Venus Of The Jade Mountain

Want something practical AND magic about the new Venusian weirding? Read on. Venus is now in Capricorn for 17 weeks and will soon start to form the unprecedented nearly month-long alliance with Pluto. I wrote about the phenom a month ago here and you may also have noticed the Horoscopes taking a more Venusian turn.

In Capricorn, Venus adds extra gravity and substance to love, aesthetics, artistic pursuits, and sensuality. Time matters. Newly important: People you’ve known forever but you’ve been on the periphery of one another’s lives. Slow fashion. Foundations. Dionysian lust dynamics that don’t completely contradict your structural goals.

This influence will initially be overshadowed by the whirring Uranian intensity of November but it’s there and gathering strength. I’m sharing my Venus in Capricorn delineation from the Astral DNA report. It is natal, that is for people born during a Capricorn Venus, but conveys the vibe of the thing no matter what your Venus sign.

And then – my metaphysical feels around this.

Natal Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn is scheming, ambitious, sensual, and unstoppable. You value people of substance and luxury objects with measurable quality. You could be drawn to age-gap romances – skewing older when you’re younger and vice versa. But your core ideal is a partnership where you and they can build a formidable alliance, rich in wealth and wisdom.

You’re sharply aware of time, which is both a benefit and a risk factor. The risk is that you’ll judge yourself on rigid metrics like ‘things you should have done by the age of 30, 50, 100, whatever’ or be drastically unsettled by any visible signs of aging. But it’s more likely that you’ll reap the rewards: A penchant for relationship longevity, planning genius – because you’re not scared of long-term thinking – and sensible precautions that save sketchy attempts to ‘turn back time’ later. It helps that Venus in Capricorn people are often blessed with brilliant bone structure, a classic aesthetic, and self-discipline.

This is the Venus of Julianne Moore, Alicia Keys, Faye Dunaway, Cindy Crawford, Deepika Padukone, Daryl Hannah, Elijah Wood, and Brad Pitt.

(From Astral DNA)

Queen Of The Jade Mountain

As Venus moved into Capricorn, I was thinking about the Venus-Pluto conjunction over December and what it could portend -healing for the less pleasant Saturn-Pluto shitola? The ancient Romans said that nocturnal thunder evoked Pluto and as I was thinking about that – there was thunder.

And I had this flash of Venus in Capricorn being like a mountain goddess – the one I ‘saw’ was Xi-Wangmu, the ancient Chinese Earth Goddess AKA the Queen Mother of the West. She lives on a magical jade mountain:

The sacred mountain is inhabited by fantastic beings and shamanistic emissaries. Among them are the three-footed crow, the nine-tailed fox, a dancing frog, and the moon-hare who pounds magical elixirs in a mortar. There are phoenixes and chimeric chi-lin, jade maidens and azure lads, and spirits riding
on white stags. A third century scroll describes Xi Wangmu herself as kin to magical animals in her western wilderness: “With tigers and leopards I form a pride; Together with crows and magpies I share the same dwelling place.”

There is more about her here –  I defy anyone not to be awed by the beauty and magic of the description. Could Venus in Capricorn also feature the return of a Shamaness Cult? Fine, my hypothesis falls down slightly in that Xi-Wangmu (there are many different spellings of her name btw) is associated with Auriga, the Chariot constellation near Taurus, not Capricorn as such.

But you see she was the original “Great Yin” and the Earth deity at the center of everything. She was half tiger and could fly, as well as divine mysterious elixirs and open/close stargates. Sadly, she was demoted by the merchants of fuqery and rebranded as the embodiment of ladylike dignity and/or chief concubine.

She was half-tiger and could fly…

I see this lengthy stay of Venus in Capricorn and particularly the extended tryst with Pluto as re-evoking this Queen of the Jade Mountain. There are other fascinating alignments over November to March -some already mentioned where apt in the Horoscopes -but for what it is worth, I felt this ‘energy’ SO powerfully – the jade in particular.

If you’re agitated/inspired by the heady Uranian influence and yet also craving more stability, you already know the nature of this current astro. You could muse upon the Queen Mother of the West – or an Earth deity from another culture – and perhaps seek your elixir or magical map.


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  1. My Venus. Felt the initial ingress but she’s been overshadowed by the big boys and this looming eclipse for me.

    Love the imagery of the magical jade mountain.

