The Astrology Of Solar & Geomagnetic Storms

Did the notorious Carrington Event of 1859 have a particular astrological signature? Yes. (If you’re keen to know but don’t want to scroll through my preamble, Eris-Persephone is the key player.) Astrology is integrated into the timing of solar flares/coronal mass ejections and the geomagnetic storms that these phenoms evoke if they’re earth directed. This is not just an “it’s all space weather” take. The Solar Minimum/Solar Maximum cycle echoes the Jupiter cycle, for instance.

But there is more. As I write, we are heading into a few days of heightened geomagnetic activity – something that occurs frequently but not necessarily with a magnetic field that is acting as weird as ours has been of late. So ideally this one passes with minimal impact, of course, but even aside from the anticipated effects on satellite communications or power grids, geomagnetic flux affects humans and animals. See the Daily Mystic for Thursday for some tips to ‘space-weather’ the storm.

Astrology and the Carrington Event

Now, the undisputed champion of solar-inspired geomagnetic fuqery is the Carrington Event of late August/early September 1859. As Chris Gebhardt, writing in NASA Spaceflight poetically puts it, the superstorm “showcased for the first time the potentially disastrous relationship between the Sun’s energetic temperament and the nascent technology of the 19th century.”

It wiped out the power across much of the world, created enough aurora light to lighten the night, gave shocks to some telegraph operators on their machines at the time, and sparked fires. A similar scenario today, while evidently unlikely, would have a huge impact, given how networked the system is. It’s all being modeled and tracked; obviously, there is a contingency plan, albeit not enough according to F.E.M.A.  Personally, I’d like to see some decentralization and less networked everything. Future historians will not view the widespread privatizing of power and telecommunication of the Nineties (Neptune in Capricorn) with admiration.

Eris-Persephone Square Pluto Or Uranus Seems Implicated

Anyway, the Carrington Event has a birth chart! Richard Carrington, the amateur astronomer who it is named noted the weirding and immediately ran inside to document it.

There was no warning with that one, these days, we get a lead time.

So the key astrology for the Carrington Event was Eris square Uranus and, if you’re into declinations, Neptune was parallel Uranus.  Brilliantly, Richard Carrington was a Gemini, born May 26 – Uranus had just crossed his Sun, and Eris was squaring it + his Jupiter in Virgo. His in-the-moment, meticulous documentation of the phenom that stunned the world assured his scientific legacy.

A similar event occurred on March 8, 1582 – that was Eris square Uranus. Since 1859, there have been notably severe geomagnetic storms on the following dates, albeit nothing as intense as the Carrington Event. Here are the core astro-alignments for each.

May 14, 1921 – Neptune parallel Pluto and Jupiter opposite Uranus.
March 10-14 1989 – Eris square Saturn and Neptune-Uranus Parallel.
July 23, 2012 – A near miss – Eris opposite Saturn and Uranus square Pluto.

The current geomagnetic storm: Pluto square Eris. It’s also the close of three years in which the Sun was less active, letting more cosmic rays into our atmosphere.

This astro is intense so back up your data and be careful with electricity – I like to sleep with as many circuits powered off at the mains as possible. It is partly because many companies supply too high a voltage these days – yes, profit – it’s cheaper for them – and it circulates around even when switches are off. Powering it totally off where possible also makes sleep and dream recall so much more accessible.

As for why Eris would – possibly be connected with scenarios like this, more to come! Thoughts?

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  1. Google email is down right now. The light on my living room wall has taken to flashing slowly. I thought I could talk it out that behavior, then thought maybe spirit visitors and considered interpreting the flashing sequence, then just turned it off because it was distracting.

    On Saturday my internet went down and the dude in the alley at the utility pole claimed he had nothing to do with it. It came back on in 5 minutes though. My mom’s internet was down the same day for 14 hours. And her phone would not text me.

    I like the idea of geomagnetic storms. They rile things up.

  2. Ummm, just looking at the chart for the solstice on 21/22 December, and the Jupe/Saturn conjunction the same day, Mars and Eris are together at 23 Aries squaring Pluto, so Mars is adding to the cocktail of energies.

    Mars/Eris happen to be sitting smack on my Saturn in the 5th and Pluto is square to the degree, and also trine my Pluto to the degree. I think the 21st could be a rather interesting day. I was planning a long road trip style outing with my children that day, but I really think we might have to stay home!

