What Is A Trine In Astrology?

What is a Trine in Astrology? They are 120° aspects between the Sun, Moon, planets and other astrological points. They are said to be “good,” easy” and “flowing”.  The so-called compatible signs are all in trine to one another. eg;  Aries trines Leo. Both are Fire signs. If you had a planet at 21 degrees in Aries and a planet at 21 degrees Leo, they would be trine.

If you don’t know which of your natal points or planets are in this alignment, you can find your trine aspects via one of my Astral DNA reports.

So, find your closest trine. Think about whether this is something you take for granted or is it a blessing you give thanks for every day? Trines are such a strong point with many people that they do tend to be relaxed about them, assuming that everyone has similar assets.

Trines work so well that they can make you lazy. The square energy, which we have to fight for, is what we appreciate. If you have Venus and Neptune, you won’t need to try hard to be ‘arty’ or ‘spiritual.’ Magic and Creativity run through your veins.

You could imagine that everyone has your gifts and that people who don’t pick up on what you’re seeing are somehow deliberately messing with your mind.

But then say you have Mars square Saturn, you’d struggle with authority and financial security. The stuff that other people seem to glide on through in elegance would be like a treacherous electrified swamp to you.

And you would see other people’s ease with bureaucracy or finessing their finances as being like a nigh alien-level talent. That is until you had honed your Mars Saturn square till it worked for you.

Appreciating and maximizing the good effects of your trine aspects is a fantastic way to work your astrology. Identify your trines and keep them in mind as your blessings.

A Trine in astrology is where the two distinct energies work together so well that each makes the other stronger. And it is such a harmonious relationship that you are not aware of any effort there. Accentuate your trines!

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  1. Fury LittleCross

    I have 2 trines under 1degree – and the closest of 2 is Moon in Kataka in VIII/ Chiron in Pisces in IV. Second is Sagg Sun on cusp of II trine Aries Jupi in V. Second one is working but can’t tell is it because of itself or because my Sagg Sun.

  2. so i have 5 trines to be exact & 3 of them are my A.C which is Aquarius, 1 to venus in libra, 1 to jupiter in Libra, 1 in saturn in libra
    The other 2 that i have are my North node in Leo, 1 to neptune in Sag.
    the last north node to mars in sag
    I still need 2 look @ houses but what does a North node trine mean?
    im still learning a lot of this. can someone help me understand?

    1. I have a trine from my moon and saturn in Aquarius (3rd house) to my north node in Gemini (7th house.) My north-node in Gemini means my destiny is to communicate, and the trine means that my emotions (moon) and my work (saturn) support that destiny and make it easier.

      In your case, my guess is that the north-node in Leo is about creativity, especially in the performing arts. Since the 5th house is ruled by Leo, that emphasizes the reading. The trines from Neptune and Mars in Saggo mean that your dreams (Neptune) and your activities (Mars) work together to help your creative projects.

  3. Wait a minute! I’ve consulted a more recent printout and there is some trines!!!!

    Sun, Moon and Venus are trine with neptune.

    Sun and Moon are trine.

    Saturn and Venus are trine with my ascendant (cancer).

    Mars is trine with Jupiter.

    Phew, I feel better now. But there ARE a lot of oppostions.

    I’ll have to study them up now!

    1. Mars Jupiter sounds like a good’un

      Are you the pate for morning tea with the workmates chick? I’ve been wondering if that was you for a while (you disappeared for ages?) Vague memory of you couldn’t find Yoga – that whole phase of having the shits with being in a country town due to family needs? If it’s not you this won’t make sense at all…

      But if it is Mars Jupiter seems like just the kind of thing to make a girl bring pate to the country town workplace morning tea lol. High brow snacks of foreign origin for the workmates – no marie biccies and an urn of filtered coffee for you : o)

  4. Sigh. What about a simply explanation for oppositions? My chart is full of them! Not a single trine!

    Have a fabulous Christmas everyone. Just love reading this site.


  5. Mauvellous Capricorn

    Well, nothing much doing in my chart, at least if I look at the planets. The closest thing I have to a trine is Uranus 22 Aquarius and Saturn 14 Gemini. That’s not such a great trine i.e. it’s not really strong, is it?

  6. Wonderful topic!
    Thanks for giving us hints to study astrology and find out more about it and ourselves, Mystic!

    My closest trine is Leo Moon at 29 and Saggitarius Neptune at 25.
    (another one is Virgo Venus at 9 with Lillith/MC/South Node at 7 Capricorn – But this is minor as no proper second planet involved, no?)

