Do You Have The Solstice Blues?

Do you have the Solstice blues? Summer or Winter solstice, the longest night or Midsummer, it doesn’t matter. The Solstice blues are seasonally agnostic, and if you’ve felt unusually strange within the last 24 hours, you could be influenced by this phenom.

If so, you’d be nervy but worried that you’d lost your nerve, restless but struck by ennui, and/or experiencing vertigo or a sense of being off-balance that feels practically existential. It’s like a more profound version of when the atmospheric pressure drops pre-storm.

A Solstice is an extreme astro-event: the word literally means ‘Sun standing still,’ and even though that’s only from our perspective on Earth, the illusion occurs because the poles of the Earth are at maximum tilt. Additionally, shortly after the December solstice, Earth reaches perihelion, when it’s the closest it can be to the Sun.

A Solstice Is An Extreme Astro-Event

If you’re at all cosmobiologically sensitive, you’ll switch to high alert without missing a beat and the most accentuated sensory organ? Your hearing. It’s acute at this time, scanning for shifts in magnetic fields and atmospheric pressure. This accentuates auditory phenoms such as vertigo or tinnitus. It would be an edgy few days in even the most idyllic environment or society.

But now? With Saturn-Uranus at peak Grand Irrationality, high Solar Winds/an impending geomagnetic storm, electro-smog, and cognitive dissonance from Christmas with vax/pandemic politics? It’s tough. Astrologically, Venus and Mars are both amped up to max: Mars in Saggo wants to pull a gigantic genius gamble kind of a move, and the Plutonic retro-Venus is a passion regenerator.

Infuriatingly, they’re thwarted – for now – by the Saturn-Uranus s**t-fight. This, with the maximum tilt of the Solstice, is difficult. At the Solstice, you see everything, and if you don’t, you’re usually shown it. Only the most muffled of people have no awareness at this time, but the more you’re aware, the edgier you are.

Edgy & Re-Orienting

The ideal Solstice experience is when you re-orient your perspective, wow out at whatever you’re grokking, and then act. It’s normally a lot easier to channel the vibe. You would not, for example, be concerned that your industry/suburb/workplace, whatever might be shut down at any moment, or expected to discuss antibody-dependent enhancement with your relatives over Xmas lunch.

Still, whatever. It may not be obvious by the meta-bats media and news flow, but I believe that something has tipped – tilted – within the echelons of power, and it will be evident over the coming weeks, certainly by the perihelion (Earth at the closest point to the Sun) on January 5. Meanwhile, I have some suggestions for the Solstice Blues.

How To Alleviate The Solstice Blues

(1) Realize that delayed daring ventures or would-be hot relationships are banking massive reserves of energy – they’re not losing anything by the fact you cannot implement them as quickly as you want. They could even be gaining.

(2) In terms of the intense geomagnetic/solar winds scenario, we are just at the start of Solar Cycle 25, and it is looking as if it will be more potent than those in recent history.  If you read any of the previous takes on this, you’ll see that there are benefits but maintaining your personal mineral (calcium, magnesium, etc.) and electrolytes balance is vital. I’m obviously not a medical practitioner, and I’m not sure how far you’d get if you tried to talk to a doctor about heightened solar activity and your cell voltage but know thyself.

(3) As this Solstice energy is so extreme – and yes, it is in play for the next several days – it’s easy to spiral up into over-thought. A really basic but effective antidote? Small talk. Stay off the freaky-googling trail – your imagination does not need extra dark material – and strike up a dialogue about your dog, coffee beans, mascara, art you like, etc. It’s not about the past, politics, or future – it exists in its own little dimension and in an oblique kind of a way; it’s curative.

(4) If you can handle the off-balance sensation – the tilt – and heightened, definitive perceptions, the Solstice season is a fantastic force for converging your focus. Summon your solar strength of will and perhaps some additional guidance from Sol/Apollo. After all, that’s what multiple ancient temples were for. You probably don’t have time to build a mini-Stonehenge in your bathroom, but you can find the exact direction of the Sun and angle yourself to face that direction next time you’re conjuring up new oomph, right?

