Solar Flares & Geomagnetic Flux Management Tips

Are you feeling the electro/geomagnetic hyper-flux? I am. As you may know, a massive solar storm is headed our way and while NASA and co are correctly concerned with its impact on satellites, etc, I have some useful tips for individuals – especially the more metaphysically inclined.

If you’re feeling super-amped up or experiencing unusual physical sensations, yes it could totally be from this. Scientists have been studying this for years but it’s not a super-popular topic for research, namely because there is no obvious profit to be mined from it.

It’s also magic and tied in with all manner of metaphysical phenoms that left-brainers don’t want to know about. I raved about this at length in Extra-Galactic Rays Coming From A Black Hole In Aquarius if you’d like more background. But in summary, we are emerging from Solar Minima – a phase that occurs every 11-ish years and which seems correlated with Jupiter cycles plus pandemics – into Solar Maxima, which is more volatile. The phase that has just begun – Solar Cycle 25 – looks like it is going to be super-strength.

How it works: first there is a solar flare, created by conflicting magnetic fields on the Sun and then the coronal mass ejection or high velocity, super-charged solar wind streams out from that. It takes a few days to reach Earth and many of them miss us altogether but if they’re coming this way, they react with the Earth’s magnetic field causing electromagnetic – plasma/lightning/electrically charged air – and geomagnetic – humming earth/ground currents effects.

Solar Storms Are Metaphysical Stimulants

The solar flare of October 28 – at 15.35 Universal Time – set the storm in motion and it’s expected to reach us on Saturday night/Sunday morning Universal Time. An X1 flare is big enough to create interference with radio communications and satellites but reassuringly, it is not on the scale of the Carrington Event, which was an X9.

How does it affect humans? Well, how doesn’t it? It sounds whack but I felt this before the solar flare occurred. Like many people*,  I’ve been more sensitive to atmospheric and geological phenom since Uranus entered Taurus in May 2018. But on Wednesday night, I was convinced that the sky looked completely different – I walked around like a madwoman asking ‘why is the sky so light?’ It was night but it seemed bright. I even freaked out that it was from LED streetlights, a harsh blue light that’s stolen the dark from nocturnal animals and is too unflattering for young lovers to even linger under streetlamps.

Magnesium Helps To Buffer The Solar Wind Effects

But it wasn’t and besides, the air seemed charged with a different kind of energy. I’ve been too busy to check space weather alerts but for the last 24 hours, the atmosphere has been electrified. Physically, it felt like sudden onset circulatory weirdness – blood pooling in the hands and feet, tingling and so on. I was thinking how magnesium supplements and the spray oil are recommended to help protect against excessive emfs so I popped two magnesium tablets and bam – instant resolution of freaky symptoms.

Apparently anything electro-magnetic – with the Sun being the supreme in this area, obviously – can affect calcium channels and magnesium can help with that. This is not medical advice, obviously, but if you are feeling electrified and antsy this weekend, look into magnesium.

Metaphysically, this is a Sun-Earth interchange -or Sky-Earth** and it incites a dynamic stand-off between the visionary, expansive, heady parts of the human psyche and the chthonic, rhythm-loving more grounded elements. It’s a power-up – both of these forces are stronger at this time. Inspiration and gravity. Thought and emotion.

My theory is that if you can buffer the uncomfortable effects, you can channel enormous, beneficial energy at this time. Irrationally, it makes me think of Shakespeare’s “this rough magic” line in The Tempest.

What IS Your Cat Looking At? Paranormality Plus

Have you found that mundane, worldly stress factors seem either ridiculous or super oppressive? In alchemical astrology, the Sun antidotes Saturn’s gloomier effects – you could technically take some magnesium and whirl around the place vaporizing your worst Saturn issues.

Obviously I am assuming that one of Elon Musk’s satellites won’t be zapped and crash into the house lol.

Paranormal investigators have long suspected solar flares and the resulting geomagnetic storms of raising paranormality. There have been suggestions that they also affect the pineal gland aka the third eye, which would raise ESP.

