Scarab Season Is Imminent

It’s nearly Cancerian Season!

This year, for the first time since 2017, the Crab-Scarabs will be celebrating their birthday season without an Eclipse or two in their sign.

That’s why they’re acting all skittish: they’re anticipating catharsis to be flung around like confetti and for Uncle Pluto to have spiked the punch with Vibranium essence.

But 2021 is good for Cancerians. Or, okay – fine, better. Are you one of them? I bet you’re more wily than before. You’ve mapped out the matrix. You renovated your boundaries. It’s a comeback and if you don’t believe me, Lindsay Lohan is coming back. Is that not a signal?

The joke is that you already had the depth-perception and emotional connection that other Zodiac signs acquire via an astro-climate like your last three years.

What if you’ve got post-eclipse ennui and can’t stand the thought of another birthday or even a Lindsay Lohan rom-com? Appoint triple Cancerian Twyla Tharp as your Muse. “Age is not the enemy,” she says. “Stagnation is the enemy. Complacency is the enemy. Stasis is the enemy.”


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  1. That is exactly where I’m at right now, I cannot stand the thought of another birthday. Maybe I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop =__=

  2. Loved Cancerian post. Twyla is so onto it.Goethe said If you can dream it do it boldness has genius power and magic in it. Same idea of making every day count even if it’s just moving your furniture around it grows new brain cells

  3. Hi fellow PIABs, not sure where to ask this so pls forgive slight off topic for the beloved Scarabs. But what do you think if the Full Moon occurs on your very t-squared Mars in Cap 2nd, while doing some next step heavy reckoning in the 8th and 9th house realm which my Skarab holds?? I know i must be nurturing of self and actually got obstructed by an encounter with my aqua ma…but the obstruction now proves to be mine, in an adult spiritual sense. Know this, but cannot understand yet. Thoughts all very welcome xxxxxx

    1. Millie Darling my astro knowledge has gone to sleep that’s why i depend on Mystic…lol.
      Just be your wise intelligent self wise & know we are thinking of you as you have given so much to us in compassion & uplift.
      My solution to any difficult to solve dilemma WAS a bottle of French Champagne to share with someone (they never say no to the invite) et voila all problemo’s gone to the earth or sky. You are loved & blessed coz your Mum still alive!

      1. Thank you, gorgeous generous Soul Pegs, Mystic absolutely came through in this morning’s Dailies. Former me might have skimmed it, but now i want to really understand, not just know and think i got it😏.

        And YES blessed by living ma, and that’s why i seek to continually accept and appreciate her despite the difficulties ( as she probs does me! Full disclaimer 😂)

  4. Yes to the comebacks please. Emerging from the silence of the last 2 years and living by my senses doesn’t feel so much odd as elevated. I was laid off in May 2019 & was then working as a consulting manager for a spa rebrand and reno when the pandemic hit, cue a back to school move and now ye olde job hunt.

    Of course there are moments I miss the stability of the regular paycheck, the place I call my office, the busyness of the workday – but by Goddess did I work so hard before the lay off. I did get the memo of the last 2 years tho ie don’t work so hard, and the stability isn’t so much a job as just being myself.

    A lot of lucid assessment as to what employers look for nowadays, linked in being the thing and yet utter confidence that it doesn’t really mean anything aside from how it all looks good on paper. I never really felt like I ever stopped working, even if I was essentially officially unemployed.

    And now it’s a matter of taking all that lava of intent, skill and experience and finding a suitable outlet for it.

  5. Spent solstice day with 3 Cancerians. Their rants about anything other than mainstream medicine made it hard to maintain a sense of personal safety. Medical authorities here even threatening to arrest people who put alternative views on FB. Hunkered down in silence for 3 hours, marvelling at how frightened I was that I would be dobbed in by previously friendly folk. Cut and run (literally) at hour 4. People chased me to my car asking me to stay. I was beyond rationality and mute with fear. 48 hours at home with much reflection and digging revealed deep memories of witch hunts. It helped to realise that I’ve been betrayed and killed and that this karma is being revealed so I can clear it. I stared into the forest crying and offered forgiveness to whoever hurt me in ages past. Feel lighter. Calmer. Stronger. Hello Scarab.

    1. How tuned in you are to your soul to recall the past life persecution so quickly, Watersnake! What a frightening experience, even without that, it’s like Get Out or similar horror premise. Being followed out to your car, i can almost see the weird-shine in their glittering hungry eyes. Glad you are safe. In awe that you made your own safe space with nature. May you stay ever safe. And i wish you to find some glimmer of actual Joy somewhere, light that grows stronger xxxx

      1. Thank you for your blessings. All is well. Revealings like this are gifts but one has to step up in strength and discipline to not get stuck in the past. xx

        1. You strike a chord, Watersnake, i am striving towards this, and quite imperfectly, while the gifts still manifest xxx

  6. SCARAB not Kataka? Love it! Happy Solar Return to our lovely Scarabs.
    Twyla Tharp is just amazing. Saw her group eons ago. About music she says ‘good is good-harmony is harmony’, her love of classical music comes from dance. As i did ballet from 5-14 yo many hours a week, couldn’t listen to Tschaikovsky until much later in life as had overdosed on all classical music.
    Her book The Creative Habit-learn & use it for life would be a must for youth as it must have been dance that gave me creativity for life.
    The musing, the making, doing & the never-finished-result. It also establishes discipline for life, maybe that’s why i see so many little girls in tutu’s :-).
    A good posture & you will never look ‘old’. Good balance & you will always be able to climb ladders.

