shadow selves

Shadow selves are fragments of ourselves left behind in our psyche. We get over something and move on but somewhere in our subconscious, these shadow selves lurk, fighting long-gone battles and dictating strange compulsions.

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Seething Is A Part Of The Process

Happy New Moon and stand by for Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. If you spent a good part of your Dark Moon – aka the weekend – in a funk, fantastic. Seething is part of the process. It’s like some dark alchemy of the soul where your brain becomes a crucible for resentments and shadow emotions. Dark Moons are always suitable for surfacing such feelings, and the lunar prelude to a …

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Who Are Your Shadow Selves?

I mention Shadow Selves a lot but have never done an actual post about them. What or, more correctly, who are they? They’re vestiges of your former personae, reflecting stances you no longer hold. They are usually at power levels that you’ve ascended beyond. Shadow Selves are incognito and not officially ‘on the books.’  They’re not malign in intent. In fact, they most often pop up when you’re casting around …

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Brilliant Mystic Specials Alert

Interested in optimizing your vibe? Mind management? Power chill? Enhancing your meditation practice? Even if it is so far an imaginary meditation practice, these Mp3s are super helpful. I’d like to alert you to the new Mystic Specials category in the Shop.  Mega Mystic members automatically get 50% off the Mystic Rants and the Astrology Reports but the Specials is a little zone of extra value aside from that.  It …

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The Real Cancer Personality Traits

Let’s talk about the real Cancer personality traits. There are so many myths these Creatures of the Moon. Some anti-Crab-people rhetoric out there flows from the olden days. At various times in history and even in the present day, people have viewed the Moon with suspicion, deeming Luna a lesser light compared to the Sun. In the Burning Times, for example, being out under a Full Moon was for witches …

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Karma Cop Saturn And Uncle Pluto

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction feels more weighty on a Dark Moon. They’re both on the South Node of the Moon, unearthing hidden truths or memories. Mercury square Pluto makes it easier for thoughtful insights on dark topics. Secrets and somber realizations slither up from the labyrinth in your psyche. Vaults are opening. It’s the sort of astro where you’re drawn to do anything that might muffle it: Neptunian substances, e-stalking, suddenly …

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