Amethyst and Aquarius

Amethysts and Aquarius go together. Though many gemstone associations are up for debate, Amethyst belongs firmly to Aquarius, the sign of the Storm-Gods.

Unlike Earth signs, who don’t need extra ‘earth,’ crystals and stones ground Aquarians. They’re usually a highly electrical person, a conduit for high-vibe energy that has to be earthed.

It won’t work as an essence or an idea. Amethyst works as the rock, kept nearby and given a secret name.  Revealing the real name of talismans (or familiars) diminishes their power.

There are ethical concerns with the mining of it and, indeed, of any gemstone or underground substance. If you cannot clarify the provenance of your amethyst, consider waiting for a piece of it to come to you. Or, repurpose vintage amethyst.

Amethyst is mostly found in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, and in particular, a town named Seo Thome Das Letras, thought to be a sacred energy point for centuries.

Vortexes, U.F.O.s, and strange light anomalies are frequent there. One of the legends features the mysterious disappearance of a shamanic character called Chico Taquara, who could talk to animals.

Amethyst and Aquarius are also aligned via the violet vibe of this gemstone. It picks up on the indigo frequency of Aquarius and Uranian people in general.

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