Roy Batty Was Sun Conjunct Pluto


Blade Runner’s Roy Batty is a cult character, a rogue replicant mercenary with a poetic consciousness and appreciation for metaphysics. His storyline, while not central to the narrative, showed that the replicants had developed not just emotions but a soul. [ Read more…]

Sweat Your Prayers


 “Put your body in motion and your psyche will heal itself.” Somehow, i got this far without having heard of Gabrielle Roth. An Aquarius, born right at the start of Pluto in Leo (thus a proto boomer and expressing the [ Read more…]

Before Your Comeback…

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Before your come-back, analyze what Mercury in Aquarius since January 6 has given you – the radical resets, surreal insights, alien whackjob dreams, lucid indigo detachment – it’s not just random and for no reason.  MORE in the Horoscopes & [ Read more…]

Mercury In Aquarius: Weird But Genius

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Mercury in Aquarius (which it has been since early Jan and will be until mid-March) is weird but genius. It forces a degree of lucid objectivity that brings about eureka flashes on a daily basis. Especially when Retro and with [ Read more…]