Are There Astrology Rituals For Planetary Transits?

Astrology Rituals For Planetary Transits work. They’re best invented by yourself off your instincts and out of your history but here are some thoughts. I was inspired by the email below.

Hi Mystic!

I’ve been loving the recent posts on the Full Moon rituals and was thinking, is it apt to mark major transits with fitting planet-aligned rituals?

I¹m a Cap rising and Saturn will soon be conjunct my Ascendant 

So I¹m wondering if I should buy a new watch or all black outfit. Alternatively, I could plant some hardy oak tree or open a new bank account?

There must be more creative ideas but I¹m too busy with my fourteen lists and green smoothie treadmill campaign to think of any new ones right now.

Any suggestions welcome!


Astrology Rituals For Planetary Transits

Hi Gemricorn,

I was just saying to someone in a consult that Saturn across the ascendant used to be called ‘the hag transit.’ You look amazing because of all the kettlebell juggling and sleep being your new power-thrill but your consciousness is like a 1000 years old.

But yes, your concept of a ritual for transits is absolutely apt. In Renaissance times, people were constantly decorating their homes to work with different celestial influences, with one good example being here.

The House Witching Mp3 has some cool concepts for space-clearing and setting the scene. But your concepts for honoring Saturn over your Ascendant are brilliant! I

But in terms of an actual ritual to mark transits, Saturn works well with metal. I would save the tree planting for Uranus in Taurus, consider an all dark grey metallic outfit rather than black (Black = Water) and if you’re feeling ‘watch’ then a metal timepiece is utterly Saturn.

There IS actually a watch called Saturn, no numbers, with the time being kind of cryptic. Thoughts? I think Saturn needs numbers to crunch.

Whether it’s Saturn, Pluto, Neptune or Uranus – any significant transits can work well with an overt acknowledgment of that energy being more present.

Another idea is to work out your ruling planet – the ruler of the Ascendant – and have that symbol or something representing it as a tattoo, artwork or piece of jewelry.

In your case, Saturn rules, so whatever honoring you do will be triple-significant.

If you’re having a Pluto transit, that is the sort of astro-trip that benefits from power-purging and burning off old assumptions/resentments. But my fave Pluto transit ritual is simple: A cleared house or room with a circle of salt around you and across the threshold.

You write a letter to your past/people from then, making it as frank as you need. I once began one with Dear Fuq-Face.

You don’t need to be new age about it. Read it aloud and burn it in a candle. You can add onto it if you want but this works.

Then flush the ashes down the toilet. Shower with a salt scrub and sage the house. You feel the energy shift immediately but wait 24 hours and situations around you evolve.

26 thoughts on “Are There Astrology Rituals For Planetary Transits?”

  1. Moon in Aq – I LOVE that watch. Futuregoth/Tron looking gadget with an esoteric way of reading time to confuse the muggles? They know me so well.

    I’m here for the housewitching.

  2. A transit ritual is a fantastic idea. When Saturn got into Cap I sort of did one, mostly speaking out loud and writing that I am committed to getting this Saturnine/9th house thing done. I then spent a month procrastinating and feeling absolutely terrified before getting down to work.
    With Saturn I’ve been doing two things daily – saying no to just about everything to focus on my big task; and boundaries boundaries boundaries. Dealt with a toxic neighbour, toxic work situ, some issues with the Triple Toro. It’s been full on but I feel my strength in this area is growing.
    Defo will be doing an eclipse ritual. It happens right on my Venus/Ceres/Dsc conjunction.

  3. Cool. Saturn is exact on my natal Venus at 6 Cap today, right on Valentine’s Day! How NOT romantic! Haha! I feel good with it there so far, as I tend to LZ with all my Pisces stuff and with natal Neptune in my 5th, so this reins me in and it feels like a relief. Sober and clear in regards to love. I’m actually going on two dates later this week and look forward to them but in a very grounded way.

    As far as rituals go, I remember a long time ago doing a ritual for my Venus, and it didn’t directly relate to Saturn except it was in the year leading up to my Saturn return and I promptly drew in one of the most verbally and physically abusive boyfriends I ever had, so I’m quite wary now. Interestingly, he had Cap rising and Saturn in the 1st house, so he is now entering his 2nd Saturn return as well as Saturn transiting over his ascendant. The ritual ‘worked’, I guess, in that the universe literally gave me a guy who’s Ascendant and Saturn conjunct my natal Venus. I guess I was working out father issues with him. He was also almost 10 years older than me.

  4. Thank you!! This is awesome!

    Saturn hit my ascendant and I wrote a song on that day but like an epic session I’m still recovering from.

    And the song was this sound i’ve Never been able to pull off before. That day it finally happened.

    Loving Saturn on the ascendant!

  5. Saturn somewhat recently went over my Asc (20 Sagg), and it’s still in my first house. It felt/feels austere. I did manage to lose about a stone of extra weight from that transit though and technically it’s not over yet. It’s not the only game of transits (GOT, whuuuut) in town though. This eclipse is doing a sideways zap on my moon/Pluto/NN yod and I’m feeling… Activated. Black is most definitely the color I’m feeling for this one. My advice for your Saturn/Asc trip: don’t wear gemstones for a while, only metal jewelry. This transit lasts a while so don’t think in terms of one ritual and done, do an extended ritual that actually is more of the new you, permanent change variety. This has to go deep and it has to be lasting. Channel your chart ruler and see what Saturn tells you that thing is that you need to do. You’ll know it because it will feel both kind of suckish but inevitable. Just do it.

    1. This is genius advice thank you – “kind of suckish but inevitable”. I read this and knew exactly what it means in my own life!

  6. saturn just transited my dsc and guess what, the earth didn’t move hahahahaha. i think this is the first time an outer planet transited a chart angle (or house cusp even) and i didn’t feel a thing, even though it was on there for like a year.

  7. I’m now going to have to find this watch as my Aqua man has at 50 just got into watches. But being Aqua his watches have only one hand ! He’s on this planet to perplex I tell you. So this one will really flick his switch ! Thanks Mystic.

    1. And I’ve just had Saturn across my mega galactic centre MC. I’m so reved up for career change and globe trotting but… Chiron is finally conjunct Chiron on my asc of course and I’m so ill. I’m full of angst to get up get on get out go hard… but can hardly get out of bed with what I think is auto immune attacks. My fitness regime is in the dust and I crawl from day to day. I’m having pins today and cranial work on Monday but I think a good dose of steroid would be my saviour! I’ve spent over thirty years fixing people and here I am again finding new experiences of illnesses so I can experience the cure. Bleurgh.

  8. I am very interested in the “uranus in taurus ritual”.
    I like the planting a tree: should it be real or virtual? Since it’s Uranus in Taurus maybe there’s an online service + webcam where you donate a tree and then you can see where it was planted?
    It’ll sextile my Venus as soon as it enter Taurus.
    But maybe I can save the ritual for 2019 when it’ll trine my 8° Virgo rising?

    1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

      A real saturn watch would double as a calendar, planner and financial calculator.

      It would also include dental floss and breath mints.

    2. That watch gives me anxiety just to look at it. It feels like a maths exam just glancing at, let alone attempting to decipher it. Arghh!!!!

  9. Mystic did a post years ago, about Saturn hitting your angles coinciding with major people coming and going to/from your life.
    I calculated mine, and the Dsc/Asc was accurate… to the WEEK. It blew my mind!

    1. I just checked and the day my sister and I found each other Saturn and the Moon were hitting my Ascendent/South Node, Mercury fairly closely conjunct as well, and Pallas conjunct my IC.

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