    I earn my money in the film industry as producer, freelance author and cameraoperator. Currently I am starting my own business as a photographer. I mainly take photos of musicians, bands, concerts ….

    the funny thing is, this trine is connected to some very prominent squares..
    Leo Moon is squared by Scorpio Mars/Uranus conjunction and Taurus Chiron. Neptune squares my sun – with an orb of 1 degree. and i feel that this truly fits with everything I went through to actually do this kind of work. It is utterly important to me to earn my money with what i love, which I’m naturally, instinctively drawn to and doing permanently: observing the world and finding the special details of beauty. But, of course, I am a Virgo, too…

  7. Leonine Librarian

    Well because I just looked up epona in my chart I threw in Pars Fortunae…and man did the trines trine up again with that little snippet of info. So I have Pars Fortunae in Aquarius in house 9….and then look across and there are trines with Jupiter 3°20s and Mars-0°25s.
    Epona in Cancer is also trining away with Chiron 1°50. I find this stuff appearing in Aquarius interesting…as that’s where lilith also lies.

    1. I know some people think the asteroids are not important etc. but I find they actually throw some uncanny light onto eccenticities and quirks. Have you checked out your other arabic parts on the parts generator mystic has on the sidebar LL? I worked all mine out once – lost them but they were eerily accurate. There could be some quirky little trines in your chart if you look there too.

      Your aquarius trines w lilith – luck and good fortune when you work with goddess/feminine energies? Lilith in aqua is a free spirit who remains independent in the crowd – def your style from what I’ve seen of you on blog.

      1. Leonine Librarian

        I’ll try at some stage in the next couple of days whatever. I think I got about 5 hours sleep last night in between fiddling around looking at trines and studying. I don’t think I’m going to make it much past 9pm tonight.

        Also thanks I like the thought of being a free spirit independent of the crowd…it’s interesting finding these different aspects that give insight into your possibilities and voice to your inclinations. Thanks again, Mystic for sending us off looking for stuff.

  8. holy shit I have investigated the mars trine part of fortune – J P Getty, someone I was fascinated with as a child had it too. Bring it on! All of it. lol.

    1. Mystic I’ve just found a whole lot of amazing information that shows me I’m on track in terms of the new moon plans I made when you take this part of fortune mars trine into consideration – THANK YOU for teaching us how to fish – it’s confirmed via astro what my instinct told me to do.

  9. I haven’t seen anyone else post about trines with True Nodes. I have an exact trine Sun 13 Pisces 48 in the 8th house, with my True Node 14 Scorpio 8 in the 3rd house.
    Is this something exciting about my destiny????? Or that I will have better luck in my next life?

        1. spmalr, my moon is trine my true node, from pisces to scorp in 8th/3rd too. i posted re it right up the top. moon is emotions though. sun is more the mental self right?
          do you know who’s calling before they call?

          1. yes, that’s right, the shared leo rising thing. and i think also some planets in the same places – my neptune is in sag in 5th too, and lilith in aries, though a bit later (conj eros and chiron). you have saturn on your asc as well don’t you?
            where is your mars, venus and merc ? my mars is conj leo asc, and ven and merc conjunt in taurus.

            how has your whole moving and accessing children thing going? I hope its been okay?

          2. I have Chiron in Aries as well, exact with my Jupiter.
            Well this is where our charts diverge. My mars is in Gemini in 11th, and Venus and Merc are conjunct in Aquarius in 7th.

            Ask me in a few days how everything is going- court hearing on Monday!!

  10. Been avidly researching all major trines now i get the strength indication (as I am not great with maths) but it all makes sense and how could it not, its backing up what already is in your world.

    I don’t know if anyone else is getting down into this but many AH HA’s are happening for me.

    It’s all about the erotic and the artist and emotions trine wise. My strongest are all very apt about what is

    Eros in aqua trine, gemini asc. almost exact
    Eros in aqua trine pluto in libra

    Libra pluto trine gemini asc
    Libra pluto trine aqua pallas athena

    MC Aries trine sagg moon
    Jupiter Virgo trine Taurus Chiron

    juno cancer trine sun +merc scorpio

    1. 1st time that I’ve ever commented, Medusa, yet I love your site!!! My strongest trine is Venus 25 Taurus to Jupiter 22 Virgo & Moon 24 Virgo. What I take for granted is that all around find me loving, gracious 7 good spirited…ain’t necessarily so! I always try to be, but a bad day can provoke my Venus square Pluto 28 Leo & no one wants to see that!!!

