The Return Of Lilith In Leo

“All those people who rejected me gave me a head-start on freedom, because the fear and obedience we are all taught, well, those things weren’t getting me any love. Maybe what shame needs to stay alive is the consent of the shamed.”

Ariel Gore – birth Lilith in Leo – We Were Witches

Lilith lands back in Leo this Monday and I’m legit elated. It’s not just the iconoclastic sorceress vibe, although who couldn’t do with a bit more of that energy at the moment?

But no, I’m thinking elemental Fire: as in audacity and heat. A snazzy hot Leo presence will spark Jupiter in Aries and make the astroscape more elementally balanced.

This influence will suit feisty femmes, anyone seeking to actualize a more potent, brave creative presence and wit a la Rebecca Solnit’s brilliant Men Explain Things To Me essay. It coined the term ‘mansplaining’ and yes, she’s a Lilith in Leo woman.

Lilith – aka the Lunar Apogee – last graced Leo in 2014 – it was a good year! In hindsight, it seems to be swathed in a golden aura but maybe that’s just the absence of bushfires and lockdowns plus I had a Neptunian boyfriend that year.

But you see, Lilith IS ultra-potent in Leo. I think it’s to do with Leo being Apollo-ruled and Lilith representing the Moon’s furtherest point from Earth. She’s not quite with the classic Moon program and the Sun is in natural polarity with the Moon.

This Lilith placement has far more than it’s logical share of iconic people: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, Simone de Beauvoir, Bette Davis, Patrick Swayze, Catherine Deneuve. Monroe had it rising with Neptune for extra spaced out glamor zing.

More recent Lilith in Leo stars include Jordan Peele, Brandy Norwood, Christopher Nolan, Valentino Rossi, Queen Latifah, Naomi Klein, Melissa McCarthy and more…If you’re expecting a baby anytime before October, anticipate a vocal child with star-power who may well exert a strong opinon on your cinematic and musical tastes.

For the next nine months, every Leo Moon will be as far away from Earth as it can get without breaking free and roaming the galaxy.

And, every Aquarius Moon will be ultra-close to us. Watch baseline Leo and Aquarius relationship, food, freedom-intimacy ratio and style preferences flip.

If you’ve been thinking about a fresh look that fuqs off dank vibes from recent years, Lilith in Leo is fab for curating something bold. If you want to paradigm-bust, go with yellow, solar and gold themes.

Finally, note this: the house or chart sector where you have Leo has been “poorly lit” for the last several years, with no major presence holding court for more than a few weeks – the  Sun, Mercury etc.

Now Lilith will floodlight the zone for months, ahead of Venus in Leo for 18 weeks from June 5.

Leos, your optimism is not a hallucination.


*Astro-Fiend Note: I need to do more research on this but some sources say that “Ketu” – of the Vedic Rahu + Ketu – is actually Lilith, not the South Node. We know Lilith is in a nine year cycle, similar to the Nodes and Eclipses so it fits.

As Lilith is the screen for many a patriarchal projection, it could explain the bad rep of the South – or descending – Node. It’s all a bit Snakes & Ladders AKA irrational.

Image: Helmut Newton – Citreon.

62 thoughts on “The Return Of Lilith In Leo”

  1. I am a first house stellium Leo, sun-Venus-and-rising, and reading that my first house has been poorly lit the last couple years resonates. As an undying fan of Lana Del Rey and Lilith, count me in on the cheer squad. I’m ready to bust all the moves.

