more we can ferret out these creeps!

      1. So true. What traditional archetype is the narcissist? Are they like the trickster Loki in myth or Mercury? What flag do they fly in ancient historical storylines?

  3. And they call Pisces weak…all that Pisces Qi flowing through her veins and still she raises her Warrior’s Cry. Much Love, Fishy Kesha.

  4. Not to make fun of the woman’s horrible situation, but she might have more power than she realizes. I suppose it depends on how many records are left on the contract. This is where you get albums like Van Morrison’s “Contract-Breaking Sessions,” Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” or “Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album.”

    1. That is an interesting point. We also have to presume her legal advice is sound. Could she change her name a la Prince with Warner Bros?

      Also i am surprised at how this is all being handled. If we were Sony management, wouldn’t we just be all about the quiet dissolution of the contract with an NDA binding all parties to shut the fuq up and an official statement crapping on about a difference of creative direction?

      1. Yeah exactly. The controlling grip never ends up with the overlord (if u know what I mean) looking good. More pathetic, weak and needy.

    2. Put out six shitty albums and get out asap! That’s my advise to her, go to recording sessions with mom, bf and a bodyguard.
      Video tape the whole session.

  5. so insightful, mystic and peeps! love you.
    go, kesha! i love that even just one person’s choice to stand against the patriarchal bullshit makes a difference; more and more will gain the courage to do it because it’s so obvious that support is out there. it’s obviously ludicrous that corporations maintain their rights over human beings so often and i want it to end already; at the same time i think it’s so cool to see these little shifts. like tectonic plates. soon enough there will be an earthquake. isn’t that what this pluto in cap era is all about?

        1. oh, i suppose it would! such a tat could serve as a reminder to stay haute during a particular era and fade away, leaving a small trace which would then serve as a prompt to evoke useful feelings from that time <3

  6. I have Saturn Square my moon natally and soon it will be on my moon by progression. I also have Chiron square my moon by transit, Pluto square Chiron and Saturn Square Chiron by transit. I think I’m allowed to get Chiron and Saturn tattoos in very discrete places if I want the. I know how much many people LOATHE astro glyph tats, but at 43, I think it’s time I acknowledged my greatest teachers. Saturn and Chiron. I love you Jupiter but it’s not as if I need reminding you are in my life. I want to celebrate what hurts and heals. privately but indelibly. I am thinking of discrete places to put those two glyphs. It’s been brewing for over 8 months.

  7. The court case is important but secondary. She’s winning a more important battle. The battle we all fight every day. That is to value ourselves, value our birthright of dignity, safety and peace. Justice is a beautiful thing, for both sides, to bring someone to it and to be brought to it. Justice is healing for all parties involved. Confucius said justice and punishment should be like a thunderstorm. The energy builds to breaking followed by thunder and lightning, then the release of rain. It then just as quickly fades away. No holding on. My take is that Keisha has spoken her truth, the storm has broken the rain will soon pass and it won’t be long before the sun is shining on her again. The trick is to let the past fade now, try not to dwell in the rain for too long. A new life stretches before her. Let go and don’t let the abuses of the past cripple your amazing future.

  8. Incredible Saturn return story. Gotta love that Saggitarius energy, speaking the truth no matter who tries to put up the wall to silence it. And that album cover is fantastic – the power, the rich colors, the vibrancy from the ether in metallic iron form.

  9. I just was reading about her mom…she is a songwriter as well and the two are very very close both personally and professionally (they cowrite her songs). Mom is also Sun-Mercury in Pisces with Saturn in Sagittarius! Wild.

    1. wow
      I’ve been wanting a Chiron tattoo on one arm and Saturn on the other for so long.
      But holding back is like the new letting go for me.
      I still want them but I can wait, not long either of them are going anywhere 🙂
      Awesome factoids tho R & MM

      1. What has changed in your life that has caused you to hold back? When did you start noticing that about yourself? I ask because my Saturn Return recently ended and that was one of my biggest lessons: waiting/not needing

  10. She has a Saturn tattoo on her palm!! Google “Kesha Saturn tattoo”, it pops up right away… she got it last year to commence Saturn into sagg and her Saturn return.

    I (also Saturn in late sagg) am going through similar themes lately, ugh not fun…but getting real

    1. WOW cool – i just added that pic in! Thank you. How the hell could i have missed that?

      AND i also remembered what i meant to write earlier but omitted – Neptune on her Sun, squared by Saturn.

      And yes, seriously these themes are NEVER fun but like any wound, better cleansed and exposed to oxygen/sunlight than covered up and ignored.

  11. Wow! Having had Saturn in Scorpio in her 12H conjoining her Pluto, opposing her Mars certainly brought up ugly but necessary truths to the surface. I imagine Saturn crossing her ASC into Sag for good after that gruesome last retro solidified things for her, her decision to battle publicly for the truth. After all, she is Sag Saturn 1H – “the truth shall set you free”?

    Now, Mars treading the same path of that Saturn transit is like steamrolling the road she chose to take. Mars conjunct Pluto opposite her natal Mars makes things difficult for her, it’s a question of knowing when to keep on punching that wall with bare knuckles without breaking your bones.