I’ve distinctly noticed a more charged energy in the last 24 hours and I’ve seen more shadows, ghosts and auras in this phase than I would usually see in a year. Animals know something up too.


*Ancedotally, it seems that people who are Aquarius – Sun, Rising or Moon in particular, have a prominent Uranus placement in their natal chart or who are neurodivergent are experiencing this heightened awareness.

**It makes me think of the Early Heaven Bagua – a topic for another time but could it have been a diagram for a more complex cycle than we think? 

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  1. I have Uranus 2 degrees off my ascendant (so Saturn is squaring) and over the weekend, I did 2 hypnotherapy sessions where I let go of a lot of crap. I’ve felt oddly run down and achy (for a sec, I thought I caught Covid again). Then I realized I’m just going through a massive upgrade. I feel someone turned a hose on in my nose and I’m taking in 30% more oxygen and my chest is lighter. It’s amazing. I definitely felt I was being scanned this morning. It was a super buzzy feeling in my feet that went up to my legs. It was intense and lasted a good 20 minutes. I’ve been taking magnesium for years to help me sleep. Maybe I’ll up the dose. BTW– the new moon was on my descendant, and lit up a lot of my chart. The eclipse will be conjunct my Neptune/Saturn opposition, square my sun/mars in Leo. I’m expecting lots of shifts.

  2. I am Aquarius Rising, Aquarius moon, Gemini Sun, Mercury Taurus Conj. Uranus. I have been electrified for a couple of months now! I just don’t sleep, but I don’t care. Much joy! Legs are full of zaps, and yes: magnesium and really sticking to healthy routines has helped, such as milky oats and peppermint tea at night, making talismans, journaling about joy. Incidentally, I put some money in Crypto about 18 months ago, and am now a millionaire. But I will just leave it there and continue on my simple life, and hope the money is still there when I need to retire. It’s a really WILD RIDE right now! Also: Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy really keeps the body electric tuned! Love you Mystic! Mary

  3. Wish Upon a Star

    I’m just dying to share this news.
    My dad was in the Navy in the 2nd World War. When he was alive he told me that he swapped a shift with his friend. And on that night that ship went down . The poor soul that swapped the shift died. May he rest in peace. 🕊️💖

    Last night I felt compelled to search for my dad’s naval history. With help from dad I found a news paper clipping. His ship was called Gipsy. I love everything Gypsy. I dress like one and love the music.
    Gypsy is a actually a derogatory term. Romany is appropriate. But anyhow.

    I love the motto of the ship :

    “Trust your luck”

    See below for the clipping. Unfortunately I couldn’t copy the picture of the ship.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      HMS GIPSY (H 63) – G-class Destroyer including Convoy Escort Movements

      HMS Grenade, sister-ship 
      GREYHOUND-Class Fleet Destroyer ordered from Fairfield of Govan under the 1933 Programme in March 1934. The ship was laid down on 4th September that year and launched on 7th November 1935 as the 5th RN warship to carry the name that dates from 1799. This name was last used in 1897 when given to a Destroyer sold in 1921. Build was completed on 22nd February 1936 at a cost of £250,364 which excluded Admiralty supplied equipment such as guns, ammunition and radio communications equipment. She served mainly in the Mediterranean until October 1939 when recalled to Home waters.

      B a t t l e  H o n o u r s

      DOVER PATROL 1914-18 – ATLANTIC  1939

      H e r a l d i c  D a t a

      Badge: On a Field Green a female gipsy’s head Proper.