    1. Dance is very Saggitarian form of truthful expression…did you look at Mystic’s next post about Britney Spears? Recently learned to love some of her clips for the dance, in same way i adore fire sign Madonna’s choreography. Listen to what she says about choreographing (MM posts clip under comments)! Pure truthful confidence in that realm. Dancers channel Goddess energy, and the dance is beyond gender.

  7. Wow, before i read this post i did not even realise it was already sCaRAB season! I’ve always relished this time regardless of eclipses. Post-eclipse ennui? Yes, could well have, coupled with a giant emo hangover from overdoing the Mars ingress in Leo/conjunct Moon partay-ing. However, plans are falling into place, not so much smoothly (if you’re looking from the outside) but in the way one joins the dots, i.e., like reading signs & vibes you find along the way in a giant maze. It’s a real *scarab-y & feely way of doing things, but it is all coming together. I can make it out now, like making out the scene in a puzzle when it’s half done. It’s a multi-scened puzzle, because i always seem to have **multi purposes going on. One is for the mountain recluse need-of-nature me & another for the inner-city-kulture-craver me. Why the hell not, seeing I can’t commit to one exclusively? Now i have devised ways to make both viable simultaneously – logistically, ecologically, comfortably & economically viable. It’s all about building solid but flexible base location(s). I guess this has something to do with both Saturn & Jupiter coursing my 4th H in Aquarius.

    *(The scarabaeus beetles are master navigators & v apt at using different compasses like the moon, sun, galaxies or wind to navigate. Also using different senses when one fails.They have been avidly studied by scientists for these abilities => Anti-fragile, like Scarab peeps 🙂 )

    **(Must be coz Mercury rules my Scarab Sun => need simultaneous careers, interests, countries, homes…. it’s a theory as good as any)

    1. O clever sCaRAB.Have had one with me for 40 years. it has travelled the world. A gold one on a black background with a double backing professional frame so it could be placed anywhere in any room.Voila, wondered where i got my mental strength fro, it’s hanging above my ‘altar’.
      ‘Master navigators’, yes, have seen THAT in the Moon Ones. Also very deep but usually very controlled emotions.

  8. Wish Upon a Star

    I have both Mercury in Cancer and Gemini Sun in 4th house.

    Also both Venus in Cancer conjunct Jupiter in Leo 5th house.

    Does the Jupiter in Leo and 5th house expand the Venus is Cancer?

    1. That conjunction sounds so glittering and dance hall crazy it reminds me of that shiny giant crab from Moana! I can’t even imagine how Botticelli that Venus is!

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I am dance hall crazy. LOL. i.e I love to dance. And I can connect spiritually with it.

        My Jupiter and Venus make a trine to my Neptune r in 9th house. And I have Pisces Rising.

        Is that why I feel a spiritual connection when I dance and create?

        1. No, of course not! Dancing, creating, mysticism and sex are all cosmic activities that we channel no matter what our charts say. That is our human birth right. But against all odds, like even raised in an Amish flash dancing pilgrim town you would call on your past life expertise that your chart so clearly demonstrates, and rock that flow like a pro! No?

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            Yes. I also have Sappho and Dionysus tight conjunct Jupiter. And Vesta in Scorpio conjunct Neptune.

            Being raised a Catholic did create issues for me. It would have been easier if I was a pagan.

        2. Read a book where it said ‘god’ wants us to create & create & create.Dance is a creativity with the body, remember mobility is nobility as we do feel connection with spirit when we dance, all the indigenous tribes world wide incorp dance into their rituals.
          The energy from ‘light & sound’ shows aka raves en masse made me hope they were all on my side as they were force to watch.
          Keep twirling Star xx

    2. Really you’re a heart felt expansive creative. I agree with Sphinx. It’s all about the glitter in your mind. Bring it out.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Children help me to bring it out. They don’t judge they just enjoy.

        Thank EMG. It is very heartfelt. Unfortunately it was not nurtured when I was a child. But that’s in the past. I will nurture it now.

        Yes glitter in my mind. ✨🌟✨🌟✨🌙🐟✨🌟✨

    1. Ok I’ve collected myself. Yes the last three years have been hyper flux and I fluxed off out of the UK and my profession and now find myself in limbo in Italy. Lots of 12th house action so being here on a mountain side semi hermited is suiting me fine. I’ve decided I’m not working this year (as such) unless a job from the heavens is sent on a platter with an incredible pay packet and I’ve got a rush through my soul that it’s good for me. I’m not prepared to be wasted any longer. Plus this house of mine is so close to getting the full renovation on. That I adore. It’s my 7th big renovation project and I love breathing life and light into old slightly exhausted property. I’ll be in charge of a team of approximately seven men and that’s how I like it. I’ve found language is not a barrier. A raised eyebrow and a slight tilt of the head is universal, for a guy to figure out what he’s done wrong.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Ha ha.

        It sounds like you are in the best place for 12th house action. And old house getting the right love seems so appropriate. And hey 7 is a spiritual number.

        I know you have Neptune on your Pisces ascendant.
        I’m actually envious, when I had this transit I was not in the right place.
        I had no idea about real astrology. Anyway what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

        The words hermit, mountain, good for my soul sound perfect for this transit. And it’s your 7th renovation.
        That’s auspicous.

        Take your time and enjoy.

        Blessings and Love from Wish Upon a Star.


  9. I for one am rather delighted to have my rather loaded Cancerian sector freed from eclipses for the foreseeable future.

    1. Ha I used to live a few blocks from Oran Mor. Miss the late night rush for last call pints up from Bag O’ Nails. Ohhhh, the Before Times. Oh, the Before Times.

  10. Thank God! It is indeed refreshing to be approaching our sacred scarab season without eclipse and or an eclipse + Mercury retrograde combination.

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