Saturn Conjunct Pluto And Relationships

Enough of the economic chit-chat, people are asking about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and relationships. Fair enough! But fair warning – Saturn and Pluto are not renowned as romantic planets.

To recap: Saturn and Pluto were last aligned like this in 1982. It is already a rare and profound influence, made more so by Saturn being its home constellation of Capricorn. It’s ongoing from now until February 2020 but exact in January.

With any Saturn energy at work, people judge each other and alliances by their strength-fragility metrics, not fabulousness, chemistry or attraction. So there is that. But with Uncle Pluto involved, you’re not just coolly appraising the structure of your partnerships and friendships with an engineers mindset. You’re dredging up Plutonic emotions as well.

How do you know if something is a Plutonic emotion? It’s 8th House in nature; to do with a secret that stays in its vault no matter who you’re in love with. Or it is a feeling that you don’t want to feel and certainly wouldn’t admit to. So people are reassessing relationships, both structurally and energetically. The South Node in Capricorn adds to this scenario, raising memories of financial depletion and loss of identity.

The good news is that if you’re in a relationship that you want to last and you get to the end of January 2020, it will probably be durable and resilient. It is a fantastic time to fortify relationships – friendships and business alliances as well as pair-bonds – so that you operate more effectively as a unit. And the people that you met/meet in 2019 are ultra-significant.

But if you’re in the sort of attachment that’s good on one level but abysmal on others, it won’t have the tensegrity that the times demand. Or, if a dynamic has been in your life forever but the other person/scene is not seeing you, can you afford the energy leakage?

Saturn conjunct Pluto and relationships include how you relate to yourself. If you have to throw on a different persona like a cape every time you see a specific character, it’s enervating.

And if you are pretending to listen to something you don’t believe in, you won’t be receptive to signals you need to hear.

Saturn-Pluto turf is no place for fake loves or unions born of fear to be judged as “alone.” It’s the land of deep connections or of going it alone. It’s reconstructive energy. People are striking out in new directions, abandoning locations that once nurtured them. Or finding more peace on the edge than they used to in prayer. Structures and relationships don’t stay in place ‘just because.’

But those that endure will be rich and formidable.


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  1. Me and this guy met in November 2019. We also have saturn-pluto aspect in our synastry. Our nodes are squaring with each other, my jupiter opposing his n. node are all present actively in our progressive synastry chart.

  2. My moon is at 19 Cap, my midheaven at 25 Cap. I’m 61. Really wondering what the next chapter will be. I alternate between fear of being a homeless cat lady, fear of continuing having to work a very challenging job in a company full of millennial open-office humiliation until I’m 70, or somehow doing something entirely different where I can get back to being a serious writer and artist, but it all feels very lonely. Still quite a ways to go with Saturn finishing up with my moon and then both headed to my Midheaven. Where’s my sandy beach, as Chrissie Hynde once sang.

    1. The Year of The Phoenix

      Yep. These are very real to me too…..

      I can only try and not focus on much other than keeping a roof over my head, a day job with said millennials that could fold along with basically every business I have worked in since 2008 and persevering with my sideline hustle with my sister

      My tactics are being grateful for what I have, being conservative with my energy and who I direct it at and remineralisation ha!

      It’s kind of working! Good luck on your trek

  3. Pretty much everyone is gone from my life already, friends, associates, even family members. This seems to have been in process since both planets entered my 7th house. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction has been transiting through my 7th house and will still be there for the exact conjunction in January. I have a bf, and if he goes, I’ll have no one left. I’m braced for it. I’m going through a period of time where I want to be alone a lot anyway. Might be a combination of Chiron return, pre-menopause, and sobriety thing. I’m changing into a very different person, or probably shedding off layers of b.s. and really living into who I truly am underneath all that. I finally had a listen to MM’s Saturn Pluto audio. Very helpful, thank you so much!

  4. PenelopeRevelry

    Can it please be over?! I am so tired. I feel like I am being served nothing but weight and heaviness from my partners. I’ve always tried to do my best, but recently I have started to see how I have and am falling short. It’s really hard and exhausting.

    Pisces sun, Cancer rising, Libra moon.

  5. Any takers on what you would make of a baby due in the midst of Jupiter-Pluto-Mars Cap stellium (with Saturn just off at 0 aqua through which it will square Uranus still in early Toro), which would all be conjunct the father’s Capricorn sun-SN which, as an ‘82 babe himself, squares his Libra Mars-moon-Saturn-Pluto stellium? The father lost his own father at age 3 and lived with the aggressively directive “love” of his mother.

