Pluto In Aquarius Horoscopes Part One

Pluto arrives in Aquarius on March 23 2023 at 12.23 Universal Time – more fodder for numerologists! And apart from some retrograding back and forth in the end degrees of Capricorn, the Change God is in Aquarius until 2044.

Yes, it’s a uniquely  lengthy stay – 21 years – compared to recent Pluto sign stints but FYI Pluto graced Taurus for 31 years.

Anyway, while of course we will have plenty of time to get acclimatized to this new Pluto vibe, here are some Pluto in Aquarius horoscopes to set the mood and provide some advance intel.

This is Aries to Gemini AKA Part One. Part Two – Cancer, Leo and Virgo – is here, while you can read Part Three of the Pluto in Aqua scopes – for Libra, Scorpio and Saggo – here.


After thirteen years in Capricorn – aka non-stop striving, pivots, re-pivots, attitude adjustments and slog – you may be wondering what the fuq Pluto has done for you lately?

Nearly everyone feels like they’ve had to work more or keep pace with a more unforgiving tempo since Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 but the syndrome has been super-pronounced for Aries.

Will Pluto in Aquarius be a blur of clones, drones, cyber-heists and Chat GPT? Perhaps. However no Artificial Intelligence can emulate your unique ability to lead and embolden others. Whatever the trends, anticipate less pushback in career realms – more popularity, peer support, recognition and community clout.

This will not be a subtle segue. A few weeks after Pluto changes signs, Jupiter and a Solar Eclipse in Aries (April 19/20) initiate the freshest love, enterprise and self-actualization cycle you’ve felt since 2004 to 2006.

Rogue comet Chiron, your maverick mentor since April 2018, stays in Aries until 2027 and is particularly potent as Pluto moves into Aquarius. You’ve cultivated your ingenuity and now a rare opportunity portal will open. From 2025 until 2033, Aries talkers, thinkers, writers and media are enormously favored via Uranus in Gemini. But the most significant development?

Neptune in Aries from March 2025 until March 2039. Take a moment to absorb this. Most of your Pluto in Aquarius years will feature Neptune in your sign: one way or another, you’ll be inspired to merge shamanic consciousness, magic and  psychedelia into your everyday Ramzilla mission mode.

Try to thwart or ignore this and it will seep through in the form of a meandering imagination, new penchant for long-shot love affairs and lottery ‘systems’ or an adherence to cult-like compulsions. Actually, wait – as an Aries, you’d start the cult. Still – no.

Neptune in Aries not only enhances psy-powers and artistry, it supports Pluto in Aquarius and a more ‘you’ social scene or even audience.


It would be understandable if you were contemplating Pluto in Aquarius with some sort of trepidation. Saturn in Aquarius was not an easy ride for Taureans: will Pluto in the same sign be simply the long-haul version? Actually, no.

2021/2022 was unique. Even without the pandemic et al, you would have met with industrial-strength responsibilities and steep learning trajectory challenges. 

Pluto’s entrance to the same turf turns all that lead to gold. Late-notice hackarounds, resilience gained from haggling with trolls and/or arduous work hours will begin to emerge as knowledge, power and wisdom.

Jupiter joins Uranus in Taurus shortly afterward, accentuating business, art, commerce and inventiveness: the April 2024 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will be a peak accomplishment/fulfillment moment for Taureans.

Uranus lingers in Taurus till 2025/2026 and then the outer planets become an elemental symphony of Fire and Air – Neptune will be in Aries and Uranus in Gemini – aka your solar $$$ sector. You may feel out of tune with the cultural rhythm but you’ll have marvellous money stars.

Mid-2026 until mid-2028 features a series of auspicious alignments between Uranus and your new career-influencer Pluto. Brilliant for money, influence and reputation, it will favor an airy approach – ideas, digital culture, fluidity, new technology, sparking connections between people etc.

For you, a Pluto sign change can also signal a new love era and with abundance-attractant Jupiter in your sign from May 2023 until May 2024, any fresh romance or relationship protocol will be vivid.

Chiron in your sign from April 2027 until 2034 – yes, seven years – is potentially brilliant. Whatever you developed/develop in your Uranus-dominant era – 2018-2025/2026, Chiron can help you find a cool niche for it. 