(5) If you’re a meditator, yogi, or chakra kind of a character, think solar-plexus!

85 thoughts on “Do You Have The Solstice Blues?”

  1. Thank you so much for this, the how-to guide is much appreciated, Mystic! I have just renewed my membership for 2022.
    Am really feeling the crunch of the Saturn-Uranus square again. Caught in the middle of the high tension between my Leo neighbor and my Saggo husband, who have been in conflict with each other since late 2019… It feels crucial to stay centered and look out for my own peace of mind

      1. Thank you Wish, a good reminder! I often notice that I tend to breathe in a shallow way during tense days and moments

      2. Same. I’ve been trying to do breathing exercises and they make me so panicked 🙀. I tried chi gong a few times but that brought up an insane amount of anger 😩. I like eft (because I can figure out what I’m feeling in the moment and verbalise it, accept it and stay in my body – most importantly. ) I tried that shaking meditation too which I absolutely loved. After a few minutes of shaking like a loon being jolted with electric shocks I get gentle tears and feel relaxed. I think some techniques work with some people and they have the opposite effect on others. Trauma in silly quantities if inflicted early enough on a person apparently rewires the brain / body and creates an adverse or upside down reaction (I think the medical term is paradoxical) reaction to drugs and therapies. Speed for instance makes me sleepy and hungry. Me on Dexedrine is like most people on weed. Hey ho. But yeah if trying to breathe deeply helps you relax then have at it. I have to take “little sips” of breath 🤷‍♀️

      3. You are right Invicta : horses for courses. I am glad that you have found things that work for you.


  2. Can you hear the trumpets sounding ?
    I just spent 2 hours on the phone with a lovely lady who helped me set up security for my laptop and mobile phone.

    I am all good to go with my own laptop for the first time in my life! Yes its true.
    The feeling is so amazing. So much freedom to roam and write.

  3. On solstice had a person i chat to in the dog park the last few years park over for late lunch or my version of a xmas very light dinner, prawns and salad at my outdoor setting under trees.
    He said he had been HIV+ for 40 years when he was nursing in San Francisco.He looks like he is dying, so frail but so sweet and softly spoken.
    Gave him some Peg’s meds, sunshine, nourishment outdoors, black cherries and bamboo & ephedra tea for energy, half glass of Sav Blanc included but of course.
    So last night in the shower with the new extra strong shower head, closed eyes and let it massage my back and in my mind’s eye SAW FUQING WINGS like a dragon fly between my shoulders and a vision of a goddess when the water was flowing over my head. This is after he texted a thank you and telling me i was an angel
    What a peak experience, like i had been waiting all my life for this!
    The power of suggestion and water doing their magical thing.
    Maybe he filled my heart with compassion.
    The moral of this story is ‘don’t be afraid to give it all grows back’.

    1. Oh Pegasus. You really, truly are.💓💓💓 I am so happy you got to see what we feel, and that Christmas late lunch and companion sound 🤗😘 XOOXOO

    2. “I believe Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly” Lorraine K.. Mitchell

    3. Beautiful, Pegasus…
      By the way, I find that the space between the shoulder blades is special. It can be so comforting when someone lays their hand there for a moment

  4. Biggest panic attack on record. Solar plexus feels fried or purged, whichever way, it’s rebooted. The rest of me needs sleep x

  5. Love this! : “You probably don’t have time to build a mini-Stonehenge in your bathroom, but you can find the exact direction of the Sun and angle yourself to face that direction next time you’re conjuring up new oomph, right?”


  6. Edgy and off balance = always.
    You know I didn’t pay this winter solstice much mind, but I was drawn to and ultimately guided to a complete bathing ritual + energy clearing on the day. I’ve needed to upgrade my current auric clearing, Neptune opp North Node begs it lol. Now I understand why….