    Seems like a hell of an intense energy to be born under.

  6. Talk about the grim reaper and death and destruction. I just asked the single tarot about my health as I’m not right. The card came back
    ROT. Decaying and decomposing as a natural way in order to bring forth the new.
    Bit stark I’d say! Maybe I should have a blood test or two or maybe not ?!?!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Concentrate on to bringing forth the new.

      Thanks for reminding me to have my blood tests, they are long overdue.

      What is it about you and tarot cards. I vaguely remember having a conversation with you in the past. They always seem to scare you.

      Maybe tarot anxiety manifests in scary cards.

      I would get a check up anyway. And maybe add some good bacteria for your gut. The gut is the 2nd brain.

      1. yes, sauerkraut is so good. I have it every day and my system is completely used to it. That’s a positive spin of rot. I like it.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Has your diet changed due to the new job? Are you eating a lot of fish or something. This might be a facto?

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Just start gently with good bacteria. Too much of a good thing can give you the runs. It’s powerful stuff.

  7. So there I was, minding my own business on what was shaping out of be a fairly mundane Wednesday, and I receive an email out of the blue from my ex-boyfriend from high school, ripping open a seismic black hole of Plutonic emotions, black tar congealed around my heart long ago.

    I’ve known him for 13 years, although we stopped sporadically hooking up about 5 years ago. It was always the same pattern- something would happen, then he’d ghost me and/or be deliberately cruel at social occasions, I guess all to boost his own ego in some way. (v low-vibe Leo/Gemini, unfortunately this has always been my sexual kryptonite.) When this all kicked off, Saturn was going through my 7th house.

    I guess it wouldn’t have mattered so much if it wasn’t my first heartbreak, and if I never saw him again, but he never apologised or even acknowledged anything, and so whenever I’ve seen him around, it’s always made that old little wound smart a bit. It has been hard to forget, which has felt so silly/frustrating as it was all so long ago. Now we live in the same city (and the north node went into my 7th house) these regular hauntings have been happening more often.

    Much to my surprise he send me an email yesterday, offering a sincere, thorough, and self-aware apology for his everything that has happened over the past 12 years, from high school to present day. He took full responsibility for everything and was sorry if I ever blamed myself for his cruelness. He doesn’t expect that I forgive him or wish to be his friend, but he just wanted to say he’ll try better from now on.

    The north node is just one degree away from my Cancer DC (my south node is in my 7th quite close by.)

    I feel like I’ve gone back in time and I’m 16, experiencing all of these emotions again. I’m stunned. Miracles can happen. Underneath all that pomp and egomania, even the most deplorable Leo’s can mature and grow courageous hearts.

    1. disclaimer: #notallLeos. I’m best friends with ^his sister, who is one of the most generous and loving people I’ve ever known.

    2. Maybe keep it super chill until January with locks around your heart and see what comes of it. Do you know where his pluto and nodes are?

      1. 19 degrees n.node cap and 17 degrees Scorp Pluto. Fairly similar placements to mine as there are only 3 months between us. Pluto in 3rd, n.node in 4th.

        D.w, I’m keeping it chill. I don’t desire any sort of romantic reconciliation, that all subsided a long time ago (plus he has a girlfriend now and seems really happy, I think she has had a positive effect on him) But we move in the same social circles so it was nice to get that closure over something I’ve been lugging around for some time. But thank you for the reminder, I appreciate it. 🙂 We’ll see what happens in Jan.

  8. Feels like timelines are merging and in the meantime a rather intrusive purging of ghosts or waiting on another to purge theirs so that the likelihood of this merge is peaceful and not abrupt.

  9. I have been having a series of horrible interactions with Capricorns. I was asked to leave my housing situation by one and am being bullied at my partners house by two others . I have never had anything in my 30 years on this planet even close to these attacks as I am a charming and likeable Libra , easy going on my judgements of others but my 12th house sun and Virgo moon do make me self destructive and my recent Saturn return toughened my boundaries and need for alone time . My Uranus is in Capricorn and mercury is in the 10th so I don’t think I have major Capricorn or Saturnian vibes and as you can infer , my Pluto is conjunct my ascendant . And Jupiter in the 8th. Most of what is being used against me are projected assumptions and my truth is not being heard . The goats are definitely dealing with some insecurities that are being projected on to me. My friend told me today I have always been a sponge for others shit and just happen to be in a line of fire. Ok so what I am wondering is just like .. why. And if it will end. And what I can do to protect myself. Im scared it will get worse and spread further.
    Thank you

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Don’t ask why, it will drive you crazy.