    1. Oh dear.

      I’m too embarrassed after that lengthy post to take up more room… I will get my chart done at some point soon. Thanks Shell and Ms. for your tips, I am afraid my brain isn’t up to even the googleable stuff at the mo…

  11. just had another look, and didnt ever realise before i have an exact trine between my moon in Aqua 12 degrees, and my North Node in Libra 12 degrees. easy relationship between my emotions and my destiny? that makes sense actually.

  12. Awesome! I have two incredibly close trines: Jupiter 19’3 & Saturn 19’5. Yes I do take it for granted :p I guess it kind of means optimistic strategizing &, er, common sense??!!

    My second very close trine is Venus-Neptune (yay!) Venus 7’11 Neptune 7’13. It’s an earth trine so I have always had a strong love of nature, Romantic poetry, literature, dreaming, otherworldly phenomena. I am a poet and creative type – my 5th house is packed, that’s where Saturn, Uranus & Neptune are.
    Mystic you are so right about easily gliding into blurry romantic situations – & for me, getting bogged down in them (that’s the earth I guess)! But awareness helps – when that happens I know I need to channel it into art… & I find it TOO easy to fall in love, with the most non-committal types. I also am very attracted to physical beauty. I can hardly know someone & fancy them like crazy…

    I also have 3 other trines within 2 degrees in my birth chart. I am lucky 🙂

    Looking forward to the next post, love DIY astro.

  13. My closest trine is -1: Pluto (libra) and Venus (Gem).
    Although I discovered that Mercury (aries) trines Mars (leo), Jupiter (virgo) and Neptune (Sag).
    I seem to have 11 trines in total.

    I don’t get the Pluto Venus thing… Mainly cos I don’t really understand pluto too much…

    1. I got Pluto-Venus trine in air signs too. I reckon its a delicious trine, drawing you in to the other worldly. But the air makes it sorta aloof and detached, rather than full scale commitment to livin and breathin the underworld.

      1. scorpalicious robot

        ah nice that it’s in air – you get to experience the depths without drowning which is what would happen if it was in a water sign.

        1. *dances around excitedly*
          I _like_ this trine.

          Make me sound all mercurial. I am not entirely sure that’s true. My toro sun means I get a little stuck sometimes:)

        2. And super healthy for me ‘cos almost everything else is in earth signs. I’m a big bucket of earth trines, and a good three of them grand earth triple trines. Thank goodness for that bit of air every now and then…

  14. sun trine jupiter at 2.5 degrees. i don’t want to jinx myself by saying i’m lucky, but it’s something i’ve come to take for granted, as i’ve found there’s always someone or some opportunity to get me through things monetarily/shelter-wise. i hope its always the case, despite having become rather complacent (lazy) as to my own “survival.” this sounds fucked uP?

  15. I have a Saturn(in Gem) trine Uranus (in Libra) as well. I’m just not sure that Mr. Cosmic Crazy and Mr.Strict can get along. It wold be like the Odd Couple or something.

  16. I checked out my progressed chart wheel but all I can see is purty patterns that would look good on a t-shirt design. *clueless*.

    But apparently I have Jupiter trine Venus next month for like a whole …. three weeks.

    1. balancingformountaingoats


      lucky prowlin! (literally)

      the pdf chart is like a bar graph yes? look at top axis and side axis and where they meet – that is where your little triangles etc are. Just like a bus timetable…

  17. This is a lovely exercise! I discovered there really isn’t any close trines except for north node 11 cancer in 12 house trine chiron 9 taurus in 9 house. Something to do with my destiny and healing? I just started volunteering at hospice, maybe something to do with this? Anyone shed some light on this, it seems like impt somehow…

  18. I don’t think anyone mentioned this one yet: I have a 12th house Pisces Mercury Rx trine 7th house Scorpio Pluto. (It’s 3 deg and the only trine I have in my chart that is under 5 deg!)

    Well I can certainly obsess over my relationships.

    Could this, in any way, given that the 12th is involved, as well as Pis/Scorp, generate psychic experiences between me and people I have relationships with?

