Mars opposite Pluto

Strange Transit Of The 1950s

Want a super-weird example of a Uranus Moon transit? On November 30, 1954, Ann Hodges, a 20th Century Double Aquarius, became the only known person to survive a direct meteor hit.  She was napping on her couch after lunch when the giant rock shot through and whammed into her hip. It left a massive bruise but otherwise no injuries. Thinking it was “one of the neighbor’s kids”, she stormed outside …

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Kesha’s Incredible Saturn Return

The machinations of fame and wealth and power lend themselves readily to abuse, but they also comprise the vehicle that can radiate songs to as many listeners as Kesha’s have reached. That she waited nearly a decade to publish her allegations only points to the predicament in which most survivors find themselves: Abuse makes you who you are, but you can still be that person without suffering it interminably. More …

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Pluto Yourself Together

First there was that Eclipse at the end of the Zodiac (thank you March 20) and then a lengthy Mercury/Mars in Gemini bit of business.  The combination of these influences threw many of us into a vortex of crap from which we are just now emerging. But the psychological findings?  Gold.  So today’s intensity is bought to us by the Sun in opposition to Pluto – it is a good …

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3o Seconds To Mars

Jared Leto: Our New Zap Zone Muse

As soon as i saw Jared Leto had tweeted this, i thought he might be Zap Zoner.  Then today i looked at his chart and dude is a permanent Zap Zone – he is Sun-Midheaven in Capricorn square a whole lot of schizz in Aries: Ascendent, Moon, Chiron & Mars…opposite Pluto in Libra. Obviously i always thought he was cool but this clinched it. So i now declare him our …

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Zap Zone Kind Of A Guy

Libran Max Schmeling was a German World Heavyweight Boxing Champion seen by Hitler & Co as the Ayran Supremacy ideal. Interestingly, Schmeling attracted the ire of his Fuhrer by refusing to join the Nazi party, stop associating with Jews or sack his Jewish manager in America. When he lost against the American “coloured” boxer Joe Louis, Hitler snapped and sent Schmeling to the front line of the War on a …

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Getting Our Mars On

  Mars square Uranus & opposite Pluto huh. You know, even though i have been banging on and on about this here, in the Daily Mystic email and obviously the Horoscopes, i STILL have the merdes with it. The London Riots are a scarily apt media backdrop (if you’re not in actual London at the mo) to the prevailing mood.  All around is bitcherel, power tripping and aggro BUT with …

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