Social Distancing With The Zodiac


All the smart people are social distancing before they’re being ordered to, says The Atlantic. That’s because it’s an effective plague deterrent and well, to many people it’s a thrill. Nobody wants to say that as it’s crashingly insensitive to [ Read more…]

Someone’s Not Digging The Grand Fire Trine

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Hmmm. One of my lovely subscribers sent me this pic – taken last weekend in the “hipster central” Mission District of San Francisco, with the caption “someone’s  not digging the Grand Fire Trine.”   Here are some more from the same [ Read more…]

Kim Novak with book of spells and red magic smoke. Vintage witch movie.

Fire, Earth And The Astrology Elements


The Astrology elements are super-ancient, linking into the medieval temperaments, the traditional Chinese elements, and old Babylonian beliefs. Once upon a time, they were not intellectual concepts or even a way of categorizing the signs/people. The elements were magical forces. [ Read more…]

Christmas Zodiac

Funky Christmas Zodiac Horoscopes


The Christmas Zodiac has been a phenomenon long before today’s gaudy and consumerist Christmas spectacle. In pre-Christian days, this time of year was an officially deemed time of “misrule” and debauchery. It was a harvest celebration. Or, in some other [ Read more…]