Venus In Capricorn For Seventeen Weeks

Yes, you read that correctly. Seventeen weeks! It’s not only the four-times-longer-than-usual timespan: Venus will be conjunct Pluto for most of December and conjunct Mars for a month from mid-Feb.

Here is all you need to know about the upcoming Venus Retrograde in Capricorn – the dates, degrees, and astrological impact.

Venus reigns over romance, art, aesthetic, beauty, desire, and culture. In Capricorn, she represents substantial style and relationship trends. They’re old magic, come out of deep time, and are likely to endure. She is fate-lines made concrete and structural change.

The zeitgeist segues from fast to slow fashion. Shop-the-trend becomes more buy (or make) the investment. And call it chrono-chic or chalk it up to maturity but age becomes less ‘jesus-fuq what happened‘ – more ‘tell us what you know.’  Fashion and beauty will trend toward being age-agnostic and as currencies become chaotic, artifice loses appeal. You can only plump and fill something so far.

For actual Capricorns, Venus in their constellation brings out their dionysian side –  the legendary ‘giddy goat‘ – and, potentially, sensual pandemonium. Prepare for an unprecedented amplification of Venusian sensuality and romantic prospects.

For everyone: Flimsy romances fall apart like a cheap shirt in the wash. Your more robust relationships reveal new facets and attractions from ages ago reappear like time travelers. Maybe things never worked out before because that person or the zing between you was an anachronism in that era?

The month-long Venus-Pluto and Venus-Mars alignments are unusual.  The last time Venus was conjunct Mars for this long was 2010 and I cannot find any comparable Venus-Pluto phenoms.

This portends snazzy and definitive developments. Really, who hasn’t rethought elements of their life, style, love, creativity, and relationship loyalties over these long months of lockdown/pandemic pressures? But the Venus in Capricorn morph will be beyond the personal sphere: Clearly, the realm of online dating will be vastly different, as will the casual intimacy of beauty treatments or don’t-even-think-about-it hair appointments.

Just as there are people who’ve learned to cut their own hair in lockdown, there are people who’ve learned that they are sufficient unto themselves. Lovers and long-time friends have watched their bond diminish with enforced closeness or the absence of routine social touchstones. Others have strengthened ties or rekindled connections with characters from their formative years.

Venus conjunct Pluto – even when it occurs for the usual three-day stint – is big on destiny hook-ups and hot, karmic hook-ups. Imagine the effect when it is ongoing for a month and people have been primed for pragmatic authenticity?  Venus conjunct Mars is hormone city, a well-known harbinger of sudden lust scenarios but in this case, it (a) lasts for a month and (b) comes between the December Venus-Pluto fate-fest and the March finale.

And the first week of March is the convergence of Venus, Mars, Pluto and the Moon’s Nodes. The degrees influenced are 27° Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio. I know I keep using this word but it really is an unprecedented line-up of super-strength magical romance vibe.


Image: Henri Matisse – Odalisque au fauteuil noir

All The Relevant Dates + Degrees

Venus is in Capricorn from November 5 2021 – 10.55 AM Universal Time until March 6 2022 – 06.30 AM Universal Time.

The last time Venus was in Capricorn this long was November 2013 until March 2014  but that phase lacked the Venus-Pluto and Venus-Mars involvement.

Venus turns Retrograde @26° Capricorn on December 19 2021 at 10.35 AM Universal Time.

Venus turns Direct @11° Capricorn on January 29 2022 at 08.46 AM Universal Time.

Venus is conjunct Pluto from December 8 until December 28 2021 and again from March 2 to 5. There are three exact hits in this time: December 12, December 25 and March 4.

Venus is conjunct Mars from Feb 12 until March 13 and will be exact on Feb 17 + March 6.  Feb 28 until March 8 is Venus, Mars and Pluto conjunct with all of them in alignment to the Moon’s Nodes that will then be in Taurus-Scorpio.

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  1. I was born with Venus at 26 Cap Retrograde (3rd house) and am already in the middle of a 3 year long Pluto/Venus transit. I hope this means much needed healing to all things Venus.

  2. All the Venus action in the 4th house. Been living in an earthquake zone since 2008. Deaths of close ones, monastic life (literally) in a foreign land, plutonic breakups, fires just missing the farm, income from a kaleidoscope of lucky breaks and then the pandemic. Hail Venus with her intelligence and power to transcend the spell cloaking the kingdom. Welcome, Arya Tara with the 21 manifestations.

  3. Ooooo weee, all of this action is in my first house, which holds Neptune and my forever-transit-pluto-conjunct moon. The layers…g’lawd the layers.

    Venusian query – I had to hold off on getting a tattoo (that is fab, but also it will be covering an older tattoo) this month and now looking at these dates I’m wondering if should just wait a full few months to get it. instinctively I narrowed it down to Feb 17 (two days after my born day) and March 6th.

    Both these dates have mars conjunct venus but one has the pair approaching pluto and the other they’ve made the pass. I’ve heard to look at mars when thinking about tattoos (cutting skin?) but also isn’t Saturn kinda skin-related?/tattoos are permanent…

    I dunno, tattoo thoughts? Does anyone take in Astro considerations when getting theirs?

  4. Thank you, MM. Venus turns retrograde exact on my Mars in Cap. 1st house (☀️♐️⬆️♐️🌙♎️) Nov 2013- March 2014 is not a vibe I want returning! LOL

  5. My moon is at 27 cap and my rising is 27 Taurus. Lucky me? First an eclipse on my rising in November then this transit Venus —conjunct my moon meeting Pluto all in my 9th house. Have had Pluto transiting my moon most of the last little while. 9 house. The transit of Venus ends in March on my birthday. Thoughts ?

    1. My rising is at 28 Taurus – moon at 19 Cap and midheaven at 25 Cap. It has been an intense Plutonic ride, and it ain’t over. I’m hoping Venus at least brings maybe some nice furniture — maybe some luxurious perfumes, even if only in sample sizes

  6. Oh the last time they hung out so long was when aqua man and me really got it together instead of our bump in and out of each other’s orbit. `Hmmmmmmm. Wonder what it will do this time. Have a feeling that my work here is done. Watch this space.

    1. Oh and this will mostly be in my 11th so I am due a big change of society and setting, she says having just moved to Italy already.

