A Cancerian Birthday Concept?

Cancerians are incredibly difficult to buy gifts for, even though they’ll guilt-trip you forever if you fuq it up.

The thing is, they’re psychic – not like “I had a vibe you might call” or ostentatiously intuitive on social media  – but rather, the real deal. In fact, if you see one of them massaging their third eye area (right above the bridge of the nose, essentially), prepare yourself for a doozie of an information drop.

Crab-Person clairvoyancy is more like they’re able to slide into your mind for a moment to deduce exactly why you got them the gift you did, what it cost, if it was on credit or bought with cash and what your state of mind was when you purchased it.

Their psychic powers are so legit that if there was an association, most Cancer people would be certified in five galaxies. They also have a robust interest in financial security, the psychology of money and whether or not the people in their inner orb are sincere.

So this is the dilemma: this zodiac sign usually cares about birthdays and anniversaries being honored. Tell them you’re not fussed about yours and they’ll suspect sociopathic tendencies.

While some are able to feign pleasure at a voucher or an ‘experience’ gift, you’ll go into their merde-books indefinitely.

They’re into stuff – actual things that you can hold, for an infinite period of time if you’re a Cancerian, obviously. But it can’t be too niche nor mainstream and while antique makes sense because this sign reveres the more artisan values of bygone eras, it shouldn’t be second-hand because Cancerians have enough sh**t with ghosts and emanations..

If it’s something you get on an impulse or with a hurried, begrudging mindset, the Cancerian will know and suspect, well, everything.

So what happens if you treat the operation more like an intricate new technology launch, with models, supply chain scrutiny and failsafes in case of component failure?

They’ll think you’ve got something to hide and preach about spontaneity or the lover who plucked them a simple bunch of lavender from the graveyard but it was the thought

Could Sacred Scarab scent be the solution? I only came across them the other day because I saw a mention of a companion scent called Zoological Bat.

It’s a guava, night-blooming jasmine and soil-accord dominant fragrance that sounds ideal for Scorpios who want to signal both their readiness to mate or commit and their forever vespertine nature.

I haven’t smelled any of these scents btw. But then I saw Sacred Scarab and while the perfume notes seem apt – blue lotus, raisins, plums, olibanum, myrrh and juniper – it was the image that first captured my attention.

Have you ever seen such a beautifully rendered and yet quirky portrait of an insect? Beetle candids, in particular, are usually big on scientific details, with unpleasant focus on crittery features or the creature’s sad demise in the service of some experiment.

The Sacred Scarab scent imagery is something else but is it actually how they look? Or is it a walrus in an ancient kemetic head-dress etc with a scarab brooch?

And do most Cancerians even know that their original zodiac symbol was the scarab? And why was it swapped, so to speak?

(Keep scrolling for the answer!)

I’ve avoided writing about it because when you research the scarab, the ancient story involves pushing shit uphill.

Although there is obviously a metaphysical backstory to this, I didn’t want aggrieved Cancerians asking me why Sagittarians get centaurs and vision quests or Leos have ‘lion of Ishtar’ cred  but they’re portrayed in the context of dung beetles and arcane temple politics.

Another reason for my lapse in this regard is that when you go back far enough, the zodiac associations become wild, so wild that they’d take volumes to parse, not a single blog post.

But let’s do it:

The zodiac sign we call Cancer, the Crab was originally the Ancient Egyptian Scarab and I believe that religious revisionists gradually transferred it to the crayfish, then lobster and finally the Crab.

Why? Because they wanted to wipe out the old writings that linked Jesus Christ to an older Egyptian/Kemetic god of resurrection/the morning Sun – the scarab-beetle faced Khepri.

Practically everyone acknowledges the supremacy of the Sun in this comprehensive ancient religion – but the Sun God Ra only existed because of this more ancient deity.  Notice how the classic Scarab is shown as holding the Sun between its pincers?