      Ask yourself do you really want to live with this bully or associate with those other two.

      You sound sensitive. You say you have some self destructive tendencies. So that makes you human. Everyone has their demons. I really wouldn’t give these people an inch. And being a Libra maybe you are too diplomatic whereas the others sound cut and dry. People do what they do.

      You say you need more alone time. Well here is your opportunity.

      1st Saturn Return. You are young and SR is tough. Don’t be hard on yourself.

      And don’t lose that charm. It is a social lubricant and can soothe pain. Just don’t cast pearls amongst swine.

      I hope this helps.

      1. No I do not want to live with them, however I had my own private structure in the woods and so I mostly was able to avoid them . Alas, some of my past (drug use – self destruction only – never hurt or stole or lied to anyone) came to haunt me and apparently i can’t possibly be telling the truth , bc that would mean they are wrong . Thank you for your words , i really am very sensitive so it means a lot

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        They just seem to be bullying you. If I was you I would cut your losses and just move on.

        I am 52 and have my natal moon and Mercury in the 4th house.
        It has taken me all this time to embrace the fact that a peaceful home life is so important to my health and wellbeing. I am also sensitive.

        That means strong boundaries, privacy and independence.

        Good luck with finding accommodation that is just right for you.

    2. Im a capricorn sun conjunct my mars in the eleventh- so this energy all in my eleventh house coming up in January, and Im thinking wtf shit storm is going to happen. you can imagine if i was lower vibe, anyone that would dare compete with my ego at work would be cut. (it’s a past life thing Im supposed to master in this life). Maybe work stress is just sitting there in their subconsciouses hacking away..they need to transmute that energy. sorry about my fellow caps who are vibing low. duck.

  10. Libra Moon Conjunct Pluto

    All of this is happening on a friend’s Venus, squarely hitting him in the nose! Speaking of square, his Venus has a square from Uranus (although he’s had affectionate and caring relationships, he has big time loner tendencies and fears of commitment). I’m seriously curious how this will transpire in his life, but Saturn will tell!!

  11. So weak relationships will falter and strong will survive, what about new relationships formed during this time?

  12. faithfrancesmoonbear

    This is probably my new favorite article of yours now. I love the idea of tensegrity as a way of life.

    1. Me too! That anatomy trains book is brilliant. When I did the CHEK exercise coach and all the holistic life coaching stuff that was recommended reading and the concept of Fascia and facial creep in particular made a huge impact on me. Learning that we have the power/ responsibility to stretch ourselves made me-still makes me happy. It’s amazing that I’d never even heard of it before studying with them. I don’t understand why it’s not more of a mainstream thing. Such a huge, influential part of us, tectonic, but your doctor never tells you to stretch. Well mine never has. But it’s rad.

      1. faithfrancesmoonbear

        I’m actually a yoga teacher and super into fitness, been integrating different disciplines (jiujitsu, pole, aerial yoga, and lifting) and omg how Yoga has helped me with these other disciplines (not to mention the kind of self-awareness it brings about)! I like the idea of balancing ease and effort, and from what I’ve read about tensegrity so far, it is it!

  13. yes on my own now after chasing dubious people and jumping over red flags only for them to bite me in the arse eventualky.
    £500 poorer but hey ho, the peace is bloody lovely.
    can this love zombie be changing….? yippeee
    i do have soneone in mind but…we’ll see lol

  14. The thought of being with anyone horrifies me. I’ve been alone since the end of 2018 and I know relationships are lovely. I sometimes miss my ex – he was lovely, I’ve never been as happy with anyone. I often wonder why on earth I left and sometime even regret it but yeah, nope. I’m solo.

      1. I started listening to the audio book of Women who love too Much last night and the tiny hairs going up my spine stood on end. So this post is prescient. I loved the suggestions in the daily email because truly, I’m not feeling the Jupiter Jovial vibes at all. Just spooky creaking noises in the background. I might just be terrified of Jupiter

      2. no, but always appreciate humour and a fresh perspective re this stuff so thanks xx will google

      3. Ah the woman on the cover is diving into a pool!
        Swimming at 6am is how every day begins.
        All part of my Saturn / Pluto regimen.

