Someone’s Not Digging The Grand Fire Trine

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Hmmm. One of my lovely subscribers sent me this pic – taken last weekend in the “hipster central” Mission District of San Francisco, with the caption “someone’s  not digging the Grand Fire Trine.”   Here are some more from the same [ Read more…]

Kim Novak with book of spells and red magic smoke. Vintage witch movie.

Fire, Earth And The Astrology Elements


The Astrology elements are super-ancient, linking into the medieval temperaments, the traditional Chinese elements, and old Babylonian beliefs. Once upon a time, they were not intellectual concepts or even a way of categorizing the signs/people. The elements were magical forces. [ Read more…]

Christmas Zodiac

Funky Christmas Zodiac Horoscopes


The Christmas Zodiac has been a phenomenon long before today’s gaudy and consumerist Christmas spectacle. In pre-Christian days, this time of year was an officially deemed time of “misrule” and debauchery. It was a harvest celebration. Or, in some other [ Read more…]