  2. Lilith hit my Leo Moon-MC as the Full Moon peaked on my Crab Sun, Moon ruled … MOONmoonmoonmoonMOON … Omg how i’ve HOWLED. I feel emotionally brutalised. It was all triggered by a nasty person at a party. Too complex (or boring?) to explain here, but her comments, which were not even personal or directed at me, sent me reeling like i’d been punched in the gut & all these layers of suppressed emotions started making their way up my body – like i literally thought the top of my head was going to explode with rising emo anger pressure. So rather than open my mouth with some whip-arse retort & risk this emo rage taking me over & creating utter mayhem at the party (as a very huge part of me actually craved) i, instead, got my coat & speed-walked in a gale for 8 kms before the red mist subsided.
    It’s all been v cathartic & better out than in & blah blah, but fuq I feel battered. Really hoping this grand entrance of Lilith in Leo is just that – & is not a sign of things to come, because my Leo is already rampantly lit: MC & 5 planets – with Uranus sitting in the middle like a ticking time bomb being squared by trans Uranus as we speak …

    1. Oof. Hope your next few days go gently. Our Lilith shadow has a strong and very personal peak. (I support your “walk until the red mist evaporates” method. Appreciate the Shakespearean tempest for effect x)

      1. Thank you Sam. Yes, Lilith can sure pack a wallop & it’s really hard to keep a rein on it. i guess it takes other wild forces to soothe her? Seriously though, it was an epic Full Moon night, which in these parts occurred at midnight, for added poignancy. The moon appeared freakishly bright between the black storm clouds & there were massive winds & waves crashing over the sea wall into the city streets. I was soaked from sea spray by the end of my rampage.

    2. Skarab sorry to hear of that mind blowing experience. Some buttons were sure pushed. I know that volcanic feeling, Pele erupting.
      It was called the Wolf Moon, so howling was in order.
      Look after yourself, treat yourself like the queen you are.x

      1. Thank you, Pegasus xx . And yes, i think i was more surprised & worried at my violent reaction than what this person was saying. It wasn’t even like i haven’t heard the same mindless merde a million times already from other people – maybe that was it. …. and clearly, i needed an excuse to go a-howling!

        1. I was out walking that night too, with full moon peaking around midnight. There was a snow slush in the air and my hair were peppered with little icy sprinkles. I was not angry but can easily imagine the rush of energy you felt. So glad you channeled the rage. It healthier and makes you a more powerful mage/witch.

  3. Yessss loving this. My natal Lilith is in Leo in the 7th house, my natal Jupiter is in Aries !!! Ready for glamour, influence in my industry, big love, big magic. Main character energy.

    1. Hi scorpiodawn! it’s h12. But if you go to their drop down box titled Additional Objects, you can choose Lilith from there too. xx

  4. Natal Lily in Aquarius but thanx for the back-up Leo Lily.
    Have always spelt Lilith with a double LL.
    Happily tore 6 A4 sheets of paper documenting thoughts, policies, costs, time taken, you-tube how to’s, ad nauseam on fixing car air conditioning units.
    Ended with a full manifesto of ‘HE DONE ME WRONG’!
    Will i use the Libran charm or throw the book of rules at him, ask my money back?
    So he calls & uses the charm on me! Asks if i want my money back (over 300) or he’ll collect it find the problem why the air con gassing didn’t take after all the tests they did first, give me quote & return it.
    True most disputes come from lack of (correct) information, not having the full picture, just flashes & fill in the dots. So much room for error.

    Must be my Virgo Mars….win by having all the details.
    Libran Moon wants everyone balanced=happy no matter the cost.

    Granted it’s a 20 year old 6 cylinder, a beast on the highway but awkward on stop, start, park, creek, shops, library, park & repeat.
    It’s muscle car. Might restore it.
    It roars so Lilith in Leo will be pleased.

    The night sky has been quite magical now clear nights.
    Shall consult my astronomy book & check out cost of those float-on-oil binoculars. Channel Galileo..
    The Wolf Moon Sat when yellow but brilliant white on Friday.
    Swear i saw a wolf shape on it.

    An Exciting or Zen 2023 to all on our authentic Mystic Medusa’s site.
    Mystic, she who finds the root of the mysteries & myths, like the etymology of things we should all know about.

  5. Time to out Lilith’s persona. Just as i wrote this the dispute i was having with mechanic over re-gassing car was sorted!
    The magic of the written word. Or writing her name?