Yet your prevailing Pluto in Aquarius era vibe will be an increasingly more passionate and empowered vocation/business realm and Neptune in your solar soul sector: from March 2025 until 2039, you’re more tapped into alt-dimensions and dream worlds. It’s an extraordinarily cool combo for metaphysical, creative and healing careers.


Mars will still be in Gemini as Pluto enters Aquarius. The action planet moves on a few days later but still – it’s as if you’re on a seven-month self-mastery and skills-acquisition bender to prepare for this unprecedented expansion.

Aside from a spot of jigging around between early Aquarius and late Capricorn, Pluto will be in this elementally simpatico Air sign until 2044. The last Outer Planet in Air phase was Neptune in Aquarius from the late Nineties till 2011. Pluto in Libra – 1971 to 1984 – was the last Air Pluto.

You’ll feel more aligned with the cultural zeitgeist then you have in over a decade and your talents/vibe will be more in demand. For Geminis, Aquarius represents the 9th House, aka ‘higher mind’ sector – knowledge, travel, and self-development transform you and in turn, you transform others.

Prepare for exceptional opportunities and the chance to really stretch your mercurial mind to a greater extent. If your Pluto in Capricorn phase has featured relationships you like to call “intricate” but which could be better described as “a Byzantine web of fuqery,” you may be about to run out of bandwidth for them.

Pluto in Aquarius has reinforcements but they don’t show up until 2025: Neptune is in Aries from March of that year till 2039 – think vast, nebulous networks, an audience for artistic output, more influence or perhaps even espionage. Friendships will move to their own morphic resonance and romantically, your ‘type’ could alter quite drastically.

From July 2025, Uranus is in Gemini for eight years! The rad planet makes a sensational sync to Pluto in Aquarius over 2026 to 2028, revolutionizing your love life, opportunities and intellect.

Culturally, this Air synergy will accelerate all sorts of communication, science, media and tech – it’s also the vibe for Gemini reinvention.

Interestingly, July 2025 is also when Solar Maximum is predicted to occur – so Uranus will enter Gemini just as the Sun is at it’s most potent in years. Think solar flares, electrical weirdness and you in your garage laboratory already so ahead of the game.

Image: Jean-Noel L’Harmeroult

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  1. I make junk journals and I made one with a space theme I also made one with horoscopes a few years back so will put them in my Etsy store. Apt for this new era I think

    1. YESSS! I have a random theory that the Pluto in aqua vibe could be a move toward the reconnecting with the extraterrestrial and us reclaiming our origin stories and our ancient memories. A global awakening of sorts. That’s my alignment with the consciousness of the earth theory lol

      1. I like it! I mean it’s feasible that Pluto/Aqua could show us the deep history of humanity & its roots via new tech/AI/ & DNA discoveries.

        Also during 6yrs of this Pluto/Aqua era, Pluto will trine Uranus from 2024 with 5 exact hits from 2026-2028! Who knows what deep, crazy, out there sci-fi type situations will play out – extraterrestials & all.

        1. Wooooooow! Okay crazy alien theory seems completely feasible now, with an Uranian influence. Thanks for the Astro confirmation Scarab!! I love when the Astro matches up with your vision for the future, it really does not miss 🎯 

  2. I am a quadruple Gemini with a Virgo rising so I ll wait for the Virgo scopes as the reference to the 9th house does not fit my birth chart.

  3. Yes! Loved the Aries post and the Pluto into Aquarius transition is happening on my birthday. I’m very much looking forward to some good positive changes. Looking forward to reading the Pisces post too.

  4. Fodder for numerologists indeed. Mystic pointed out in the daily Mystic that the date for the Mercury-Pluto conjunction added up to 11. Plus that this conjunction would indicate info about Pluto in Aqua. Well, Pluto’s ingress into Aqua is also 11 when you add the date & the time. Breakdown:

    March 23, 2023 @ 12.23 Universal time:

    3 + 23 + 2023 =12 which reduces to 3 
    12.23 reduces to 8
    Adding 8 + 3 = 11

    The Ancient Chaldeans (1st proponents of numerology) considered 11 & 22 to be Master numbers that had a superior presence in the universe. This could turn out to be a very interesting couple of decades.

