Travelling For Love During Venus Retrograde?

Should A Taurus Travel To Meet A “Maybe” Romantic Interest With Venus Retro?

Dear Mystic,

The upcoming Venus retrograde has got me thinking about Venus retrograde protocol. That is, no excessive shopping benders, no drastic makeovers, etc. But if a retrograde is going back over things, is this a good time to review a relationship?

Or in my case, it’s more of a non-relationship that I would like to assess to see if it could become a stable relationship.

In context, I met a guy last year in Feb in Sydney, Australia; he is Scandinavian and was out here on holiday. We have stayed in touch and tried to meet up half way in this most recent Mars retrograde. However, I was unable to because of ill health and financial issues.

I now have the time to go to Scandinavia, but it is during Venus retrograde in Scorpio. Is this a bad idea?

Thank you for your sensational astro insight.

Cautious Taurus In Love

Dear Cautious Taurus,

I get it! So there are many different ways you can approach Venus Retrograde relationships, but they boil down into two basic stances.

(1) Restorative. Do nothing drastic but self-heal and give yourself space to channel a deeper awareness of relationships and your romantic psyche. Love yourself. If you are in a relationship that you are not sure about, stay in a Venus Retro holding pattern for the time being.

(2) Pattern-Breaking. If you’re happy on your own but have been single forever and think you might like to mate, why not venture out into dating? If you’re in a relationship that has become super-cloying, bust the rut and reconnect with your friends, neglected interests, etc.

So if you are doing (1), you’d be cautious about this unless you had damn good reasons to go to Scandinavia – in fact, is Scandinavia a country? I thought it was more like a term for a group of countries? Did he say “come to Scandinavia?”

But if your pattern was that you’d been risk-averse in romance and you were doing (2) then hell, go to “Scandinavia.” But it would be good to have something else happening over there, right?

It would be a long-haul flight into Autumn to assess relationship solidity. How long does that process take exactly?  Would you be evaluating the possibility of emigrating?

The quality of your rapport and interaction is key to this dilemma. No offense but you don’t seem wowed or are you just tactfully leaving out the major copulatory chemistry and radical “never had this before” mutual intellectual synergy?

What does everyone else think?

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  1. Seeing as it is Venus in Scorpio I’m of the belief that this venus is going to be a little extreme. Deep feelings of love or deep feelings of hate. If you go there and it doesn’t work out will you be able to handle the death of the relationship well? What are your expectations? If nothing else this venus retro will make it more clear whether you want to intensely commit or intensely break-away.
    I say go for it- no better way to get through scorpio then fly halfway across the world to find out the truth about things.

  2. So, is taken me a moment to comment because I literally had to drop my phone and scream once I read this. I too have fallen for a Scandinavian last year while he was visiting my country. We’ve talked to one another nearly everyday since..but recently things have seemed to come to some sort of stand still. We also almost saw one another, as I went to visit my daughters father whom also lives in Scandinavia, this man(from another Scandinavian country) was going to see me, however plans changed. He badly injured himself the day before we left, while I was flying towards Scandinavia he was in surgery. While I was there, I decided I would go to him. But I was booked elsewhere already, told him I’d see him after. And two days later he posted photos of him with another woman on social media…I cried in the ocean while waiting for a set of waves. So close, yet for nothing. I didn’t go. Fast forward to arriving home to the States, just as Venus turns retro..he starts telling me how his ex he had been seeing cheated on him. And that he still wants to see me..etc. But it isn’t time…etc. I’m not sure if divine intervention had a play in saving me or not..seems likely. However, it stings.
    I don’t think it’s crazy to go(Venus in Sagittarius here) However, are they on the same page? And please don’t only go for him. Go for you.

  3. i thought i had nothing to do add to this conversation until this afternoon when my libertarian-esque government despising, i will not participate in any form of governmental structure boyfriend off-handedly proposed today. i did not say yes. i have done both 1 & 2 in one fell swoop (2x divorcee here) we can revisit this after i get through my saturn return.

    so, i say do both. what would you normally do? do the opposite … AND get a massage and a mani-pedi (if you’re into that kind of thing), or something equally self nurturing.

    carpe diem all over this thing.

  4. Haha ” then hell, go to “Scandinavia.” ” Scandinavia in parenthisis. We all need Mystic Medusa in our lives. I agree it’s strange if he said it that way. Good eye!