    Mars Rx is going to be interesting for her. Perhaps when he finally conjoins Saturn during her Saturn Return she can find herself in a better, solid place.

  12. I remember that “era”. I remember being in denial of things. Having so-called “mentors” try to twist my head and make me believe I was disconnected from intuition and power.

    Keep going. Stay committed to your truth. Emancipation from many aspects is nigh but first, one has to go through it all. Every single nasty drop of it.

    Goddess speed <3

  13. I had a “mentor” like this early in my career also.

    Many of the strongest women I know still had to learn how to say no and not feel guilty.

    Learning how to say no without rousing violence or ridicule is actually an art form.

      1. lol, you mean like shrivelled old patriarchs who couldn’t get laid if not for their power within the hierarchy?
        Hierarchy is just another word for patriarchy IMO and I’m so over that whole ‘if you’re so smart how come you have no money or power and I”ve got loads of it?

        That Gloria Steinhem example of how language hamstrings us is so pertinent, like how would YOU like to study really hard and get a Spinster or Arts degree, or a Mistress of Science title?
        It’s so entrenched, it’s in our LANGUAGE, meaning it influences the way we THINK on an unconscious level.
        I’d better get some work done. I have trouble keeping up with work assignments as it is and I’m also doing an online fiction writing course which requires a hell of a lot of extra reading and writing but is so awesome. I need to set up a new blog but have been waiting to hear if two domain names I came up with that were usurped by two blokes I work can be mine again. as in, they’ve used MY words to create stuff under THEIR names in the public domain (without crediting me) so now if I use them as even post titles, let alone urls then we are publically linked and since they’re both married “it would invite suspicion” errr suspicion of what? that you are as creative as a brick and steal ideas because you can or that your wife who probably can’t stand you anyway would imagine I have the vaguest interest in you? I don’t. Excuse all this vitriol. It’s a Virgo full moon and it’s activating my Chiron and in my home sector so Lilith is roaring lol
        I have to laugh
        Oh it’s good be here
        i’ve missed you guys
        bites lip
        back to work bitch <3

  14. As a woman who’s been in the workforce for a while, nearly every boss I’ve had, not to mention others, through my working life have hit on me…guys can say its benign and you can say no, but when you are young and at the bottom of the totem there is pressure and tension in that interaction. Power to Kesha for taking a stand on this shiz!

    1. not just bosses, every straight male, shrink even too!
      It’s an epidemic of patriarchal abuse.
      Our acquiescence is so socially and behaviorally entrenched.
      In some cases, women simply wouldn’t have gotten a CHANCE had we not colluded at the beginning of our careers. This creates shame, guilt much like childhood sexual abuse survivors, or rape victims, the accusation that we “wanted it” are heavy in the air as we break the silence.
      Once the days of keeping shtum are over, and even despair is powerless to destroy, those honchos had better watch their backs.
      Butts will be kicked, and honeybunny old boy; stilettos HURT!

      1. *clapping emoji*
        Honestly, so many times i just have not had the energy or the social aptitude to fight back without causing waves that could be detrimental to my life and so shutting down and accepting the shittiness was the easier and better path. I agree with you, I think there’s a shame that came with it that I had not realized the magnitude of until lately.

        1. Indeed, me neither.
          Thanks to all the Pilates I’m doing, this new, or perhaps regained core strength, flexibility, and my penchant for wearing heels mean I can kick patriarchal ass with so much more stealth than I ever could before. Why did I need to show my strength with muscularity which is bordering on mascularity? Yes, I know mascularity is not a real word but y’all know what I mean. Standing there looking Taylor Swift-y and smiling sweetly, means when my moment comes, I can swing that sharp roundhouse kick more precisely than I ever could before.
          And believe me, ladies, I am kicking ass lately.
          Not every day is good (OBVIOUSLY), and I’m sorry I’m so vague about the new job, etc. (NDAs and this is the internet) and it’s not even that big of a deal, but I’m not willing to jeopardise or even jinx anything.
          I can do my little happy dance, though, and I do. Almost every day.

    2. It’s not benign and you can say no and also be passed over for promotions and be let go/fired. Been there. Done That.
      It took a huge hit on my career, but at least I manage my own career and run my own record label.
      It happened again recently with a sleazy producer.
      I feel bad for all the young women & men with stars in there eyes about success & fame.
      18 is awfully young to sign a record deal.

      1. Gay men supported me as well throughout these ordeals too. Strangely enough my feminist lesbian friends abandoned me telling me only weak women are harassed or raped.
        Women were nasty- they helped spread horrific things about me. I wish women would band together against predators.
        If everyone banded against predators it would could get them to stop.
        I was approached by a indie record label with larger corporate backing. A husband and wife ran this label they attended my show was impressed, then met me backstage after the show in the Green Room, and cornered me. Tried giving me drugs and booze. I said sorry I don’t do band business after shows, it’s when I celebrate with my fellow musicians.
        I left the room. My manager shoved me back in there and told me to do whatever they asked. I stormed out pissed off. My manager betrayed my trust promised them god only knows what!
        I recall my band mate (who I later fired) telling me take one for the team and was dead serious about it and still blames me to this day for him not getting signed or becoming famous.
        I wasn’t going to bang this older creepy couple in the 50’s for a record deal. I have standards. But there’s some many sleazy predators it’s become accepted as just doing business.
        anyways this industry is tough. I feel for Kesha, 18 is far too young and naive to sign a major contract.

