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Circe on her throne with astrology symbols

The Genius Of Magic

So Saturn squaring my Moon in the 9th house has turned the upcoming Sorceress Astro-Report into a labyrinthine vortex of research. I’m not satisfied with the usual definitions of anything. A few years ago I might have been content with info from Wikipedia, Crystalinks, my Women’s Encylopedia of Myths & Secrets, and what I remembered from a lifetime of reading myth/magic. Now? I have made notes from books like Astral …

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Wheel of Fortune pendant

Magical Symbols And Lucky Jupiter Vibe

What do you think these magical symbols on the pendant above are? Recently, in the Daily Mystic, I was talking about cool Jupiter rituals. And I just put that rave up on the site for easy reference. Why? Because the Galaxy King is parked on the Great Attractor for the whole month of August. That never happens. Or hasn’t so far as I know.  And it’s made even more potent …

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Strange Angel still image to illustrate Marjorie Cameron astrology

The Marjorie Cameron Astrology & Strange Angel

Somehow I missed the release of the television series Strange Angel, about the fascinating lives of Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron. They wrote Songs For The Witch Woman together. I posted about them a while back in The Rocket Scientist and the Witch.  Read that post for more on their extremophile existence and synastry. But looking to find more about this latest incarnation of their fiercely Uranian lives I found a …

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The Lunar Basics – Everyday Moon Magic

Everyday Moon Magic is probably the easiest aspect of astrology to grasp. That and the art of not firing off impulse missives during Mercury Retrograde. So the Moon – aka Artemis –  is the closest astrological entity to Gaia aka Earth. Luna (another of her many names) is classically deemed ‘feminine’ or ‘Yin’ by contrast to the masculine Sun. Although the Ancient Babylonians had a Moon GOD, called Sin.  We …

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Lunar Eclipse Rituals That Work

Lunar Eclipse rituals are brilliant, even if you’re not remotely a ‘ritual’ type person. I’m not – because they all seem too churchy for me – but I always do something with the Lunar Eclipses. They’re magnified Full Moons that are always aligned with the Moon’s Nodes. That makes them one of the most potent portals of the year to wipe clean past patterns and flamboyantly declare your future reign. …

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Astrology Magic Is Real

Magic is real, astrology works and the combination of the two- Astrology Magic –  is highly effective. Astrology is a method of mapping the occult or hidden energy around us. Magic is not some counter-cultural, alt-dimensional claptrap. Or, okay, it IS alt-dimensional, but you don’t need to go someplace else to experience it. It’s here. Now. Nor does it need to involve elaborate rituals, dropping out of society, dress-up or …

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