      M o t t o

      ‘Trust your luck’


      D e t a i l s   o f  W a r  S e r v i ce

      September    1939        Deployed with 1st Destroyer Flotilla for patrol and contraband control in Eastern
                                     Mediterranean based at Alexandria.
      October                 Transferred for duty in Home Waters.
                                     Took passage to Gibraltar.
                     22nd      Sailed from Gibraltar to UK with HM Destroyers GRENADE and GRIFFIN.
                                     During passage deployed in SW Approaches for anti-submarine duties.
      November             SW Approaches deployment in continuation.
                     11th       Called at Plymouth during passage to Harwich with HM Destroyer GREYHOUND to join
                                     22nd Destroyer Flotilla for North Sea convoy defence and patrol duties.
                     12th        Sustained slight damage in collision with HMS GREYHOUND in fog.
                     13th       Under repair at Harwich.
                                     Rescued survivors from German aircraft in sea off Harwich
                                     Detonated mine amidships when leaving harbour for North Sea patrol with HM Destroyers
                                     GRIFFIN, KEITH and BOADICEA of Flotilla.
                                     Ship broke in two. 30 killed including Captain.
                                     115 survivors were rescued by ships in company.
                                     (Note: The short career of this ship belied her Motto!)

      P o s t  W a r  N o t e

      The two sections of the wreck were later beached and were subsequently salvaged. They were broken up during 1940.



      by Don Kindell


    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Mmmmm. I just realised my father must have had survivor’s guilt. I did feel guilt writing about it.

      Too tired today to find out. Just been cleaning all day for an inspection. Feel better cleaning out the cobwebs.

      I feel my dad is trying to cheer me up. This morning I was having a bad dream. Thankfully the alarm went off just before it got bad. There is some trauma held in the back of my neck. I could feel it loosening.

      Dad’s just saying hang in there Gypsy girl. We’ve got lots of luck.


      1. Dads can be a source of comfort in difficult times – whether they are still here on earth or not. And cleaning often makes things better too

          1. I’m with Calcifer. My Dad was both a Mum & Dad to me, and in (long distance) absence his Scorpio wisdom rings all more clearly. Hope you find what you’re looking for, Wish. X

  4. Would love to know if anyone else is experiencing crazy internal vibrations. I’m buzzing/humming most of the night and can hardly sleep. It’s been for several months but increased recently. I’m Aqua Sun, Ascendent, Mercury & Venus and definitely have ‘issues’ with electricity.

      1. Sorry – I just saw this – which scopes are you referring to pls? I can’t see any repeats on any of them but maybe I’m mistaken?

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Every morning drink 400 MLS water with a quarter teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt. This is a natural electrolyte hydrator. Perfect for a Pisces.

  5. Crystallised future

    Wednesday 25th Oct at around 1.30-2.30 am and there was a weird humming noise here in Mackay Qld, a bit like the sounds they used for spaceships in 1950 movies, lol! Anyway, wandered around looking outside trying to locate the source and couldn’t. About half an hour later crows, magpies and storm birds started chortling to each other quietly. I didn’t hear any of the little birds. It was still happening at around 3.30 am but by daylight I couldn’t hear it.

  6. The air feels very strange in Brisbane, like everything is charged and there’s a weird energy. Some of electronics have been going haywire today too…

    1. This site is so cool! They say the Northern Lights could reach Colorado but it may be too cloudy where I am – I like to think I saw them as a baby in Edmonton and they made me love color. It would be great to see them again.

  7. OMG I stood looking at the sky on Wednesday night and wondered why it was so light, it was 3am so technically Thursday morning but it was weirdly light but not in a pre dawn way in this clear darkness way. I stood there for ages – I had been calling out to the cats – and I wondered if this was part the St Petersburg white nights were like. Magnesium YES!! have to go back to taking extra doses as I’ve just not been sleeping well and leg cramps in odd places. Saturn/South Node combo in Aquarius and Saturn return exact. Natal Uranus/conjunct in 8th house they are also conjunct Anubis & Sekhmet. Weird Egyptian symbols keep appearing on the ground, on the bark of trees, scribbled on the back of parcels, chalked on the pavement.

  8. Love thisMystic. And feeling it big time. Started popping magnesium yesterday as well. Uranus in my first as well combat my sun always. Zapping through the weekend.