          1. Italy is pretty full on. But you can fly with a PCR test. Pretty same EU wide. But I think I’d -refer to remain here but jaunt off round the coast.

              1. Have you?? Awesome!!!! Yeah I think we are heading to Naples in December or January to see my cappi kid as her yacht is there.

                1. Yes, spent the summer in Copenhagen. Went to Faroe last month. If you are vaccinated, its easy peasy (not that I minded quarantine or testing myself extensively). I live alone, so the risk factor is limited. And I always test before going out in society again after the travels.

                2. Naples is THE place to be in December. How cool! Cappi kid! It might even be their birthday! 🙂

  7. I’ll be sure to hide from my ex during that time… he has his North Node smack on that and the last thing I need is another zombie coming back from the relationship netherworld!

  8. Mystic: the eclipse on the 19th of Nov 2021 is at 27d Taurus, so would that be the first kick-off to this 27d Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio super transit?

    1. What a fascinating observation! I also realised that the fated star-crossed lovers’ conjunction (Myst’s words, not mine) Jupiter – Neptune conjunction is just weeks after the March dates given above.

      1. Oh, I have Jup Nep conjunct natally and hadn’t connected it to this meaning – hmm light bulbs switch on. Don’t you love how astrology does that? 😃

          1. I wish 😉, no I’m Jan ’71. Jupiter 28 Scorpio, Neptune 2 Sag. It’s an aspect I’ve not paid a lot of attention to really. How have you found it play out in your life?

            1. Well, its tough to look at it only in isolation because my Venus is also in the mix, loosely. I think I have loftier ideals in love and domestic environ, more than an ordinary Jupiter on the cusp of 4th and 5th would suggest, courtesy Neptune. I definitely go for the classics as my go-to aesthetic, courtesy the sign placement in Cap. I have a thing about living near bodies of water, aka Neptune. I would rather live in a large (for me) accommodation away from the city than be in a cramped space at the center of it. Key loving moments with partners often happen near or on water. Its kind of a dead giveaway pattern to know if a person will become important to me. 🙂

              1. Thanks for taking the time to reply 5thHouseCap. It’s given me some food for thought. I too have Venus in the mix, conjunct both Jupiter and Neptune (which are all conjunct my Scorpio ascendant) so I struggle to piece out the influences. I also have a thing about living near water and feel most able to tune in to the earth’s energies when out on the open ocean, no land in sight which is curious to me.
                I love your litmus test for knowing if a person will become important to you. I’m now replaying all my past important people and highlight scenarios in my mind for a similar pattern. 😊

  9. Should be an interesting twist in the last third of my two years of Pluto on my midheaven at 25 Cap! May it bring some light and love and style and creativity to this very hard and solitary journey. Have been listening to the music from Hadestown a lot … pluto and venus indeed!

  10. Learned about being sufficient unto myself probably when Pluto was in Sagittarius. Of course Pluto then onto my rising sign sealed the deal.
    Can’t be Pluto’d for that long and not be changed every which way but loose :-).
    When after the 3rd live at 2 years a time, found just about everything else, like Exotic Other Places more interesting than being a ‘wifey’ was supposed to be about.
    Venus in 12th had very different ideas about what one choreographs paramours to do and be………….like not live in a house, an unusual habitat could be acceptable, long distance imperative geographically, and if not actual wealth, a person of substance.

    Perhaps affairs with many artists and musicians earlier in life, whilst quite exciting, living on brown rice and weed, barefoot in a sarong, left me wanting more, more than a feast or famine life style.
    Muses don’t get paid much not even a percentage of earnings created by their presence!
    Relation-ships have changed to partner ships in the last 30 decades so most old rules don’t apply as news ways of being together are created or designed for flexibility.
    Having said that, do miss men (and women) looking at me adorably after a bodywork session.
    As i used to say: I was at the airport when my ship came in?
    Or as Horatio said : I see no ships!

    1. I have Pluto on my ascendant natally and I STILL don’t feel like I know how to be sufficient onto myself, and whenever there’s any kind of romance on the horizon, it’s Obsession Central. Very tiring.

      1. Libra always wanting to create the balance guess that could be tiring especially when wanting it to be ideal, not liking the icky parts but needing a lover anyway. Venus has a mythology of being naughty. Don’t think Librans like being alone much whereas Sagg can happily frolic solo.
        If partners energy doesn’t compliment yours that would also be tiring and your idealism about relationships almost insisting that it must work out would zap you.
        When you find a match, and you will, think how delish it will be but don’t TRY, allow instead.

    2. Why have you never written a book yet, lovely Peg, as hundreds of people have surely told you — nae, demanded you to?

      1. Cappy no no-one has suggested a book. About what? Know a little about a lot but not a lot about specifics, a jack of all trades but jill of none, something like that, and couple it with inability to focus one ONE thing….:-)
        Love books and Writers tho’ don’t you? x

        1. About your such fascinating life experience. Being a muse pays in a rich life experience and wisdom that cannot be bought. I can’t even imagine all the stories and anecdotes you have in you! Try…:)
          Yes, love books and writers. I am trying to br one myself too. Self love is a thing. 🙂

  11. When mercury mars and the sun are conjunct its opposite my natal chiron, the moon and venus will be conjunct on the south node in a semi square so im watching that.
    Chiron is on my natal venus/sun

    I’m bringing back the phrase outer planet cock-block because I havent had a proper venus moment that wasn’t doom-goth in what feels like lifetimes…so I’m just thinking about 2023 for me maybe experiencing , I dunno, affection untempered by catharsis… an aries can dream.

    I just felt like talking but I typed instead.

    I watched videos of animals reuniting with the humans they’d been separated from.

    I feel like that.

    When I see someone I love I feel like whimpering and jumping on them and hugging them while writhing but instead have conversations about masks or nutrition And maintaining some false limbic safe that I believe is actually more triggering . I immediately cry upon entering my vehicle to leave.

    It’s very drying. I send warm coconut oil love to all virgo risings of all ages.

    1. Now I see that venus turning direct is squaring the venus chiron dancey-dance. My progressed moon is at 13 cap apparently. My goodness.