  5. Whoa, this is a big read so shall savour for later (so much to read so little time) so before i start, just here to say LOVE THAT COAT.
    God daughter recently gave me an oxblood the colour, full length leather coast al la Matrix but un-black & more stylish similar to above. It happens to match my Italian oxblood leather driving gloves.
    Modesty Blaise eat your heart out.
    Apologies to vegans, but still love leather, beads & feathers.

    Numerogically the date reduces to a number ONE….beginnings.
    That’s all folks.

  6. Tuning into the larger cultural themes and I can sense so much is ready to bubble over, burn out or evolve into something more aligned with the collective consciousness of the Earth! I’m so hype for this year probably because I’ve been moved by so much Plutonic energy since 2021! I’ve literally been off the grid for years, and this is my comeback year/season. Can’t wait for part 2 Mystic! And much love to this community 🌕✨

  7. Can def attest to ALL the myriad opportunities for growth Ive had since 2008 – far out! Toyally welcoming the shift. The 2003/2004 era was particularly golden and interestingly some aspects of my work from then have been reemerging now as insights for this next stage!

    I wish I could save this post! Def a great heads up! My sun is at 0 degrees Aries so I usually like to read both Pisces and Aries along with my rising in Virgo.

    Thanks Mystic! Really appreciate the insight and heads up!

  8. Uranus in Gemini and Neptune in Aries–whoa!! A new era for sure.

    As a multi-Aqua, I should be excited about Gemini-Uranus but my first thought is sort of eek (all I have in Gemini is Chiron–in the 5th house) but getting some Pluto-Uranus trines is an energizing prospect, even if grounding practices sound even more nessc as balance.

    Look forward to the rest of this series and love the chance to take the long-view here.

    1. Thanks for reminding me about grounding practices. I have a Taurus Moon (yes Uranus is right on my moon ATM) , with a Gemini Sun.

      Thank Goddess I am surrounded by nature.

      p.s. This morning I was untangling my wind chimes when a huntsman spider jumped in my arm. 1. It woke me up with a scream. 2. Brought me to my senses. Lol.


      1. Similar awakening – staggered outside barefoot to let the chooks out of the coop and – voila – cold chicken pooper between toes.

        Verrrry grounding. 💩🤦🏼‍♀️

  9. Love these MM, but I’m really missing the daily horoscopes… When are they back? I’m a bit lost without them. It’s freaking this Virgo out 🤣

    1. I loved the Daily Mystic scopes too–but turning them out along with all the other site content (DM emails, Monthly and weekly scopes, blog, other matters) is a really, really enormous amount of writing to produce on tight daily deadlines. It’s been my sense that Mystic is pivoting to letting the combo of Daily Mystic emails and our personal, auto-generated scopes–pretty amazing in showing what’s happening in our birthchart every day–fill the space the old Dailys did so she can focus on being creative on more long-term projects on the site–cool Astro-reports, blog posts, the tarot, and I’m sure much more. So I’m totally grateful to have gotten the Daily scopes as long as we did–like a little personal note to each of our sun signs–but also excited for a new era and all the things that we get to see and gain in astro-wisdom in through this site and MM’s formidable powers.

      <3 <3 <3

      1. Just to put my hand up here and say,
        a) the synchronicity around upcoming Pluto in Aqua has already begun for me – thank crikey for MM’s constant, sage advice, and
        b) I am firmly in the camp that MM does already provide so many plates of intensely delicious writing for us (when I, like gorgeous Sub Rosa also noted in the DM’s a week or so ago, agonise over the correct writing for my teeny comments/emails/sms’s, and would be catatonic having to write so much in a week, let alone a day!), so am (personally) ok for now (don’t need further “food” – although, up to you, & thank you MM!!!). Also, the DM’s are electric!! Those and my various divination practices really do keep me (as one member only) happy-bellied! So – no hurry from me personally for DM’s. And so, so, so grateful for this post, and this entire site/community. CJ Xoo

          1. Hope you going ok, Calcifer !🦄🌻🌷🦋🌲💐 And hope neighbour has settled down a little – or a lot!! 💫 (this is commentator formerly handled earthstar! Xx)

