Your Moon – Your Mother

Clearly there are a zillion factors that contribute to your parenting style or the way in which you experienced your upbringing and the relationship with your parents. However, in traditional astrology, the Moon sign (along with the house and aspects) represents your mother. You can also extrapolate this to your potential mothering or parenting style – if apt.

If you know your Moon sign, check out these – off the top of my head – delineations for each one’s ‘mum’ style and see if they resonate at all!

Moon in Aries

Gung-ho Mum who imbues her kids with sense of can-do & the ability to compete in healthy ways. She models this by refusing to ever knuckle down. If shit happens, Moon-in-Aries Mum is not seen crumbling, whimpering “oh no,  not now, not this again” – she is UP and at ’em. So she role models sensational ambition & flair. Fantastic sports mum – unless you lose, lol. Moon-in-Aries Mum can occasionally be low in empathy & does not like “grizzling.”

Moon in Taurus 

Serenity Mum who transmits eerie soothing rays to even the most unruly of offspring, tetchy of babies. Moon-in-Taurus Mum, at best, is the archetypal herbal mother a la the Empress in the Tarot. Excellent at creating a secure-feeling and luxurious atmosphere of peace & plenty, regardless of funds available. Moon-in-Taurus Mum gives excellent money & worldly living advice, provides child with strong sense of adequacy. Child will prob not crack up before 20 due to cuckoo credit card debts and louche living.

Moon in Gemini

Young-at-heart Mum who flits about forever able to relate to offspring’s foibles as her inner child so super-alive. Often prefers school age children and onward to the baby stage as the older ones can be so easily employed to collect gossip and are  more rewarding for her to dialogue with. Gets off on the imparting of knowledge & moulding  young mind aspect of parenting. Gives child verve & ability to never-ever be a bore as child HAD to be amusing for Moon-in-Gem mum.  Child comes out brainy & urbane…

Moon in Kataka/Cancer

Classic Mum as this Moon is in the sign La Luna rules – the sign of parenting. Moon in Kataka loves pregnancy, birthing & breastfeeding in primal way that amazes other mothers –  has profound spiritual link to the whole thing. Is nurturing to the nth degree with only the slightest hint of martyrdom/guilting. Can and will pull off such a high level of nourishing and caring for the child, that the standard of cooking/empathy et all is never again reached. Can be terribly clingy. Child has strong feeling of being wanted & is usually a fab cook/emo-together.

Moon in Leo

Chic Mom. Moon-in-Leo Mum is fiercely loving of offspring a la nature documentaries & she is ultra-adept at all milestone events such as choreographing parties, attending funparks and ensuring the child looks just-so for the first day of school. Child can feel a bit like co-conspirator in major fabulosity scheme. Moon in Leo has fervent belief in her child’s extreme beauty, talent and star potential – how could it be any other way for a being who sprung from her gilded loins. Will make scenes at parent teacher meetings if  child’s genius not acknowledged. Fiend for table manners & grooming.The child will have awesome pics of self – maybe even a portrait.

Moon in Virgo

Details Mum. No way will the child of Moon-in-Virgo Mum ever have be sheepish at school because of excursion  note not signed et al. All details from childs fingernails being filed to regular dental check-ups and ability to pronounce words properly will be taken care of. Supernaturally together young peeps often spring from Moon-in-Virgo mums who ensured they always  have needle and thread to sew on buttons, their taxi fare  home & the ability to properly read instructions. Her child will be educated, healthy & wise…Or else. Can nark off a bit. Or be a bit hypochondriac.

Moon in Libra

Moon-in-Libra Mum is not the sort of saint who skips a facial so that her children can have new shoes but she models that detached & independent woman who doesn’t lose herself in parenting. She flirts. Even with the ob-gynae who helps to deliver her baby. She imparts her sense of justice, symmetry and elegant living to her children and wields her charm to make even the most mundane aspects of childhood quite fascinating. Her child is imbued with a social conscience, charm & eloquence and beauty worship. Moon-in-Libra Mum insists her children conduct themselves in public and at quite adult occasions v.early on. Result; sophisticated, take-anywhere children.

