Pluto in Aquarius Horoscopes Part Four

Voila the Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Horoscopes for Pluto in Aquarius! As this is a lengthy astro-passage, they also encompass Uranus in Gemini, Cancer + Leo, Neptune in Aries and more. 

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You didn’t just do Pluto in your sign – you did the Uranus-Pluto square Zap Zone (2012-2015), your ruler Saturn at odds with Outer Planets Neptune and then Uranus. Most notably, you got in rhythm with the spectral bass boom of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction over 2019/2020.

Even by over-achieving standards, your last 11 years have been implacably intense. Pluto in Aquarius will be breezier – no more needing to pull secret shifts in the labyrinth.

You’re probably cognizant of the economic fuqery that’s occurred since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and that now, just as Pluto leaves Capricorn, it’s back. Did it ever really go away?

As Aquarius represents your solar $$$ sector, some apprehension would be natural but it’s unfounded. Pluto is a god of wealth as well as power and psychological morphs – you’re a worldly Capricorn with old magic onside and extra resilience from 14 years of psychically seismic plutonic tripping. Incoming: Tangible vocational traction and new-era business nous.

More Good News: Saturn in Pisces will bring out your Sea-Goaty side: less hurting your hooves having to scale sheer rocky cliffs, more supernatural genius and stylish flippings of your platinum mer-tail. Saturn now in the same sign as Neptune suggests the successful establishment of a market for something nebulous or artistic.

Saturn and Neptune will meet at Zero Aries in February 2026, affirming the fresh visionary chez Capricorn phase that begins with Neptune in Aries from March 2025. FYI the last Saturn-Neptune alignment was in 1989 and in Capricorn – anticipate an echo or two.

Your first few years of Pluto in Aquarius features Uranus free-styling in Taurus without impediments like the clash with Saturn that was such a grind in 2021/2022. This, along with your ruler in the communications sector, enhances self-expression and sensual pursuits. Unconventional love interests or arrangements that were impossible in recent years are back on the agenda and could even set the scene for 2033 till 2039 – Uranus in your house of love.

Prior to this zany but desirable astro-passage, the Uranian rays will illuminate your health and tech sector. From July 2025 till mid 2033, Uranus in Gemini will be simpatico with Pluto in Aquarius, driving rad reforms in fitness, focus and productivity.


No rest for the wild it seems – just two weeks after Time God Saturn vacates Aquarius, it’s hello Pluto. Your Saturn era was the apprenticeship and this is the power-up. Could it be possible that with the world becoming weirder by the day, you’re evolving from outlier to power-player? Yes.

You’ve been through Outer Planets in Aquarius before: Your ruling planet Uranus graced Aquarius from mid-1995 until December 2003 and Neptune was in Aquarius from 1998 until 2011/2012. 2005-2010? Rogue Comet Chiron in Aquarius. So this is not like some strange anomaly – it’s more peak desire, awareness and ambition. 

Pluto has been in your solar 12th house for over a decade, driving significant spiritual and supernatural development. It cranked up significantly over 2019/2020 and it may have felt like a dwindling in some ways. Even without pandemic fuqery, this was always going to be a reclusive, inward-gazing period but how else could you pull off such a strong metamorphosis?

Intentionally or not, you’ve recalibrated the ‘quirky intellect’ versus ‘raw magic’ ratio. Now with the North Node in Aries from July 2023, 2023, your challenge is to be more directly assertive – vanishing, ghosting or factory resetting your phone are not bold stratagems. 

As Pluto progresses, you will experience and create new, unusually innovative opportunities. These will become your power-base and your persona will evolve to match it. Pluto anything involves change and while you’re ingenious, you can be surprisingly stuck in some realms. You may think you can stay put for the sake of a relationship or to retain a sentimental ritual and perhaps you can – but you’d be volunteering for a ludicrous amount of metaphysical pressure and epic existential tantrums.