  9. Love this, thank you! Sadly I seem to be allergic to magnesium – it makes my legs itch so badly it keeps me awake. It’s too bad, as it’s also supposed to be good for tinnitus, also keeping me awake! I think 2021 has shredded my nervous system. Mostly today I was just wondering if we’re all in a stage of the pandemic where everyone is on edge and barely suppressing completely being fed up with everyone and everything.

  10. Hi MM, love this site. I felt it the day before you then mentioned it in the Daily Mystic, and I had been meaning to check the NASA space weather site to confirm, then you did!! I always notice two things leading up to flare: a) driver behaviour on roads – always more erratic, irrational, urgent (like trying to escape an oncoming storm, literally, no matter time of day or weather) ; and b) my anxiety levels reach new hyperbole. But then, for that, I take magnesium citrate like there is no tomorrow – lol (but a bit worried about upcoming global magnesium shortage??). XOO

    1. Also, the new Astro DNA… Thank you again MM, for knowing us better than we know ourselves, it feels! It’s like you’ve uncovered our own personal stone circle to navigate the eclipses/stars with, and now it’s up to us to honour it..? Well, am trying.. <3
      This Rough Magic.

      1. Thank you! It’s took a lot longer than I intended so I am aware I’ve dropped the ball in other areas but the feedback is fantastic!

        1. Never dropped the ball Mystic. This is so much more than an astrology site, and I can’t describe how much it – and the little community here – means. L🌸ve.

        2. Wish Upon a Star

          Mystic we appreciate your work. But please don’t blow out your circuits with too much hard work.

          Please ground that perfectionism.
          This is said with love. Please have some fun and time to yourself.
          Don’t be your worst enemy.


  11. I have noticed the Platinum coloured sky and walking along a deserted beach yesterday evening with thunder rumbling and lightning crackling secret messages like Close Encounters. Had to swim in the Pacific buff. Sleep for me is getting progressively worse for some months now even with M spray. Dreams of driving or rather being a passenger but deciding to drive but not finding a key are so obvious it’s almost ridiculous. Solar storm activity just in time for magical Samhain (or whatever is the Southern Hemisphere version)

  12. Mystic have you read Sand Talk? In it Yunkaporta talks about about Indigenous conceptions of Sky Country. I think you would find it interesting. The whole book is so profound, it will take many re reads to get it into my head.

    1. No, but I have added it to my list now – I am keen to learn more about indigenous star lore but did not want fluff like “Gemini is the Bunyip”

  13. Original Scorpsta

    Yep. Aquarius Rising and mildly neurodivergent here – woke up at 1.30am Syd time, didnt get a wink of sleep the rest of the night and my whole body felt like it was on fire with every little niggle dialled up to 11. Great advice re Magnesium – going to hunt some out right now.

  14. The difference between erotica and pornography? The Lighting. That shows how important it is to our wellbeing doesn’t it 🙂
    Fluorescents give me visual disturbances as does overhead lighting.
    Often paint my globes or light covers a peach-apricot shade, much kinder on the visage.
    Buying the right shade and wattage in globes takes much longer than it used to since the change to LED. Constantly changing and rearranging light bulbs due to lamps, especially the art deco lady lamps, in my determination to get the light right, so my sympathy to migrating birds and possums.

    There was an enormous Spring storm on 27-28th that caused massive damage same time as coronal ejection, although too early to reach our atmosphere if travel time calculated, just coincidental. Wouldn’t it be good if it zapped out some of the massive space junk circling the planet though?

    Bio-magnesium is one supplement in my cache that is not permitted to run out, there are 4 different kinds though so important to read label and invest in good quality.

  15. My body has been feeling a bit lighter and I move through my days feeling more self-insulated. i.e., less incensed by the small (but enormous when from the principle angle! current mine field) things.

    While I’m writing this I’m also trying not to freak out that my computer screen has suddenly begun to randomly glitch for split seconds at a time….2nd house Aqua sun (with loads of textiles to late sag/early cap placements)…recently have begun new work that requires me to be on the computer for admins and bts stuffs for a couple companies. Is the ghost in the machine clapping for me or cackling….:/

  16. Not antsy just feeling better ! More energy, lighter in mood and a couple of nights better rest. And oddly my three feral cats, now couch potatoes have been going berserk. I found myself asking the fluff bag if she was predicting the weather ? Seemingly they might be.