Moon in Scorpio

Totality Mum. Moon-in-Scorpio Mum needs to bond deeply with her children and experience a primordial and open bond with them. She can be amazingly single-minded and obsessed when it comes to backing them – I often  think those child progidies have Moon-in-Scorpio Mums. They’ll read every single parenting book going and apply the findings. They want their child actualised & individuated – with no hang-ups. They can be a bit more focussed than some of the other Moon Signs on what they felt they had to give up, to become a parent. Her children are v.self-aware & often have one unique & official talent.

Moon in Saggo

Boho Mum. Moon-in-Saggo mum is the  most likely to jump on a plane to take even toddler kids trekking in Spain or whatever mind-expanding experience she deems appropriate. She believes in candour and space for herself so she’ll encourage her kids to be likewise extremely  honest and with the ability to create the mood/space they need to be themselves.  Banquet style dins on the table every night ain’t her style. Kids get spontaneity & a lot of quite frothy political thoughts/beliefs/opinions about everything. Kid will be a great debater. She’s slack with rules & always on the child’s side re school. Will argue validity of homework as a concept – putting the whole system on trial – rather than admit her child didn’t do it.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon-in-Capricorn  operates much like Moon-in-Virgo mum only with less details consciousness and more of an over-riding long term vision for her child. Foresight is her. She puts childs name down for right kindie at conception. Ditto proper schools etc. She thinks way ahead and even back; child is not only member of right clubs, child is very aware of ancestors and where he/she fits into society. Child gets fantastic head start in life & a whole lot of – at the appropriate age – witty & bawdy insider secrets of Life. But there will be no slacking. Moon in Capricorn’s child often does not realise all that is being done for her/him at the time.

Moon in Aquarius

Eccentric Mum. Child learns about conspiracy theories, Kombucha mushroom as an antioxidant or maybe not and alternative realities early on as is taken along with Moon in Aqua Mum’s perpetual personal growth trip. Moon-in-Aquarius Mum  is not going to fit into a bourgeois parenting paradigm – no way- so her child may well be alt.schooled, alt.healthy and alt-thinking from an early age. Moon in Aqua Mum can be super-rigid but her over-riding philosophy of New Age parenting will usually win the day. Her child gets the gift of a cosmic consciousness, open mind and the gift of being his/her own person.

Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces Mum can be a tad inconsistent. Yin, Yang and Yin again. One moment she’s Domestic Godesssy and it’s cupcakes at dawn – the next moment, everyone  is on a macrobiotic diet and learning to meditate. One moment she’s overbearingly THERE and wanting to bond, the next screeching for space so she can create her magnum opus. Again. Moon in Pisces children get a sense of the world as being an enchanted place, where  magical thinking works. He/she will also be ultra-culturally literate as Moon-in-Pisces is a polyglot who appreciates similar in her children. They will v.rarely be stuck or queruously peevish. She bequeaths them magic & fluidity.

Image: Francois Lamy

48 thoughts on “Your Moon – Your Mother”

  1. Oh my God..

    I know I’m so late, but my mom has Moon in Leo and everything I’ve read about it is true!

    I have too many photos of myself taken by my mom when I was a little girl. She would also praise me in any way she could find and courage me that i’ll succeed (though it wasn’t always true, but she really believed I’d glitter).

    I remember very well when she once told me that I’d be so much better than her at certain stuff in the future.

    Nowadays she still shows my photos to anyone she meets and knows and still catches my sleeve to take a photo of myself. Also, she still praises me that I’m more beautiful than anyone (can be sometimes embarrassing, especially now -“Moooom!”)

    Whenever she sees me working, she first praises me then courages me if she’s not ill.

  2. “I find my mothering is different with each then realised THEIR moon signs seem to be a big factor…”. So interesting funickity! I think this is totally on the money.

    My own mum has an Aries Moon, she was all action and no talk. It was quite lonely as she was very withdrawn and stressed. The only part of the paragraph I relate to her as a child is “low in empathy”. But she is much improved since those years which were very hard for her (with four of us born back to back and my father proudly stating he ‘never changed one nappy’…grr).