      One time a group of friends and I saw a rainbow to we ran towards it. As we got closer then went through it the friend who hung back watched us run through it but we couldn obviously, not “see” it.

      That’s life. You’re so IN IT sometimes it’s hard to know its even happening.

      For this reason alone I hope the people who say we get to review it in some process way after we due are correct..though bummer if the subset of those same people are right about the whole judgment damnation thing…but I won’t quibble about small points.

          1. There is something about them, isn’t it? Straddling somewhere between raw nature and civilisation. I always imagine philosophers, scientists, poets roaming across the parks and coming up with genius ideas to further humanity. They are essential services!

          1. You are a teacher philosopher! Father Time is such an ideal placement in 9th. 🙂 We could have our own show – Parks and Divination. (See what I did there?)

  12. Wish Upon a Star

    Off topic: I just have to share this dream I had last night.
    I am having a Mars return and the sun is on it too.

    I had a key and entered a very large apartment. There was hardly any light in this apartment. But the style was of an era before and very stylish. Very big and lots of rooms. Then I turned into a well dressed Italian man. But I was not in Italy. I left the apartment in the evening with a gun. Then I was on the streets shooting several men on different streets. I was stealth and secretive. No one caught me.

    I walked back to the apartment in the night calmly and relaxed. I enjoyed the night air. As I entered the apartment a neighbour said hello. I was secretive but respected. I think I was a gun for hire.

    The feelings were very real. The secretiveness and hypervigalance. I was obviously good at my job but not happy. I had a certain ennui.

    In this lifetime I hate dark houses. But I do like to dress well. I really do think it was a past life dream.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Natal Neptune in Scorpio 9th house.
        This is part of a grand water trine.
        Also transit moon opp my natal node today according to my pers scopes.
        I just checked my progressed chart. Neptune is conjunct my natal Neptune? And Mars is there too.

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Urrggh. I just told my neighbour my dream. He said you worked for the Nazis. The penny did drop. No street lights were on. No car lights. The targets felt political. I’m sure it was an eastern European city. It was very cultured. And the clothes I was wearing.
          Of course this disturbs me.

        2. Wish Upon a Star

          And being a Pisces Ascendant Neptune is my chart ruler.
          The moon was in Scorpio last night and currently.

        3. Neptune does not progress much. You need to see Solar arc for progressions of outer planets. Also, its generational, so a bit lesser impact from sign alone. Something far more important is the aspects it makes.

    1. OOOO Star you turned into a Cosa Nostra or Mafia, a secret assassin probably wearing an Amani suit with a casual tee ‘Italians do it Better’ underneath.
      Sounds like stealth Scorpio. It was once ruled by Mars wasn’t it?

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        OMG Pegasus. That t-shirt would have been too crude for this gentleman. His love of style. I would say art deco haunts this lifetime. He took pride in his work, as I do in this lifetime.
        It is disturbing for me as my father served in the Navy in world war 2 for England and made me aware of how the Jews were treated.
        But opens me up to contradiction and shadows.
        Thanks for your Saggitaurean frankness.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        It’s funny. My neighbour who said I worked for the Nazis is of Mafia descent. He is also a Sag and very funny. Scorpio rising he is. As I’m a Pisces Rising we connect psychically.

    2. Wish, when i have dreams like this that i just KNOW are a past/parallel existence, or an important coded dream message, i would also look at natal Moon & Moon’s nodes (all deep psyche); and the IC.

      Are your natal NN/SN being activated – squared or opposed?

      Anything on your natal Moon or any other aspects to it?

      Anything on your IC (early life experiences/or past)?

      Also don’t forget there’s 4 inner planets transiting your Libra 8th H, all activating your Mars there. That’s super charged energy in your occult & phoenix sector.

      Mars in Libra brings to mind a naturally elegant & classy man, as in yr dream, who lives in a stylish appartment (in Libra) but dark as in 8th House underworld/unconscious & dealing in stealth & death. In Jungian dream analysis he represents you shooting down aspects of yourself you no longer need.

      Mars in astro also signifies your drive & passion. Think of how this could apply – maybe finding an outlet for your fabulous expression & creativity. You have a way with story telling – a touch of Dashiell Hammett, also soothing, hypnotic, mixing beauty & shadow – i actually felt strangely soothed by your words even though your man just went out & assassinated a few guys – that’s some talent. You should become a hypnotherapist, lol, or writer…. I just wanted to continue reading more & more of your dream. 🙂 Anyways, only you’ll know yourself what it means. I thought i’d throw in some thoughts coz I found it fascinating. My chart ruler Venus is flanked by both Pluto & Mars so i love a good Libra-Scorp theme.

      1. I vote for a writer. 🙂
        Great analysis by Skarab! I couldn’t put it in better words myself. Sounds very 8th house indeed.

      2. *admission* i know i gush a lot, but i really love all the comments (and c’tators) on this site. All great. Skarab, thank you thank youthank you – from other side of globe (almost literally !!) Also Wish, i love Skarab’s Jungian take on your intense night visitation. Also, I cannot reconcile you with that person in your dream (obvs i don’t know you, but just my intuition), and being Piscean you can swim in all dimensions & fields.. Perhaps you were just visiting the agent..? Also your neighbour sounds an old friend already. Anyway toodle-pip, dreamboats xoo

        1. I’m with you on this. Being a Pisces rising this soul can pass through so much of the Maia without an attachment. Wish, I suggest you get a bag of popcorn and watch the movie, feel the vibe and let it be but a tiny thread in your huge tapestry

          1. I wish I had that detachment. Have always felt too much – but I feel (lol) that I am learning how to move through, as you say. Hope you travel safely, Emg.🎀

          2. Wish Upon a Star

            Oh emg it was definitely a past life dream. The emotions were exquisitely rich. I was just hoping it wasn’t because I felt guilty initially.

        2. Thing is though, if this actually WAS a past life experience/dream, *morality* shouldn’t even get a look-in because if reincarnation is real then we have all been crims & saints, oppressors & the oppressed many times over – how can you have a rounded & whole spiritual experience of this plane of existence if we haven’t experienced all sides & emotions?

          1. Yeah I agree. And even living both sides of the duality in parallel dimensions, simultaneously – uncomfortable but entirely possible. Thanks for picking up on this, Skarab.

