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Love In The Time Of Coronavirus

Covid-19 Astrology? I blame all this on Saturn, I really do. And okay, Pluto. I knew that whatever kicked up in Dec/Jan would be disruptive as fuq and propel us into the future. I exhausted the word ‘catharsis’ and made sweeping suggestions about canceling globalism, flying, and factory farming. They irritated some people but I have Mercury in Aries so all my suggestions can sweep. But I was secretly hoping …

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Vettius Valens

An Aquarius Man Of The 2nd Century

The best (or worst, depending on your perspective) takedown of Aquarius men was written by a 2nd Century Aquarius man. Vettius Valens was an in demand astrologer of the 2nd Century. He lived in the cosmopolitan, polytheistic city of Antioch, which no longer exists but which would be in Turkey if it did. He despised religion and suggested people abstain. His temple was that of Tyche, or Lady Luck. Vallens …

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Respect For Aquarians

Respect for Aquarians involves shredding a few myths about them. They’re not rebels or (usually) overtly political. That’s Sagittarius vibe. Being part-ruled by Saturn and a Fixed sign, Aquarius people* like to conserve energy. Ask them a direct question and they may lecture rant in response but it is not their mode. At an early age, most of them clock the government as hopelessly non-progressive or corrupt and structure their …

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Aquarius Today

Zeitgeist City – Aquarius Today

Aquarius Today is an agitator and a time-tripper. “In-the-moment” is irksome so they’re doing “in-the-future.” Why the chrono-weirdness? Chiron + their ruler Uranus in changeover mode are echoing the epochal shifts of 2010/2011. But this time, Saturn and Uncle Pluto are in the picture. They’re gradually moving together in Capricorn, influencing the Aquarius subliminals. They’re Uranians adjusting to a stronger input from the Aquarius co-ruler Saturn than usual. The urge …

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Aquarius Man

A Taurus With Aquarius Man Issues

A Taurus With Aquarius Man Issues? She’s come to the right place. Hey Mystic, I am a Taurus with Uranian Love Blues. I don’t usually go too weepy and wallowy –  not since my Pluto-Venus transit. But I got broken up with two weeks ago, and it’s got me down.  I am a Taurus Sun, and I know Uranus in Taurus is supposed to be upping my mojo. But since the …

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Why Do I Keep Attracting The Same Zodiac Sign?

Why Do I Keep Attracting The Same Zodiac Sign? You could have Astral Repetition Mating Syndrome. It only subsides when the lesson is learned. Mystic, I have been searching the site trying to find a resource to help me understand this wicked weird phenomenon.  I’m a Libra who is only attracting Aquarians. I’m dating and out there on the scene, meeting a lot of people but only ever hook up …

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