When Is The Magica De Spell Movie?

Where is the Magica De Spell movie?

Surely it is time. Seen most recently in Duck Tales 2017, her first appearance was in The Midas Touch, published in December 1961, making her a Sagittarius or Capricorn.* I opt for the latter, given that she lives on Mt Vesuvius. Securing yourself a high and dry mountain lair is very Capricorn, witch or not. And think of her tenacity: she has been after Uncle Scrooge’s lucky dime for decades now.

Magica is by far the most interesting character in the Duck genre. She is a disciple of Circe, has a Raven called Poe De Spell (her brother) and can create familiars at will.

Her other powers include transmuting matter, teleporting herself, launching energy beams and hiding in mirrors. Lunar Eclipses amplify her strength and she has relatives who she can summon to spy on her behalf.

Her failures seem to be down to hiring bad help – the bumbling Beagle Boys – or letting her crypto-attraction to the billionaire duck Scrooge interfere with her mission. Given society’s economic transition and various currency themes, the Magica De Spell movie could be a marvel of esoteric art and detail, with lightly done social commentary.

Apparently, in Italy, her character is far more developed and complex. She is shown as supporting the national soccer team and having goals far beyond getting Scrooge’s lucky dime. But I think she should get the dime, along with all the cash from the money bin, and use it to start a republic of magic.

If they can make Maleficent, they can make a Magica De Spell movie.


*Update: Carl Barks – the iconic comic artist and writer – completed the manuscript on April 17. The astrology for this date is a fab fit for a witch like Magica – this would give her an Aries Sun, Mercury and Retrograde Venus square Mars and trine Uranus in Leo. It would also mean Magica de Spell has Pluto conjunct her North Node in Virgo – the perfect signature for an obsessive, existentially transformative quest.

Image: Duck Tales 2017

10 thoughts on “When Is The Magica De Spell Movie?”

  1. My bestie does the best cartoon duck impersonation and she has amazing hair. Love her to the Moon and Back. Thank you MM, I was not aware of Magica…oh my stars such great inspiration

  2. I am 1000% behind this post! Agreed Mystic, Magica’s time has come!! I first loved her in the late 80’s animated Duck Tales (woo-oo!) and her unrelentless pursuit of Number One Dime for the magic it posessed.

    GREAT post — thank you!

  3. Agreed, Magica de Spell is the most interesting character! I read comic books with her making appearances back in the ’70s and always lit up whenever I saw her in the pages, I should have known then that I was meant to be a witch. 😀

  4. Wow. I haven’t thought about Magica De Spell in 30 years. She is pretty awesome. Duck Tales was one of my favorite morning cartoons growing up. I still remember a plot line about the ducks searching for El Dorado which I think influenced me to become interested in ancient civilizations. Along with Scooby Doo and the gang. I’m sure they solved a mystery at the pyramids or something. I just remember being mesmerized at the thought of people building pyramids and cities with hidden treasure. It seemed way more interesting than going to school in suburban Canada! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Mystic!

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