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It’s been a fuqer of a year, obviously. But gloom factors and dystopian absurdity aside, something new is coming. It’s better and it is only weeks away.* So what better time to decode your genius via the radically revamped Astral DNA birth chart reading? Okay, fine – and perhaps also have a wry chuckle at your own expense, along with gleaning some super-useful takes on the most vital topic of all: You.

It is better looking – see samples below – extended and revised. If you bought one after May 2018, you don’t need to buy it again: simply log into your Mystic dashboard and click download for the latest version. It is, however, a fantastic gift because you can just email the pdf with cute/sarcastic note and voila!

These are instant download and fantastic. Several months ago, I went to make a simple change in response to some, well, strident feedback: switching from third person to first person. Once I began that, I realized Astral DNA needed to be transmogrified. Answers to granular questions + two sample pdfs are below.

*The Monthly Horoscopes for November will detail this but in the meantime see here and here!

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FAQs RE Astral DNA

*Is it the same as the previous Astral DNA?

Yes, in that it covers the same topics but the design and 80% of the words are different and it is approximately twice as long.

*Does it use the tropical or sidereal zodiac? Did Mystic do one for the Southern Hemisphere?

Tropical. But you can read Mystic’s thoughts on the different zodiac systems here. The hemispheres, specifically the Nodes are the same as it has proven too complex to do in this format. However, a Local Space chart , calculated on azimuth direction rather than the ecliptic, is in the works.

*What does it cover/include?

The breakdown of Elements + Modalities in an easy to understand format, the chart image and Mystic’s delineations for the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Ascendant, Midheaven and Node by sign, all those plus Uranus, Neptune and Pluto by house and then the most significant aspects – Conjunction, Square, Trine and Opposition, from the Sun-Moon through until Jupiter-Pluto. Saturn aspects to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not included as Mystic sees them as more generational in their impact.

*What orb is used for the aspects?

Eight degrees.

*How is it different to the other birth charts/astrology charts I have had?

It is Mystic’s unique take so it’s quirkier, funnier – in parts – and more grounded in pop culture while still being completely useful.

*Can I purchase without having to register?
Yes but your Astral DNA report won’t be stored in your profile on the site, so if you lose the downloaded PDF, you would need to repurchase.

*Can I get one sent to someone as a gift?

Not as such, but you will get the PDF – see above for a sample – which you can email to them.

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If you purchase two of the amazing Astral DNA birth chart readings, you can add a third complimentary one. Whether you use them as early Xmas gifts or to gain intel on people of interest, it is excellent value.

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