  19. This is fascinating! Thank you Mystic!

    I wondering if someone should be so kind to have a bit of fun with mine?
    I’m new to all this and am still learning HOW to read my chart, let alone interpret it, eep!
    So I’ve worked out what trines what, but don’t know what to make of it…here tis-

    Neptune in 4th at 22deg Sagittarius and Ascendant in 1st at 22deg Leo Exact! Oh! How exciting! Wait, should I be excited?? I’m not sure…
    Mercury in 2nd at 8deg Libra and Midheaven in 10th at 4deg Gemini
    Err, I’m guessing with this one, I should be a writer of some sort or in work based around communication, maybe? I’m currently not but particularly with a Virgo sun?…Oh dear, I’m pretty sure the world DOESN’T want to hear what I have to say 😛

  20. Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

    Acc to astro.com one of my major aspects is Moon trine Uranus at 0’59”. No wonder I get these things I call “flashthoughts” and dreams are defo wild. Piscean Moon in 4th and Scorp Uranus in 12th, which form a grand water trine with Cancer Jupiter in 8th. Cool hw Mystic!

  21. scorpalicious robot

    okay, so if a trine is at 0 degrees. Does it matter whether it’s applying or separating? What’s the difference?

    1. love i think its just whether the planets are coming or going. I wouldn’t expect that the ‘energy’ would be different before or after – if that makes sense.

  22. Go to the chart page and look at the degrees your signs are in…then look up the trines next to it they are blue and note the degrees and the house

      1. I’m having trouble getting my head around the chart…but in the short report I have

        Moon Trine Saturn 0°28
        Saturn Trine Neptune 1°08
        Mars Trine Jupiter 2°55

        Also another three trine situations but they have a – in front and I don’t know what that means?

  23. My closet trine is Venus 25 Cancer in 2nd house trine Pallas and Lilith 23 pisces in 10th house…I think I may be wasting this aspect….maybe i could be an amazing witchy art teacher

    Second is Mercury 7 Leo 3rd house trine Uranus 10 Saggi 7th house….Hmm i could revolutionize couples counselling?? I scare away bf’s because I dont give a shit what i say?

    1. venus cancer 2nd house? furnishings? what are you like le homme decor? with witchy intellectual feng shui bent?

      do you make things or is it more intellectual ?

      1. No, not arty like painting or anything, im the least domesticated person not good with furnishing etc…but im into tarot, astrology and reading everything I can.

  24. hmmm got moon sun and venus (all in pisces) trine pluto in scorp- all 2 degrees. not entirely sure what that means tho- uncertain as to what is influenced by pluto. any hints?

  25. right now,

    Saturn Trine Moon
    Chiron Trine Ascendant
    Pluto Trine Pluto
    Moon Trine Pluto

    born with

    Mercury Trine Jupiter
    Mars Trine Neptune
    Saturn Trine Pluto

  26. if you click on the additional tables link top left hand side of chart it downloads & opens a pdf of your chart as tables that is easier to read.

      1. I’m not sure LL – I’ve got a whole lot of them going on but they’re quirky with the negative sign and I don’t know what it means. And also wondering if maybe the trine that trines another trine is the grand trine?

        1. In between still studying this negligence stuff I noticed that what appears on the additional table chart as -0°28s appears on the short report as Moon Trine Saturn 0°28…so maybe whatever all your quirky little ones are the significant ones too? Maybe do a cross over to your short report to see…it’s right down the bottom.

        2. moon trine saturn – interesting considering your recent wondering if you had worked on yourself to the point of being unattainable (sorry loose paraphrasing pls forgive any errant idea I may have of what you said if I’m off track there : 0)

          Thanks I am going to check that short report – it was all squashed and hard to see so I gave up.

  27. Does a trine that also trines something else make a tripod? I’ve got quite a few of those. Do trines with asteroids count?

    Part of fortune trine mars – I have to work for my $ ? – tell me something I don’t know lol.

    Neptune in scorpio in 6th trines midheaven in pisces – don’t ever fart near me I’m gas sensitive – I have woken up twice under a general during operations and it’s never worked out well for the man holding the knife – I like to think I got him in advance for the bill.

  28. balancingformountaingoats

    erm… sorry to be a dork, but I am a little confused here

    I have moon trine venus which has a triangle with an s and 1 next to it – I think that is my closest trine?

    also mercury trine jupiter (3)
    and Mars trine jupiter (2)

    all others are over 5.

    which extended chart option did you mean mystic?