    1. You called – she heard. Writing/ words are always spells. Plus she’d love a car that roars! Bring on the magic. We all need it.

  6. I’m so excited about Lilith in Leo, a natal stellium in Leo (sun, north node, Mercury, Uranus & half the Egyptian asteroids majority in the 8th house) so will enjoy the extra FU/burn it all down oomph. Natal Black moon Lilith is at 1 libra with Osiris & Lucifer & then Venus (29 Virgo) & Isis & Asteroid Lilith.

    1. Just bought 2 tiny stud earrings with tiny ‘diamonds’ (for the curvy part of the ear). One is an F the other a U 🙂

  7. Personal Daily Horoscopes are fixed. Sorry for this and thank you so much for alerting me. And just found some support emails in filter – a security update a few days ago appears to have been over-alert to practically everything.

  8. Wish Upon a Star

    Well I have Jupiter in Leo, 5th house.
    Leo occupies most of my 6th house. So I’m guessing my health will take on a brave focus. YeeeeeeeEEEEEEEESSS.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh and my Sun has progressed into Leo.

      More roar for me.

      I have natal Lilith in Aries. Come on baby light my fire.


    2. Hello Star Bright, am fine. IT’S SUMMER! Sarong & singlet no shoes so in Mamma Hippie Bliss.

      When temps in 30’s the humidity is less than 25% so air is lighter & easier to breathe.
      El Nino is over, which brings rain & high (80-90%) humidity, air is super heavy to breathe.

      Wishing you peace calm & supportive neighbours for 2023 🙂
      About neighbours from hell: My Demented Virgo Neighbour who has given me 15 years of grief apparently had a heart attack (bad heart much?) so feel less threatened by him, he feels reduced.

      Re reading Caroline Myss’s ‘Anatomy of Spirit’ about illness zapping your personal power…..mmmmm.
      She connects eastern & western mystical philosophies into an understandable system about our health.

      1. Am so glad to hear this about DVN Pegs- may he barely survive but in a very diminished state as befits his actions. (is my scorp moon showing?)

        1. Ronnie yes it’s amazing how little he has become. My anxiety if he yells at Daisy only lasts 20 mins instead of 2 days now.
          We all need some Scorp at times 🙂
          Anyways hope all copacetic & you are putting time in your studio.

          Was in Office Works earlier collecting some gold ink, a woman in line & I were looking & touching blank lined exercise books nearby admiring the colours.
          Then went onto how we loved the feel & look of new stationary & pens, how writing was an art form.
          Asked it she was a Teacher. She was a Painter.

          1. Ooooh Pegs!! I am a Teacher/Painter

            I was literally thinking about getting out and using my new Posca marker pens on a drawing just before I read your reply. Have been cleaning and cleaning, which has satisfying and long overdue, but now feeling somehow empty. Realised I need to release some colour out of my hands – thanks for the prompt 🙂

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Talking of eastern philosophy I am really getting into Chinese meridians at the moment. Learning to relax my triple warmer to relax anxiety. It works. All on you tube.

        I will look into🕵️ Miss Myss.
        The neighbour situation feels sad. I have been there. I wish✨ you more equanimity for the future. My neighbours are nice where I am now. I have more of a community feel.

        Yes Sarongs. Need to buy me some. They make me feel relaxed hey?

        Take it easy Pegusus !


      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Just googled Anatomy of Spirit. Made me warm and fuzzy, THANK YOU.

        I am glad you have reprieve from your neighbour. Hope it will make space for more peace and JOY in your life. For Daisy too. Give her a pat from me.


      4. Wish Upon a Star

        Gee I am in a thoughtful mood this Arvo. Whimsical.

        Me thinks situation with your neighbour re: power. Some people feel threatened with anyone who is strong, unique, different etc. I know this sounds like stating the obvious.

        But what a horrible dance that plays out. Win or lose, us and them. Always a dichotomy.

        How do we graciously decline the offer of dance and get the fuq out of there? Lol.