  7. Oh this is so what I’ve been going through. My fuse feels frayed into non existence and I am not so much edgy as I am a singular personification of the edge. Art, craft, making work is a much stronger need than food, sleep or fresh air, although I’m subliminally aware that those things feed the work and should be attended to. I have the house to myself which is a mercy. I couldn’t deal with my landlady right now. But still I had planned to cook and clean and organise my space while she’s gone for a week and yet. 🤔. Tearing myself away from my various sewing projects and the books I’m reading feels impossible. I can barely force a piece of toast down with my tea despite having the space, opportunity and raw materials to make myself nourishing food. These past few days I’ve been so disinterested in anything except making stuff and domestic chores, people knocking on the door wanting to chat etc just intolerable. I know. It’s so rude. I did my volunteer work and that was fine but I have no patience for anything that isn’t a creative practice and solitary. That said I have unpicked whole garments and had the emotional resilience to stick with arduous reconstructions and make things work despite… well you get it. Glad there’s an astrological excuse for my antisocial self absorption. Ha ha. No. I’m not antisocial actually. I’m being kind to people. I just have weird powers of perception and a new zeal for policing the boundaries of that space. I’m refuse to be manipulated. I can see how / when people are trying it on and I am allergic to their so called charms. The answer is no.

    1. Somebody hokey? (not me this time -promise!😂) or just very honest once said “all communication is manipulation” – and, well, I guess, it is. If you strip it right back (which my Merc exact opp. Pluto loves to do, for fun). But then – Joan Didion also said “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” (May she rest in peace).
      So I guess, what i am trying to say is, please don’t stop telling your stories (not least because we all derive something from them!), and please grab yourself that rest and solitude without fear or favour. It is all we ever own, really. X

      1. I definitely feel that since the amount of messages I get outside of volunteering hours requesting food that I was offering to share two days ago is infuriating. Because of my autism I often struggle with understanding the subtext (of the subtext) as in, not flying off the the handle and feeling manipulated but seeing the human struggle side. After I’ve vented I understand that probably this person is running low on tomatoes and doesn’t mean to upset me. Thinks what’s the harm in reaching out/sending someone to knock on the door etc. Then I feel embarrassed and mean about having been emphatic about having boundaries. I’m volunteering tomorrow (25th) but today (24th) I’m sewing and doing my own thing. It feels awful to have to react that way. I wish I didn’t get so upset by these “little “ things but it’s me. I do get upset. If I’m going to interact with people (and most of the time I’d much rather not) I need to let them know when they upset me, and how much. Otherwise I’m being dishonest and not representing my true self fairly. It’s hard though and I struggle with wanting people to like me and wanting to be nice.. Pluto square my ascendant says fuq that however. Real beats nice every time. Also, sag moon & rising. Lol
        aka leave me alone mofos. It’s Xmas. Please and thank you. Xx

      2. Every message and item shared on the app is timestamped so it’s not even like people can pretend it’s not an old listing or no longer active. They still really try it on and boy does it upset me. Then I get upset at how upset I got and … 🙃😭

      3. Oh Invicta I didn’t realise you were putting up with such a struggle.
        I’m not autistic and I have finally realised that it is not worth the struggle of having people like you. Its just not authentic, and I think most people can feel that anyway. It must be so exhausting for you.

        So I can give you a bit of my story to help you. I have just recently come off antidepressants. Before that I was mixing with people who were not my cup of tea as I didn’.t want to be antisocial. When I finally come off the meds I went “What the fuq was I doing?”. I was investing my energy were there was no return. And as Im a Taurus Moon I am very wise with my energy.

        I have Pluto square my Gemini Sun so I get it, I have read alot of your comments over the post and the feeling I got was that you were investing alot of your energy to fit in. It never works Invicta.
        You have a Sag moon. You must be so frustrated and exhausted.

        You are allowed to have boundaries.
        Merry Christmas Invicta.