  5. So between Venus retro and the next Mercury retro starting right after that, I probably shouldn’t try to get my triple hair debacle fixed/reversed until next year! Venus will also retro in my 5th house…… also wonder how that will affect my fairly new – past six months – but quite stable relationship? I’ll be on the lookout… But, to the topic at hand, yeah, why not visit Scandinavia? I’ve always wanted to visit there, myself. Though, as someone from that region stated below, late autumn/begin winter may not be the time to go there? Anyway, maybe go see the guy as an adventure and see Scandinavia as part of the larger adventure, but I think it’s rare for these situations to turn into happily ever after. You’d probably just have to enjoy it for what it is, what it presents as at the time. Hard to do, emotionally, but it’s all a risk, never any guarantees, even when it’s going well… I have a 9th house moon, so I often fall for guys from other places, other countries. Last time I did it, coincidentally, it was with a Swede, and I got tripped up with it because he was just kind of a jerk but that behavior expressed itself in a slightly different way, due to cultural difference (?), than it does with jerky guys from my own country/culture so I didn’t recognize it soon enough not to get hurt. That’s not meant to discourage you, either! 🙂

  6. I have a VR dilemma too. I have an expiring subscription to a dating online website I have been surfing without any solace, or forget about fruitful result, for a year.
    So I have decided to suspend it (it’s very expensive) since it’s expiring on October 9th which is when VR is really ON.
    But then the second advice (the pattern-breaking) would suggest to jump into dating?

    On the other hand I think a year of ennui and pain every time I look a pics of non attractive and non interesting man is a pattern, and one that I need to break.

    I can always return to that site once I have focused on my EMDR (which to me is pure self love). Right? It feels right but reading this tip kinda made me doubtful about my strategy,

    1. Personally, I don’t think the website is worth it. Sounds not the best for finances either. Maybe take those funds and invest in hobbies or going out where you can seek out like-minded people?

      1. Ah this is truly good advice. Plus leaving it for a while cannot hurt. Maybe when Uranus in back in Taurus and sextile my Venus in Kataka next year I can give it another chance. Thanks!

  7. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I think with Venus retro you could end up in Scandinavia searching for him, while he has secretly hopped on a plane to your home country….and it will be like Sleepless In Seattle (Scandinavia?).

  8. I wonder if this is a Venus retrograde thing. I have been trying to foster a cat for about 8 months now. For one reason or another it hasn’t happened.

    Then just today I get a frantic call asking if I can foster 2 pregnant pusses. My heart just opened up, how cute !
    Made me feel like a midwife.

    It will be nice to concentrate my energy on something else.

    I know that Bast will be crossing my chart soon.

    1. Yes I just relistened to my Audio Zap, Venus retrograde will be going over Bast soon.
      Am I a Feline Love Zombie or what? ha ha

      The Felines are coming tomorrow.

      1. All of them?
        What a wonderful thing
        I was at the birth of my Katie’s litter
        Tearing off little sacs
        Tears everywhere
        Pussy midwife

        1. Fostering kittens till 8 weeks, but feel 12 weeks would be better. Will continue to foster the Mummas. One puss only 4 months called Stone: about to drop. The other 2 years called Smokey )the same name as my very first and only cat as a child) : Soon to give birth. They are great friends so will help each other out.

        2. You freaked me out a bit with the “tearing of the little sacs”. OK now after watching some you tube videos.

          I’ll be prepared if Stone needs my help.

          Thank Goddess for the internet

          I’m so excited.

  9. Aagh! Just hopped on here looking for some advice regarding literally this situation – possible trip overseas during Venus Retro to see a Scandinavian. Are we quite possibly going to visit the same person?

  10. This is very similar to my own story. Fell lightly for a guy I met in random circumstances, kept in touch after he took off overseas to potentially never come back, travelled from Australia to visit him in Europe during a Venus retrograde (I think in Pisces?). I can’t say I regret what ensued but that might be because I have a general ‘regret nothing’ policy. But if I have anything useful to impart it’s this: don’t turn this adventure into part of a story of a fated romance. Maintain a stance that doesn’t invest you in the concept of a ‘we’. This will be difficult if the main reason you are going there is for him. Make seeing him a pleasant bonus instead. Otherwise you may be inclined to overlook early warning signs that you are not actually all that compatible in favour of a budding grand romance narrative. If you can’t do that, don’t go. Good luck in your decision either way.

    Personally, I’ll be using this Venus retrograde to go into therapy. I want to understand the choices I’ve made regarding romantic relationships so I can stop making the same mistakes!

    1. I have no romance going on or anything at the moment. So my plans are – already were since starting EMDR at the end of may – to focus on therapy. I will be seeing my past mistake in my marriage also, but the first part will be focused on some childhood traumas which, if I have to be honest, I am pretty sure still play a big roles in my decision. Love your advice “don’t turn this adventure into part of a story of a fated romance. Maintain a stance that doesn’t invest you in the concept of a ‘we’. This will be difficult if the main reason you are going there is for him. Make seeing him a pleasant bonus instead. Otherwise you may be inclined to overlook early warning signs that you are not actually all that compatible in favour of a budding grand romance narrative. If you can’t do that, don’t go.” Had I known this a while ago I would have spared myself a lot of heartbreaks.

      1. Me too MissDee. But we’re the sum of our scars so it’s best not to regret. Best of luck with therapy. I just did my first session and already things are shifting in peculiar ways.

        1. Thanks Alouetta, love to hear therapy is working for you. I used the word mistakes but that wasn’t what I meant. I am not native english speaking. To the very lease I need to read those choices I made in a deeper way and then move on.

  11. One of the highlights of my life so far has been the Oslo-Bergen train trip, in Norway. Such beautiful scenery, and both cities are interesting to explore. So if he is Norwegian, I say yes, but focus your holiday on travel and incorporate a catch-up with him.