  17. Thanks for this! My sleeping patterns are off & last night I was blinking in and out of sleep, little brain zaps & so on. Will try to get some magnesium for the weekend.

    1. oooh on the full moon run up I was literally asleep ten minutes awake. Asleep ten minutes awake. I probably had three nights with a max of two hours sleep. Now it’s way easier but I’m up at 6am and leaping out of bed ?!?!?!

  18. As I was walking my dog early yesterday morning, I heard a rustle in the trees. I turned towards the sound and really close above me flew a heron. I had a headlamp on because it was still dark out. It was really cool. It was also in the same spot I used to hear and see a hawk, which I imagine has migrated on. The hawk and I were super connected but that’s another story. Love earth magic.

  19. This probably explains why I’ve been experiencing anxiety in the center of my chest, despite not actively stressing or worrying about anything. Been in a great mood but feeling tingly. Cats are also acting strange. This is the second time in a week magnesium has come up….time to go get some.

  20. Thank you Mystic for this solar flare report! I definitely feel it and am putting it to good use as I am leaving the city after 30 years to move to a small house in the country side. This very week. As a Taurus Moon, some supernatural PUSH is necessary to make me move and this seems to be IT! 🚀

  21. wow! I am an Aquarius and I have felt… charged is the best word! Prowling and tense but also so tired. Also a mysterious headache. And everyone in the world is asking for my emotional support and guidance right now, and I’ve got nothing left to give. The animal I am petsitting has been BIZARRE–acting, I guess, like there’s a storm coming but just blue skies. He knows what’s up.

  22. One night this week I had the exact same experience of wondering why it was so light. It could’ve been Tue, I’m in the UK and we are going into winter here, it’s getting dark around 5pm but this was much later in the evening and it was weird. It felt weird, and wasn’t like normal light.

    1. Hi SusanE, I had the exact same experience this past Wednesday here in Europe. Went for a 45 minute walk in the park at around 6:20 PM, and was amazed at how light it still was 🌅

  23. I have been feeling it again. It’s initially like an irritant and/or urge to change the environment or space. Perhaps a bit like a clock striking time. The air particles can change. I have noticed I have surplus energy that gets difficult to channel or focus initially with solar flares.

    Now that I’ve read this it makes sense. I keep telling myself I need to monitor this stuff. Good opportunity to get some precision ray gun practice in.

    1. I know right? I was wondering wtf and telling myself to hunker down and do sleep hygiene and stay stay stay calm until whatever this is passes the other night. I kept ripping my clothes off because I could feel almost like bugs crawling on my skin. This happens to me when I’m extremely emotionally burned out and my nervous system is crashing. The next chapter is shingles and various weird dark visual hallucinations in my peripheral vision. I’ve never told anyone about this because I know how creepy it sounds and it’s the sort of data that could get a person sectioned. It first happened when I was a little kid, pre verbal and it was my mind’s way of processing the genuine malevolence within the people around me. One of those almost extra sensory perceptions that lets you know there are dangerous forces around and not to draw attention to oneself. Fortunately I haven’t had any experiences like this in over a year and I have learned that when I do they will pass.
      I was so relieved to read this post and know I’m not the only person who feels such uncomfortable things deeply, unavoidably that wouldn’t translate well in my “normal” life and are best kept to myself. Another reason this site is so special

      1. I get the dark shapes around peripheral too, Invicta -usually when am super sleepdeprived or anxious. (Usually both, lol)😊🙄. But I also get “classic” ?? migraines with aura, so always thought mine were linked to the neuro-visual disturbances that occur with that! Who knows, but lately I’ve also felt am “seeing” more, ‘beyond the veil’ (whatever that means), and migraines have disappeared with TCM and remedies for anxiety and gut. So – in short I don’t think you are creepy, I think you are magic. 💝💝💖

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