      4. I really relate… Setting healthy boundaries and staying true to myself is one if the biggest challenges in this lifetime. The need to be liked and to fit in can be such a difficult pull to resist though 🌝

      5. Saccharine static.

        I’m looking for peaceful silence,

        I decide to walk away.

        I sink into the ground and I find my peaceful centre. .


        The above describes the moves I need to make to get away from the fray. The trick is to walk away from the static.

      6. It feels like a constant struggle. Honestly I’m never really happy on either side of the fence. I either feel mean and too severe or like a hyper mobile limbo dancer juggling drunk jellyfish

      7. x. I am on my laptop now so I cant use emojis.

        Ive got my big girl pants on now but Ive Lost my trinkets.

      8. Oh. I so relate. When I worked full-time years ago, I would set all sorts of boundaries administratively. I simply could not function otherwise. I think human nature (not least of all, my own!! lol) is inherently chaotic/self-interested. And, like you, I can forgive that once/first time. But I often found, even after I would communicate set boundaries (here is an e.g. based on your experience – posting a notice such as “Today I have some tomatoes to share. First in best dressed; and I will not be delivering them after midday tomorrow..” etc, etc) it astounded me how many people simply pushed on, despite instructions (asking for exceptions to be made for them). You get tired of saying no, because even the fact you have to politely refuse is another transgression on your energy..
        And yes, have often not responded to communications. For years. And because i have a chronic illness, I have refused to justify it even to myself. My energy is literally used up with my little family and maintaining health, and I believe this illness is some type of karmic gift to help me respect myself (and, consequent needs).
        The worst part is, again like you, I really empathise with people who I love, who feel I am being cold or even disinterested because I have no energy to communicate outside a routine/set context. Or – they think I am a freak.
        But really, I love them, want the absolute best for them, but – cannot hold their hands.
        Sorry for talking so much, about not communicating – LOL! XOO I guess I feel there is no manipulation/obligation talking here. I hear you. Xx

      9. Earthstar don’t ever stop. I LOVE hearing from you. And everyone here. This community keeps me sane. Well, lolz. You know. X

      10. Take care and take heart Invicta, I am sure you get a little bit better at setting boundaries every day… And then sometimes – just speaking for myself but maybe it’s something you recognize – there will a big relapse to shake me awake. But if you live consciously and want the best for yourself and others, the overall direction is onwards and upwards 🌟

      11. Thanks again Earthstar. I feel like such a freak sometimes and am desperate for some encouragement right now. Xx

      12. Hi Invicta, siiiggghhh – sending you the biggest little hand squeeze from across the Table//Universe (if not hugs, but you probably feel allergic to human contact right now! <3 <3 ). I wish I could describe how much I get what you’re saying – I moved across country to get the solitude I need – I do not know HOW you do it, living in one of the largest metropolises in the modern world, AND volunteering, AND having to share your living space with somebody who isn’t exactly simpatico. On a day like today, which is built up with abstractions to the nth degree (whether we consciously do it or not), I just want to say – I hear you. And am in the same boat. But – waving to you from across the oceans!!! Hang in there – and if you have to build a physical fence to make people respect boundaries – do it!! lolol (Seriously. I actually have. Planning another one).
        LOVE. XOO

  8. So I started the day pretending life is like a fairytale. There are angels and fairies, and also goblins and trolls. I went shopping with a friend and told her about my outlook and things started working out for me. Then I realised things do work out when you play with things and have a young heart. Something that I forgot for a long while.

    It is a sweet revelation. And we did just have a full moon in Gemini and I be a Gemini.
    I laughed today and it was good.

    Yes I was on the phone the other day and my left ear started ringing so loudly that I couldn’t hear the person on the other end. And while I was watering the garden I nearly fell over. It was like the ground was tilting. And no I wasn’t drunk! LOL!

