A Jupiter Transit Means More IS More

Every Jupiter transit has the same mantra: More Is More.  William Blake, the person who wrote that the “the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” had the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct in Sagittarius. That’s like having a permanent Jupiter transit. For everyone who met him, he was Jupiter.

When you’re having a Jupiter transit, or you’re a strong Jupiter person by nature, you double down on everything. No wait, screw that. Why not quadruple down on the gamble, investment, love affair, party or whatever is going on. Jupiter is an expansive, inflationary energy.

So if the situation or dynamic is worth expanding, Jupiter is your friend. For example, with Jupiter in play, you don’t just “go on a trip.” Your little junket or short getaway becomes a noble journey, a pilgrimage or spirit quest. Or fuq it, you’ll move overseas.

Applied to worthy ventures and in particular education or business enterprises, a Jupiter transit will amplify your options for success. It lends you extra audacity and self-belief.

If you’re not having a Jupiter transit to your natal chart, even Jupiter energy in the current astrology is helpful. If Jupiter is making big-time alignments to any of the Outer Planets, everyone’s energy is potentially jovial.

When is your next Jupiter transit? Get one of my transit reports to find out!

89 thoughts on “A Jupiter Transit Means More IS More”

  1. jupiter in capricorn conjunct mars + neptune 11th house… sextile pluto in scorp.

    morph into whatever guise good for getting sex? you bet, but what’s the point.

    with venus conj saturn in scorp and sun/merc in 8th more like morph into any guise good for getting them $$$/that security (moon 2nd). I can entertain myself just fine.

  2. Shi*t. I’m Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Saggo in the 9th house – Square to my Piscean sun in the 11th…. People often tell me I look like Goldie Hawn – now I’m really paranoid that I look like the above all the time LOL. Just gunna look around my bod for the off-switch and have no more coffee today. Mystic, I love you but this post has me worried.

  3. My Jupiter is at pisces in 7th, within a lovely t-Square with Sun/Moon/chiron in Gemini & Uranus in sagg. Plus a trine to venus, sextile mars=Optimist to the max! 😉

    1. Who says i am in the northern hemisphere? And nothing is topsy turvy anywhre.

      OMG Jupiter Asc = killer. The ground shakes when you walk.

      Saturn Asc = foul mood but excellent cheekbones & genuine disdain for excess anything

      1. Like food critic Anton Ego in Ratatouille. Maybe he had Saturn in Taurus square Jupiter in whatever squares Taurus…

  4. What’s the house and aspect for compulsively buying books? I have Jupiter in Taurus in the 5th opposite Neptune in 11th. Jupiter is also part of grand earth trine with 1st and 9th house planets.

    NB My highest weight ever was when Jupiter crossed my ascendant (Capricorn – I have a spreadsheet) and followed a three year book buying spree – Jupiter doing 12th house escapism?

    1. Yes Mystic, re Jupiter transiting Ascendant, the earth did tremble for a short while. Remarkably dropped straight after.

      I have Jupiter currently transiting my sixth, and since my tightest trine is Jupiter Pluto and Pluto is approaching my Ascendant with serious intent, I think a little obsessive discipleship of all things fitness and diet will do wonders for Jupiter hitting the seventh. 🙂

  5. 12th house virgo

    Ha ha! Jupiter in the 6th square Neptune, making the pointy tip of a Yod with Sun and Venus in the 12th. No clue at all how to reign him in.

  6. Hello all… Does the astro.com chart clearly explain the “squaring” of planets in my chart. I am trying to figure how this square relates to me.



  7. hiddendragonqueen

    opposite neptune, square hygea (virgo no less). i think that speaks for itself.

    the 12th house “guardian angel” effect i fully believe. so many potentially risky situations i’ve skated through (knock on wood) with barely a scratch.
    thank you jupiter!!

    also rising, and i don’t have the ability to do anything small. go big or quit is the mantra. details bore me, beyond the relentless psychoanalysis of myself and others. argh. great fortune, but still argh.

  8. Venus in Libra/1st house square Jupiter in Cancer/10th house top of my chart.

    Perhaps Jupiter via steady drip is the answer? I’ve made a life relying on serendipity, tuning my talent into lucrative opptys at the right time, skating past snares, close calls, torched deadlines, financial fuquery of my own making and coming up roses until the next madness – though not w/o the help of many sweet peeps.

