Am I A Cancerian By Mistake?

Is it possible to be born under the wrong Sun Sign? Could fate intend you to be a particular sign but then something goes awry?

Dear Mystic,

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a feeling that something’s up with my sun sign. I’m a Cancer, raised by a Cancer mother, had the same birthday as my uncle (her brother), and some Crab friends around as well. I even married (and divorced) one.

And yet by comparison, I’ve always felt like my Cancer was somehow “broken”. Reading Sun Sign guidelines rarely resonates with me. It was a beautiful and freeing Eureka! when I first learned how important the other planets are in our charts (my Gemini rising, for example, is on point!) It helped me feel less like a Cancer just not doing it right.

A few weeks ago, my mother and I were chatting and she revealed for the first time that my original birth due date was actually in Leo. Then she went into a very premature labour and I started my grand entrance during Gemini Sun.

She was put on machines to help slow her contractions for as long as possible (ended up to be about 3 days), and then I was born on the first day of Cancer.

I’m wondering if either (or both?) of these other sun signs would influence my chart, even in some kind of freaky shadowy way? Does my coulda-been, shoulda-been sun sign affect the seemingly off-kilter expression of my Cancer sun?

I also realize the other smaller planets would have been in different houses and different signs if I had been born when my mother first went into labour…is that the real destiny of my chart, or is the birth chart always “right”, even if it was a dude at a machine preventing my entry into the world?

Thanks for any insights,
Cancer Questionmark

Wrong Sun Sign – Rightful Destiny?

Dear Cancer Questionmark,

It’s an interesting question. I would like to think one guy with a contraction-slowing machine could not thwart a force so mysterious and complex as destiny. The energy of the time you draw your first breath what counts, you reflect that moment – not so much the due date.

There was once a query on here that got so heated in the comments I had to take it down. A woman was trying to avoid having her baby born in November, because she didn’t like Scorpios.

So you are who you’re meant to be, whether you were born ‘early’, weeks late, bang on the scheduled time or in the taxi on the way to hospital. And when you gaze at the whole birth chart, you see its brilliant complexity. Some parts of your vibe are easy to express; you take them so much for granted because they’re innate.

Some Sun Signs Only Actualize Under Certain Conditions

If, for example, you had a Leo Sun opposite Saturn, you could find that harder to express than a Moon conjunct Jupiter. It would not be the wrong Sun Sign, but it might mute the usually loud Leo vibe.

And we often grow into some dimensions of our natal energy. Saturn is easier after Saturn Return, and some Sun Signs only actualize under certain conditions. If you’re a Pisces having a Neptune transit to your Sun, you’ll embody your Pisceaness to an entirely new degree.

And Gemini Rising gives you the weird blessing of ambiguity, you won’t ever feel as if there is one way or a fixed identity. Maybe Mercury – your ruler – is more important to your energy.

So yes, as you say, look at the totality.

It becomes tricky when you have the option of scheduling an elective Cesarean. If booking it for 9am versus 1.15pm means you’re getting an Aquarius Rising versus a Taurus Rising, what would you do?


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  1. A few things to consider –
    Tho astrology itself is greater than the individual, everything written about is written by a (or a few) individuals. A lot of it is straight up bs, but more importantly and likely , a lot of it is written by people in a different culture with different values than you have. And a lot of people write about astrology based on writings from people with different culture, and sometimes don’t always adapt it thoroughly. I believe that each sign has a core energy and that the qualities that people ascribe to them are not as concrete or accurate as people think, and instead are ways that that energy most likely manifests in the culture that the people with that sign is living in.
    a lot of the old literature that is written in a way different society than the one we live in now, is extremely important and useful, but isn’t always adapted accurately. Furthermore, the qualities that can manifest are much broader than people realize. For example, with Cancer, a lot of people assume a cancer sun will necessarily be openly emotional and expressive. But most people who have read a bit about astrology know that the crabs hard shell is very likely to block people who have a hard time with these emotions. But so many other things can happen to. I read recently that cancers are associated with memory, often from a maternal emotional perspective, but in someone who has Gemini rising it may play out as a fascinated history researcher, a trivia nerd, who is able to maintain a strong memory of information by subconsciously associating strong emotions to the facts they research, thereby almost literally absorbing them as only a water sign can. A cancer can also be so in tune with others emotions, that it manifests in their personality as an outgoing and lively entertainer, as a way of keeping the people around them, and so also themselves, feeling happy in the moment. For when interpersonal interactions start to become negative, it can dampen their emotional energy in a big way. Their personality may end up looking a lot like a Leo’s, but for a different reason, with much different intentions attached.

