Pluto In Aquarius Horoscopes Part 2

Welcome to Part Two of the Pluto in Aquarius Horoscopes – Cancer, Leo and Virgo! You can read Part One – Aries, Taurus and Gemini here. 

And, Part Three – Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius is here.

A reminder: Pluto is in Aquarius from March 23 2023. It will retrograde back into Capricorn later this year but make no mistake – this is a new Pluto era.


Sick of romances that serve as vehicles for soul growth but can’t even pick you up from the mall? Business partnerships that are more like psy-ops? Whether you’ve been drama-dating, soulmating or chaste, Pluto in your opposite sign since 2008 has been quite the scene. You’ll perceive the evolutionary gains more acutely after Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23.

Set aside your views on Aquarian people: the zodiac sign represents your solar 8th house AKA chez Pluto. Everything you’ve learned from significant others over the last 13 years is about to help you generate wealth and wild magic. You’re about to re-feel your natural investment nous and could even repurpose some of the intellectual capital you’ve been spending on relationships.

Research benders are super-Pluto-in-the-8th and will yield rich, rapid returns. Saturn and Neptune in your Higher Mind sector until mid-decade enhance knowledge acquisition or even the profitable extension of a particular philosophy. If you’ve been resisting the tug toward a new profession or work paradigm because of the merde economy, guess what?

From 2025 until 2039, Neptune in your solar career sector will enhance neptunian occupations and businesses: shamanic anything, performance, film, music, design and any merger of quantum spiritual energy with culture. This astro also fits with a mysterious, ultra-glam or enigmatically anonymous public image that you lurk behind like a mad wizard, parsing/building the new economy.

Not sure about the nouveau Neptune influence? From July 2023, the Moon’s North Node illuminates the way – expect metaphysically compatible people plus opportunities to show up. If there is a downside to all this, it would be in your management or assertion style. The Aries emphasis demands a more direct, brazen approach –  discard anything that resembles meandering or seething.

2025 also sees Uranus moving into Gemini, syncing with Pluto in Air Aquarius and amplifying your already considerable E.S.P. powers. It’s the prelude to the rare experience of Uranus in your sign from 2032 until 2039. A known booster of ingenuity and unconventional relationships, Uranus here is also rejuvenating – albeit in weird ways.

If you’re already weird or have been frustrated by a stagnant culture inc, this is when society catches up and want what you’re offering.


Saturn has just left the Leo love sector so you’re no doubt less than enthused about the advent of Pluto. But think of it like this: you’ve had it with the Pluto in Capricorn era – the sign is ‘quincunx’ to Leo so it can be difficult to deal with in your preferred style. Threats and opportunities have been oblique or recognized in hindsight.

Pluto in Aquarius will be weirder and faster-paced – Saturn in Aquarius has set the scene: you’re still cool but no longer have a nano of naivety.

Pluto is in Aquarius until 2044 (!) and even though it backtracks into Capricorn later this year, you will not. Stay on zeitgeist and if the phantasm of a former you or a previous lover glides in, ignore. Go with the macro picture: Pluto in your opposite sign for 21 years. Self-actualizing is no longer an optional extra and relationships will be vital – farewell flimsy attachments that hang on merely because they’re flattering or convenient.

Inconveniently or not, you’re about to become adept at discarding outmoded self-images and psychological reflexes with the same alacrity you’d flick off a dated accessory. Significant others may well be your change muses.

Plutonic alliances are authentic, passionate and formidable – yes, even the work ones.  You need people around you who share your energy levels, not to be the permanent cheerleader charged with arousing an audience.

Anticipate increased vitality as as we approach the Solar Maximum of 2025 with 2023’s fiery combo of Jupiter + Chiron and (from July) the North Node in Aries benefitting Lilith in Leo. Hugely beneficial in its own right, this is also the prelude to Neptune in Aries from 2025 until 2039.