    My boys are a Libran Moon and an Aquarius Moon and their birth’s were completely different also…

    Libran moon had a princely (and difficult) entrance to the world with lots of nurses/doctors/visitors and a festive atmosphere as friends brought food and drinks.

    Aqua moon was born in the night with only the midwife and my husband present. We left the hospital hours later with no visitors having time to make an appearance.

    They are both young and I am waiting to see how my ‘smothering’ Scorpio Moon interacts with such cool little moon placements!

  3. Moon in Gemini. Not a mum yet but I have been an influence on a few kids and I definitely relate to the bit about my inner child being so alive and that’s why we get on so well.

    Funny to read about my own mum’s Moon in Taurus (in the 2nd house too). My home growing up was like a beautiful palace; she infused it with so many lovely, elegant things it gave me an appreciation for the finer things in life. Funny too MM that you mentioned The Empress as her archetype and yet that’s my sign on name. 🙂

  4. This was one of my fav posts!! I have referenced it so many times since you posted it a while back – very moon in virgo of me!!

    I’m scorp sun, virgo moon and pisces rising. I can relate to all three actually, but prob more the pisces side. One minute I’m the domestic goddess the next minute I’m needing space. But I am so scorp in that I need to bond with my daughter and NO ONE had better hassle her at school or else. My daughter was getting bullied at school once and the little shit of a kid who was hassling my daughter tried to suck up to me? Um hello Scorp mother here! She actually asked my daughter to tell me to stop giving her scary looks!! LOL Did a binding spell to get rid of the bullying she was experiencing, now that works!! And yes MM I want her to be an individual with no hang ups! (pity about thre scary mum!!) At 10 she knows all about the “stories” we create and is very self aware. She is 10 and has decided to enter the Archibald prize!! Which has brought out my moon in virgo side – hmmm what does she need? She’s a brilliant artist but perhaps some different art classes? Some coaching with my brilliant artist best friend. I’ll ensure she has everything she needs to succeed. So proud 🙂

    Well I must be a good Mum as I have so many kids telling me they wish I was their Mum, we have a lot of FUN!!

    1. “Um hello Scorp mother here!”

      Hahahah yes no one messes with the scorp mother!

      Good luck to your daughter for the Archibald!!! 🙂

  5. (Moon in Cap) This is so me: “Child gets a whole lot of – at the appropriate age – witty & bawdy insider secrets of Life.” I am like a mom to my two much-younger sisters, and I am always bestowing Insider Secrets of Life on them, which they don’t always appreciate at the time. I feel compelled to.

  6. Zeb simiilar parenting style I act as a guide for them not a dictator ( moon in scorp) i want them to be their own person not a mini me and learn their own lessons. Cruel to be kind sorta independent teachings but other wise you can become their slave and they don’t learn how to stand on their own 2 feet.

  7. Moon in gemini (Sun- Virgo) Mum of three… I have just spent a wonderful day worshipping at the local temple of consumption with my daughter, an activity that normally makes me break out in severe tetchiness and bad grace. However today I have enjoyed it greatly and marvelled at what and amazing, intelligent and beautiful young woman my daughter is. I see each child as an individual and my main role as guiding them to a state of greater independence. (I struggle with my children leaning on me they need to stand up on their own.) I have always loved watching the personalities of my children emerge. They each have highly developed senses of humour and a love of the ridiculous which in my childlike moments I totally indulge. I also enjoy watching their emerging political awareness and sense of social justice. A very insightful post.

  8. Hah – great post, Mystic!

    Scorp moon in 2nd house mum… with Cancer Sun exactly opposing Ceres. Pretty seriously maternal… matriarchal. Raised two boyz as single mum for 20 years… focused on calm & patience… passed on what wisdom & self-awareness I could… and lotsa good food. 😀

  9. Moon in Sagg!! I am already a raving looney when it comes to education.
    I have already pulled my child out of daycare last week because i wasnt happy with the teachers..and he hasnt even started school yet. I will have him with me until he goes to school nxt year. But yes I will be on canteen duty, attend all the PA meetings, oh my poor li Aries boy will be sick of seeing me at his school!!