    To people who sometimes feel like their personality manifests differently than is expected of their sun sign, spend some time pondering your intentions – does any of this make sense to you ?

  2. “If booking it for 9am versus 1.15pm means you’re getting an Aquarius Rising versus a Taurus Rising, what would you do? Thoughts?”

    Ask the baby and dream/meditate the answer.

  3. SATURN AT 21 CAP!!!!!!! Yesterday I awoke, following another very challenging mental health day, to find most of my worries dissolved – I guess Saturn must have left 20 Cap then. Obv. Saturn is still in a very close conjunction with my Ascendant but we’re solidly on the first house side of things and (I noticed this with Pluto too) once it gets over one degree away there’s this subtle but sudden relief from the extreme pressure and heaviness. What a relief. Sending good vibes to all the later third decan Cap folks, and the Aquarians who will soon be impacted.

  4. As a Cancer who was rasied by a Cancerian Mom, and have a baby sister Cancer, and an Aunt Cancer… I feel this.

    What I have found helpful is delving into decans of each sign. Just as there is a spectrum for everything, I find this applies to signs, too.

    My sister is early (1st decan) Cancer, I am mid (2nd Decan) Cancer, along with my Aunt, and my Mother is late (3rd Decan) Cancer.

    We all embody characteristics of the sign, but as a tree matures, we also reflect different attributes of Cancer.

    This is obviously influenced by the rest of our charts, that are completely different. But lawdt, when arguing/debating with any of these 3 women, it’s like talking to yourself. And not always in a helpful way. Hahaha! However, we make some fantastic food for our family get togethers. 😉

  5. For me, it’s Cancer not Virgo, that’s most likely to say they’re “nothing like astrology says” they’re supposed to be. They figure prominently in my life and I see patterns. None have children or want to be around children. Most have fur babies they consider to be children or partners they dote on. They’re either part of dyanstic families or obsessed with shows about dynasties. And both the men and women from the youngest to the oldest talk about their moms a LOT, which even here the writer’s mom looms large. And don’t even get me started on their various treasure collections. Mystical Cancer you make no sense to me but, if there’s one around we’ll end up being friends.

    1. hahahaha. have you got a prominent 4th house or a dodgy moon somewhere picking up on this lot. You may not like me then… I never speak about my mother and my dogs are dogs not babies and I loath family! Individual to the last and will happily run off not caring if I ever see anyone in the family again. However I am very driven by the dollar. It seems to arrive then disappear as fast as it came. It is what to expect with a NN in the 2nd Taurus I’ve heard. Good luck with the cancers until you work out what on earth it is that is pulling you there.

  6. Not liking scorpios. Ha. I can relate. I always said I’d have anything but I don’t want a cappi girl. So I got a cappi girl ! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    You arrive when you arrive. You are complex beyond and very often it takes an age (usually around 50) before you get it. I am a multi mash up stellium cancer but I don’t mother as such. I run well organised streamlined machines through positive honest anti fragile humanistic means. I’ll stand toe to toe with bullies or authority and my cage fighter appears. I’m heavily Saturn driven with bags of Neptune and a huge dollop of pluto Uranus for good measure. Embrace your chart. It’s unique and it’s yours.

    1. Oh oh and my Aqua man was a Capricorn before he met me. One of his first conversation lines was I’m a Capricorn does that fit with you. I squirmed as my first hubby was cappi (bleurgh). But he went on to speak of his very bohemian tendencies and how he wanted for nothing but an easy life and I just blurted out you’re not Capricorn when were you born? Got home checked him out and he’s zero degree Aqua with leo rising and a Virgo moon. Bless him.

      1. I’m definitely a Capricorn (January 10) and your guy sounds just like me (bohemian, easy life, etc). BUT guess what? I’m Aquarius RISING! There’s a reason why horoscopes are written for the ascendant, Vedic astrology focuses more on the ascendant, and many experienced Western astrologers say people that have the rising sign often embody the traits of that sign more than people with the sun sign.