  12. I am Norwegian ( one of the Scandinavian countries ;), and if you go now it can be rather nice, if you wait a month or more you must be out of your mind to come to any place in Scandinavia. We all go into this cultural collective depression, feeling in our bones the dread our ancestors had when facing the darkness, illness, and stavation that was winter. No Wonder we have over a month of traditions full of symbols that are lost in time, to convince the Sun to come back again. For red riding hood to cut her way out of the belly of the beast ( Fenris, the wolf) and bring us spring.
    Go now( for pretty autumn)or in january ( for chrisp white snow) or in the spring ( when even the average norwegian looks like a blissed out hippie just to feel the sun, and see living things again)
    The best of luck to you <3

    1. Yes, all of that is true. I often think Mystic describes Scandinavia whenever she talks about Capricorn or Saturn. Strength and a sense of humor are gifts of darkness.
      I do not know the roots of red riding hood, but I heard that it is a metaphor for the sun disappearing in the winter, and in Norse mythology I think Ferris, the big wolf ate the sun at some point. So I like to think of the stories as connected. The wolf eating the goddes Sol, and she being reborn after a long night of darkness when cutting her way through the belly of the wolf.

    2. Maybe you should come and try to live here. It is really quite great. That collective depression is only an ecco i feel in late autumn. And then we eat, drink, and laugh. And the rest of the year is beautiful. And we love Australians ( are you Australian?)

      1. I really like Scandinavian s in general. 😀 One time living overseas I somehow found myself hanging out with a number of Swedes, Danes and a Finn. Another time I had a Danish colleague who was sweet on me – we used to stay up late drinking vodka and discussing history… Such good company, super practical and grounded but fun loving and friendly! Often think I should have taken the Danish guys offer to move to Denmark!

      2. Rovaniemi, that is funny! My gramdmother, and one of my best friends is from there. I have never been there, and its tiny and unremarcable i believe, yet so intriguing. Thank you. And i must check out the map thing. Fun! And you should come! I can tell you all about Oslo at least

  13. Cynic warning: tons of dudes to disappoint you on your own continent that don’t require an expensive flight and risk.

    Having said that, Scandinavian countries are beautiful and you could make a pretty life-changing trip out of it and make him a pitstop near the end.

    N.B. I am of the personal belief that they should come to you.

  14. Taurus sun, merc, mars, venus here with a bunch of placements in the 9th house. I’ve done a lot of long distance relationship and moving for love. I agree that an epic voyage ought to be about the new era of you. Exciting to include flirtation and romance? Sure. Making it all about that? Ehhhhhh. With all of the health and money stuff, what would be the most meaningful use of your funds? What is the most inspiring, interesting journey possible? Can’t he fly to wherever you go on your global hop-skip?

  15. You must have Sadge rising to even be considering such a thing, lol. And possibly he is also a Sadge… So yeah, are you considering emigrating, or is he, because otherwise, why bother? I would advise to NOT emigrate for love. No no no no no. Emigrate if you have an opportunity to have a full, successful, happy life there regardless of if he is in the picture or not. Do not go down that Love Zombie-in-a-barrel-over-the-waterfall ride, and especially not during Venus Retro. But yeah – did he invite you to come? Will you be staying with him? A lot of information has been left out which could sway whether it is a good idea or not. Based on what you’ve given us, my gut says to wait and maybe go at Christmas and enjoy the holiday in the snow.

    1. In Scandinavia christmas is usually a very weird ancestral family thing. Every family has their own tradition. Very few people would have anybody over for christmas actually…it is not lighthearted fun for us. It is deep. Very serious and deep. That being said, your guys family may be the Odd one out, and it will probably be good for all of you 😉

  16. Taureans ‘are’ known for being taciturn by nature, however I’m sensing low confidence due to said health/financial issues; even if they’re mostly in the recent past, there’s something that undermines and underwhelms one when I’ll health and finances have marred proceedings at all. Been in that exact situation and confidence hit tends to linger longer than one would expect.
    I agree with Mystic; if you go, make it a grand adventure of your own with a bit or relationship review on the side… go see the northern lights, or whatever is of note in Scandinavia, lol.
    Look up whatever you’re interested in too and see if anyone’s running a workshop in it, over there: feng shui, crystal grids, eco building in freezing climates, the polar bear swimming club meets, or whatevs!
    Make it primarily about you !
    All the best

    1. Love this tips (and the whole make it about you). It’s very healthy from all points of view: keeps you grounded and also safe. To the very least if he’s boring – or things don’t sparkle between the 2 of you – it’s gonna be a nice holiday.

  17. Interesting take on the 2nd case. I thought VR was all about “refrain from romance at all”.
    Regarding the message: I am a Moon in Taurus so I understand the caution and the super slow (for my Gemini Sun) timing, but I didn’t get the feeling of some hot chemistry / mind blowing link between Cautious Taurus and the Scandinavian hottie.
    And yes Scandinavia is not a nation but the name of the peninsula where Sweden, Norway and Finland are.

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