  2. My Taurus moon loves jade. My art studio is in a historical landmark that is an old factory. Jade carvers just moved into the studio next door. I can hear them carving away…

  3. I adore this new information on the Goddess, Xi Wangmu! Before I read your blog, I had already been experiencing Her energy~so astounded by the crows and the magpies, the tigers and the leopards showing up all around me. The energy swirls and Nature quieting my mind with the lullaby that “Everything is going to be alright!”
    Thank you for lighting up the Path with more flares!
    I bow to your magic.

    1. Oh wow. I got up and went out on my balcony. And there were a pair of magpies gathering leaves for a nest.
      There presence was thick.

  4. Welp, soon after the new moon I managed to lock myself out of my apartment during my witching hour walks with my cat, tried to break into the apt. by climbing up his ladder and gave myself my first official (mild) concussion falling on my ass. The recovery directives are mad! No computer, kindle, books, TV, um, everything I *do* is on the Internet; plus, no higher-thinking for three weeks (again, everything I do –and I have papers to grade!)….of course I looked up the chart and there is Mars / Saturn / Uranus playing a funky square dance with my natal Merc/Sun/NN in Aqua! LOL.

    I was musing that this may be time to push everyone from expecting me to be perma-digital (a move I’ve fantasised about for a while) and thinking also that there’s no reason lots of the things I have on my to-do list that cannot wait for recommended three week recovery should be considered “stressful” to the mind. Play and creativity should be relaxing to the mind, no?

    This post is apt, I think, for that line of thinking. I had been planning a detox fast for before Xmas celebrations really got underway, and I’m not very earthy in my chart, but I think this entire Venus in Cap session, I’m going to design an entirely custom detox based on Venus in Cap and the lessons I think I’m supposed to take away from this hilariously inconvenient concussion. Thanks again, Mystic!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Mmmmm interesting.

      I’m redecorating and reorganising. I’m currently sleeping on my mattress in the lounge as I haven’t put my new bed together yet.

      So last night I turned off the light to go to bed, stumbled slowly and fell on the crown of my head. No damage done, and not much pain.

      My Taurus moon felt shaky hey. I got the message. Grounding baby, grounding.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I’m good. Maybe my crown chakra wanted to connect with the ground.

        Maybe I be like a yogi and do headstand. Ha ha.

    2. Sh*t, SheRat!!!. That is such a Uraniac thing to do! And something i’m verrry familiar with: natal Uranus-Mars sq Jupe (should be a cosmic law that doesn’t allow for that combo) Aries Gazza doesn’t help either.
      If you’re not doing so already, take magnesium and zinc pronto, as both those minerals drop a lot after concussion. Arnica homeopathic remedy also very helpful. Good time to lie on a beach or look for fairies in forests.

      1. Thanks for the recs, Skarab! Will deffo pick some up — I’ve been resting a lot and unfortunately had to cancel classes. In true Uraniac fashion, if I’d been feeling well, I would be avoiding and procrastinating and having anxiety over all these now forbidden to-do list thing, but now that I’m not supposed to do them it’s all I want to do. Le sigh! Good Ole Gazza — I just realised he’s on my 3H Saggo Neptune. Is this maybe why I’m writing about people in a country band?!?!? LOL. Doomed to live with mullet-y characters.

  5. “Venus in Capricorn is scheming, ambitious, sensual, and unstoppable. You value people of substance and luxury objects with measurable quality. You could be drawn to age-gap romances – skewing older when you’re younger and vice versa. But your core ideal is a partnership where you and they can build a formidable alliance, rich in wealth and wisdom.
    You’re sharply aware of time, which is both a benefit and a risk factor”.

    I have Venus at 0 degrees Capricorn and this is very much me in some ways, especially lately with Saturn in Aquarius! I would rather have just one more expensive item of something I love that will last me my whole life than 20 things that I like okay. My Taurus moon and rising amplifies this. I remember one of my elementary school teachers commenting “you have a taste and an appreciation for beautiful things” when at a school used-items charity sale I picked up and admired a glass container with two ornately painted eggs mounted against the back, surrounded by red velvet. lolol so extra.

    I’ve never been interested in casual dating. Men I was attracted to were either bucketed into being seen as a party friend (back in the day lol) or someone I saw a potential entire future with. I couldn’t force myself to try and just “see where things go” or burn away time with someone I wasn’t into in a long-term way.