    My mama has moon in Scorp. ENOUGH said!!!

  10. I am Aqua moon mum, with Aqua moon daughter, both 3rd house. I “get” her so much more deeply through knowing her astrology chart & even painted a beautiful big mandala of it for her bedroom. She is such her own person, & I consciously bring to my parenting style the legacy of not having my individuality honoured by my own parents. My mum always resented having been pregnant (with twins no less) & married at 21. I always knew I would have my child later in life & was really important that I knew who I was before I did. (Saturn in the 5th sextile that Aqua moon.) She is a joyous happy child & I am blessed to have her as my daughter.

  11. leo moon mom. i would be. in fact, i almost was… but the fact remains i try to dote these attributes on my friends… esp those in need of a mother figure. they refer to me as ‘mother hen’. BOK! BOK!

    1. oh and north node in 5th house… which may explain my former neurotic, relentless desire for children…. or does it?

  12. Moon in Cancer.
    All true for me. I just wanted to stay pregnant forever..I loved it so.
    Daughter now 7, and we have cooked together since she could be propped on bench.

    Her father and I had awful spilt when she was 3 and due to hard work she is emotionaly stable and a happy camper all round.

  13. Moon at 0 degrees Gemini and Mercury in 5th to compound that.
    My girls got so much more interesting as they could communicate. When I ask what they did today at school or kinder, “nothing” is not enough for an answer and they know it and I’m sure they make stuff up to satisfy me.
    I love watching them change and they’re personalities develop, like our own personal little science experiments.
    Love teaching them to cook, and garden, which are my creative outlets. They both love it too, spend each evening helping me and my husband prepare the evening meal.

  14. Yes I have to agree with the gluten thing. My 4 year old boy who thinks he is spiderman and can be very hyperactive has become so much calmer since I cut out the wheat/gluten and salicylates from his diet a few weeks ago. Now it is like having a calm intelligent 7 yr old instead of a hyper/borderline getting labelled with some disorder 2 yr old.

    I have heard of so many kids like this lately. I wonder is this their naturally sensitive body systems, do they need these kind of sensitive intense personalities for their future. I am curious how my 10 yr old can handle all that food with no issues and my other child be super sensitive to it.

    I am a 12th house taurus moon, but heaps of libra. Slightly erratic mothering but kinda grounded and like creating a sacred healthy home sanctuary for my family. I am pretty laid back in allowing them to find their own way in the world.

    1. My sister went to the doctor with gluten intolerance and she was advised that wheat grown these days is grown to have a much higher gluten content.

      think also about the chemicals that these plants are feeding off. Does anyone watch stateline in Qld? Not sure if the same content is shown in other states. interesting things there lately about a man who was tossed from the CSIRO for not following the department line on how to grow decent crops. he is now in demand from farmers all over aus trying his methods of natural plant regeneration and succeeding with beautiful crops without fertilisers – though it takes about 3 years to come to fuitition.

      there is also another man who for 15 years or so now has been showing farmers how to leave the land run to its own methods in keeping water instead of letting it run off to nowhere. His method has also seen him ostracised by CSIRO. He was on australian story on ABC last year i think. Obviously the promoted farming methods by our famous CSIRO are making both us and the land unhealthy.

      Mind you, many large food suppliers/supermarket chains also own many fertiliser companies, and demand that a crop be grown to a certain size with a certain seed (patented of course) fertilised by a certain company (their own) chemical compound. No payment according to the strict contract if the chemical fertilising hasn’t occurred with the stipulated company.

      we are but the bottom link in the chain of supply and demand with no control over what we eat

  15. Ooh. Would be really interested to see a similar post for dads, as well. Presume the Moon is not relevant to fathering – or is it? Which part of the chart deals with fathering (as in, raising/relating to their child)?

    my mother’s moon was in acquarius, sun pisces – she was kinda more conservative than aqua mum as outlined here. i ahve ended up very open-minded though. Maybe my dad had more influence – virgo, moon in capricorn. She was more like a combo of both of those. Mutable Mom?