      2. It is so sad how true this rings. The what’s your problem? cue totally plausible and extremely polite rebuttal/ explanation of THE problem, not YOUR problem followed by spreading vile career sabotaging rumours thing happened to me too when I was modelling. More than once. Admittedly, it is not the same as journalism and things ARE changing but the whole “scarily no women helped” bit happened to me too. My agent recommended I become the girlfriend of a famous (at the time ) photographer who was in love with me because he would “make me a star” she was also my booker, landlady and PR person. She felt my waiter boyfriend was “beneath” me. We’d been dating long before I was kidnapped by the fashion industry. Anyway…
        The whole “take one for the team” sex & drugs story has an unmistakable ring of truth to it too. People don’t- ahem, women don’t talk. We don’t support each other, and we don’t back each other up. We compete for power when we ought to collaborate. I haven’t wanted to talk about the new job thing because yes NDA and the fear that if something sounds too good to be true, it just might be (although I do know this person and we’ve established a level of trust over a few years so he is a decent person and has been supportive of my transitions and mental health struggles of late. Contracts all signed pre Mercury retrograde etc. (although despite his snide remarks about my concerns we wrap up the paperwork pre Merc Retro, he was unable to get any of it processed through the bank during the entire Merc Retro period and only NOW that we are moving out of shadow is the payroll showing up;) lol
        I strongly suspect it (these delays with contract tweaks and my payroll, pension etc as well as some arguments over intellectual property and my right to use certain domain names, blog titles, etc. (another thing that guys seem to think it’s ok to keep doing, steal my IP and then act like “what’s YOUR problem?” ahem anyway) may also have to do with my standing my ground in terms of my boundaries. His snide remarks about astrology aside, he does stalk me on this site or used to.
        He is a former client and obvs in love with me and has promised to stop but he’s one of the several men who when they don’t get immediate email responses from me or if my Facebook page is not public (ie just friends and family) will rock up here to see what is going on in my world / get their “fix” of me.
        It’s a bit creepy.
        Ok, it’s fucking rank, but I’m focusing on the positive here (trying to) and keeping my boundaries strong. If someone, and sadly it’s usually a bloke says or does something, I’m not comfortable with they fuckin KNOW about it. I REFUSE to hide and change my avatar or constantly change my screen name. I could, but fuq that. Why should I?
        Cyber stalking is creepy!
        Creepy is as creepy does, and creepy knows it’s creepy. I won’t hide from creeps, here, or anywhere. If you’re cyberstalking me then you know you’re a creep. You read it here because you show nothing but disdain for my interest in astrology it and only come here to stalk me.
        Or worse, have suddenly pretended it DOES interest you, and that’s how you accidentally found out about me hooking up with what’s his face. As if who I hook up with is any of your business anyway!
        I’ve been homeless FFS; I’ve paid off massive amounts of debt while losing almost half my body weight in fat, consciously, meticulously building lean muscle which took YEARS and had my hair burned off by student hairdressers because of my inability to fund my peroxide addiction :))
        I had massive zits from the hormonal fallout of an epitopic pregnancy and the necessary abortion, and all of these things were going on AT THE SAME TIME, so it’s not like some bloke can scare ME.
        I got the-the fuckin Pluto transiting my 1st house T-shirt baby!

        The bogeymen can’t scare me. I can do better, and if you piss me off,
        I WILL just watch.
        On a bit of a rant as new boss has blatant disdain for Feng Shui – fair enough, each to their own but recently shown such disrespect to me and my beliefs that he sent me a serious company open memo about my micro-incentives for the week, i.e., extra money I can earn on top of my salary which is rather micro in itself but at least, it’s a salary, and I get paid to write. Anyway, his suggestion for this week’s micro incentive is that I fix my Feng Shui. Can you imagine?
        At first, I thought he was serious and thought, “wow he’s so cool.” then when the usual “I was only joking.” rejoinder came back, also via company email I felt so small and angry. Like hey, thanks for making fun of me in front of everyone because I am a woman, and I’m into Feng Shui.
        Way to belittle me in front of others during my first month in a new job dude!
        I’m constantly told I don’t have a sense of humour or get that “I was kidding” shit when I call guys out for being blatantly sexist or even separatist, elitist or just jerks. Of course, silly girl, she has no sense of humour, everyone who knows me knows I have no sense of humour.
        just saying

        Still I rise, mofos, still I rise.
        I’m not Kesha and neither are any of the PIABs but in a way we all are.

        1. Yeah the “what’s your problem” or “why are you so hung up” are two sentences that are used over and over by predators to manipulate and coerce submission from their prey.

  15. Oh woman. Still you rise. Out of nights of shame, out of a past that’s rooted in pain. You are the hope and the dream of the slave. Rise. Rise. Rise.

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