Thrillingly, you have fantastic good fortune for housing, prosperity and real estate with Jupiter in Taurus from mid-May 2023 and aligned with Lilith, Neptune and Uranus over April-May 2024. As for Saturn now in your $$ sector, placate the old grouch with a pivot to sound, old-school money practices.

Arguably your most amazing phase during Pluto in Aquarius will be from July 2025 until mid-2033: Uranus – your rad ruling planet – will be in Air Gemini and simpatico with Pluto in your sign. It bodes well for creativity, enterprise flair, fertility/parenting, self-actualization and the snazzier end of romance.


Astro-passages featuring the Outer Planets are often felt as distinct epochs and for you, few have been so profound as Neptune in Pisces since 2011/2012. Your ruling planet in your sign is a strength and while you may not be thrilled at the arrival of Saturn a few weeks ago, Neptune is your offset.

I said this in the Saturn in Pisces for Pisceans post but again: there is a high chance Saturn here will add substance to nebulous concepts. When well-managed, it helps to attract practical worldly aid and wisdom.

Saturn and Neptune are also en route to a February 2026 rendezvous but not in Pisces; they’ll be conjunct at Zero degrees Aries. Yes Aries. Neptune enters Aries in March 2025 shortly after an amazing conjunction with the North Node at 28-29 Pisces. January to March 2025 is thus extraordinarily revitalizing for your spirit, relationships and cash coffers. In fact for you, Neptune into Aries – your solar $$$ sector – will be more significant than Pluto in Aquarius.

Pluto enhances areas you’re already adept in – auras, imponderables, invisible or alternative realms and full spectrum psychic perception. If there is a caution for this, it’s simple: don’t disrespect your gifts or trifle with spiritually ‘off’ people.

As you gain more magical gravitas, a grounded psyche is a must. It will also help with Uranus into Gemini from July 2025 – this influence is hot for home biz ventures, liberation from constricting family relations or domestic ingenuity. However, it be too mutable and unpredictable.

Think ahead with Saturn-in-Pisces brain to fend off future trouble early or ensure that your sanctuary vision is not inextricably hooked up with an unreliable factor. Eccentric – fine. Zany and destabilizing – no. Neptune in Aries could be super-abundant and supportive if you’ve got your consciousness working for – not against – you.

You can’t afford wayward inferiority complexes that inspire sub-optimal decisions around mundane matters. Mastering those in high style even if you think it’s off-character will generate more confidence and augment the emerging Neptune in Aries sensibility. Potentially annoying side effect: Aries types will adore you.

21 thoughts on “Pluto in Aquarius Horoscopes Part Four”

  1. My Cap ascendent is taking note bigtime.
    It’s been a long Plutonian journey thro’ my Sun sign & rising at last into the Lover of the Future sign…phew! It’s all going to speed up.

    Lost hundreds this year from investing in an underhanded mechanic for my beast. Didn’t do job he was paid in advance for, then a purchase from online shop for an expensive dog bed…lost in post…no refund from either company.
    Yes should have gone thro’ Pay Pal but never ever a problem my way until there is.
    Shall i be Aquarian about it & think what goes around comes around, or do the last throws of Cappy Pluto with a Consumers Affairs call, or do the Saggie attitude of do what’s easiest it’s often what’s best 🙂

    1. I had something like this happen recently.. and with a small independent business I had had such great experiences with in the past. We reached a compromise that did not exactly make me feel “whole again.” I was still out the $$$ and they tried to gaslight me, but I washed my hands of the ordeal as fast as I could, even though in the past I would have gone full Consumer Affairs. I just don’t have it in me anymore lol.

  2. Early Aquarius rising.. had a very difficult nights sleep and a lot of weird dreams last night. Dreamt an AI interrupted a live YT astrology segment I was watching for wrongthink and harangued the creator via a series of impossible tests.. woke up feeling very sad with a pounding headache. I have awhile until pluto crosses my asc but def feel his presence “inside the house” so to speak. If anyone has any remedies, essences, mantras, more practical advice for easing in this new energy, I’d be grateful to hear it.

