Cancer Sagittarius Rising Inspiration

If you are a Cancer with a Sagittarius Ascendant, look no further. This image is a poignant and inspirational example of your genre.

Princess Diana fulfilled a long-held personal ambition by meeting Nelson Mandela at his holiday home in South Africa on March 17, 1997.  Diana was visiting the country privately to see her brother, Charles Spencer.  After an hour long meeting in which he praised the Princess for her work with AIDS charities worldwide, the two posed for photos. The President was equally effusive in meeting her as he said, “It’s not often that I meet princesses. I am still trembling.”

Nelson Mandela had his Sun in Cancer trine his Scorpio Moon. Princess Diana had her Cancer Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde. Mandela had the extremely powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction.

But Diana was also a potent Pluto person, having the Change God conjunct Mars in her 8th House. Both had Sagittarius Rising – visionary and idealistic. They expressed their Cancerian super-powers of empathy at maximum velocity.

They were each iconic people with a singular destiny and enduring legacy. It’s spooky enough that they were both Cancers with Sagittarius Rising. Not only that, they were Outer Planet People.

I love this picture and even now, feel emotional seeing Diana.

Image: ABC News

21 thoughts on “Cancer Sagittarius Rising Inspiration”

  1. Ah! Two of my favorite people! …especially Mandella.

    Thanks for the barrage of Crab love, MM!

    I’m only Crab rising, but I ‘live there’ more than in my Aqua sun, I think.

  2. Had to check the mother of all mothers..Theresa but she’s a Virgo…but her Moon (mother) is conjunct North Node

    1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

      I just learned that yesterday. For some reason I always thought she was a Scorpio. Apparently I am not alone…from an interview with recently arrested billionaire hotelier Vikram Chatwal:

      “‘I think that’s the Scorpio side of me,’ he said, sipping a beer. ‘Scorpios are either religious or sexual. You know, Mother Teresa and Gandhi were Scorpios, but so was Charles Manson. So it’s a real sort of balance. That’s where the passion comes in. So sometimes I have that subdued, religious feel, but sometimes I’ll let it out and go completely sexual. Or nuts. Like when I’m with Puff.’

      (Later, I looked it up and found that Mother Teresa was actually a Virgo and Gandhi was a Libra.)”

      For some reason I like when people astro-drop in interviews. 🙂

      1. Kataka on Fire

        Ha ha she’s loads of Virgo, Leo Venus, toro moon, cancer Neptune

        No scorp in sight …but sounds sensationalist…he dropped it all right 😉

  3. I love bring a Cancer Sun Saggy Asc – I knew about Diana (and William her son is the same) but didn’t realise Mandela had Saggy rising too.

    The United States is a Cancer Sun Asc Rising (according to many)

    So is Julian Assange and Sylvester Stallone

    Go figure 😉

  4. Not a Saggi Cancer, but perhaps there are parallels with other Watery-Fire or Firey-Water types.

    We are warm and wet: steamin’!

    “Give me steam, cos how you feel can make it real, real as any thing you’ve seen. Come alive, with the dreamer’s dream…” (Peter Gabriel, Steam).

    Fire asc giving Watery ones the touch of extrovert that helps them come out of shells, express their inner nurturing depth into the outer world so it is more widely appreciated, and Water asc giving FIrey Suns the pause-before-foot-stuck-down-throat-button and touch of introversion/sensitivity to others they need not to be obnoxious.

    Still, I do appreciate the bit of cool (Air sign Saturn) and dry (earth sign planets) in my Watery Fire chart: I like to think that they help prevent the mould that might otherwise afflict steamy types!

    1. curiouser and curiouser crab

      Ha, had to laugh at this Fi. I am a water/fire mix and have always thought of myself as a bit steamy at times. but never mould producing!! funnily enough, one of my expressions, for when people try to solve a problem by basically ignoring what is causing it, is to say ‘ it’s like painting over mould’ cause the mould always rears its ugly head again. got to get rid of it and start afresh.

  5. Cool! I am particularly curious about how this blend of Cancerian Sunniness & Saggi loudmouthedness combine?
    These two did painfully break the silence/mould of the worlds they inhabited didn’t they?

    My 4 year old is Can Sun-Venus, Sagg Asc, Moon in Libra.
    He likes ninja fighting/dancing & musicals. He is afraid of cicada shells and requests his angels to fight the monsters with swords before he sleeps.

    1. Cute- encourage / feed that love of movement in martial arts and’ll feed his soul
      I’m cancer sun saggy rising with mars in Libra

      1. Interesting! Yeah, he is a song and dance boy.
        Won’t go outside or play in the dirty sand, much prefers the iPad or a movie.
        Mars in Virgo, which is I think, like Mars in Libra, quite peaceable and neat.
        What house is your Sun in and do you think that is vital to how you do your Cancer/Sagg Rising harmonising?

    2. Can’t speak for the Cancer sun/Sagg asc combo … but with a Sagg moon I’ve found it a challange to integrate. Sagg moon in the 7th wants FREEDOM and gets bored with routine, Cancer Sun/Venus lurvs routine. Sagg wants to stand on a soapbox and yell/rant at everyone about all these damn pesky white elephants in the room. Cancer prefers to sit quietly observing how people careful dodge the elephants whilst pretending they aren’t there – which makes them giggle. At least both have a sense of humour!

      1. curiouser and curiouser crab

        Interesting prowlin. i have a similar challenge of integration. but i have very little sag, just my north node, i have cancer sun conjunct uranus which seems to work in a similar manner. i have heaps of planets in cancer and always wondered about this and had a huge breakthrough when i read about sun conjunct uranus. made sense of so much. conjunct in 11 house…. just remembered! i have lilith in sag too. yay, 2 sag planets. I need all the fire i can get, with my 5 cancer planets. lucky i have 3 in leo too. whew.

      2. Funny prowln, both do have a sense of humour you are right! I look forward to hearing more from him.
        They do seem really to be an odd combination of signs.
        I guess it is made more confusing to observe as the lad has Cancer in the 8th, so there is an opaque quality emotionally (when there aren’t histrionics).
        Perhaps he will grow into his Sagg Asc.

  6. Great photo. As children my sister and I would collect magazine pics of Princess Diana and make scrapbooks. My nieces now do the same for Catherine, or as they call her Princess Cate.

  7. bloody excellent, being Kataka with Saggo rising is an exhausting mix, thanks for the role model reminder! xx

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