      2. Yeah he just does not vibe Cappi at all. I married one and have a daughter cap too and he just doesn’t do it. He’s a striking Leo rising to a T and he’s definitely weird enough to be an Aqua. Or should I say out there, sociopathatic, nah that is too strong, he just doesn’t care all that much about anything he figures he does not need to worry about. Lazy… most certainly but then this is also some very Scottish male psyche at play here. He is actually far too sensitive for his own good, he has run away from anything that challenges him and refuses to stand up and stand out. He would prefer to live in a tent than conform or toe a line. It is odd as I don’t toe lines very easily but at least I grab them and start pulling them my way!!!!

      3. & that’s the difference between toeing the line and towing the line (v funny, your job being what it is)
        Emg, i can see it now – you sitting in your Italian villa looking out to sea and scribing words of wisdom based on your nautical (or is that naughtical?) experiences.

  7. Yup, the reason I turned to astro in the first place was because I didn’t ‘feel’ Aquarius. At all. My sun trines both Saturn and Pluto conjunct, so I’ve always felt darker and heavier than most Aquas, like I’m tapped into some sort of goth timeline that spans centuries. I feel more comfortable with all the current astro in Cap (in my 8th house no less) than with other transits. I also have Jupiter in Scorp and Venus in Cap natally, so the darker I go, the luckier I get. I was supposed to be a Capricorn, but was three weeks late, and my muses the past two years have been Poe and Tolkien. Now that the sun’s gone into Cap, I feel this way even more. It’s calling me to dark castles, pine forests, and mountains, and that feels more authentic than anything Aquarian at the moment. Astro is such a beautifully spiritual journey.

  8. If you’re Cancerian your Moon sign and aspects to the Moon are also hugely important and will colour the expression of your Sun. I’m Cancer Sun/Mercury/Saturn/MC with Moon in Capricorn opposite Saturn and square Pluto. I’ve never had a maternal urge in my life and identify more with earth signs and Plutonians than super lunar types.

  9. Such an interesting astro-topic. I’m with Mystic on destiny outweighing hospital interventions – I actually feel that the interventions occur to grant the baby the “intended” birth time rather than the other way around. Though it would have been cool to have had Uranus in Aqua rising and Pluto right on the Midheaven – as, a few years back in my astro-journey, I claimed I “should have had,” upon learning that my mom’s three-day labor with me ended after her midwife gave her a bit of drug to speed it up – I’m glad she did have to suffer for another half-hour. And my ascendant totally describes my birth – 100% natural and absolutely torturous apparently (Capricorn) with the exception of the drug at the end (Neptune Rising).

    Though I do think it’s interesting (not good or bad, just interesting) that with elective C-sections occurring during the day*, we have fewer 5th-1st house Suns than we otherwise would “by nature” (or at least in past eras). Though, again, I don’t see this as “interfering” so much as our collective consciousness realizing that perhaps this is a very good time to be born if one is more extroverted in outlook, that we need more people at this time in our human development who are the most “actualized” out in the world, with introversion and “home focus” not exactly a survival advantage until great suffering reveals it to be a gift. (Not to say folks born during the day can’t struggle with classic introvert issues – there are plenty that do, obviously, and 12th or 8th house folks are somewhat exempt from my point. But on a deeply rooted psychospiritual level there is a distinction between night and day… again, a preponderance of day births versus night births aren’t “good” or “bad,” it’s just very interesting to consider how these trends subtly impact our direction and priorities due to cosmic influences.)

    *My disclaimer is that my comment above is based on a handful of articles I’ve run across claiming that there are many more day births now that elective C sections are increasing – however, I don’t know if this is accurate and it may not be statistically significant. And, again, there is no good or bad time to be born, and there is no good or bad choice on part of a woman giving birth, only the choice that is right for her. Everyone is born at the right time for them! (Though rectifying an obviously-wrong chart is whole different story… rectification is my “astrological specialty” and rounded half-hour times in the context of a difficult or “dangerous” birth, when obviously no one gave a crap about the exact time,

    1. Also, I would love to have a Scorpio, on purpose! And another interesting point related to this, is that most kids’ ascendant is a parent’s Sun or Moon. Every family chart I’ve done, this occurs with alarming frequency.

      1. I’m Aqua rising and my mother is Aqua sun, and my sister is Leo rising and my father Leo sun. This is so fascinating!

      2. I’m a scorpio moon and my son is scorpio-rising. 🙂 He has the same sun and moon signs as his dad but very different expression of those energies.

    2. Completing my point about rectification (trying to make this comment while simultaneously cleaning) – I would not dismiss serious suspicion about birth times if you are super into astro and your transits are off, and rectification can work. Though a radically different time is extremely unlikely, unless details about the birth support that.