For you, Aries = your Higher Mind sector and while you’ve never been non-visionary, Neptune here is an upgrade. It will initiate a new era of esoteric study, inspired genius in neptunian fields like the arts or chemistry and transcendental travel opportunities.

Then Uranus vacates your career sector after seven years, leaving a more wily and independent you. You gain new cloud and audience/social reach as the rad planet moves into Gemini.  

The square from Uranus in Leo (!) to Neptune in Taurus is a bit gnarly (a whiff of scandal, plagiarists or a grifter to manage), but it’s not until 2039-2041. Pluto in Aquarius is just days away – a cool, liberating breeze.


Mars in Gemini since last August has been fantastic prep for Pluto in Aquarius and – from 2025 – Uranus in Gemini. These Air signs represent your core career, work and hustle paradigms. Whether your last seven months has been a master-class in vocational and business grind fuqery or a well-calibrated tactical triumph is immaterial: you’ve gained pertinent skills that help you maximize the upcoming opportunities.

Pluto in your solar 6th house can seem daunting – who wants the chthonic Change God cruising around the sector of everyday routines, health, work rhythm and colleagues et al? Pluto can be too much for a shallow setting. It inspires ambition, whistle-blowers, awe-inspiring feats of productivity and fake-person phobia.

This empowering influence is also an irritant to people who think you’re supposed to have less or no power. But thinking of the objectivity and new, enhanced nimble navigation skills you’ve gained recently, where could or should you be?

Once Uranus arrives in Gemini – aka your solar career sector – the tech and ingenuity aspect of your work or business will ramp up to an unprecedented degree. Innovation plus passion unlocks the regenerative force of Pluto – don’t focus on piffling power-plays, rise.

Something that started – or gained momentum- in the second half of 2022 develops over 2023 and 2024 before spectacularly launching in 2025/2026. Your Uranus in Gemini years (2025-2032) are a sensational success phenom.

Neptune also leaves Pisces aka your solar House of Love in 2025, ending the relationship era that began in 2011/2012. It’s more of a mood or an atmospheric shift than drastic endings or beginnings but anticipate visits from ghost lovers and yearnings from the fading era.

Your neo-Neptune era will be fantastic because it will support Uranian career reinventions with strange new money flow and a sharper self-image. If you have been in a bit of a romantic trance or overdoing the ‘unconditional love’ aspect of a relationship, you’ll snap out of it in five seconds.

Yet perhaps the most significant factor of Pluto in Aquarius will be the health metamorphosis it inspires – Pluto not only fortifies willpower, it whets your appetite for incredible feats of fitness or recovery.

Your healing and self-improvement instincts – always an asset – evolve into supernatural-level perception. Remember that this is the solar 6th house, affiliated with Virgo. Yes, you have an in.


Image: Noriaki Yokosuka

22 thoughts on “Pluto In Aquarius Horoscopes Part 2”

  1. Brilliant work Mystic! “Threats and opportunities have been oblique or recognized in hindsight”, hit me like a truck. Not so much the threats, but I think I have been blind to some of the opportunities in the last years. A Jewish friend’s father during WW2 got into the business of transporting corpses from the town he was living in under Nazi occupation. The benefit of this grisly work was that he was able to bring in fresh food from the country-side without being noticed.. in the coffins coming back to town.

  2. Wonderful stuff ..Mystoc. you have been working hard! 😘
    This is so Informative and super clear, bring it on…..

  3. I’m listening to CNN about the Silicon Valley Bank closure and the possible run on other banks … could anything be more End Of Pluto In Capricorn?

    1. I know right! It came in with the Lehmann Bros and I thought it would go out with the FTX crypto-collapse but nooooo!

  4. My head spins when I think back on the last 15 years of Pluto in Capricorn – and now in my 10th house as Saturn arrives in my 11th. It all pretty much scraped me down to the bone, and we’ll see what’s next. Also, that shade of purple in the skirt in the photo is gorgeous!