            1. wellll, who the f really knows, right? all projections, assumptions, conjectures … feeling a camus moment coming on. ;-).

                1. Wish Upon a Star

                  See it’s written in the stars.
                  My daily personal scope:
                  Career Wizard
                  The Moon-Midheaven sharpens vocational instincts and
                  reveals helpers or subtle insights you’d usually miss. Your read of a market, wording to put in an application, font nuance, or potential usefulness of a product is paranormal genius. It’s a transient little moment but one that’s worth attuning to. 

                  Transit Moon conjunct natal Midheaven
                  Influential on Sunday, October 10, 2021
                  Exact on Sunday, October 10, 2021 at 12:40 @06 Sag 51′
                  You are one of my helpers.

                2. There ya go!.., Wish, because i love to track these sort of astro-dream-carthasis moments, would you mind telling me if trans Uranus in Taurus is on any of your personal planets or closely aspecting them – especially on the day of yr dream? I smell electric flashes.

                3. Your nose is on the money. 🎯 Bull’s-eye.

                  Transitting Uranus has been on my natal Taurus for a few months, it moves on late Oct I think. My natal Taurus moon is in my 3rd house and loosely conjunct my traditional Taurus north node. But I live in the southern hemisphere.

                4. Also the last new moon was in my 8th house. Conjunct my natal Mars in Libra. Mystic said that it’s like an eclipse moon. And I started gentle exercise today. I’m tired so I’m off to bed. See you on the dark side of the moon Skarab. 🎃🌒.

              1. Exactly !!!
                Also – have seen this article??
                “Waiting for a ghost – the search for dark matter 1km under an Australian town”. (by Tory Shepherd in Guardian Australia yesterday. The are searching for DM in a disused goldmine under a regional Vic town, by “blocking out interference”. The science info in the article is so cool).

          2. Yes, if that is how reincarnation functions. We don’t know if it’s the truth as it’s just the most socialised and broadly agreed version. What if collective agreement creates collective reality but it only exists due to that agreement not for any other reason. A blank canvas that we imprint upon both individually and collectively that keeps changing over time. Is it by design when there are so many variables?

            I don’t know but I’ll contribute a couple of thoughts…

            Yes, just an observation in one sense so like watching a movie and you get to choose the thoughts and feelings you apply to it.

            Perhaps not in another sense – information might be timed to facilitate personal growth and assessment of choices. Someone from that time might be in orb in the now time. There could be some value in feeling the old experience or it could be an opportunity to close it off in some way.

            All this surely has to come through or not come through as part of a soul choice or an agreement and I suppose it’s here that someone decides to allow the edges to feather. Some seek it, some deny it and others may be lost in a life of making up for something they don’t recall. There are so many variables. Every experience creates it’s own set of values and beliefs but in fact it’s the opposite, the values and beliefs create the experiences.

            And the thing is with a structure and a hierarchy of achieving experience and lessons and evolution is that in one sense it’s not much different to our current reality on earth and structures imposed by man. So that also makes me reconsider everything.

            What if it’s not past but all now. That theory makes me grin as it fries my logic processes just a little. It’s perhaps pretty wild to consider but equally valid to have on the reincarnation discussion table. I get told frequently by strangers that they’ve seen me, like for years now… in other countries and other places I haven’t been or couldn’t have been as I recall where I was. They’re convinced and adamant even when scruitinised and despite contrary evidence. They’ve come up to me just to tell me that. What does that mean? I have many dopplegangers or am I living concurrent lives? I’m not aware if I am and wonder if I should be lol. Maybe that’s why I have no desire to travel – almost a cardinal sin for a Saggo (but to be fair I do love to hit the road). Of course literally anything could suffice as a valid explanation for something like this but it always makes me giggle as they’re so bloomin’ earnest and convinced.

            Anyway, my exploration to date has led me to one place. I don’t really know. Initially I felt like I was somehow off mission all those years ago or like I’d failed an assignment. I got over that lol and simply see the humour in the whole thing and the possibility as endless as the stars. Now I have no desire to figure out the big picture and a whole lot of fun on my expeditions and maybe I arrived where I was meant to?


            1. Wish Upon a Star

              Beautiful Centaurus.

              Your 4th paragraph did hit home. Personal Growth. Close it off in some way.
              I wish I could reply more but my mind is in my body at the moment healing. I will just stream a bit of subconsciousness.

              Philosopher….Truthseeker…. Leave a vacuum so the new can come in. Know nothing so you can learn more. Then unlearn that. Keep doing that then do nothing. Eternal fool.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        I think you should become a Jungian psychotherapist. Thank you for all that info. There is a lot to unpack.
        I am undergoing alot if spontaneous healing at the moment. After that dream I had another that was somatically full on. Then I did reiki symbols on certain areas. I am still unravelling/, processing, having insights. Definitely igniting my Phoenix.

        I will respond to the points that are ripe now. And unpack later.

        Shooting down aspects that I no longer need. The Italian man chased elegance, money logically using his talents. But when he got older he realised he built a prison albeit a classy one and he was fundamentally lonely. In this lifetime I have finally followed my heart.

        Yes I want to write. I wrote with a similar theme when I was 14. Dark but lovely. My teacher read it out in front of the class and I was chuffed.
        Thanks for the encouragement again.
        Mixing beauty and shadow. I love that.

        1. Guilt you say. I went to a catholic girls school. It was awesome because I never bought in. I always looked in and saw things of relevance but never could join. It mostly created questions in me that I’m still finding deeper and deeper answers to. Plus I don’t have a guilt gene. Not even a remnant or dormant one.

  13. my mc is 15 degrees cap…hopefully i’ll find love at work…
    17 wks though…its incredible!
    i wonder how it will affect online dating…ive just joined Tinder ad have already been ghosted…really liked the guy aswell, aaarghhh!
    im hoping he will return when mercury goes direct!!!

    1. Try Hinge. I have also met some great potentials through Bumble, but since I live in a relatively smaller metropolis and have very limiting qualifying criterion, it runs out of matches for me. I cannot deal with Tinder’s interface. Gives me headache.

  14. SleepfulInBrisvegas

    This will be in my solar returns chart – Venus almost at a standstill as she prepares to turn Rx.