    1. The end of 2018 is pretty recent, at least from my 5th house cusp in Capricorn perspective. So I understand the horrifying feeling. It takes time.
      Relationships include friendly ones, though: I feel like I see some people for the first time in ages and I cannot take any BS from anyone anymore.

  15. AriesPiscesLibra

    I had a horrific weekend with someone who had been a “friend” for years but I saw in great horror that she has devolved into full blown narcissism with no empathy, and she has masqueraded for years as a sort of spiritual guru dispensing advice to people after they pour out their troubles. She betrays confidences like they are salacious secrets, talked about people I care about like they are sex objects, and brought up my promiscuous past as if it were a joke. I regret every confidence I ever shared. I was appalled to see her cruelty and abuse to her mentally ill wife. In general, this camping trip was like something out of a horror movie.
    Earlier this summer I also let go of a long-standing friendship when her uncontrollable rage became untenable.
    In general it’s been gut wrenching but I am grateful for the clarity of this transit. Time to let go. No more noxious nostalgia.
    Pluto is also digging in my 12th house and I just take these startling revelations with a steely gratitude.

      1. “Steely” – that so is the word for everything! I’ve got the convergence happening pretty much right on my natal moon, and I’ve never felt steelier and feel like I’m becoming steelier. By Jan 2020 I’m expecting to look in the mirror and see the tin man from wizard of Oz! 🙂
        It feels like responsibility factor in my life keeps upping and it’s a somber and steely feeling but at the same time feels like such a positive transformation… like I’m taking ownership of myself and my own power.

  16. Monday at 2:15 am I got into an argument with my former Craigslist missed connections pen pal at a festival. He denies it but when I told him I know he’s full of shit and i had forwarded some suspicious emails to my friend (his former coworker who also knows his ex-wife etc) a few years ago and he got real quiet for a minute before he claimed he felt “unsafe”.
    Sure as shit, you should feel unsafe, asshole. You lied to me.

    I should know better too.

    Saturn/Pluto has been hanging around my 7th house/DC for a couple years now and I met this guy in 2014 on Craigslist missed connections. He’s Aries and it took me a year before I found out he’s Scorpio rising which should have been obvious right away. His Mercury in Aries is the same degree as my moon which makes a tight opposition to my Pluto. In addition I have a Mercury/Uranus conjunction that quincunxes my moon, which also quincunx his Mercury.

    His Venus is conj my MC, but also opposite my Saturn (I have Saturn on my IC, same degree).
    He’s also got Venus at 27 Pisces/5th. I know it’s exalted but he’s full of shit. I know he’s just Neptooning me.

    1. former Craigslist missed connections pen pal

      I’m sure there are dodgier dating monikers but I can’t think of any that beat this right now

  17. Well yes to all this. If aqua man can’t follow or keep up it’ll be amicable curtains at some point surely ?! Trouble is we get each other. And I’d miss him. Ours is a very Saturn relationship I’d like a touch more Pluto if anything, being all 8th house Scorpio Neptune babe !

  18. So what if, for example, one has the Pluto/Saturn convergence in her, say, 5h house?
    Is it even more so about what you said above?

    The “it’s deep or I am out” has been already on for me for a while (Pluto in my 5th since uhm, forever) but I guess that Saturns gives to Pluto depths the structure that one needs to actually build something out of such depths and not get stuck into Plutonian swamps of obsessions.

    I can only hope that I have a true relationship by January 2020: that would be a goal I have been working toward for the past years.

  19. Deep connections or going it alone. OMG I think I finally, FINALLY understand the purpose of the lilac wine flavoured hell that was the past seven years of Neptune through my 7th. So I had the deepest connection of my life, but it had to be a secret. Since then I have dismantled all the rubbish structures in my life and done a lot of going it alone. I am letting the Pisces side down big-time but I am now completely immune to any BS charm without substance. I am quite sad about it but I really am immune. If this were a sci-fi film, I am the strange waif child whom the scientists want to study, while the entire starship is swooning and dying when the hot but troubled poet picks up his guitar and strums his three-chord wonders.
    Thank you, divine poet man of the secret ocean, for showing me what a deep connection looks and feels like. You changed my life. It’s my new standard. But now, Mr Right will have to show up with the complete background/credit/integrity check certificate before I can be bothered. It has to be legit and real. I actually said to a friend the other day, it is 100 per cent or nothing. There really is no middle ground. Saturn-Pluto/SN on my moon-Lilith 5th house.
    Oh, also found out that a long term work colleague/friend has been stealing my work and plagiarising for years. I thought we were friends. Oh well. Onward.