    1. mercury & mars trine jupiter seems very auspicious – do you make your $$ or gain fame from communicating? Moon & venus you exude femininity? Beauty moves you? Those seem like some lovely trines you have going on – what houses? Mine are confusing let’s talk about yours they seem nicer lol.

      1. balancingformountaingoats

        thanks whatever!
        well I am an artist and yes I do love communicating through words too – I work in a library. merc is in my 3rd house, cancer, as is my moon. I love travel, visual art, natural beauty and cooking. lol.

        mercury also trines Uranus in scorpio 7th – but that is not a close trine.

        I have been told I am very feminine, some say strange for an aries.

        1. this is guesses but would mercury trine uranus in scorp in the 7th make you able to communicate easily and faster than maybe others would about the deeper issues in relationships and contracts? You get to the point suddenly and plumb the depths? Startling revelations – maybe men would refer to it as ambush lol

      1. balancingformountaingoats

        oo oo thanks whatever, now I have the pdf table I can see more clearly

        chiron and saturn are the closest trine at 0.25a . chiron in 1st house taurus and saturn in virgo 4th house- No idea what that means .

        having saturn in virgo is an UPHILL battle let me tell you…

  29. Okay – it’s good also to think of them as peeps who get along. This is the trines. So think of the mythological persona. And they are friendly. So Venus TRINE Saturn and he’s like this friendly older guy who mentors her & gives her good money advice so she can do all her Venusian things. There ain’t no sleaze here…
    it’s fun – think of their dialogue…

  30. Taurean love expert

    Eek, I tell a lie, there are 12 trines, that’s a LOT more – but there are just 5 under a 4.

    Plenty of squares there too 🙂

  31. Taurean love expert

    I have 5 trines, with 2 zeros – zero Sun trine Uranus & zero Jupiter trine Chiron. The Jup/Chiron discussion was very helpful, thanks team. I have a 3 Uranus trine Asc – I’m guessing that plus the Sun trine Uranus makes me good at shaking things up?

  32. Pluto 19 in Libra 7th house trines Moon in 18 Gem 3rd by 1 degree

    This means I am curious in psychology…. True, Mystic told me I would make a good healer but it has to incorporate talking such as psych stuff. I do have a huge amount of respect for psychology & people’s emotions etc.

    Uranus 22 Scorp 9th trines Asc 23 Pisces 1st by 1 degree

    This means I am adaptable & handle changes quickly… Oh this is very true, have been extremely lucky in this area & very thankful for this!

  33. I’m a complete novice at this & found the chart very confusing (but I appreciate the instruction).
    I have 10 trines. Do I understand correctly that the ones you’re asking us to pay attention to have no minus or plus signs next to them & that any number lower than 4 is close enough to take seriously?

    I have my Libra Sun trine Aquarius Saturn “2 A”
    Libra Sun trine Gemini true node “1 S”
    Libra Mercury trine Aquarius Saturn “0 S” (is “0” good? It’s certainly lower than 4)

    The Sun trine Saturn info on Astro.com says I have strict codes of behavior & only value useful things. (Not sure how this is something I can coast on.)

    Mercury trine Saturn says I’m careful, cautious, disciplined, organized & very practical-minded. Also insensitive to people’s feelings & to vague impressions.
    (Um, what? Are they kidding? I’m a solid INFP in Myers-Briggs – feelings & vague impressions are everything!)

    Oh well. Maybe the truth will reveal itself someday & I’ll be able to start exploiting all those currently hidden Capricorn-esque talents. 😉 )

    1. I love what you said about being INFP means “feelings and vague impressions are everything!” I am an INFP too. I am wondering if having a lot of trines means you are relaxed, mellow, and easygoing. That’s how INFPs roll.

      You have Mercury (Communication) trine Saturn (Scholarship/Study) and the signs involved are all Air signs. With a Libra sun, Art and creativity might play a big role in your life. My guess is that you work hard at producing/studying the arts (probably literature) and that you teach writing and that you have been reading till your eyes bulge every day of your life! 🙂

  34. Fun! Thanks Mystic, I never knew what the little s’s and a’s stood for. Interest..

    Ok, I have three that hook up with each other

    1. Saturn 12deg, 5th Gemini & Uranus 14deg, 9th Libra
    2. Saturn & Ascendant 12deg Aquarius exact
    3. Ascend & Uranus

    So I’m making this up: this means I get quirky ways come through to create structure in higher learning and romance/creativity? Aspecting my Ascend means I’m perceived as scatty in these areas and changeable?

    oh, there is also Pluto 29deg virgo in 8th & north node 26deg cap in 12th:
    intense regeneration will lead to in depth pysche exploration? or just being incarcerated? lol

    I’ve got stelliums in the 5th & 9th houses so they feel like the overriding themes of me… as for the 8th & 12th? I’m a bit lost there… can anyone shed some light?

