Tarot Card Consults In The Eighties

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Yes, Millennials – Eighties Tarot readings were honestly like this. Seriously though, there is something thrilling about the way Joan Collins says the word “regiments” in this clip. Remember, it was the Pluto in Scorpio era. We had mousse that [ Read more…]

Colin Kaepernick – Plutonian

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The Colin Kaepernick astrology is Plutonic A.F.  If you have not heard of him yet, Colin Kaepernick is the San Francisco football player (and big star) gathering equal parts applause and outrage for his USA national anthem protests. “I am not [ Read more…]

The Pluto In Scorpio Generation


The Pluto in Scorpio generation were born between 1984 and 1996. They’re called Generation Y or Millennials, but really, they’re Plutonic and authentic. So the eldest of the generation born with Pluto in Scorpio (1984 to 1996) is approaching Saturn [ Read more…]