Neptune in Pisces

Mars square Neptune poster

Mars Square Neptune Is Unmissable

Mars square Neptune is nearly here, the live event you've been craving. Do you long for app-free living and being able to reply to things with 'whatever? Lust-based decision-making? Therapeutic decadence? Flirting without intent but doing their birth chart anyway? Giggling during yoga? Mood nail polish? Throwing your Eckhart Tolle book at someone and then going to the pub? Irony? Neptunian love interests? Relationships that never happen but hover enticinglyRead More...
Omni sci fi art. Highway with galaxies visible above it.

The Full Moon June 2019 Hyper Flux

You can best understand the Full Moon June 2019 scenario in the context of the ongoing Hyper-Flux. That is the Mutable square of Jupiter + Neptune. It is a psychoactive stimulant in its own right. It’s like when the surrealist Salvador Dali was asked if he did drugs, and he said: “I am drugs.” Jupiter squares Neptune all year, accentuating the escapist, transcendent desires of Sagittarius and Pisces. Each planetRead More…

Pisces Today

Neptuned – Pisces Today

Pisces Today is tuning into pure Neptune Frequency, zero static or disruptions to transmission. Chiron in Pisces since 2011 until recently activated super-powers that Pisceans did not know they had. Sure, most of that activation was via their natural powers failing them or a non-stop existential crisis. But isn’t that always the way? Nothing in real life ever feels like a heroic journey at the time. Now, in 2019, Uranus inRead More…

Space Age Fashion Neptune Goggles

Neptune Googles Are The Ultimate Illusion Accessories

From the mystery backers behind Neptunian Life Coaching, comes a bold new lifestyle accessory: Neptune Goggles. After all, why take drugs when you can be a drug? Neptune Goggles are the exact opposite of Saturn Dating Goggles.  They are designed to diffuse reality, not bathe it in a stark light of skin blemishes and overdue tax. But they move well beyond the classic rose-tint of standard-issue Illusion Accessories. Custom-scented, theyRead More…

Witch in red dress at home with cat

Pisces People Are Becoming More Piscean

Neptune In Pisces for Pisces Pisces Qi is getting stronger. It began quietly at the end of 2017, probably with the first pulse of that Jupiter-Neptune trine. Or, some say, around the time of the Emotional Support Peacock.  Could the drunk alleged time traveller have somehow been a factor? Anyway, whatever is doing it, Pisces People Are Becoming More Piscean. The key indicator? They’re no longer even pretending to take advice orRead More…

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