    And while I’m acutely aware of having turned out a bit leisurely and fun-prone, and also aware the fae dust may lose its charm and cost me my current lifestyle, there really isn’t any malice behind my self-indulgent ways; and as I’m always happy to throw mountains of energy into the give, give, give as a lover-fighter, friend, volunteer and biz partner I figure this in/out flow balances itself out. I’d say I alternate between Jupiter dexterity and fireworks though I can’t say which one is better.

    1. I have Venus in 1st in Virgo, Sun in Libra in 2nd square Jupiter in Cancer in 11th. I too throw galaxies of energy in giving (St Virgo), however, I’m less leisurely than I’d like to be which I blame the Virgo Venus.

    1. Nah – not too long at all 🙂 This is why I like you – I have the same sort of impact but without the psychicness (tho I am an empath). In my case it all comes from a loaded third house in Scorpio and a Saggitarius sun. I have the appetites and the girth to match 😀 😀 (not to mention the *kof*)

      And Jupiter in the 5th House ? Highly sexed and obsessed about my home. Capricornian attention to detail and hard work backed up by Virgo Rising. Spoiled by lazy bloody saggie sun who *laughs* in the face of white oak floorboards !

      Mystic says that the combination of Fire and Water energies generates a huge amount of steam – passion and extremes… I’m just wondering what grounds you ? Or are you completely full-on ?!?

      1. Grounding:
        mars in cap 2nd house
        saturn in Tau 6 house
        pluto virgo 11 house
        lilth virgo 10 house

        Too tense to let me float around like a twit or relax much into being airy faerie:
        mars sq pluto
        mars sq uranus
        mars sq sun
        mras sq Merc-chiron

        pluto opp Sun (that’s tough – never content with own motives or who i think i am, second and third guess self, dig very very deep to get at truth)
        Uranus opp Merc-Chiron

      2. 5th house…i can see Zeus in a playhouse. Very creative. You must literally bust with ideas and visions. I also imagine you made your fair share of trouble as a young woman! And were you loved rather than shunned for it?

        I think it is lucky to have strong Scorpion and Capricorn energies in a Jupiterian chart. I forgot to mention i have Pluto trine Saturn. I really admire the energies of those two signs although i have known many Scorpions too well so there’s no pedestal. 🙂 This is certainly the era for them.

  9. Oooooohhhhh-the-fq-kaaaaaaay.

    Yeh i’m a tad Jupiterian.

    12th house Neptune Jupiter Moon, and Ascendent in Sagittarius (lol) all line up in a conjunction. These are 3, 6, 9, and 10 degrees Sag. I just found i’m probably fixed star Antares Rising, too. Still interpreting that tho it feels about right.

    This multiple conjunction trines Pisces Sun and Aries Merc-Chiron conjunct, both 5th house. It also sextiles Uranus Lib 11th (which is mutual trine with Venus Aqua 3rd).

    I suppose you might say i talk the hind leg off a donkey; i tell stories where the little details are amplified in a magnifier though i sometimes skim the larger stuff; one thought or word leads on to another and another in rapid succession, and so on; constantly having larger than life ideas which i totally believe are all possible (tho often lose interest in the execution if it’s not as i envision) i pick up languages and accents really easily (then have trouble letting go); i used to travel a lot more than now, i miss it, and higher learning is my blood. If i’m not learning every day i get pissed off. i am beginning to learn i have a big presence in some regard. Every mood i have shows up unmistakeably Jup amplifies my Moon yes? Moody. – on a dime I gesture heaps, to the point of knocking things at times, and often my own face. I like to be quiet and observe a lot too but when laugh it’s heard for miles apparently (they come to tell me where they were just standing when they heard me). I’m Jupiterian/Neptunian and a pretty good performer (Leo MC too). People often laugh at me tho i don’t mean for that. I hate puns for example but you should hear how many come out of my mouth and flabbergast me (Scorp boss looks suspiciously at me like i do it on purpose but won’t admit it.)

    I absorb others quickly and receive plenty of projection which i unintentionally amplify and reflect (and can be draining). Jupiter does really amplify 12th house qualities for me and this includes psychic energies and occult practice, intuition, search for soul and spiritual meaning, religion, madness and depression, addictions and undoing, compassion and secrets. The Sag and Ascendent conjunction makes the secrets thing tough but Pisces buries them beneath the sea. I hear a lot of people’s taboo secrets. I struggled with all this since i was exceptionally young (around 3 or even younger!) and absorbed knowledge information and others’ energies like lightning. I couldn’t control the gates and was way too open. Began studying both occult and religious philosphies since primary school, grade 6 after skipping a grade. Ive never tamed my temperament which tends to passionately despise or adore things. And often say so. Have the appetite of men three times my girth and height. Bawdy sense of humour, swear like a sailor, used to drink like one and if i’m not evading you i’ll go toe to toe – noone rules Jupiter, right? Overdo EVERYTHING. If i’m in, i’m in like Flynn. i adore learning and if you can teach me anything i’ll listen for hours (i’m also renowned for asking HEAPS of questions – you know, the kid who wants to know why all the time). i always have ideas, i’m always inspired.