  9. I thought all this super edginess was Pluto 1 degree from my Asc along with Inanna/Venus. Have picked 3 Innana cards from 3 different decks in the last week.But it may be the Solstice (as a Leo Stellium I’m prob very hyper sensitive) incredible tired during the day but wide awake at night (well it has been a Leo moon as well) And not only is the Uranus square Saturn happening its happening on my F*#@ing Natal Saturn as well! Sometimes I feel I’m a weird version of Shrodinger’s cat, getting squashed in one dimension while in the other I have wings and super powers!

    1. Hahahahaha! We need a club of people who feel like a super hero(ine) in one dimension and a giant loser in another. I don’t know why exactly, but I think things are changing. Let’s see, if its another wild wishful thinking bout or real intuition and premonition of the collective energy.

  10. In the middle of nature and (mostly) nowhere with my little family, we (completely accidentally) had lunch at a cafe called “Equinox” on the 21, before walking along a 1.8km jetty, so beautiful it moved me to tears. I only remembered in the evening that it WAS the Summer equinox, and the tilting, humming and sleeplessness has been intense. Thanks MM for confirming it is not just in my head. 💓

    1. Sounds like the perfect way to mark the solstice – to me, jetties are like walking on water, it’s possible to access a whole different realm. Enjoy the nature break! xx

      1. Chrysalis that is a beautiful way of putting it!! 💖💖❤ It was Busselton jetty in full summer sun, all aqua and turquoise and navy seagrass meadows and palest pink-ash limestone plains. And the 🌞.. I saw an octopus eat a small crab, then a group of teens jump off the timber piles into the water, catch a similar sized octopus, bring it up on the jetty to look at, and then place it gently back into the blue. Back in city now,but still have water in my ears. Take care pet, wishing all solar plexus peace & love ❤

  11. I am tired easily, could not concentrate in my favourite yoga class on Monday, but feel hyper spiritual. During solstice prayers yesterday, I could do little, except just say thanks, endlessly. Have also been seeing a version of my future life in mind’s eye since 9th Dec. Its ridiculous how real it seems to me. I live out entire conversations, without meaning to…or acting them artificially in any way. I am grateful for the solstice energy. The moon has also been speaking to me a lot for the past week, so it all has accumulated.

    I am with you in feeling the shift in energy, but then I also had Pluto off my moon and Saturn off my sun, and Solar Arc moon off my descendent in the exact same week. Its been the third pass of Pluto and I am done now! Never again in this lifetime! Its like a whole boulder is lifting off my mind and heart, but no outer manifestation yet.

    1. I have felt a bit the same this solstice – a sense of deep spirituality, almost melancholy, and a recognition that my world is changing, somehow. I didn’t attend my local yoga community’s usual solstice practice, I stayed in splendid isolation with my books and music. It seemed right, although I have been so grateful for that community this year. I can feel my old world slipping away, in fact I had unexpected contact from former loves from early Pluto in Cap, as if they were doing a final cosmic fly-past.

      1. Isolation with books and music is so, so lovely. I live alone and have more isolation than a whole community’s quota, but can’t seem to read during pandemic years. Music is the salvation of the soul.

        Unexpected contact for healing and letting go is wonderful. It’s the season, I guess. I hope they didn’t tire you, but only served to let go of the deep knots in our hearts that only former loves can untangle.

      2. I watched ‘Its a wonderful life’ until 5 am on Christmas morning and wept like a baby. Needed that simple faith and golden happiness, even if on the screen. Highly recommended.

  12. You have no idea how much I needed this article right now … it’s so on point thank you. I thought I was losing my mind here just quietly : )

  13. Number 3 is actually a good tip for me all the time. It’s orienting to reality and the here and now. I’m so surprised no one else has ever mentioned it as a heuristic. I don’t see that written anywhere. Not lofty enough I guess. Thanks Mystic.