  3. Eris isn’t she representative of the Teacher Feminist, yes i know we should all feminists’ but if Eris is in the mix could be the feminine force bringing herself to the forefront during those times? The solar flares create a bubble on the sun before they blast off & so affects the magnetic field on earth. It is said there is a pole shift happening now slowly. It happened 13.000 years ago but very quickly, something about the equinoxes & the axis wobble & 900 year cycles, so my Pisces musician extraordinaire said & THEY know! AM mathematically challenged (but brilliant with sums) my memory banks have too many cookies in there so charts puzzle me & there is already strange electrickery in my home, so if all data is wiped out in one magnetic surge, we return to snail mail & pidgeon carrier think of all the employment it would create.
    Thank you Myst for this amazing research you’ve given us.

  4. Umm, the Carrigton Event has my astro: Virgo Sun/Mercury/MC, Scorp Asc + other planets chilling in Leo.
    Am I a human Carrigton Event? 🤔 LOL

    1. I woke up at 2am today. Tried every trick in the book to get back to sleep (except powering down the house, I might just have to try that!)

      1. I shot up in bed as if a lightning bolt had gone down (up?) my spine. Ended up taking a sleeping pill but secretly I wish we could normalize “astral insomnia” so we didn’t have to go into work and pretend we got a peaceful and restorative 8 hours.

  5. This eclipse in Saggo i think is going to close the gate on the ongoing saga of the DVN as November 2011 the last Sun in Sagg eclipse was a huge eclipse of the heart as a month after the chemically induced assault from the TTV (Tatooed Toothless Virgo) and the drama has been periodically arisen ever since because it has never had closure from him a it was his responsibility. He has now gone insane i mean really lost it. Life is too interesting & i’m too busy enjoying it to be waylaid by his tantrums, guess the expression ‘screaming queens’ had it source in reality.

    1. You documented, brought it into the light, and received support. I’m sure you’re exhausted energetically, or maybe even too wired and uninspired by it, and also gracefully busy with your beautiful life. But i hope you also keep your supportive person informed with objective records in as much real time and formality as you can manage, and that they act swiftly. It’s coming to the end of this astro and swirling into the beginning of the next. You know if you can do the hard yards of the last Saturn bits with clarity and dignified formality to hold your righteous stance (go your elegant and effective Capricorn with the graceful Archer you are) that you will be blessed after those hard yards. I hope it’s quicker than process appears xxxxxxxxxx

      1. O Millie you so get it, it feels full circle, have taken my power back (all struggles they say are about power, who has it who uses it & how) & how true the saying ‘if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger’. Lit candles to Michaela archangel with her sword & foot on the DVD & my colourful Isis goddess card
        My fear has gone, it has an insidious effect on the central nervous system that is mechanical,(mantra & tantras have zero effect) but a book was delivered that was long awaited that put all my years of research since ’72 all together & that zapped all the accumulated PST from my body & it happened whilst i was looking into the Sun & doing conscious breathing.
        Your compassion ‘co-passion’ is much appreciated Lovely. x

    2. Sweet pegs, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to go through so much although it sounds like you’re thriving beautifully. Your description “TTV” gave me a laugh. Here’s to closing the gate on sagas like that. Take care xo

  6. What mad synchronicity is this! Have been reading yesterday about this Carrington Event but it was not named only called a ‘huge flash from Sun that narrowly missed earth because uuummm higher beings intervened.’
    Apparently there is a pole shift happening…….interesting times to say the least.
    Better preen those wings ready for flight 🙂

      1. Merci, my protection has been reinforced Earth Star. Wishing the same backatcha. We have a lotta love here to take us thro’ the coming changes.x

  7. Cosmobiological activity here! Black ant invasion from nowhere in kitchen (regardless of cleanliness/weather temperature/my spraying homemade thieves’ essential oil around perimeters as deterrent – but science now knows that ants and bees orient/are affected by geomagnetic flux??). Also looking up emf blocking fabrics for bedrooms, on a different-but-related topic. Thanks for the info as always, Mystic.