    I had the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction yesterday and it’s been an epic year of extreme internal change. Something of a gentler and more interesting nature would be welcome for the coming year.

    1. SleepfulInBrisvegas

      This year*. Not yesterday. Though sometimes it feels like only yesterday. If it comes without ongoing existential dread and terror I will be deeply grateful.

  15. My natal Venus is in Cap, part of a 10th house stellium. Sounds like a fun time coming up over summer… but I’m still unclear on whether to invest in the thigh high fetish boots I’ve been suddenly wishing to own

    1. Venus in Cap here too. Brain Treat those boots will be. NOT black.
      Check out the Vogue online Paris Street Style, the collections have just been shown so you will see exact what you want but not on runway on the cool ones on the boulevard.

    2. I think boots are sexier when there is a hint of skin between the skirt/dress/short and the top of the boots. Unless you wear really short shorts or minis, a knee length but in an unusual texture or colour might be sexier/fetishier/lovelier.

      — Venus in Cap, who always thinks about return on investment. You can wear knee length with more clothes. 🙂

    1. You’ll be fine Universali. You’ve done your Venus Pluto like me and is now in a separating orb… which is incidentally where I prefer him to be lol. I found the exact conjunct/retro/repeat/repeat with Venus a bit ‘gah’ out of all my Pluto conjunctions. Have also had a Mercury Pluto conjunct transit back in the Saggo era and he’s the gatekeeper to the 8th house.

      For the likes of natal Venus Cap who have had this conjunction I wonder if the transit might not offer something good up actually… a passing gift as she whizzes by. Will also be a return vibe as well and I’ve found them to be positive.

      1. I went through a soul-destroying bender of emotionally unavailable relationship when Pluto went over my natal Venus. So weird that I fished out emails and texts from that era two nights ago.

          1. Between Pluto passing over my 5 planet stellium in Cap, I think Venus hurt the most. But, the final pass over my moon is pending in December…so I should wait before giving the final verdict. I am hoping that it manifests as my deep transformation to hell and back to become a mother.

            1. Mine operate like conjoined twins so I am rarely absolutely confident that I’ve picked up a singular thread.

              Will be interesting to see how you wrap up Pluto season. You’ve had a few passes now though so got a feel for it. From memory the last pass for me felt a lot lighter. I might attribute that to the familiarity of feeling had it not been for the change in life beyond the acute conjunct. Still well in orb now but seperating and with the recent direct motion I’m on the home stretch so …..waves bye bye 😀

              1. I have a feeling we will miss the Pluto transit years in retrospect. My other three planet stellium is in Scorpio, so it may especially be so for me. But I have read/heard it often enough from people that they miss the crazy intensity of outer planet transits later. I mean, its much worse to die of boredom, lol! 🙂

                1. Agreed! All my personals been conjunct as well as SN and Neptune (we won’t go back there) and definitely felt like a balloon deflating for a time when Pluto exited Saggo. Mars Pluto Cap wasn’t hard at all from memory. It’s all asteroids for the next little while so don’t anticipate much angst though Lilith might be unpredictable hehehe 😁

  16. Sounds big! My MC is 26 cap, my moon is 26 Taurus and Mercury 28 Taurus (both in 2nd house). Looking forward to developments in art and love 🙂

    1. Looking forward to this period, for sure! Taurus Moon is Venus ruled so I wonder if that boosts the Venus vibe at this period?

      I have my natal Taurus Moon at 27d Conjunct my Midheavan, and trine my Virgo Mercury 2nd House. Mercury in my 2nd house is also my 2nd house cusp ruler. So I’m crossing my fingers and everything for abundance.

  17. Mystic – So how or why does this affect the shift from fast to slow fashion? Is the stage set for similar shifts e.g fast furniture vs chose well, buy once ‘keepsakes’? Am keen to know why (astrologically) this is happening

    1. Believe the trend is sustainable textiles, fabrics, recycle pre-loved. Only quality lasts, buy in haste repent at leisure the saying goes. Also ‘buyer beware’.
      Cap will buy a $250 wallet and have it for 15-20 years coupled with a good leather cleaner, but wallets are now being made from mushrooms and cost the same if not more.

  18. Woo hoo – Ive got my natal mars at 23 degress Cap in my 10th. After years of the grind in romance and work here’s hoping that pluto and venus conjunct natal mars in Cap, and even transit mars, will be amazing!! Thanks MM for the good news!

    1. How has transit Pluto conjunct your natal Mars manifested? I am curious because mine happened when I was a kid? They are loosely conjunct in my natal chart.

      1. Its been two plus years of having to be assertive, particularly with men and work. Lots of speaking up for myself and pushing for my needs to be met.

        1. Oooh. Sounds very empowering. My Pluto-Venus just left me extremely vulnerable and I am not sure if it left me any more powerful against a love zombie attack than before.

  19. Thanks for putting this on my radar early Mystic.

    This is also New Venus on Jan 9/10 – previous years Jan 2014 and Jan 2006.

    As I’m typing I’m staring at 2014 as it’s jumping up and down and waving at me (not literally) … ooh there’s something in that for this Venus Ruled human that I’ve only just seen in terms of cycles. More evidence that I really need to pay more attention to the Venus and her cycles. I’ve been on my node return for a clue or two but I think I’m meant to be on the Venus star pattern.

    Little stellium of personals in Cap (c’mon – 3 counts) and that include Venus and Mars and Venus conj for this upcoming astro. So, I’m anticipating good things actually and have been looking to this period without looking at the astro and feeling a sense of hope and optimism anyway. All fundamental for an archer and possibly the end of the outer planet reign for a time is also a factor.

    I had a dream recently that was dejavu. I was standing where I was and in the situation I was in (quite an ordinary and everyday work moment) and the air wobbled just the tiniest bit and I realised I’d dreamt this and was exactly where I was meant to be or knew I’d be. Too many dream journals is putting me off going and looking for it right now but it’s there. Not the first time this has happened, complete with brief space and energy changes, but this was immediately reassuring once the atmosphere settled as that always feels strange.

    1. I have 5 planets (3 personals, including chart ruler), not counting asteroids or points in Cap. 🙂 We are ready.
      Loved your deja vu description. I had a recent similarish encounter while hiking. Upon reaching the pinnacle, I felt like praying. Instead of any wishes, I just felt such an overwhelming sense of gratefulness that I cried. 🙂 Its reassuring to know when we are at the right place at the right time, just as we were meant to be.