It is a long story, literally but the Scarab or Beetle-God not only enabled the Sun to rise every morning, it was core to the concept of resurrection. At one point, people used to be buried with a scarab amulet over their thymus to assure their rebirth.

Jesus, hooked into so many other pre-Christian legends and adored deities, was also intimately connected with this one. As an example, Epiphanius, a 4th Century Cyprian Bishop called him the “scarabaeus of God” and Saint Augustine also opined on the Jesus & Dung Beetle connection.

I am not being facetious even though it’s true that I don’t really care what bishops think. But this speaks to the theory that at a certain point in history, when the church aspired to wipe out not only dissent but any shred of “pagan” belief, they downgraded this Scarab constellation.

Even today, there are still thousands of niche Christian sites talking about this.

My fave is The Dung Beetle and Discipleship. It says that that scarabs navigate off cues from not only the Full Moon but the Milky Way. Recall that the “milky way” aka Via Lactea – ‘the road of milk’ was called that a la old myths about representing the breastmilk of various goddesses – eg: the ancient Greek Hera, Roman Juno, Egyptian Nut (from where we get get the word ‘night’) and others.

Think also of the words galaxy or galactagogue – a substance that helps lactation. How Cancerian is all this?

So nobody is quite sure how Crab replaced the Scarab as the official symbol for this constellation but I think it was because the Church was trying to claim complete ownership of the Christ “brand” as well as stamp out other belief systems.

A zodiac sign with an established link to Jesus, also connected with ancient idols, magical amulets, Moon worship, lactating galactic goddesses was clearly problematic.

If enough people felt they had their own direct connection to divinity, the whole racket would be up.

So to swing back to my original thought on all this, for a Cancerian gift concept this year, I say go Scarab. Buy for their inner resurrectionist beetle god!

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  1. I’m also late to reply, but felt the need to chime in. I’m Cancer Sun, and came from a family of Cancers (mom, brother). Gifting is important to me because of the sentiment, but I’d actually rather not have a tangible gift given because usually the gift I am given is not something I want. I definitely don’t want a generic gift just to receive something tangible. Apparently I am hard to buy for, so most gifts I get just feel like a waste of resources or emotionally taxing because then I have to feign liking it more than I do (and try not to feel sad that once again no one knows what I *really* like… yes, this is a bit of Cancerian over-sensitivity).
    As a Cancer though – food! A meal out at a good restaurant is a perfect “gift” for me. And birthday cake! Also, I’d say that nostalgic gifts are good for Cancers too.

  2. I’m late to this party too, but just want to say that this post feels like a birthday present in itself. Thank you, Mystic – this is the sh*t! …🙂… No one does this unfortunately named sign better than you do. Though i do like crab symbolism too.
    As far as presents are concerned, i appreciate whatever is given to me – isn’t it about the Sentiment? I find usually people fall into 2 categories: those that give you presents they would like for themselves; & those that give you presents they think you would like. If i don’t particularly connect with what i’m given, i know that St Vinnies will. Either way, it’s win-win. Btw, i have often been told that i’m the best present giver ever – it’s a gift i have … 😛𓆣

  3. I’m reading Mystic’s article about Cancerians a week later, so I am late and the thread is cold. But just in case anyone still reads this I want to say that I truly believe that all Cancerians deserve a resurrection after 15 years of Pluto in their opposite sign Capricorn! (And so do the Capricorns of course).

      1. As a Cancer Sun who has a son in Virgo (his Sun) who is quite adept in the scent department… I’ll definitely send this as a bday request and report back on the Virgo’s opinion.

        Personally, I’m into it.

  4. My fav three humans (apart from Gemini sister) are treasured Katakans (an Aunt, Southern hemisphere bestie and Northern hemisphere bestie) have each received a hand stitched quilt for their “big” birthdays from me… takes about a year and a half, but knowing they’re incredibly sentimental, it’s an absolute thrill to show them how in time and thought how much they’re adored.
    I’ve made the mistake of voucher for Airline ticket once, the hurt and pain… i was scared i’d cracked their shell, for good. Never again! Instagram is good for stalking their “following” pages… to find fav shops/artists craftspeople.