            1. I like your new name ‘Corduroy jeans’! Had my last pairs of corduroy jeans when Uranus and Neptune were in Aquarius.. so with Pluto into Aquarius maybe the time is ripe for new ones! Re my neighbor, thank you for remembering! Our cooperation of owners has just won a court case against him. He now has to pay for the upkeep of the road just like everyone else. But since he lives inside his own reality and thinks he is right 100% of the time, of course he is going to appeal the verdict. This could drag on forever…
              In the meantime, I still don’t feel free around my house because of his presence next door, but it is not as big of a problem right now because it is winter here. Come Spring I will have to re-evaluate 😉

              1. D’you know dear C, you once said to me about how come spring equinox, the decision i made to let go of something at autumn equinox wld make more sense//be replaced by something much better. It did and it has (although still internal) – and have been meaning to thank you, as have thought of your advice often. So – thank you so much Calcifer, and I now return the same hope and wish for you, that come spring equinox, it will all make so much sense or at least, the way forward is clear!! 😘
                (And yes, the district legal system – for private lawsuits – and all levels for criminal, at least in common law systems – is full of people projecting their wounds, consciously or unconsciously, onto others. It was a sadness I personally couldn’t hold space for, on both sides of the equation. I believe healers and people who work with good energies are the true justice creators, now – and I hope this neighbour stops projecting his wounds! Xoo)

                1. Hi Calcifer whoops I completely forgot to say thank you for kind comments on new name..!😄 ( & highly recommend a pair again – they might be your new Pluto-in-Aqua Power pants!!🙌 ) (Speaking from experience – when my parents divorced when I was around 4 to 5 – very early eighties – I remember no matter what the chaos around me, if I wore my favourite maroon cords, tiny brown boots, and a cream crocheted cardigan, I could perform magic -happen upon & smell roses, find and read a great book, or find a smooth-worn 20 cent piece on driveway to rub, etc. So they are nothing short of talismanic for me! Like the snow leopards and manul cats are for me, now, too. Xx)

                2. Ah, this strikes a chord with me… My parents also divorced though it was in the late 70s and I was older than you (11). Love the description of you as a child in your brown corduroy pants, with cream cardigan and how you found comfort in magic’ clothes, in books and flowers 🥰

                3. Thank you Cords! Sorry for responding so late to your comment, I was ‘off the air’ for a few days. It is good to hear that you are more in harmony with your decision of last year, to leave your studies behind – even if it is only internal for now (that’s where it all starts after all :-)). I hope to come to a place of resolution in a few months, in my heart and mind everything keeps evolving, so that is good!

                4. Hello dearest Calcifer, just to say I DID certainly (& always love) read and appreciate your comments!!! My 15 year old son caught Covid last week (we are now Day 9, so all clear again and fingers crossed, no lingering symptoms) so, – it was mad! I was getting all these mystical, serendipitous downloads (especially near the Dark Moon), but unable to really digest them, because I was literally a commercial-laundry-unto-myself!! (I really do feel that Saturn-in-Pisces for me will be charmed, IF and only if, I keep up with Virgoan House-Witchery, ha..) 🙂
                  Always so lovely to hear your voice, Calcifer. Please keep commenting! I will always like and read!! XOO
                  (And hiiii to a fellow child of divorcees in an age where it probably meant you were the only kid in the playground with that situation? At least – it was for me!) Xx

  10. I cannot WAIT for this. It has already impacted my world enormously as my Sun Uranus sits exactly opposite Pluto in the last degree of Cap. Major upheavals, of the good kind, are occurring. And in unexpected ways. But I felt them coming, rumbling inexorably towards me. I used to be afraid of what this transit would bring but not anymore. And am so delighted to think of my Gem Gem offspring happily ahead of the game in their laboratories. This is the best Mystic.

  11. As a 1st house Mars-Plutonian, I’ve been in what can only be called an absolute RAGE to declutter for the past few days.
    Just sitting there, aggy and impotently frustrated, wanting to throw my entire house down the bin. By late March, I anticipate only the mattress will be left.
    (4th house in Aqua!)
    Staying tuned for part 2!

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