  35. I also have the Asc trine Uranus and also Ascendant trine Juno, both exact but I don’t think I feel either of those, except maybe my inability to evince even the smallest bit of virgo’s usual mania for order is due to Uranus? I have Asc trine pluto too and this one I do feel. People call me intense (a bad thing apparently), but within moments of our meeting they have decanted their deepest secrets and long repressed anxieties in my lap. I quite like ithat aspect, I feel useful, but I find myself hard going. Lighten up is not in my lexicon and well beyond my capabilities.

  36. Neptune in Sagg 18 degrees in the 9th house trine Aries AC 15 degrees…
    I can best help others by being myself?
    #2 – Jupiter in Virgo in the 5th 8 degrees trine Chiron in Taurus in the 1st -2 degrees (this is a -4degree trine – does it count?). My luck is in my pain? Argh!

    1. that Argh was because I really want to do a Astro course but I’m buggered if I can find one up here in Sunny Bris-vegas…. Does anyone know of a good place to do a course on astro up here???????

      1. Piscean astrologer Babula Phillips runs classes & a very lovely woman- she was my first teacher 15 years ago! She is big on Lilith too…giving a talk on her at the international astro-conference in BrisVegas on her!


        1. I’ve just finished (most of) Babula’s two-year foundation course and agree with Anonymous – wonderful teacher and amazing woman. I think there’s a intro day coming up soon…

        2. Starstrokes and Aello – thank you! I’ve bookmarked her site, and will make the space to get to one of these days. Brilliant!

    2. we must be born very close to each other post mod I have same trine but my neptune trine MC not main trine,

      Jupiter trine chiron is. are you good with physical healing arts? the virgo toro thing is very earthy and chiron is a healer and teacher not just in pain. You must have gifts with healing I think.

  37. My closest trine is the Sun(10th house – 17Libra) – Saturn (7th house – 20Gemini). The 10th house is doing ok and has been shaping up slowly over all these years. I feel the best years are yet to come. OTOH the 7th house is pure crap and has been for at least 6 years.

  38. I treasure the few trines and sextiles I have with a chart overloaded with squares and oppositions (2 t squares on top of each other and a 3rd t square). Everything in my chart is heavily afflicted BUT my dear dear precious debilitated (fall and detriment) mercury in pisces.

    My favourite aspect is my moon (cancer) trine mercury at 0* . Moon is in the 9th (placidius, 8th with koch and equal) trining mercury in 5th. So ease of communication with my thoughts and inner feelings (turbulence more accurately with all my moons afflictions). These thoughts centre around higher knowledge, sex, death; yep yep and I love to communicate about games, fun romance and sometimes channel these inner emotions through my art, sport and fun. Sadness is positively channeled through music however anger is a bit different but that also has a martian influence, which actually deposits into my moon.

  39. I never knew that THANK YOU- this is awesome

    (LOL >totally feel the venus neptune!!! my conjunct at 1 been an issue of past loves bestowing great qualities on losers, sharp as hell unless I fancy someone- trine is nice though)

    I mainly have conjunctions not many trines. I have been working on my squares for ever- Someone told me once they would start to turn into assets at 30 (man I have been aching for 30!!!) Now I am here. let 30 roll on
    . Winning tie here at 1:

    1. Aqua Eros 8th house trine Gemini Asc
    1. Scorp Sun 5th house trine Cancer Juno 1st/2nd dead cusp.

    well that explains a lot. Is it working for me??? well there is very little about on eros with ascendant but its a bit obvious the surface meaning.

    as for juno with sun, I think leo ex is the most obvious incarnation of this thus far though our love is very plutonic.

  40. My MC trines Jupiter (yay some good Jupiter news) at -0.13 degrees with a little a. Jupiter in Cancer in 5th house. MC obviously in 10th. So if I have loads of simple pleasure it will help me with my career? That’s a big stab in the dark!

    Thanks for the “little s” info Mystic. Anyone know about the little a. And what does the negative sign mean?