  10. Hello Ms/Mr/Gender Whatevs Cancer

    I have asked myself this question a MILLION times. I also have a Gemini Rising. Multiple aspects to mercury AND a Sagg moon to complicate pretty much friggin everything.

    Anyway it doesn’t matter really and from an old boot to a new shoe …. use your cautionary Cancer and wily Gemini to step into the shoe that fits! And don’t be afraid to chuck the lot out if you’ve outgrown them. You may find gems in an op shop, so don’t waste too much on brand names. Carve out your own turf and don’t let fads, fiends or just plain boring idiots bring you down! A Cancerian Gemini mix can conquer anything. But wait awhile before you have children….

    1. you’re right. there are times when I have depended on an aspect of my chart for a year or ten only to then have it consigned to an also aspect whilst another area of me takes over. I don’t tend to chuck the old shoes out but maybe they sit in the cupboard for a while before I get them re heeled. Well I am cancer after all.

  11. Bahahaha … omg. I haven’t even read this yet. But the headline. How Many Times Have I Thought This!!!!! ………….ok I’ll read it now.

  12. I “planned” my baby knowing he’d be a Libra and that due to complications with my first baby, he’d be born via scheduled section. Libra rising it was and I thought I’d have the sweetest most chill baby. Until I noticed that his Mercury in Scorpio would be more present than any other aspect. So instead of my laise fair child I have a screaming pistol who is beautiful… the spirit wants what it wants. Our babies decide with us, and what they are is who they are supposed to be

    1. The Lion & The Centaur

      I have a beautiful, beautiful Virgo sun, Libra rising Baby (born all natural though) who has Aries Moon and Leo mercury. No chill here, either lol! 😀 Plus I kinda blame my parenting on her ascendant. Me and her father are both Leos who argue constatly and she has to grow between us, negotiating.

  13. To add; anyone adding up the details prior to an unnecessary caesarean for Astro control, in a clinic of mine, would be sent towards therapy ASAP. Check the Charts when the dust has settled and everyone is home safe and well. Elemental details don’t matter, life and death (which is what an unnecessary operation skims) does. Also elective sections overtly use unnecessary antibiotics, resources, time and money which absolutely contributes to a weakened lineage on this plane. So don’t bloody do it unless you have no option to do otherwise.

  14. Speaking as a cancerian sun, moon and midwife I would like to add with as much kindness as possible, when women get hung up about ‘due dates’, it is most often to exert a sense of control. There is no control about it. Babies are not born early or late, they are simply born. I have known many (my own god son is one of them) who risked life to simply be her in his own good time, albeit seven weeks before the officious cooking alarm was supposed to go off. It is absolutely at your core to resonate (by the sounds of it) alongside your mother family and friends, which is an intrinsically cancerian vibe. What you bring to the mic may feel uncomfortable but is resolutely part of your incarnation. EMBODY IT


    1. I’m Aries sun gem rising with mars in cancer 1st house. My mother, wife, son, early life mentor blah blah all cancer. Cancer wife read the book ‘spiritual widwifery’ and then proceeded to have 3 home births. Each one easier than the last. By the 3rd one we were able to totally relax and add a few extras like me getting signed into ready to plug in the times 😉 Not once did we ever consider the time or date that the baby would be born, we didn’t know gender either. All you can think about is the procedure, and that the baby and mother will both be in good health after it. There comes that point when you just have to surrender your fears and allow nature to decide how the birth will go and the outcome. Those moments are intense but so special. In that moment you realize that what is about to occur is so important to the direction of your life and there is absolutely nothing you can or should do to control it . Attempting to manipulate the outcome is a reaction to the fears people have, they have lost faith and connection to the natural forces that guide our destiny. This fear based trend in the western world is epitomized by the idea of not having a life as such but having a lifestyle. I attribute the rise of social media to these underlying fears. By allowing us to create, contour, control and present ours lifestyles in a virtual world we obtain the control that we can never have over nature.

      1. Oh I forget to say that after the birth of the 3rd, a beautiful perfect blue eyed boy, I totally forgot to plug in the times. We were eating dinner at 6:30 when the process started, we washed up, My mother picked up the 2 kid, I blew up and filled up the blow up pool in the lounge room, the helpers arrived, the baby was born, the helpers went home, I emptied the pool and put it away. At around 1 am we were in bed with the baby sleeping next to our bed. Hours later I woke up and remembered that I’d forgotten to plug in the times. The next day I asked the midwife and wife’s friend and wife if they could recall the exact time. No one could or cared to be honest. I had to estimate in the end. He was and still is a Gemini sun, Pisces asc. which I wouldn’t have picked from a list of choices but of course now would never change ! He is just as nature intended.