      1. That is really beautiful made more poignant by the pinnacle reference for a Cap stellium after a lengthy Pluto transit. Fabulous! Yes – we are ready 🙂

        1. Thank you. I feel like a Unicorn full of radical authenticity in a really superficial world. Trying to date with this energy has been sheer torture. Commitment is my aphrodisiac!
          I sometimes lose hope that I will find something approaching this kind of reverence and staying power. Mystic’s words have brought some hope. I am ready.

          1. Is only in recent times I have thought I might… and it’s not a thought I’m even sure I’m that interested in thinking about lol 😀

            1. It is topic for another thread but I am kinda losing faith in manifestation. I wonder if lower level beings and energies feed on our intense wants and mental energy spent on ‘manifesting’. The more ardently I desire, the more it blasts back in my face, sometimes spectacularly. When I am zen chill, in service on my higher being energy, it happens seamlessly, like a well directed play.

              So, hopeful, but kinda preparing for all the insights to be more psychological rather than actual materialization on this plane of existence.

              1. Oooh, yes – big topic and another fave 💜

                You could be right but I wonder if that depends on the essence we use to manifest. If it’s a heart choice it vibrates differently to an ego choice even if superficially they might look the same. The latter definitely magnetises differently. Put differently, if it’s a heart choice and we’re afraid we can’t have it we might wind up orientating from fear not heart and the results will reflect the energy used. It’s really about where you put the power and I appreciate it’s really simple to say, like most things.

                And maybe the different parts of self aren’t always in alignment so results aren’t always as expected.

                Or is the way it all works in our universe changing and are we seeking to manifest something beyond here using old tech lol. And how does that work collectively when we’re still imagining it into being and some can’t imagine it at all.

                Hmmm, maybe all that and more…I will endeavour to be succinct 😀

                1. Thing is, I have Sun sq Mars as the prime signature in my chart for this incarnation. Despite seeming humble (Virgo rising), I have a monster of an ego which makes differentiating between heart choices and ego choices extremely difficult. I need to aggressively practice gratitude, as a friend on the phone put it beautifully last evening, on my daily walk. 🙂

                  Also relate to the concept of the Universe changing. That is at the core of my disappointment with divination, especially Tarot. I want to use it to grok divine will, all it shows me is possibilities in that moment that shift, toss, turn worse than me on a sleepless night. Old tech made me laugh…:))) Time for an upgrade. Can’t wait for Pluto in Aquarius.

                  Thanks for thinking about these things with me. I have nobody I can discuss this with, in real life.

                2. Scorp Mars? Could be put to work as a fiercely loyal devotee to a practice or mission. A stealth ninja conquering new internal landscapes and mastering formulas to age old secrets. Tirelessly committed to the cause… or y’know something like that.

                  I think we can all have a monster ego if we let it out for a run but the monsters can vary in size, theatrics and battery life 😄

                  Does your Moon trine your Asc? You likely have at least one of your stellium that does.

                  I have a grand earth trine if you include Asc and it’s a mixed bag. I didn’t give it much weight for a long time until I really started feeling into the element and slowing down my Saggo Sun/Merc enough to do so. It can have a super stuck feeling sometimes…frustrating but I just have to be where I’ve planted myself til the next harvest is ready.

                  Tarot by hand has been like that for me for a few years now. Weird and has felt like a loss. I am realising I am getting my data differently like through nature or everyday signs so it’s changed form. It works but the information is different and my ego wants it delivered in a specific way sometimes. Ha! Like that’s going to happen at the click of my fingers. Funny though, part of me still thinks it will and at times it actually does!

                  Great to share your company down these rabbit holes! 🌌

                3. Grand trines are a blessing, even in Earth signs. I am glad you find value in yours despite fire sun-merc. Not many people do. I miss fire almost entirely in my chart, and consequently, I meditate best in front of it. The elemental dignities and rulerships are more profound than cookbook astrology would have us believe. The more I learn, the more I appreciate the beauty of the basics. 🙂
                  To answer your question, the exact trine to ascendent is Jupiter (Pluto sextile), but loosely, can be Venus too. My earthiness tumbles out of me like big boulders during an earthquake. 😄

                  And yes! Scorp Mars conj Pluto! I am supposed to be formidable but would classify myself as listless and bored on most days. A worthwhile mission is yet to present itself but when I open the tiniest of sliver of my eye from my slumber, I terrify most people with my intensity. Goes both for work and love. To add to the insult, the Scorp stellium is in my 3rd. I have a cutting, ruthless communication style that has a lot of gravitas (Saturn) to ignore it. Fun times!

                  Also re-read your Venus cycle comment above. Makes a lot of sense. I am mostly spared by Lady Venus’ wiles despite a 5th House stellium. In Cap, she is more like Vesta. But we totally need to track it in the wider society. Do you have a recommended calculator or chart online where I can see it?

                4. What a powerhouse in Scorpio with those two!. And in your 3rd. Motivational and transformative communicator as a minimum. You likely have to manage that duo well and you would do brilliant side eye 😀 I’d be the one on the sidelines with an amused grin as I have a decent 8th and have been complimented (hahaha – my spin) on mine.

                  I’m a bit light on Air but Jupiter without natal aspects in Air does his best to make up for that! Sometimes it’s like trying to stop a galloping horse without a bridle.

                  I have a book on Venus and her cycles by Anne Massey and she has the star point cycles. If you can work with an ephemeris style visual (could always draw it though) then take a look at the pdf online for Sophia Venus.

                  I think the age old simplicity of elements and modalities has much more of an influence than interest broadly. And it was definitely earth that brought me down to that way of thinking because it has such a strong feeling energy but also grounding so I had the opportunity to feel solid and secure in my explorations. Getting unstuck was an education. The other elements take some different mastering don’t they. Do you get blown away or scattered, singed or seared, drowned or bathed. I think I notice elements more than signs for that immediate hit with someone.