    Always have had really bad time and death anxiety but it’s slowed down with age weirdly. And I am guilty of the age-gap relationships! My fiance is 13 years older than me, and the other two serious relationships I was in after college were 13 years and 11 years respectively. My fiance and I also started an agency together and it’s been pretty awesome to combine our unique skillsets and make something that not only is a viable business but also allows for both of us to be creative and in a way make money off of not only our skills but also our sense of design and taste. I’ve never worked in an arts-adjacent field before and it would be hard to go back to working on a product I don’t care about or have aesthetic beef with.

  6. I LOVED that link to Xi-Wangmu, thank you! So much resonance with female deities/ nature spirits all over the planet. Though it is disheartening how all of the Goddesses everywhere of the ancient world were eventually “tamed” & subjugated to the patriarchal gods & their religions.
    I love mountains & mountain goddess lore and once had the privilege to work with some Sherpas who told me about their much loved mountain goddesses, The Long-Life Sisters who live on the peaks of the Himalayas.
    These once powerful female mountain deities were later subjugated by buddhist monks & bound by oaths into guarding the buddhist religion. A case of: if you can’t beat them make them work for you.
    They are still v important to the people of those mountains. The Sherpa Tensing Norgay who with Edmund Hillary was the first man to step on the crest of Everest, said a prayer to the goddess when he reached the summit (he also left some chocolate as an offering): “Thuji chey, Chomolungma (I am grateful, Chomolungma). Chomolungma is the Tibetan name for Mt Everest & means Goddess Mother of the World. The residing Goddess on the mountain is called Miyolangsangma, the Goddess of Inexhaustible Giving, who Tensing Norgay believes guided him to the summit. Like Xi-Wangmu, she too is depicted riding a tiger (yin energy).

    So YES please to the return of the Shamaness Cult already! It is said that shaman power & witch power cannot truly die since it is the power of the cosmos. It can only be forgotten – which means that it can be re-membered. We need to re-establish the magic link between individual psyche & the earth’s vital energy flow, between all-evolving matter and all evolving spirit. Much like kundalini/serpent power which lies dormant at the bottom of the spine/earth can be induced to rise again.

    (My Leo Venus-Vesta is in the 10th House & trine Saturn in Cap, so there is a Cap influence – much as it often sh*ts me to acknowledge it. Though my taste is v eclectic, whatever i buy has to be of excellent quality. That’s why quite a few of my clothes & objects go back to over 40 yrs & are still going strong – much like my friendships.) 

    1. Thank YOU & MM, Skarab – for this amazing education. I have been lost for words, mainly in gratitude for the information I can access here, that helps me process what has been an intense (but most beautiful, as well as painful) spiritual path the last few years. The new moon just gone (and weeks preceding) was one of the most magical/other-dimensional I’ve had to date, and if it weren’t for this site and the confirmation of Divine Feminine, I’d have felt more than a bit lost. I wish I could say more, but – THANK YOU. XOO

      1. Thank you, Earthstar. In some cases one of the side effects of ageing is ranting & rambling, and sometimes it can even make sense to some people…. And I can’t help it that Mystic often sets me off on one, lol. xx

      2. Hi Skarab, I know that in 3D time we appear to age, be born, etc – but I feel a connection to you, MM and all of the community above that – sorry to sound hokey, but it IS metaphysical & magic (for me), so the uewge(sual) metrics don’t apply – in short – please keep “rambling” – also, how come I can only form such connections with (anonymous) people I have never met, likely will never meet, and whom I only ‘know’ through a screen?? Anyway my Gazza is in cap near my Vertex. Lol. Xooxooxooxoo

    2. Thank you for acknowledging and telling the story of Chomolungma. I love the lore of mountain goddesses like Nanda Devi too. There is something about the remoteness of the terrain that automatically renders it holy. Religion is an artificial construct. They have been before and will remain divine long after humans are gone.

      1. Yes. It’s the remoteness coupled with the immensity of everything – not just the peaks, but the unparalleled beauty of the night sky – it’s is beyond words, esp in the N. Indian ranges & Himalayas where you are practically floating in the sky. When faced with such awesomeness you get to feel simultaneously puny & (if you surrender your senses) you feel immense & at one with the ALL….I’m getting high just thinking about it!

        And omg, Nanda Devi. It seems like no sacred/magic place is free from human fuqery. An Indian friend send me some articles about it earlier this yr. Just like Chomolungma has become “the earth’s highest rubbish tip”, Nanda Devi has lost CIA nuclear devices causing havoc. If you’re interested google *nuclear spy devices in the himalayas trigger india floods”. I’d send the BBC link, but it takes ages to pass the censor.