  5. I am an instinctual shopper and if I see something I like get or regret not getting for the next week or so. I took my scarab baby “omg I’m so old almost 28” shopping to a gold/silver stall that breezes into town once a year. I showed her a big handful of silver necklaces and started straighten and sorting. Old and nice, new and nice, yik, and I NEED this now categories. We stood there for an hour picking out the quality pieces from the collection. She said the hour was as good as Christmas. We we came home we dipped everything in a boiling water, foil and bicarbonate mix to wash off past energies. This year I bought her some silver clay so she can make herself something memorable, a keepsake. Next year? Silversmithing weekend course? Happy birthday Scarabs!

  6. 2nd house Cancer Sun and 1st house Cancer Venus – the Cancerian’s Cancerian. Yes, I transmute literal shit into something fertile, mostly by accident, but sometimes by design. Sagg Moon and Gemini Asc, plus a lofty Mars/NN/MC in Aqua straddling the 9th & 10th house make me come across way more whimsical and easygoing than I actually am. I would hate to have to buy a gift for me, although a plant always works. The Capricorn with Pisces moon ex bf DID manage to get me an excellent gift once, despite being a complete *insert expletive* in pretty much every other respect. It was a handbound grimoire, the cover bejeweled with rose quartz, tiger eye and lapis lazuli. I smudged and consecrated it several times to get his energy well away. I love it so much that I have bequeathed it to my double Pisces daughter in my will!

    1. Reading this, I immediately wondered if the ‘scarab holding up the sun’ / connection to resurrection (Jesus = scarab and sun = God) …. Was also linked to Christmas / Capricorn / Birth of Christ / Christian God?? ???

      I mean, the link between Capricorn / Birth of Jesus (Arrival of ‘God’ in the world via son) …. And opposite sign of Cancer as the one who makes it possible???,

      That is the worst worded question ever … I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say or ask – but I’m a Capricorn with Cancer rising and my 25 year old daughter is a Cancer with Capricorn rising and I have long been amazed at the links/connections between us and the way we seem eternally connected on a similar ‘branch’ (for want of a better word) but with ebbs and flows (some good, some not so), but always as if we are a single strand that twists and weaves in various ways but coming from a single ‘trunk’ which feels like my mother and grandmother’s legacy (I am very like my Aries grandmother and my daughter is very like my Gemini mother added into our uniquely connected expressions of our own selves).

      The connection between cancer and Capricorn feels incredibly strong.

      Thank you for the wonderful backstory!

  7. I’m one of the people who actually LOVE to choose gifts for people, but really suck at the whole Official Gifting Occasion schedule. really for me I’d be hand picking assorted wildflowers & leaves growing by my favourite rock or while walking to the friend’s house, so denoting the connection between us and friends and the journeys we take, and then bundling them with handmade twine, and taking them out for their favourite cake at a cosy venue.
    still mad at the Cancerian sun Venus man, I haven’t responded to him since he was a rude brat to me (how he thinks that’s going to work to get into my pants /make me fall in love with him I have no effing idea, can someone pls teach him about women with fire placements and post-pluto transit moon in Capricorn)

    anyway if you’ll excuse me I have to somehow find the rest of my rent now due. discovering that Pluto transiting into 8th house means a reckoning with 2nd house possessions . interesting

  8. My partner is cancer and every birthday/christmas is a nightmare for sourcing presents! Any suggestions appreciated!!

  9. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Venus in Cancer here. Yes, gifts tell me everything.

    It’s an amazing fragrance range btw. Lush!