  14. Ahhh Mystic, this blog was so needed. My ears have been ringing at the highest frequency and the tilting is so nauseating it’s almost funny. Yesterday, my daughter and I went to a mega shopping centre and that with everyone being in crazy heightened stress states, the exhaustion that followed was up there in my top 3 of all time. I’m still recovering. On the flip side, my dream state has been rich, vivid and so much more encouraging than my waking life. Merry Yule & Solstice 💕💕💕

    1. Ooh watch the shopping centre energy – almost impossible to avoid but I get it!! Exhaustion maximus. The most healing places I have found now are beaches, and forested olive groves and vineyards (have been to both in last 72 hours – but about to head back to reality…)

      1. I think communes for introverts could become a thing: pool the resources but no tiresome ‘committee meetings.’

      2. Oh Mystic – I am already there !!! (Does this community count as one already?? We all retire to our favourite tree circle and meet – but in our heads?😄💖)

      3. Just reading your reply is sooooo soothing. I’m missing the water incredibly and my Pisces Moon/Asc is constantly feeling grinned over it. Shopping centres have always zapped me and I intend to be in more nature and water filled areas in 2022

  15. Mystic you have just summed up my last 24 hours: vertigo – tick, tinnitus- tick, restless but struck by ennui – tick. I am always effected when storms roll in but this has felt like one big storm. Great to have an explanation- thank you 🙏 Now to go and make small talk with my hairdresser, the queen of small talk ..,

  16. Mystic you are so hilarious. I read an article about mascara recently and apparently we need a special one as we age as well as an age resistant wand – the results looked most impressive I must say. Apparently too, coffee beans expand in the humid weather and need to be thrown away if already ground, and I can talk about art until the cows come home. When I win the lottery I am going to study at the The National Art School (Jup conj Mars). How’s that for small talk, desperately trying to avoid the existential angst I am feeling so close to that big old Sun. Happy Yule you all. Thanks Mystic for my daily dose of fascination that is my routine through the transitory influences. I love this site. xxxxx

      1. Anna Taylor
        In 1911, a Canadian inventor named Anna Taylor patented artificial eyelashes. Her invention included glue-on lashes, or strip lashes, that were thought to be made from human hair. A few years later, German hairdresser, Karl Nessler, provided false eyelash services at his New York City salon.

      2. My auntie, a Scorpio with a Sag moon, loved to tell about her first job at a makeup counter. She cut up the strips of false lashes and individually glued them on. She sold a lot of makeup. She was also very cute and chatty so I’m sure that helped.

    1. yes please tell us about this Ultra Magical eye wand while I drink all the ground coffee I have and get edgier by the secondo

    2. Sending you some comforting energy Aqualeo… I seem to remember that you are in the Northern hemisphere, just like me? With the returning of the light, things will slowly get better. I feel quite sure of it 🙂

  17. Yeah, that explains a lot… I follow the activities of the Sun, the Schumann Resonance and the KPI index and everything, but never thought about the Solstice like this… there has been an additional strangeness in the air for like a week now… it feels as if all my cells would deconstruct and then reconstruct themselves…. it’s freaky 🤪

  18. great news re: relationships
    i got with the ramzilla at the shadow of venus retro (17th nov)
    and we’re encountering ahem, problems due to his hernia, aaargh
    i am learning patience and all sorts of things
    it really feels like ive known him before and its got potential, so maybe we’re strengthening somehow
    would LOVE a soulmate report-Mystic i would pay you anything for a mini report, seriously
    Aries + Scorp, wooot!
    venus trine sun, sun square saturn-eek-but maybe not eek-maybe longevity…..
    Happy Solstic everyone 💫💕

    1. The getting together with Ramzilla made me happy. 🙂 Hope they recover soon. We need more love stories in the Venus-Pluto season! ❤

      1. its touch & go actually…he keeps pushing me away due to his pain…im being patient but im only human at the same time…aaargh!
        what will be will be 💕

      2. So sorry! Many, many hugs! 🤗🤗🤗🤗
        Remember, this too shall pass. Also, we must let everyone do their own emotional work. The biggest misnomer is that we can make someone happy. Nobody can, unless they themselves wish to.

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