      1. I know Pegs – have been saying, c’mon guys. While sprinkling bi-carb of soda around their trails. 😂🐜🌻

      2. I just tell them the pantry is out of bounds, if they need a cooler space. So far, ok, but i will never know what impacts their survival in the food realms. Yes, egm storm, but have not had any research into crazy survival mechanism impacts on earthy and egyptian-like sytematised and tiered insects. Amazing we have astro, meteoro and astrono warnings now but so stupid that researchers cannot get grants and be prepped to investigate real- time events in the before/during/after.

        1. ‘Egyptian-like’ legged insects? Found a Christmas beetle in the park, picked it up as it was not well, took it home & placed in my pot plant so it was safe from ants (sorry ants, they got pissed off & went to Earthstar’s house).Have another Chrissy beetle found round same time 5 years ago. It sits under lamp so it’s colours shine & it hasn’t degenerated in all that time. Now it has a mate. They look exactly like scarabs & shine with browns & golds under lamplight.

    1. Dramatic! You didn’t do it did you? There ARE other ways to keep warm. Hope no pets were hurt or they weren’t friends of. yours.

  8. Crystallised future

    Hmmmmm. On a personal level I had a short term fling with a Sag (and I’m a Pisces) in 2018 where each of our Eris and Venus were somehow bang on for influence – our north/south nodes from recollection. I can’t remember his birthday now. Anyway, it was an explosive relationship whereby I learned that I seemed to have a penchant for blokes with mother issues. I made him nervous because I forced him to see his part of ‘the story’ for an incident when he was 14 that was obviously still eating away at his soul like acid and now that he’s grown up, could he see her point of view now that he is an adult? Anyway, I have not had a partner in my life since. If I ever do, there will be forensic examination on his personality before intimacy will even be hinted at! I consider him the last in a long line of karmic learning and the lesson has finally been heeded. Eris seems to provide tectonic shifts aye!!

    Also, I’m starting to ponder on how planets work in influencing us as humans. Like – Pluto makes me nervous from personal experience (!), Eris is even further out that Pluto, yet both seem to have enormous impact on our lives horoscope-reading wise. If it’s not gravitational pull that causes the influence, what is it energy-wise that we don’t know about yet? How much does the rest of the galaxy influence us and how far out????

  9. Wow, I was so wired last night and couldn’t sleep until I don’t know what time this morning. The smoke alarm kept going off and I had to take it down and eventually wrangle the battery out. I had no idea what was going on until I opened the daily mystic this morning!

  10. Eris sun venus conjunction here. Anecdotslly have realized the feeling im experiencing most succinctly is,

    I feel the burnt circuit ends in my nerves

    Im genuinely grateful for your research and the research of others that got us here,

    Ill probably always regret not having done more, but learning is one thing we never stop doing.

    1. Surlatable, i may be mistaken but is this the second time you have always regretted not having done more? Can you possibly look at all you have actually achieved? While it may not feel like much, gods and goddesses know we don’t feel like very much in the face of their grandeur, I do believe they hold us, ancient yet modern and timeless. You must hold on to yourself; you are exactly those gods and goddesses who jever felt life as much as you do in the human realm.

      1. Well the part of me that regrets, that part of me that types and still uses phones and KNOWS were all connected and us just a human bits and bobs that has feelings anyway out of habit…sometimes i just type and know its long dead light from a version of me I used to be. But 8 still tyoe because the part of me that dies NOT regret it is completely cool eitb all of it?

        I have mercury square Saturn with Saturn on the midheaven, capricorn 5th house

        The frank exuberance i often feel is dead by the time it gets out the fingertips. I just miss being active here and my bodys to slow to do it the way id like. So i read and love at yall and give typing a go.

        And layers peel of faster than it matters but we fill the time because its as close as we get to feeling each other rgese days. Visual data.

        We’re grand baby. We are SO GRAND

        and stuff 😉

        1. Sending love and as many 5th house vibes as i can. Funny, but i feel that Saturn people need to learn to lean in to a 5th house vibe, and that you really need people around who truly get you and welcome you. Then you get to release little by little into the warmth. I have 5th Sun, but also Saturn square Venus, if that is of use to your questing thru feeling xxx

      2. That legacy thing though thats an addictive thing, everyobody knows you cant rule the world but having a bidy of research, well i suppose mine us interbal

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