    I have this crazy crazy optimism and faith even though i’ve experienced more smackdown than most people (not all) i know. I also seem to have some kind of spirtual fortune. I have called upon things to happen in the past and they exactly did and i am afraid of that. It does feel very Zeus.

    Jupiter is in 12th house of piscean tradition, and is ancient ruler of Pisces though it is in Sagittarius. Pisces is in a fire house (5th) and Pisces ruler Neptune is in the 12th house butin Sag conjunct Sag ruler Jup. I don’t really know where Pisces ends and Sag begins in my nature. They really feel one. Others find my mix of background cultures and religions at odds and weird but to me they vibrate together and i see the resonance plain as day. I don’t get the fuss and the binary thinking. (ANd i often either say so or it shows on my face).

    I’m also a bit wordy, have you noticed? Jupiterian blowhard 😀 I swear i’m letting this post ramble for astro effect.

      1. I know you’re a Scorpio, but DO tell. I mean, enough about me already, right?

        Is there some astro in common? Perhaps some overblown jup aspect of personality? 😉 I’m intrigued…because i do know how Scorpions like to keep their edges honed and neat against the outside and i wonder how Jupiter influences it.

  10. Jupiter square pluto in capricorn in my 5th…. Hmmmmm…. I gave up the Underworld years ago…


    ….I wonder if it’s given up on *me* tho ……. ?!

    *Puts down the Pomegranate*

  11. ah. Ol’ Jupestar squares mercury, mars and my moon,
    and that moon, opposes the merc and mars.

    sounds. like a whole lot of potential for melodrama. secret melodrama.

  12. Jupiter square Mars, here – and yes, you always know where you stand with me! Its easy to get a rise out of me, mostly because I am annoyed that someone is trying to get a rise out of me. Jupey is also conjunct my Merc, Neptune and Sun in my 7th house – opposing my Saturn and Rising.

  13. Oh dear, natal Jupiter square Venus, does this mean I’m destined to be a serial over-indulger? The only thing I’m over-indulging in is work at the moment, thanks to seagull managers (fly in make a lot of noise and cr4p everywhere) and a project team that is like a whole series of Survivor. And I’m the survivor. Apart from that I’m on my shamanic detox diet prior to doing the next round of shaman training. Have to clean out. No meat no alcohol no sugar no caffeine no salt no processed food. A few days of ick but starting to glow faintly in the dark, beginning to see auras, lucid dream (thks Neptune!) and the other weird woo woo that happens without bodily toxins. This is my natal state !?!?! OMG.

  14. Spoke with boss today bout another position i want. Dont think it went down really well. The guy who has the say doesnt seem to like me becasue im friends with his ex….But felt like making a scene today, I sulked as only a Cancer can do . 🙁

  15. Hmm, I have Jupiter in Libra/2nd house squaring my Moon in Uranus/5th house. Right now, I’m a workaholic, excessive money making? Is there such a thing?

  16. if you fall... dive

    I read somewhere natal Venus sq. Uranus = peeps can “sense” how a relationship will play out… I think this on top of my natal Jupiter in Gem in 12th conj. Mars make me horrid in relation to morphing into whatever for sex. I’m 100% Ramzilla, but I can always sense what lovers want from me. I just never give it unless I feel that way, or else I’m pretending to tolerate something for someone else’s sexual enjoyment – not a prossie, don’t need to do this so I don’t.

    Gem Jup in 12th makes me obsess over the machinations of others, to a ridiculous degree. It’s complete Love Zombie hell, really. I compartmentalize feelings/reasonings for things, love dressing up to fit my mood – but no NOT pressure me, otherwise I just…stop (again, total ram with Mars in 12th).

    1. hiddendragonqueen

      oh fuq- analyzing the machinations. not exactly endearing to others, is it? my saturn and pluto nice aspects are always screaming at me to stop… nope, can’t, not a bloody chance in brad pitt 7th layer hell.