  41. Mercury Trine Jupiter. Mercury Trine Neptune. Saturn Trine Pluto. Uranus Trine Ascendant. But I’m not gettin’ it … like my Merc is in Leo and Jupiter in Scorp so how in the heck does that equate to a trine???

      1. Ok so lemme get this right:

        Mercury Trine Jupiter 4° – potency effect? I will become famous as a writer on ………. a blog maybe? heh
        Mercury Trine Neptune 0° – Exact. I live in my fantasies because the stuff my mind conjures up is way more fun than reality? Now how come I didn’t get to write the screenplay for Matrix? *grumble*
        Saturn Trine Pluto 4° I’m happy to have my life transmogrified into some stoopid parody of a healthy person’s by a personal trainer who doesn’t like food and other such “well meaning folk”. NOT
        Uranus Trine Ascendant 3° – I am very comfortable with appearing unstable and weird to the outside world.

      2. eeeeeee…..i never got math stuff either….i need ‘trine for dummies’….i think i worked out uranus/venus trine but hell knows if i did that right…
        been re-reading all the posts and still flabbergasted……..will revert to getting a cosmic consult post new year….

    1. unpredictable pisces

      maybe your houses are big in that section of your chart, so the planets are still 120 degrees apart? e.g. merc early Leo, jupes late scorp

  42. Hey guys – Jupiter Saturn is a fab trine. Think about Jupiter (largesse bonhomie, luck) working wonderfully well with Saturn (boundaries, discipline etc) you should have a beautiful knack o f getting the prudence/optimism blend just perfectly and i betcha take it for granted.

    The little S means the aspect is separating. eg; the trine has been exact and is now moving apart…there is seperating and there is applying. And i can’t spell.
    eg; Venus is n ow applying to the trine with Mars – it’s exact tonight and then even though it’s still kinda the vibe, venus moves on

  43. I love this homework stuff MM…

    I have two super close trines:
    Sun 23deg Virgo (6th house) and Moon 19deg Cap (10th house) – which is a little freaky because what my career is really important to me, but on a ‘what I can give’ level, rather than self-gratification?

    My other is Venus 23deg Leo (5th house) and Neptune 26deg Sag (9th house). This I struggle to understand a little – although I always feel a little claustrophobic in relationships, it’s something I’ve always struggled with.

    Any insights from others welcome – I’m curious to see other peoples interpretations too!

  44. My closest trine is Uranus (18, Sagittarius in my 2nd) and Mercury (16, Leo in my 11th) something about good communication? I am a pretty upfront and honest person that speaks my mind quite freely, maybe that is something to do with it?

    1. And free communicator with your peers and society in general I would imagine with Mercury in 11th. Also maybe the speaking your mind bit comes from rebellious uranus. As in, you feel free (sagg) to say maverick things(uranus) to your peers (11th house)?

  45. Question, Mystic- when we are looking for our closest aspect, do we include aspects by sign? (That is what the little ‘s’ represents, no?)

  46. yes, yes this stuff is fun.

    Unfortunately my only close trine is between moon in pisces in the 8th and north node in scorp in the third. And yes, I find it very easy to waffle on with much imagination and passion about the transformational potential of my research ideas/destiny whilst faffing about on the actual work.
    And I often know who it is who is calling/texting before looking at my phone.

    Bring on the squares homework – my chart is a battle of the almost exact squares.

    1. I actually really like square energy… It can be so enlightening once you embrace it. I don’t have any in my chart, but all my closest friends’ suns square mine.

      1. They are good if you have enough EASY aspects to counter and work with…without them the energy and tension created is very very hard to channel positively.

        1. But squares do have common ground as they (in general unless it’s an out of sign square ***) share the same quadruplicities so common ground can be established. What is REALLY difficult are inconjunctions which share no element or quadruplicities. (eg aries and virgo .. i think, have to check that)

          ***these sometimes have the same element anyway so that’s helped out eg aries 29* with leo 1*

  47. Oooh! Yes please, Mystic! More astro lessons for us not so adept at the astro arts!

    I LOVE astro.com and looking up all sorts of groovy things about my chart – if only I could fully understand and utilise the info! I get so excited about stuff without actually knowing what it totally means…

    My closest trine is Jupiter (13, Pisces in my 6th) and Saturn (15, Cancer, 10th). I’m guessing this has some important influence on my career? I should be a sailor? (heh heh).

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