                  My Venus is definitely a Venus vibe but it doesn’t match some of the stuff written about Venus and it was only through studying her I got to see her clearly. In Cap and probably regardless of house there is a requirement for things (or people) to be lasting and of substance and quality. There is also a security angle and a measured pace… or restraint. These things don’t seem to always match with the inner world so the presentation might not match the thinking/feeling and be moderated for want of a better word. *And even as I type I wonder if Luna is also whispering… but I’m leaving the comment in 😉

                  Jupiter direct next week!!

                  I feel like that’ll be a bit like launching into space but once we’re flying it’ll settle 🙂

                5. You have made me chuckle multiple times since this post came out and I never complemented you on your fun, free flowing communication style. You are a hoot! :)))) I do indeed do a decent side eye + a brilliant eye roll AND have been known to use sarcasm as a weapon of mass destruction. I use metaphors like nobody’s business too. 😉

                  I love how you described your earthiness. Its ‘stuck’ only when you struggle. If its grounding, its 8 of pentacles time. And you seem to have a good head upon those shoulders. I am glad you found your balance on earth. Loved the adjectives! I don’t get singed but definitely have an affinity to soak. I am scared of drowning but love to sit in water like a water buffalo…Earth bound still. :))) Your Jupiter description is hilarious, considering your Sun-Merc. Is this what Freud meant by Universal symbology? I just had to read a few words and I had an outline of your sunny, slightly boisterous, jovial (such a Jupiterian word!) personality in my mind’s eye.

                  Thanks for the info on Venus cycles. I will look up for those resources. Lasting, substance and quality are all definite qualifiers for Venus in Cap. But security works a bit differently for me, it seems. I tend to be the breadwinner/higher earner among my partners (Pisces DC). Since I have a string of failures trailing me, I wonder if its time to change tactics? I have never received a valuable gift from a man in my life, including an ex-husband. His parents gave me more material things than he ever did and I never even considered it an impediment. I have a suspicion that Cap hearts are like Gobi deserts, thirsty for more affection and devotion than they are given credit for. No human seems to match the job description, so they compromise with material security. If they are secure themselves (like me), its a hopeless case.

                  I laughed at your Luna whispers. 🙂 Its tied inadvertently together, isn’t it? Love. Comfort. Safety. Fealty. Devotion. We can be more hard-assed about these things than the most obsessive Scorpio. Only the business like demeanour hides the intense need washing off of us like giant waves.

                  I wonder if MM would ever consider opening 1-to-1 text chats. I feel guilty of hogging comment spaces wondering if there is a chorus of readers screaming, ‘shuttttt it with your existential angst’! 😄😄😄 So, I am grateful for your company.

                  Oh, and next week begins an even more amazing time of life for me. Pr Moon conj MC conj Transit North Node! A fellow astro fiend friend on another website called it a prime motherhood marker, so I am doubly hopeful. 🙂 And, a month later, (around the time of Venus in Cap and Mars in Scorp returns) my Solar Arc Moon conjuncts DC, plus SA Jupiter conjuncts natal Sun. I will take any which way they manifest. I have felt stalled in so many areas of my life that I am practically singing a countdown song, ready to be launched. 🚀🚀🚀

                6. 😁 I generally amuse myself first. My humour can be an acquired taste or just too dry or offbeat for some so it’s always a joy when someone else appreciates it. Thank you.

                  Water buffalo – chuckles – you’re not too shabby at wit and irony either 5HC 😄

                  I’m pretty self sufficient and like my autonomy but I think your Gobi dessert description is more accurate than most would admit. I think a It doesn’t fit the brief…or the image and may even be a deeply hidden or denied truth for some. Sounds like you need an equal on all fronts and someone who isn’t afraid to show up as himself. And I’d also throw in a bit of own your own stuff and don’t project it at me if I was even the slightest bit motivated. Scorpio 7. Everything can always be worked out with a minimum fuss if people hold their own stuff. But philosophies and ideas are so easy to ignore and sometimes absent when you’re in the thick of it. Heart is the important bit but you said it, security (I summarised) has its own thoughts on the matter 😆

                  You have a nice run coming up and every thing direct again to usher it all in 🌟😊

                  I think it’s been like the great pause. I’ve moved but it’s been slow or devoid of outcomes I wanted and ripe with uncertainty. I remind myself daily I like the unknown and the unlimited possibility it holds but it hasn’t in a lot of ways.

                  The stalled feeling is not far from lifting I reckon. We’re nearly done but I’m still not sure what this has been.

                  I’ve really enjoyed chatting too. Thank you. Yeah we’ve digressed but hey, loosely the discussion has returned to Venus so we’re still on topic 😉

                7. Here is to forward motion and enjoying the Venusian graces without feeling that we have a millstone around our neck! Thank you Centaurus!

  20. LightningButterfly

    This is very interesting..I already had an Aries show up in my life last January 2021 who is a “character from my formative years.” Apparently he had a crush on me in high school, but I never knew it. We have met up once…and will again during Venus Retrograde in Capricorn–looks like this will be a fateful meeting!

  21. I am 65 with zero romance on the horizon. How would Venus in Cap manifest in my 10th house, then cross Pluto in my 11th? Just retired but fixing to start an online biz on my bootstraps ( but with previous experience and tools).

    10th house: I suppose I need to clean up my social image but maybe also resolve to be authentic and not seek status, re: Work?

    11th house w/ Pluto: lone-wolf scenario? This sounds like I will be rather isolated in a crowd… 😕


    1. 11th House is not just community and friends, its also wish fulfillment, futurism, societal trends. In 11th, it may manifest in any one or all of these things. The 5th/11th polarity is a beautiful interplay between childlike Leo energy and playful Aquarian energy, no matter the sign on the cusp of these houses. You will be important in and to your community. No time or energy to feel lonely, alone or together.

  22. Would a North Node at 26 deg Cappy be involved by the Pluto Venus conjuction – that will happen at 25 deg actually – or does it have to be on the exact degree?
    Jupiter will be trine my Natal Venus on new year eve, just to add some big time factor I guess.
    On the other hand I had overlooked the Venus Mars conjunction from mid February to early March. They keep practically the same pace and start off squaring natal Uranus (14), then opposing natal Mars (17) trining my natal Moon (19) and finally conjuct the above mentioned NN. I can only guess it might not be boring.