      2. Thanks for the tip. I will check it out. I am Indian (of origin) and have fond memories of childhood summers spent on and around the famous glaciers – Gangotri, Yamunotri. The scale is definitely a factor, along with rarefied air that connects one to the inner senses. In one of my atheist teenage years, I used to say religion is a construct of lack of oxygen on Himalayas, lol! 😀 Pilgrimages are still done on foot in India. Its not penance – the Catholic way – but purification by increasingly connecting to inner selves minus the distractions. Mountains are the easiest places to do that. Chants serve the same purpose too.

        My mom grew up in Ranikhet – a picture perfect tiny Himalayan town and graduated from a college in the town that was moved to accommodate a hateful hydel power dam – Tehri. Human capacity for destruction knows no bounds. When mountains get tamed, the Goddesses become furious. The footage from the floods this year was terrifying. I hope we learn to respect the Goddesses not just in name, but in spirit too.

      3. Wow, your mother comes from a beautiful place. We spent a few weeks traipsing about the Uttarakhand area… so many stories …
        I have this recollection of pilgrims everywhere in all parts of the country visiting holy places. I reckon there must be millions on the move! It seems to be a part of life there. Funnily enough, where i’m living now i see a few international pilgrims passing by the front door who are doing the Camino de Santiago route. And in true Western style, they all seem to be in a hurry, lol.

      4. Haha, yes. I never understood the hurry to reach the destination. The journey is half the fun.

        If you loved Uttarakhand, it must be painful to know that the government has now planned an international tourism center right next to Kedarnath temple, the area which was ravaged by earthquakes in 2013. I gnash my teeth in impotent frustration as I witness my country being plundered, its national character forever altered. Can’t wait for Pluto in Aquarius, when I hope, the egalitarian principles will have their spot in public consciousness again.

        Btw, I hope to do Camino de Santiago one day. Almost did it this summer, but prioritised fertility treatments. Maybe one day…and then, will pass by your house, slowly, at a leisurely pace. 🙂 Interestingly, it was a St Birgitta (or Bridget) of Sweden, who put this idea in my head. She did the pilgrimage as well and one of the pilgrimage routes in Western Sweden carry her name. 🙂

  7. This is everything. Putting my Jade necklace on, quitting
    my jobs and devoting the rest of my life to learning everything about the Queen Of the Jade Mountain

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      mmmmm. me too.

      I am the Tower!

      Natal Scorpio and Taurus nodes conjunct my Taurus moon.
      Uranus was zapping my moon for months. Had a reprieve for a week. Now it’s a full moon natal eclipse. I was born a day before a new Taurus moon eclipse.

  8. I’ve got Venus in Gemini conjunct Jupiter in the 8th so have nothing (haha). A coworker of mine has Venus in Cap and he just left for a week long man friend fishing trip in Guatemala. He’s a multi sag with pisces rising so it fits quite well.

  9. Interesting!! Tomorrow I’m setting the first hard boundary around my ex’s drinking–he wants me back and I’m going to be honest that it won’t happen until he does the thing that will turn me on the most, which is get his ass in a chair at AA (but not the meeting I go to). I’ve never ever done this. I usually disappear/stick around until I can vaporize someone in a nasty rage and they never speak to me again. Trying to be calmly assertive and honest and compassionate. Wish me luck. Avoidance comes easier. Maybe Venus in Capricorn can give me some of that Xi-wangmu lush serenity.

  10. This somehow feels significant. You mention Uranus & Taurus.
    I have a Taurus sun with Capricorn rising & Venus as my ruler is always important to me. (Moon in Libra, so more Venus)
    It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out.
    It all just feels significant as I said.

    1. The bone structure, self discipline, classical aesthetic and scheming genius. She is the epitome of sensible and prone to age gap relationships. She’s 56 and two years ago was passionately involved with a 26 yr old scientist, currently being slowly wooed by a guy in his 70s who happens to be 1. Obscenely wealthy and 2. Someone she dated when she was much much younger and stayed friends with. She’s an artist and gives the best dinners of almost anyone I’ve met. Totally bohemian and thoroughly conservative in that wonderfully British fashion.

      1. She sounds fabulous!!
        I relate to some of the attributes as a Capricorn rising.
        I am 49 & people tell me I look way younger. I think that’s a benefit of being Saturn ruled.

      2. I would love to be her when I am that age. I am told that people love to come over for my dinners. 🙂 I am slowly building a cutlery and crockery collection for a sit down dinner for upto 12 people – proper forks and proper glasses for every course etc. I aspire to be a classic perfect hostess.
        Also, I do fall for much older people but have never partnered with one. Maybe that’s the trick I am missing?