    1. Chrysalis, don’t know if I mentioned it before but I’m raising a glass to you in camaraderie to celebrate Neptune leaving the 7th house! Happened for me this year too (and after 20 years of being stuck in my big fat 7th house!) Here’s to us! I also feel finally refreshingly fortified against BS charm (touch wood!). Lilac goggles are off at long last. Great post, I relate to it a lot. Ouch, that hurts about your colleague/friend. Hopefully it leaves space for a powerful new alliance to walk in.

      1. Oh my goodness 20 years! I empathise. Here’s to us indeed. Well done to you for getting through it xxx
        The other side of Neptune through my 7th was that I seemed to function as a blank site for the projections /wild fantasies of every man I met in that time. Random coffee dates would still be stalking me months later, sending angst-ridden texts about our ‘connection’. Former drunks would fall off the wagon and blame me because I broke their heart. I met someone recently (not online, never doing that again) and his cool-eyed, objective assessment of the real me was actually so welcome. I could feel that the Neptune fog that has surrounded me for about 10 years (it was on my Aqua Venus-Dsc for the longest time) had finally lifted.

      2. Chrysalis, you have such a great way with words. That’s really fascinating and can relate to what you say again, although I don’t know if my suitors have been quite as intense. Sounds like you’ve certainly known how to reel them in!
        That’s fantastic that you’ve met someone who you feel like can see the real you. A fog-free relationship at last!! I hope it will be the start of something meaningful and significant for you.
        I’ve also met someone recently, and it feels far more sensible and mature than any encounter I’ve had in donkeys years. That said, part of our synastry is Neptune conjunct Neptune, plus we met by the water and spend half our time together on the water, so I’m still wary that dear old Neptune is still pulling her blinkers over me a bit. We’ve also got Sun conjunct Pluto and a pile of Pluto conjunctions so it’s an almost frighteningly intense connection. A beautiful connection, but after my past foggy relationships where I turned a blind eye to abusiveness, I am ultra wary.
        No way do I want to be pulled into anything delusional again.
        Here’s to our post-Neptune in the 7th lives! Wishing you all the best. xo

      3. So pleased for you that you have met someone!! Keep us posted. Mine chose not to follow up after our first meeting, and you know I’m totally ok with it. It was just such a relief to see someone looking at me, not the fog. I know you will understand this xxx

      4. YES – I so get it. That sort of directness and clarity is so refreshing after years of floating through Neptunistic fog and uncertainty.
        Thanks for your good wishes. 🙂 I’m actually having second thoughts about this new guy. I had a big day last week taking my Dad to his first chemo treatment and he didn’t bother getting in touch that day. I had a really lovely long message first thing the next day but hrmm. This has not gone down well with me.

  20. Ohhhhhh I so resonate with this. With the eclipses of early this year, my marriage ended. It was high time and was long in the making.
    Serendipity had me have an incredible re meeting of a friend frim26 years ago, this recent eclipse solidified our connection and it is literally the most profound connection I’ve had with a partner. Ever.
    I’m of the mindset that this connection is nurturing my moon and as Neltune has been crossing my natal
    Pisces moon, Mystic, it is so reminiscent of a zap audio report you did for me in early 2018.
    Thank you Mystic!!! 💖💖💖

  21. I am feeling this, over and over, deeper and deeper. I think this will resolve or blow up in January and this is just the explorational & foundational processing. I have Pluto in 8th so it feels potent already so I can’t image how raw it will be in 2020

  22. Wish Upon a Star

    Well I’ve got Pluto conjunct Saturn currently transmitting 11th house. (Sorry spell check is so stubborn).

    Socially I’m going it alone as I can only be true to myself. And small minded, conservative gossipy nicety makes me want to throw up.

    If it wasn’t for understanding this astro I would be very ungrounded and distressed. But I’m not.

      1. Did that. Still crossing paths. It’s a deep connection that we both feel but he runs. So I give space and change direction and there he is again. Three years of this dance. How to get him to stop running and stand still so we can reconnect?
        Btw I have Pluto and Saturn on my ascendent and Uranus in my sun sign so it’s been intense.

      2. It’s a deep past life love that I can’t let go and neither can he it seems, at least energetically

      3. guard your heart until january to see if saturn cuts him out. i can totally relate to this dynamic.

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