      2. Thats a cute story about your blue eyed boy. Being a Pisces Rising with a Kataka mum they would have loved the water birth hey?

        I am a Gemini Sun , Pisces Rising also
        anchored with a Taurus Moon.

        Just curious. How would you describe your son?

      3. A sociopath with a hidden soft side ? Very loyal friend, very cute, he still has that baby smell at 16, recently diagnosed with adhd although I think he’s just bored at school. It’s hard really to describe him fully, he’s going through a late and lengthy puberty so in a way he’s half cooked. His cool Gemini demeanor hides his Pisces depth and emotional tides. Can dish out a good put down but quite fragile if he’s the receiver. From a young age he could grasp quite advanced concepts in physics and maths. At 4 when told how far in the future he could start playing football he instantly converted the many months into an exact no.of days. and at 8 suggested after seeing a doco on space time explained to me how people should stop trying to build time machines because that was actually what our bodies are. He’s astounding and incredibly annoying. A lot of work right now.

      4. Oh David, I don’t have children so I can’t feel your pain.

        But I can say with the similar Astro it took me to the age of 50 to realise its best to lead with my heart and not my head. But I suffered a lot of very early trauma. I used my Gemini wit and wile to protect my inner life. I’m sure he knows how to push your buttons.

        Curious, I was a late bloomer too, at the age of 16. And I was an easy birth. Mum said I’ve flopped out like a fish.

        People always commented that I was in a world of my own. I used to be incredibly senstive to what people thought. Now I embrace myself and dont care. This is a very hard an important lesson. Your son is lucky to have you as a father. Your wife sounds very nurturing.

        ADHD? Personally I just had a very quick mind with quick intuition. Keep him off caffeine. I wish I did.

        What’s his moon sign?

    2. Just to be clear, I am not suggesting women should schedule elective Caesars for astrological reasons. Both my kids were born “late” and ‘naturally’ in birth centres with midwives, but doctors threatening imminent induction.

      1. I know mystic completely, I totally get where you are coming from. My buttons get pushed severely (obvs) when talking about merging the planes and we (humans) get a bit too jiggy about tweaking the technical, claiming it for ‘spiritual reasons’. I call it out because of my Astro, lol and the friends I have love me for it-thank fuk for them 😉


    3. I appreciate your perspective WizarDora – I gave little thought to the timing of my son’s birth from an astrological perspective but have studied astrology in the years since he was born, so when it came time to conceive a second child this year I struggled with feeling like I had control over the potential child’s destiny/personality and I fell into analysis paralysis about it. I get pregnant easily (first try with both of my children) and I was struggling like “if we conceive this month the child will likely be a Pisces, if the next month likely an Aries, how will that fit in with the rest of the family, maybe they would rather be a Cancer?…”. I agree there is no real control. FWIW my son has a very similar chart to his dad and his dad’s side of the family (almost all gemini/libra), but he’s scorpio rising (my moon is scorpio), and our moons are conjunct but out of sign. We are so close, and he looks like me in appearance and interests, which for me reinforces that our charts hold different potentials and can’t be read in a cookie-cutter-like fashion. I’m excited to see how/when this baby makes their entrance (April 2020 due date). 🙂

      1. ‘Due date’ is a construct, to help ‘manage’ the end of a pregnancy with medical risk aversion. I used to offer a phrase, “my baby will be with us before or by the….” and provide the 42 week date (as per UK protocol) and failing that, provide my pregnant clients with a metaphorical permission slip to inform any nosey persistent people, with a “none of your business” rule of thumb, “my midwife says…” etc. Honestly life is hard enough without falling fowl of power, control and misplaced good intentions of others who meddle in pregnant info that is none of their godambusiness.

        I am not surprised you became paralysed, with so much astro back knowledge honestly. However, in response to my experience to my own professional insights I chose not to be pregnant at all. How about that for paralysis? If I have a child at any point, I will not create/make, nor birth it. I feel that is the ultimate acceptance of my truth; my child will born born outside of my body, to someone else and how they come to me, will be in the lap of the stars. Job done 😉
        ‘Oh come you wee scorpio’ or, whomever, xx

      2. So true! As both mine were “late” I got ridiculous “bringing on labor” suggestions from people, as well as demoralizing speculation as to whether the overdueness might mean “something has gone wrong.”