  5. This Kataka Sun says “Of course trust MM to delivery the truth, these dates and the intel is epically on point.” Thank you lovely Mystic for the most incredible articulation of the relationship afflictions.

  6. Thank you, Mystic! This Crab needs this super positive advice like you would not believe! With Pluto now in my Solar 8th H, AND in Natal Chart opposing my Moon-MC-Merc-Uranus-Mars-Venus in Leo, means nothing but lightness & fun coming up …A-HAH-HA-HA … siiiigh ..🫤
    If i can generate *wealth & wild magic* as you say, i’ll take your advice & try not to *meander & seethe*. I’m not one to meander (too much Fire) – but The Seethe is gonna be a challenge … i’ll just keep repeating *wealth & wild magic, wealth & wild magic..*

    1. I can relate to the seethe too. I love that word. It describes seething just by the sound of it. Very snakey. There are loads of us scarabs here. Interesting. Seething comes with the DNA I think but like you I have too much fire to meander long. I was excited to read this post and have to say am quite surprised at how accurate the tarot readings are at the moment.

      1. I haven’t had time to see the tarot cards, so after reading your comment & musing & giggling over your mini seethe rant, i went to the Alchemy Tarot and just chose a card without even thinking, and the card was VitriolSeethe’s first cousin! This is what it said:

         Pluto’s wine, strong enough to dissolve everything except gold. Vitriol is the desire for vengeance left to curdle and acidify. It can also be the super-charged but sublimated envy alluded to in so many colloquial phrases – the sharp-tongue, acid wit, poisonous words, looks that could kill…Its true purpose is purification: cleansing toxic people or thoughts from your energy field. You’re not supposed to actually marinate in it”.


      2. It really is so well written. She paints a picture with words, and in Vitriol’s case, seething emotion.

  7. Welp, this is stunning. It is speaking right to my Cancer Sun in a Gemini Ruled 8th house soul. Thank you!

  8. Yes, much like the other lovely madamoiselles on this post have already commented, I too have a Kataka-rising partner whom, I hope, can count on me for mall pick-ups (at very least!!)
    Certainly I try – and the past few days have seen me make him all his food from bare scratch, as he had wisdom tooth surgery – stewed apples and (ok bought) custard, homemade chicken and corn (creamed) soup, sweet potato and potato mash with gravy, etc etc (plus do all the driving, home duties etc). We are both Aries suns, however; and the Neptune years look hopefully and brilliantly shamanic! (Hope the kids don’t mind their old folks reverting to hippie backpackers. Pah!!)

    1. There really isn’t anything wrong with bought custard. It is my all time fave. Hippy on down with your backpacks and hope Mr Jeans feels better soon.

  9. This Capricorn has always picked up her Cancer partner from the mall! Hahaha! I do hope what you say about Neptune for Cancerians is correct Mystic. My partner was accepted at five fine art schools in England and chose the option furthest away from family and then opted out for a “normal adult job” to gain independence. If someone could pick up their crayons again, it would be a dream come true. You have me now on alert for 2025.

  10. Love love love this! Sun Uranus Venus Mercury in Cancer. Jupiter and Mars in Leo. Moon in Virgo. As always, beautifully written. Thank you MM!

    1. So you’re a Cancer plus. My partner is Cancer, cancer rising and moon in the fourth house. Yes, I most certainly do wish you a partner who deserves your crabby claws around them. My partner and I got together as Pluto entered Capricorn (my Sun) so fingers crossed for Pluto changing signs to bring you the same luck. My Cancer plus and Mercury and Venus in Leo partner is a handful but then I doubt I would have it any other way. Life would be much too boring. Good luck!

      1. Thanks Brunnie. Your partner is Cancer Plus as well. Pluto brought me an Aquarian Plus with Pluto opposite his Sun Moon. So interesting that I am having the Pluto opposition to my Sun Uranus now and in walks Mr Pluto opposite Sun. Astrology never ceases to amaze. I wouldn’t say I was a handful but I know I’m not boring 🙂

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