      1. if you fall... dive

        My saturn’s in 7th cap and my pluto’s in 5th scorp… I analyze to learn the lesson asap rather than repeating myself and wasting my time. AND!? Cardinal signs don’t do well with the whole “being wrong” thing. So blegh. I guess I just need to learn to temper it 😛

        1. hiddendragonqueen

          ah, that’s a lovely cap saturn manifestation. so is your jup at the apex of a yod? that’s gotta be intense! good luck with the tempering. 🙂 i analyze just because i can’t help myself- my leo saturn also is never wrong, and therefore doesn’t learn lessons… soooo much wasted time on pride and bombast! i’ll readily admit fault, but can always find a way to justify it and secretly still be right. 8o
          i’m totaly jealous of your 5th house scorp pluto. best planetary placement ever. 🙂 actually i guess your saturn might put a damper on some of those fires. oh well- still wicked cool.

          1. if you fall... dive

            It’s actually helped by my Uranus & Neptune in 7th cap… yes, all conjunct each other. But it’s kind of a clusterfuck of contradiction. Yes, I put relationships first but then go through periods of straight avoiding them when they fail. Oh and let’s not forget my habit of projecting what I want them to be onto them… But I’m slowly realizing I’m all those traits I project and that if I want the space I need in relationships (Uranus in 7th is a commitment phone, but Pluto in 5th loves them), then I need to let my partner have that same freedom instead of turning them into their Superman or their insecurities (like a 5th cap Saturn/Uranus/Neptune I know).

  17. good topic for DIY – my jupiter is in scorp, in the 9th at the top of my chart – so that is generally good – it is heavily aspected,with flowing aspects to moon, merc and sun (thank you, goddess) BUT it does square my venus in Virgo = I am lazy and undisciplined though talented and sociable (true); my Pluto = can be opinionated and over attached to ideas (check – but getting better as I age); and square my Uranus in Leo in the 6th, i.e.buck up against authority and old ways of doing things – (OH YES indeedy – in constant trouble at the day job but very good at inventing new methodologies as long as I don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater). I am especially working in that Uranus square…..any advice?? 🙂

    1. scorp with that jupiter you really should come to one of my parties. i don’t throw them often but when I do… anyway I’ll let you know. just hafta sort out that US-Aust airfare 😀

  18. Ha ha ha! I have Jupiter square my Sun in Aries. I don’t think I’m nearly as bad as I could be! May be Jupes being in Kataka in my 9th house helps a little. Makes this over zealous Ram a little more wooly and cuddly? Really though, I’m sure people LOVE me! Ha ha ha! :p

  19. “As a God, Jupiter was renowned into morphing into whatever guise worked for getting him sex. He would become a swan, a tree, a girl.”
    Have you seen Brad Pitt’s bit as the Chanel No.5 spokesmodel? He looks looped into the nth circle of hell.

  20. Jupi squares my Sun conjunct Pluto in 2nd. In my work/how I make money I have no ‘off’ switch, a workhorse, super ambitious, tendency toward exhaustion. Luckily, personal planets in Virgo in 2nd are well-aspected and demand I play it down, be modest, aim for perfection. If I manage to get a nice balance, it results in quiet and modest achievement, done well. Virgo is a Mouse. Jupiter [enter collective noun] the group of galloping (giant) stallions. Both friends 🙂

      1. I’ve got the same combo too – Jupiter in Cap / 11th squaring pluto in libra / 8th.

        Organizing and managing groups, meeting and workshops definitely gets my jupiter amphetamines going – especially when I’m leading or running them. But it really brings me down when there’s disharmony, dishonesty or stupid power tripping going on. And doubly so when I don’t have the power or authority to address it.

        1. I’m the anony above and my Jupi is in 11th in Kataka – leading/looking after groups and also with the square to my sun I often experience big expectations/ pressure from family to help them, they lean on me which I think is Jupi kataka (home and cardinal) and square sun never enough time for myself but lots of demanding obligations from others and hard to say no and maintain boundaries = the square challenge! Jupiter also rules other cultures and philosophy – did these both in a big way from a young age.