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        I was overdue by 2 weeks and weighed 10 pounds 10 ounces.

        There was nothing wrong with me? ha ha.

        My Taurus Moon doesnt like to be rushed. LOL

        Isnt it curious how I was due in Taurus season but was late? But born a Gemini with a fortunate Taurus Moon.

        Funny how things work out?

  15. lol hilarious re the woman trying to avoid having a scorp…and yes i would deffo try for toro rising if i had the option (yes, me aswell lol )…if as a mother you can influence thats, thats obviously part of the baby’s destiny….

  16. Year of the Phoenix

    I always thought I was more drawn to Libran “things” when I was young and when I first saw my chart I went aha! My enormous first house spans Virgo (Sun/Rising) and Libra with a conjunct stellium:
    Virgo Sun / Pluto (plus SN)
    Libra Mercury / Jupiter/ Uranus

  17. Maybe take a look at the house that your sun falls into as well. I know a triple sadge (all of those planets in his second house) with Venus in Scorpio & rising who vibes so Taurean it’s not funny. Measured talking, plans stuff in advance, gets off re cooking and food i.e. very not sadge hahahaha except the sadgeness happens with his love of sporty outdoorsiness and foreign cultures (including food), and an interest in law/philosophy. Likewise an aries sun/Merc + pisces Venus man I knew, second house sun had his aries revhead traits and soft piscean relational preferences but also that Toro 2nd house “nope” and the trait of Planning and Doing… Not sure if this helps but yes check house emphasis along with mystic’s advice

  18. Ooh! This is fascinating. I wonder if something like this is happening for me. My Leo rising has kind of disappeared, to the point of discomfort, almost guilt, at being the center of attention, never knowing what to wear, and my usually copious, often-complimented long blond hair literally falling out of my head, for about the past two years. Any suggestions on what I should look at in my chart to start investigating? Hmmm… Thank you! I feel like I have something to take a look at. 🙂

    1. The Lion & The Centaur

      Golden mane falling Off sounds like iron deficiency! Take care, our hair is so precious to us hehe <3 Fellow Leo

  19. I had this actual “conundrum” – I elected for a c section and was really displeased by the birth chart results. I had almost “willed” the baby to come early, I had started to have painful contractions and was hoping for a Gemini baby. (My entire chart is mostly air – Aquarius, Gemini and Libra placements) My baby’s due date is a proper Cancer, and I’ve always had struggles with Cancers and water signs in general. It’s very hard for me to understand them. (My mom is a Pisces and we just have both accepted we don’t really understand each other) But my north node is cancer. Anyway, long story short – even with my scheduled c-section, it kept getting delayed and delayed due to other patients going into labor and bumping me off the schedule. As each bump in line kept coming, I kept refreshing the birth chart. I finally was rushed in after 2+ hours of waiting, and my baby was born a Cancer sun, Taurus moon, and Libra rising. And she couldn’t have been any more perfect for me. I think fate and destiny truly is a force much stronger than our own will or what we think is best for ourselves. I realize now that she is exactly the type of being that I NEEDED, versus what my heady mind thought I wanted. Blame it on all the air….

  20. Wow and I was freaking out about my child #2 birth time because the birthing suite clock was 5 minutes late. Sometimes I feel very much more like my aqua rising than my Taurus Stellium (Junomercuryceresmarsnorthnodesun) and other times I relate to my Venus/Moon in Aries. I just found my father’s diary and my mother was hospitalised for 48hrs before i was born but took 36 hrs to birth me! And I swear my sister-in-law is more Leo than Cancerian. Must find out her birth time!

  21. digitalresourceress

    I was just talking with my sister (Leo sun Scorpio rising Taurus moon) about this today! She is having a scheduled C section and if it gets delayed by even a short period it’s a totally different moon and rising. We agreed that maybe being “accidentally” late to get a Taurus moon is better than Aries sun aries moon but that would only be a 30 min and pretty typical delay – but when we looked at the rising it became too much. So we agreed a brief but astrologically significant delay is a good plan but trying to nudge around for the ‘ideal’ rising also is a slippery slope. My mom chimed in that she held off on giving birth to our other sister till the sun hit Aquarius but sort of regrets not letting her be a Capricorn.

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