      3. I love this. Having people over for dinner and serving them delicious food and drink is one of my favourite social occasions. In my 20s I dreamed of going to ‘salons’ of artists, poets, philosophers and intellectuals, maybe in my 50s it’s time to manifest that dream 💕

      4. Oooh! You would be fabulous at it! Try and start one in the Christmas season.

        You described fantasy-me. I want artists, poets, writers, professors to come home to my monthly dinners. Only in my adopted country, I hardly know many people who would be in this category, lol! 😄 So, I practice on unsuspecting colleagues until the day I can. 😃 It is indeed my favourite social occasion.

        Besides, as a vegetarian, the overpriced and tasteless restaurant food does not hold much allure.

      5. She partied with Basquiat in NY and has been involved with so many really niche and edgy scenes it’s uncanny. Her clout is real though and very low key. Everything I know about her I know because I’ve clumsily stumbled across it and asked her to elaborate. She’s never just volunteered an interesting anecdote like most of us mortals do. It’s all so understated and Capricorn- Venus 🪐💗

      6. For cutlery set you should search for “the spiritual benefits of eating with your hands” on this (Mystic’s) site. There is the most wonderful cutlery set designed by Dali on there. I would commit bad things to acquire it. It is also one of my favourite posts – and the comments are hilariously revealing of peoples characters.

      7. “She’s an artist and gives the best dinners of almost anyone I’ve met. Totally bohemian and thoroughly conservative in that wonderfully British fashion.” Are you friends with the same person as me? ^_^ I met a woman at a conference in London who threw a two-day intellectual potluck banquet where everyone brings a dish to share and discusses a wide range of topics with the goal of inspiring lateral thinking. It was so fabulous but also not stuffy at all and everyone invited was fascinating to get to know. I’m not domestic or social enough to pull this sort of thing off at least at this stage of life but I do love a party with an agenda! Instead of just chit chatting. Total goals for the future.

      8. It’s possible. Her name is Arabella and she lives in a huge brutalist loft apartment over a pub called Jack The Ripper and from inside you can see all the fast overland trains whizzing by through floor to ceiling windows. Also since it’s high up and bang in the centre between the Tower of London and Monument/ Bank etc, right in the square mile. It’s a phenomenal place and yes, her guests are the most beautiful, eclectic bunch you’ve ever met. Such a bizarre mixture of completely different individuals. I always feel super square and like I’m from the backwaters or something. She deliberately cultivates and curates this mad circle of people. I always said it was like being in a salon. Her paintings are scattered among taxidermy of her now deceased pets (I know it’s gross but so English and not random at least) and she’ll have a grand piano that say George Saunders gave her (that’s actually true) next to a huge round wooden bath (okay also true) and yes, she’s odd. Very unusual person and and the food is always exceptional. She does a brilliant Burns night, everyone reads Scottish poetry and drinks whiskey and she serves haggis. Proper haggis and vegan “haggis” because she’s vegan and doesn’t drink. I love that she serves things she herself doesn’t consume. It’s incredibly generous
        Sagittarius sun, Virgo moon, Libra rising and most of her planets in the 3rd and the 11th houses unsurprisingly

      9. I used to stay in her house to cat sit and luxuariate while she was away Before COVID.
        Back in the day. She traveled a lot obviously. The pandemic has been phenomenally hard on those who thrive on the company of others. To go from that life of constantly entertaining and being entertained to living completely alone with only her cats for company. I feel for her. ☹️

    2. My aqua man is Venus cappi. He could be a photo and catwalk model at 56! I really do not like him at all, she says sagging in all directions that she isn’t expanding!

  11. I literally could not love the Queen of the Jade Mountain more! 💕 💕 💕 💕 Loving this esoteric info. Strangely enough I burned mugwort (a chinese moxa stick) this morning.

  12. Love this! I’ve never really understood how to make the most of my natal Venus in Sag, tbh. And today I’m feeling the Cap vibe … I don’t want to work for less than I’m worth, I want men in my life who show up and have ideas, I’m tired, really tired, of ageism and misogyny. Let’s go Venus. And while Pluto is still on my Cap MC blowing things up, bring in some good things! Maybe nice gemstones.

    1. May Venus freshen, relax and reign for you, and ease the tired-of-old. Venus and Pluto can bring treasures ! Xx

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