    1. Count that as on MissDee – is definitely close enough. Pluto has been in a conjunction with NN pretty much all year for you and was exact then retrograde. You may have even felt the energy coming in late last year as the degrees were close enough. Before Venus gets in the mix you might want to get a sense of Pluto’s energy and influence as that’s been a much longer transit.

      1. thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions. Pluto on the NN in the 5th calls for pursuing self expression in that raw and uncompromising plutonic way and I haven’t avoided the metamorphosis. I have actually wanted it and I still do, although with half the sky retrograde I am kinda pausing and moving with the flow, waiting to pick up where I left.

        1. And these days there are plenty of other reasons to pause too. Its almost counter intuitive but this kind of energy beckons with opportunity and whilst everything is semi-paused the pathways can be easier to glimpse with less moving parts. Thats my NN return talking and a Saggo sun.

          Not long now as they are all starting to rumble direct.

  23. So natal Venus Rx in the 12th sees my romantic life either be; a cosmic two worlds colliding mashup of dopamine & other delightful hormones or non-existent, with no in between lol.
    Does that mean I should prepare for an end of year early Christmas delicious delight??? Pls Santa lol

  24. :cough: Sounds like maybe a good time to try for a baby? If one were so inclined? :looks shifty: asking for a friend, of course

  25. yayyyyy
    i have venus conj pluto natally (did i mention that)…,
    i wonder what the effect of having the nodes will be…my natal nodes…oooh

    1. Yayyy! I have Venus Pluto conj natally, too. Venus will be transiting my North Node in Cap. Im hoping it’s an auspicious time for my creative biz and love.

  26. Wow okay, plenty of opportunities to evolve I see. Venus retrograde back to square today’s new moon.. interesting. I guess going slow now and observing has a lot going for it.

  27. Can you see me dancing and grinning across the ether, Mystic? Pan mode or not, authenticity has been our, Goats’, prime concern due to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto passing over us in the last couple of years. If I did not have an Aqua Sun or did not believe in your rad prospects reporting of Pluto in Aqua, I would be depressed to see Pluto move on. Its been a ride. An unprecedented ride at that. We are ready for Lady Isis. Could not be more thrilled.

    Personally, not only my romantic diary is completely open, but also (hopefully) I will get to experience the joys and unique aesthetics of pregnancy dressing during those 17 weeks. (Currently on the dreaded 2 weeks’ wait after fertility treatment). Did you say ‘investment’? How investment-ish is this…every year on my natal Venus in Cap return, I buy a classic but horridly expensive piece of clothing. Last year, I bought a pair of lovely handmade leather gloves. They last YEARS and I feel giddy every time I put the item on. Slow fashion is seriously underrated for its endorphin potential.

    1. That’s a great way to mark your Venus in Cap return. I don’t, or at least haven’t thought about that but I will perhaps over pay for something but when I multiply how long I’ll have it for it’s often a fair price… and often looking as good as new for many years so I get it.

      I felt a kind of low energy shift when Pluto left my solar house even though there’d been no real aspects for some time. Was completely noticeable and the Cap transit has had it moments, I mean Pluto Mars was fine but the Pluto Moon/Venus were significant and long and still a close orb but as it’s separating now not as much of a bite. However… boy did I feel that little bit of astro biz yesterday with the direct motion and Sun, Mars, Mercury etc. Almost out of body weird and like night and day compared to today.

      Hey.. hope your 2 weeks flies by with happy news as the result!

      1. Thanks! 🙂 I think its called shopping with intention. Venus in Cap plays the long game. Its not just about being a summer banger, but a long and complex opera. You build each piece one by one to let your whole wardrobe tell a story. I discovered this approach last year as I hired a stylist in the middle of a pandemic with nowhere to go! I loved it! Makes so much sense to both my heart and brain! Start with one thing on your Venus return and see how you feel. 🙂 Good luck!
        (Thanks for 2WW wishes. I am trying to stay positive. I timed the procedure according to Dr Jonas method coinciding with my ovulation. I really, really, really hope it works.)

        1. I do play a long game naturally but is Venus 8…

          And I definitely play a long game with my classic and/or expensive Venus purchases due to the way I perceive value probably. They last decades and still look amazing – classic Venus Cap right there 🙂 but I hold off at times due to the lunar influence as she’s less conscious and more emotively driven. Hard to grok the driver sometimes but I’m patient and less impulsive these days. They are also either side of a house cusp and don’t always harmonise views.

          1. Hear hear about being patient and less impulsive. I am stalking a tan coat from Cinzia Rocca for over a year. If I get pregnant, I will buy it this year on my Venus Return. 🙂

    2. Cappy are you hoping to be a Mummy? How brave of you 🙂 hope it happens if that’s your desire.
      My Cap part loves quality clothing items as the pay off is they don’t date, time is put in for their upkeep as you want to look after them, and the feel good payoff is a lasting buzz.
      If it’s NOT quality it turns into landfill fast.
      Love leather gloves, especially driving gloves with holes for knuckles and the gap on the front with stud to close. Very hard to find. Collected 6 various leather styles over the years which came in handy during lockdown as protection and warmth.

      1. Thank you, Nan Peg. 🙂
        Yes, trying really hard to honour my 5th House stellium by being a mother. Its been a journey. Planning to be a single mother is a strange thing to do, even in our relatively modern society. But I can just feel my daughter (hopefully) hovering in the ether and I am trying really hard to pry open the cosmic doors to let her come through. Wish me luck!

        About gloves, we have the same taste! You MUST look at this link. I think you will like these. 🙂

        I own these and love them to bits:

      2. My comment has gone in moderation because I posted glove links for you to enjoy, Nan Peg! 🙂 Will wait for it to turn up rather than typing again.

        1. Thank you darling, all but one pair discovered at op shops, like those chamois cream ones that can’t be cleaned…lol.

          1. I think the admin at MM has long queue, so will answer here again. Yes, currently undergoing fertility treatments via donor(s). Honoring my loaded 5th house has been the mission for last 3 years. If this works, would be worth all the pain.

            About gloves, so glad you could find preloved ones.. They are the best! I wanted to show you the ones from Sweden. Google Hestra Gloves. Go to ‘Dam’ (Ladies) ‘mode’ (fashion)…and enjoy the beauties. 🙂 Your driving ones are on page 2.

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