Daily Mystic For For Friday Feb 4 – Feb 6

If it feels like Venus has been in Capricorn for ages, it has been!

As you may have read in these two vital Venus in Capricorn posts – Venus of the Jade Mountain and Venus in Capricorn for 17 Weeks, this is a unique, fascinating Venus trip. And we are now heading into the climactic part of it, so to speak.

Firstly, Venus and Mars will be conjunct in Capricorn from Feb 12 to March 13.

That in itself is incredible: Venus and Mars are the ‘eternal lovers’ – they represent hormonal hot-to-trot horny life force and robust romance. In conjunction, they’re relationship catalysts and mate/date atmosphere boosters. They also elevate one another’s natural roles – Venus is a Style/Art Muse and Mars motivates.

Next: for the March 1 to 6 leg of this astro-journey, Venus and Mars are both conjunct Pluto. This adds an extra-substantial dimension of fate and psychological meaning to whatever you’re up to. For Venus, it’s the third of three Venus-Pluto alignments. The first two were in December, so early March resolves drama and desire from then.

Note that this phenom will really bring out the dionysian, earthy nature of Capricorn. Even if you’re an anti-love activist, you could regenerate your sensuality, ambition, physicality, and/or creative practice. It’s legit fabulous astro – so rare – and also one of the last big oomph ups for Pluto in Capricorn!

Actual Capricorns? Wild.


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  1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    omfg. Since Venus went into Cap I have become the ultimate ‘love strategist’ and living for it! πŸ™‚ Very excited about this conjunction <3

  2. Transit Mars conj Natal Cap Venus today, Tr Venus conj natal Psyche and Tr Mercury conj natal Cap moon soon after. Have a date tomorrow with a seemingly super nice Leo. We shall see. 😁

      1. Thank you! Excited about a first date for the first time since….well…two bloody decades!
        Just read yours and Cecemesee’s stories below! Maaaaan! Is this Cap-Leo season or what! (I’m Aqua Sun with a gazillion planets/points in Cap). πŸ™‚

        1. Woohoo! I hope it goes well. Good timing with Mercury going forward. Aqua/Leo is traditionally a good combo?
          I am loving the current astro – looking forward to seeing how it unfurls for everyone! πŸ’–

        2. I’m an Aqua in my first relationship with a Leo (Cancer rising) and it is so fun dating a fire sign again! My first love was an Aries and we always felt like two kids playing together. With the Leo guy it’s that plus some kind of deep understanding and mutual inspiration. They are usually so honorable and good to the people in their circle. Good luck and enjoy yourself!! Dating can be so fkn stressful.

  3. Wow! What a transit. I am sitting here with popcorn waiting for this romance to unfold!
    … I’m a Leo woman and I randomly met a Cap man as the full moon was rising on the f’ing day Venus turned retro. The connection has been kismet, and I’ve been told Leo and Capricorn is a quincunx so that seems possible. I have been in a whirlwind of a crush but I’ve also kept my head and focus on what I need to do. He’s been “busy with work” so I can’t help but think things are done. I’m also used to love-bombing, so a slow burn is something I’m learning patience for. But reading all the recent astro, I can’t help but think there’ll be some twist so it won’t be what I think it might be. But as Mystic says, these alignments are rare and good, so any which way things go, things are looking better. Exciting times for everyone I hope! πŸ’– 🌊

    1. Ooooo I love how this transit is unfolding for you!
      I have had such an epic long distance romance with a British Cap man and I’m a Leo woman too! He was always hustling hard everyday, working very crazy hours (even with the time difference) it did sometimes seem like he was barely fitting me into his schedule.
      But that was my mindset in my 20’s, now a man so determined and focused on his career illicit other emotions! Enjoy that slow burn πŸ”₯

      1. Hehe thanks! 🌻 It’s nice to be able to share here and wonderful to hear about your experience. Gosh, adding long-distance to the scenario must be next level. Actually, my scenario, if it continues, will turn long-distance in the next month or two anyway. He’s heading back to Europe for a couple of months to see family and take care of visa arrangements. And I’m, you know, relocating 2000km away to coparent my children. (That’s another story my kids are with their father. I should probably be reviewing the alignments for key dates in the last twelve months to see wtf was influencing me when my life was turned upside down.)
        It’s been so helpful to reflect on your reply. I think you can tell I could go on but I’ll pause here now. I look forward to hearing how this transit unfolds for you you as well! πŸ’–

        1. Hhhmm yes that was a very chaotic period of my life right before my Saturn return, when my father who had been my greatest adversary died of cancer and two months prior to that my Cap man sensed impending doom in my life and cut and run. I don’t blame him honestly, but it felt like the coldest breakup even to this day. Nobody should ever get dropped over Skype lol πŸ˜‚
          It seems like you’re having some major upheavals and renovations to your life, you should definitely prepare with knowing your transits!!
          Jupiter is lighting up my career path currently, even though I’m heavy on the Venusian vibes I’m seriously lacking in that department rn 😭 I’m living vicariously through your story! 🀍

          1. Oh so the Cap is no more? Skype is a shite way to break up. I’m sorry to hear about your dad, and that particular timing. I lost my dad a couple of years ago. Still processing amid everything else.
            Well, a little update here (I have Leo Sun, Merc, Venus, Jupiter, and now also asteroid Gary as well. I love a good romance gossip!)
            He messaged just before midnight, drunk. Thankfully I was asleep! I replied this morning and he came over “for coffee” lol. The dynamic is so different from what I’m used to. I think mainly because there’s no view for a relationship as such, or a conventional one anyway. Well, we talked a lot, and I cried explaining my situation. He listened and responded. He’s kind and sweet. We hugged and he left, back to his busyness. From what he said, I have a sense that it is not “if” he’ll contact me, but “when”. I don’t have to be in the grip of the ghost, I can get on with things, and not have to overthink that part, and know that we’ll be in touch. Now I’m processing! πŸ’–

    2. Feeling this slow burn vibe within a connection myself.
      sparked in November, then two days later Venus went retrograde & it’s been the slowest but still moving situation. (Throw in work & circumstances!)
      I am Venus ruled, (Taurus sun with Libra moon) & he is Mercury ruled (Virgo sun. Also has a Leo moon & his Venus is in Libra) so Venus going direct & now Mercury has shifted things somewhat, but I feel the slow burn is a good thing.
      It feels very grounding.
      Plus I am a Capricorn rising, so really interested to see how & where this goes.
      We have both come out of long term relationships, so there’s absolutely no rush!
      Pass me then popcorn please πŸΏπŸ˜…

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