  16. I might have missed the boat on this post but after sleeping on it I came to some interesting conclusions.I related to the leo moon mum rave but with four daughters I find my mothering is different with each then realised THEIR moon signs seem to be a big factor…my first with a saggo moon had the passport at three weeks old, spent her pre schooling years travelling around oz and south east asia, the third on the other hand has a virgo moon, had the candle lit home birth and has hardly left the veggie patch.

  17. I’m a taurus sun and pisces moon and I think mystic is a pretty spot on with that description. I do tend to chop and change a lot, but it’s never boring at my house because we are always trying out something new. My daughter is an Aquarius sun and she just goes with the flow so it all works. We also seem to be very intuitive with regards to each other and when we need space. There’s never been a time when she’s needed space and I’ve tried to smother her and vice versa. We just know when to leave each other be. The only issue really we have is with discipline. I’ve tried all different types of discipline methods and none have worked, possibly because I can’t manage to be consistent with one for more than 2 months Lol. I did have a talk with Ivy today about what she thinks is the best discipline method and she said time-out in her room so I’m going to do that and try really hard to stick with it.

  18. Cancer moon and gemini – I think. Read both. Sucked at pregnancy (depressed before and after both just disliked it), birth (incredibly painful & both boys got ‘stuck’ traumatic for all) & breastfeeding – multiple probs. I do

    Gemini sounded much more like my parenting I do like the moulding & imparting of knowledge, adamant they turn out sane, smart and independent. Toddlers and teenagers completely freak me out – eewww dreadful creatures lol.

    1. Both of my parents are Gemini moon and they were/are SO Gemini moon parents.
      My dad said he never laughed so much in his life until he had kids.

      Also, my mum now finds her goofball dog very entertaining.

  19. taurean with the HMBOTS

    i’m a moon in virgo mother and i reckon Mystic has done a very good description of me as mother, LOL, blush blush!!

  20. No kids of my own, but mother is scorp with cap moon. Always raised us to be independent, but only after we all left home within a few years did I find out just how much she missed us. The bit about being less detail conscious than a virgo is so true. Mum was at college when we were at school, and went out before we got up. Never had time for absence notes, so she printed some pre signed blank slips, which we filled in with our personal details and reasons for absence. Teachers hated them, but mum said she trusted us. And, you know what, we never abused the system.

    She also never had ambition for us. She said we were not hers, she was our carer and guardian until we found our own way. It was not her place to decide on our life route, simply to give us the skills and opportunities to make our own choices. But with all that scorp energy and passion it was far from boring. I was a teenager when she taught us how to make the perfect pink gin, an important life skill.

  21. that description of the libra-moon, if you flipped the genders, would BE my cancer-sun libra-moon dad.

    me & mum both have taurus moons & she was actually v. detached & hardheaded but practical & honest. Not easy to impress! But as Mystic points out, “Moon-in-Taurus Mum gives excellent money & worldly living advice, provides child with strong sense of adequacy.”

    Typical of taurus moons, me & mum share a love of ‘nice’ things (cut flowers, deli food), – one of the only things we have in common!

    1. my scorp sun mother has taurus moon. when i first read mm’s description it didnt instantly click but i totally get what em is saying re detached and hardheaded! could actually sum my mother up to a t. but yes, excellent money and worldly advice…that my pisces moon does not always want to hear!

  22. nebulous virgo

    No children so far, but looking forward to them;)

    Moon in Leo (6th), squared by Uranus (8th), trine Neptune (9th). I have always dreamt of raising my children while I still live with my friends in some shared house/big flat, and never imagined a husband. Hm.

    For contributing to Mystic’s curious question, I’ll take my mother.
    Scorpio Sun conjunct Neptune (5th), Virgo Moon concjunct Pluto (3rd).
    She was, still is an amazing mother. Detailed, yes. Though full time working mother (took of 6moths after birth of me and younger brother), everything necessary was sorted. Food, Health, Homework, whatever needed to be signed. She has this rational, practical Virgo touch which was awesome for us to become clear, conscious, straight kids (I hope). On the other side (deep down inside) she is also that over-attached Pluto-Mom. I always felt there are colliding energies, which made the mother-daughter thing more complicated than it appeared on the surface. When I moved out I was determined to do this on my own. she was actually very hurt by me “sneeking off”. I had to apologize and nurture her to make up for it. That was a moment when I realized that my mother is a very sensitive person, which she never showed really, as having to display a lot of strength raising us (rarely father or other male-figures around).