  10. OMG ‘pushing shit uphill’ haven’t heard that expression since break up with true bogan Virgoan boyfriend 55 years ago.
    ‘Shirt lifter or pillow biter’ were 2 homophobic expressions he used before correct speak disallowed it yet was devastated when close gay friend suicided. Go figure.
    What an informative thread… of course Nut & night!
    We are all Egyptians 🙂

  11. Was raised until the age of 14 by my Cancerian Grandmother who’s adages have been gratefully remembered all my life.
    Easy to buy for as appreciated ANYTHING i gave her.
    What a Solstice gift…. the very day my membership expired, a 50% discount.
    Thanx Mystic.

  12. ..I mean..
    Am not saying I told you about my Cow – Zoologist craving at the start of Jupiter in Taurus transit.

    But am not, not saying it either Mystic.. x

  13. This 0 degree Cancerian Sun has been sooking all day because my friends put in for a group gift of paying for my blow dry, and a bunch of flowers. Everyone knows my favourites are roses (I’m actually obsessed) so why I got a mixed bouquet of gerberas and whatever else that look like they belong on a casket, I do not know. My favourite part would be the florist’s card, at least I can keep that. I am *the best* gift giver, and yes I am hard to buy, and yes I am absolutely overreacting thank you, Full Moon.
    I would have rathered no flowers, than the burden of having to lie to everyone that I like them, when I am inevitably asked about it when I host everyone in my home tomorrow. Could have paid my electricity bill and gifted me a pen for same, perhaps slightly more, sentiment. At least the pen I’d get to keep.
    I’ll be sending everyone home with a gerbera each tomorrow. Sharing this so the internet has a record of a Cancerian at her most absolute rotten, worst. I’m having my Kim Craig moment, “Flowers are not a present Brett, they’re a garnish”

    The sadness I am feeling is because I feel misunderstood. “Do my friends even know me”.

    Moral of the story – please gift a cancer something they can keep forever. Or at least their favourite flowers. No money, vouchers, or expenses paid. Just a card with words is do cherished. I have kept every card I’ve ever received and pull them all out each birthday and Christmas.

    1. oh no! That sounds odd though as casket flowers would be lilies and sombre floral blends but gerberas are more ‘hey girl…!’ Is it possible that your friends briefed the florist but the florist got it totally wrong?

      Hypothetically, I would get you a heirloom rose bush, the most ancient and story-rich variety I could find – eg: Gallica, the Apothecary’s Rose. Failing that, a Rose Absolute essential oil based pillow spritz.

      1. Aw, does sound like friends and/or the florist misread things. Since it’s a group gift maybe they were thinking less what is the flower of your soul and more that the
        multiplicity and bigness of the bouquet would reflect their different personalities and the scope and variety + profusion of their love for you – though admittedly I’m a multi-aqua and the intention matters as much or more than the gift. Maybe to make it more your own you can take a bunch of vases and glasses and arrange it into smaller groupings that are more you-vibing? Having a house full of flowers on the solstice weekend sounds nice – and happy birthday <3

        1. This must be one of the sweetest responses to another persons post that I have read in a long time, Embarkons7 🌸

    2. oh lordy :(((((… I’m with you on the ‘do they know me at all’ letdown due to receiving random gifts. this is infuriating given that you say that everyone knows you adore roses :((((. I’m cancer rising with jupiter in cancer and I do want/need tangible gifts, and also keep letters, concert tickets, etc. I have lots of earth and water in my chart, so yes, I’m sentimental and yes, I’m all for objects. just recently I found the review of this book on why man still wants to physically own things (apparently our brains function the same way as they did 200,000 years ago): ‘so much stuff’ by archaeologist chip colwell. I’m not a hoarder, but I felt understood in my attachment to things. I’m sending you a virtual lady emma hamilton rose with all its voluptuous fragrance <3. and happy birthday 🙂

    3. Penelope Darling

      I’m Cancer rising (pushing that Sun / dung ball over the horizon) and I identify with this SO MUCH.

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