  21. seagoat/littlefish/leomoon

    Lets see!! Natal Jupiter in 8th house leo squares Neptune in 11th house Scorpio. This can’t be good

  22. I’m a sagg with Jupiter conjunct Saturn, and Jupiter does nothing for me, but wherever saturn is i feel really strongly. I figure Saturn has Jupiter locked in a dungeon somewhere, which kinda sucks cos as a sagg I love a bit of excess! 🙂 🙂

  23. This Venus / Jupiter square + Sorp moon is pretty edgy.

    An image: Mastodon and Norah Jones meet in a shopping mall and are suddenly struck by the same revelation as to *exactly* how Ikea make their profits. The more they talk about it the harder they laugh. It’s a party then and there.

    1. OK, that one fell over. Think air guitars and requisite black tees.

      (Well, it did seem to describe the mood at 1:28pm AEST, yesterday …)

  24. Anony_Aus/Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    11th house…tempted to meet up with needy, troubled, soul draining “friends”…and contact potentially Qi vamping exes. NOOO noooo NOOOooooo MUST LISTEN TO EMPOWERING MUSIC AND IGNORE.

  25. So you’re saying I shouldn’t follow my sudden and random impulse to get a tattoo at this very moment with money I don’t have? What an inconveniently wise bit of advice.

    Jupiter square Sun natally, by the by. Never try to outdrink, outdance, outhike, out-anything me when I’m in the ZONE.

  26. I’ve got Jupiter (retrograde) conjunct my Leo moon in the 8th, square Pluto in Scorp AND Mars in Taurus.

    Less is less!

  27. Hmm. I have Jupiter in my 12th house square: sun; venus; mercury; neptune; true node; MC.
    Multiple Saggo action.
    Management is totally necessary.

  28. Oh my, all you with Jupiter square Venus and/or Mars, please tell more! I think I am finally unlocking the mystery of a guy I have been a LZ over for a long time. He has Aqua Jupiter square Scorpio Mercury/Venus natally. . . could this be why he is a serial dater and an online dating website junkie?? Saturn is squaring his Jupiter and sitting on top of that Mercury/Venus. What will that do to him?? Could he actually be forced to stay with just one??

    1. Afraid I can’t help you there… Jupiter in Aqua squaring Mars/Venus in Aries, but if I’m a serial anything it’s monogamous… I’m not very good at this yet but I suspect it may be Mercury on top of his Venus that’s the problem? Very flighty and chatty when it comes to romance with Jupiter turning it up to 11?

      1. is that a typo, salmon_ella, that is, Aquarius is sextile Aries, not square, which I think would make sense about monogamy – Jupiter in fixed Aquarius, sextiling, or jazzing up, a bold Aries Mars/Venus. Would want to make you stand your ground? Just trying to picture that.. But as to the serial dater, even though Mercury is conjunct his Venus, they’re in Scorpio, which is never flighty or chatty. I think Jupiter amps up the stealth

        1. Nope, no typo, Astro.com says it’s a square. If it helps, my Jupiter is at the beginning of Aqua and Mars is at the very end of Aries?

  29. Oh dear-jupiter squaring mars…
    maybe that explains the simmering temper (which i do have more or less under control!) and my life long urge to YELL at people a lot..?
    (or would that be more connected to mercury and communication?)

    Ive always felt I would be much happier (albeit probably dead) in say, some fantasy version of Sicily, where forth right, high volume interactions and the odd blood feud are perfectly acceptable…

      1. I have mars and Neptune square Jupiter, I can relate. I am mega calm 99% of the time but when I blow it’s Vesuvian. I cursed a lot when I was a toddler too, at the top of my voice, but I came from one of those families where if something mechanical was being recalcitrant the adults believed it could be magically made to start with a sufficiently forceful curse.

        1. Domestic Triffid

          This is actually true. You can also get recalcitrant printers, photocopiers and faxes to work properly by going up to them and whispering “Hammer. I mean it !”

        2. ah, this is interesting. I have mars square Jupiter (& Lilith) too. I am pretty sure that some of my first words were swear words. I don’t know how you can amp up an 8th house Aqua mars any more… Jupiter’s trine and sextile to moon and venus might chill things out a bit. or not.. mwahahaha

  30. Oh my. I have Venus (& Mars) square Jupiter natally… I suppose that might explain my obsession with beauty products? x3 Of course my Libra rising probably doesn’t help that either. Also have Jupiter square Pluto… Do I have that to blame for my Goth sensibilities? Lol.

  31. ummm well my Jupiter in the 2nd is square Saturn and my moon (ish) which is square my uranus (which is opp my Jupe) So I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced this ‘less’ thing you speak of? Even when I’m doing ‘less’ i’m doing epic amounts of it! lol 🙂 Will stay away from crates of bats just in case x

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