  9. Ooooooooo empowered renegade feminine energy for my 11th house Leo Sun! ☀️ 
    I need this raw energy. I’m a somewhat muted lioness lately (shown my claws for the wrong causes lol) and my career moves have felt on pause lately especially over this Mars Rx longest ever period. Natal Lilith in the 5th, has been an eternal learning curve, so I’m ready ready for my Sun’s house to be activated!
    2014 – I was in London on a radio show that I literally fell into, after a night dancing with a Colombian rapper in a Latino club and we caught a vibe that ended with me as a host lol…….. A. Time.

    1. I fell into a bookshop in London. Yup tripped into the shop. Boom.
      It was a called Antiquarius.
      The shopkeeper was a raging redhead.
      London is Magical plus innit Cecemeeseed? 🙂

      1. Hahaha isit?? Sounds like a typical London day then lol. Yes there are some VERY quirky people / places worth falling into in London, that’s what makes it so great. There’s really no other city like it 😍😍

  10. you know how when plants don’t get enough light – the right level of light for the plant – they go all floppy and weak. Despite deploying their best light-catching strategies they’re going hungry, solar energy being (most of) their food and all. Lately that’s how I have been feeling. My chart has a few things going on that contribute to that, but I really can’t have it be the only game in town or I’ll turn to mush. I could do with a spot of ‘intransigent b+tch’* energy in my Leo house. What’s a good Lilith Leo meditation? listening to Bikini Kill at the outdoor gym? Send the screenplay to the ‘In my wildest dreams’ Studio? Pitch something? Fuq the pitch, make it anyway? Affirmations in any reflective surface?

    *Just realised that this kind of epithet is words that would be used by another party who is annoyed that Lilith is not doing what they say, and them being rude af about it. I think it shows that my orientation is still towards seeing this lilith-y way of being through someone else’s eyes/opinion, rather than being truly independent of that other party, like not even registering/caring that someone else has an opinion on what I am doing. Gonna muse on this in the sun today. (Naturally, I also use the words intransigent b** with positive relish (natal fire things) – owning the condition – but some may not see it that way, and it’s still a very strong word choice that may not ultimately be the point.)

    Edit 2: looking forward to seeing what happens when Lilith trines Eris, who being beyond Pluto in the solar system really does sit outside the reach of the patriarchy (and internalisations thereof).

  11. I’m having the same problem with personal horoscopes also – just shows [ daily _ horoscope ] , also have emailed mystic support & no reply yet . Maybe tomorrow , will just keep checking & it is the Christmas & NYE holiday .

    1. Penelope Darling

      I have the same problem and took the same action! I have faith that the delay is simply due to the holiday season.

  12. I have Lilith in Leo in the third and I am looking forward to this influence greatly.
    2014 was a year of positive reinvention for me across several fronts (not plutonic rising from the ashes style).
    After the past few years and Saturn in Pisces coming for me, I am looking forward to another dose of this Leonine oomph.

  13. Looking forward to this. It’s on my Sun Uranus as we speak and about to light up my other planets. Fun! Just curious how Lillith presents in a male chart? Like it is such a powerful fem energy so what does that bring out in a man’s chart?

  14. Thanks Mystic, enjoyed reading this! Especially because I’ve been not getting my personalised horoscopes anymore. It just shows [daily_horoscope], so I’m starved for some good Astro. I sent an email to support 4 days ago, but no response. Would love to read those soon again, so appreciate any help! X

      1. Hello – we have not received any email re this! Can you please send again as Daily Personal Scopes are working, albeit clearly not for you two. So sorry -will look into it anyway but please send emails so can be clear on what is happening from your end.

  15. Well, okay. This lion boy could use a big wallop of optimism. It’s been boring to the max for quite some time. But that sure beats bad juju.

  16. Love this. Leo is all in fourth house (with Cancer on the cusp) and yes, poorly lit is a good way to describe how it’s been for a good long while now. Let’s go, Lilith! Can’t wait for light, beauty, and good hair.

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