    When I had my first surgery a couple of years ago, she called to tell me she would take off work and come to support me. True Aries Rising Me said: “Oh no, Mum, please, I am 22 and can do this on my own, nothing major, really.” The Surgery actually appeared to be much more complicated than anticipated, the surgeon need hours and hours longer than planned and when I actually woke up the next day I was a total mess. Not being able to even get up on my own. Well the same day around noon, mother suddenly wakls into room. She had dreamt the Surgery would not go well, took the train in the morning and stayed two weeks to nurture me. I would hardly have recovered that well and fast without her. I love my Mom.

    1. People often miss the gentle scorp inside NV – for you to see your mums softer side, and to then cherish it is such a gift from her to you, and then a gift back!!
      I got teary reading this post – thank you!

  23. Moon in Cancer – and just can’t relate to it actully. Can relate to moon in gemini, or possibly libra, particularly sagg and ranting against ‘the system’ and absolute yes with pisces. Am nurturing with physical requirements but am just not there for my kids if they don’t do things for themselves using their own mindset/attitudes. And HAVE to get away from them all every now and then to be able to think!!!

    You put such interesting and thought provoking things on here Mystic.

    And just LOVED the photo. The retorts I would whack back when people chastised me for wearing high heels when pregnant!!! It brought back memories actually, and a couple of chuckles.

  24. Lol – Kataka moon mother… But her Aqua rings true here too. Nothing bourgeois in my childhood!
    Breastfed until 3 – kataka. Alt-lifestyle – Aqua. I still get food parcels at almost 30 – Kataka……. Oh and the maryrdom/guilting… tick there as well!

    No idea how I’d parent, am also a Cancer moon…. But could see myself doing the whole Moon in scorp thang too…

  25. I’m an Aqua moon too, and not a mum either -yet…!- but devoted godmum, auntie etc. I was thinking as i read the description, hmm, no, im not that eccentric, but then i thought about what i consider ‘normal’ in spending time with kids/ and raising them- ie, bach flower remedies, talking in made up languages, discussing kind of non-kid topics , like psychic protection (last week was how to use white light to feel safe), yes all manner of alternative therapies – this signalled that maybe am not as normal as i imagine? (lol!)
    i also, like gem above, completely let them be themselves- one of my most fervent philosophies is around raising girls not to have to give a kiss/cuddle to relatives they dont want to- it trains them to override their natural instincts of safety and assertion to be ‘nice’. so although it offends some (actually suprisingly alot) of rellies/friends of family, i never force nieces etc to just be sweet/affectionate for someone else’s sake.

    1. gem le taureau

      I’m the same saggigal but with the boys too. We all give each other a kiss and a cuddle hello/goodbye/goodnight/good morning in our family but jut because we are raising such beautiful soft sweet boys doesn’t mean they have to violate their own sense of space for our ideals. Not just girls who get forced into affection!

  26. matthew-minerva

    Mums got moon in aries so true lol!

    1. matthew-minerva

      no wait sorry moon in Capricorn sun in aries! OMG IM SOO STUPID LOL

  27. gem le taureau

    Ha! I’m Aqua moon and not a Mum but I’m such an Aqua Moon Aunty! My legion of tiny minions has totally been dragged along on my Moon in Aqua Aunty’s perpetual personal growth trip. Hilarious!

    Was explaining to my legion of child producing sisters the other day that I do such different stuff with each of them when we have one-on-one time with no grownups. I just totally let them be their own tiny individual with me, and do what they want to do not what I want them to do. And lets face it with me as Aunty Numero Uno they HAVE to be open minded as I am a fairly random human!

    Aww feeling all gushy about the tiny minions now… I just love all of them in their too cute tininess.

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