    1. Myst has House Witchery post & digital download in ‘shop’ i believe.
      The energy will pass as it always does in the meantime do a Libra & sprinkle perfumed water around from a mortar & pestle bowl like the priest do it in church if you’ve seen that whilst chanting Fff Off Pluto enough already it’s time for beauty fun & frolicks on a Venus day.

      1. Thanks for the advice. I put a drop of lemon, a drop of rose, and a drop of jasmine eo on a tissue and sucked it up in the vacuum (fresh bag in there as well) and it made the air in the whole house smell like sweet candy after cleaning. Not the most glamorous thing but it was nice.

  3. very happy to be adored by Aries types.
    is this because they will be going through a Neptune transit and we are Neptune

      1. Aries do seem to ‘see’ us better than many x
        Or maybe I am projecting, as an an aries-appreciator

      2. Nah, my god daughter Aries & she the only person who really knows me, get’s me, sees me with whom i can talk- say ANYTHING to but absolutely NO criticism whatsover can pass my lips because of ‘re-action’ instead of re-sponse.
        She’s like ‘want to see the fastest draw in the West?
        Want to see it again?

  4. Am super pumped for a new Pluto era. Any ideas for respectfully marking its ingress into the Age of Aquarius?? Just over 2.5 hours to go here. Champagne feels too frou-frou//Jupiter, and it’s too late in the day for straight-up espresso shots here in the west (sorry to all those authentic bohemian cafe aficionados out there, but I need my sleep!!)
    Perhaps watching Youtube shorts of lava while wearing a spacesuit?🤣🤯💓

    1. Hey there, CJ. Pluto has now officially entered Aquarius! Your thought about an appropriate way to mark its ingress has set me thinking… A trip in a hot-air balloon (invented during P’s last stay in Aqua) sounds very fitting to me… Maybe take a picnic basket along, filled with lemon meringue pie and good strong espresso coffee (coffee stimulates the nervous system, which is ruled by Aquarius)

      1. Hi dear C, did somebody say Lemon Meringue Pie ??? With strong espresso, floating mid-air??! It’s a date – will bring my Pluto notebook so we can swap coping tips!!😄✍🪂 (I saw yr comments on the Thu DM – I get migraines, too..😵) xx
        Happy New Pluto “year”! how are you feeling?? I felt relief – and weird synchronicity at how Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn saw me holding my tiny 3 week old, firstborn, Cap sun son; and at Pluto’s exit from Cap into Aqua, I was joking with (now teenage, 15 year old) him about his strict routines (he laughed! Pluto in Aqua = happy Cappies?😂) while 11 year Cap rising, Sag Sun daughter tended to a missed bee sting (through socks!) on her big toe (Pluto is immediately squaring her Jupiter at 1 Taurus. A sign of protection from the garden world, perhaps??🐝) Go gently Calcifer. Xoo

      2. Hello Corduroy, ah, that is special, to know that your son was born just before the ingress of Pluto in Capricorn! (So with Pluto still in Sagittarius). And at 15 years old he is already a Pluto veteran, there must advantages to having that behind you already when entering your late teens 😄 So you have a Capricorn with Pluto in Sagittarius and a Sagittarius with Pluto in Capricorn at home, impressive… I think both combinations can result in sophisticated citizens, ready to navigate the world ⛵️
        My Pluto ingress was a bit rocky, but I think I will like a more airy atmosphere in years to come. I maybe would have preferred Pluto in Libra or Gemini, but we have to move with the times right 😉 To paraphrase Calvin Harris and Rihanna ‘This is what we came for’

      3. This is exactly right, C. And remember, “lightning, strikes every time (you) move..Everybody’s watching (you)” – so keep your eyes on that horizon, one day at a time. XOO

    2. Penelope Darling

      I convinced my dance teacher to start today’s warm up with The Age of Aquarius “Golden living dreams of visions / Mystic crystal revelation / And the mind’s true liberation / Aquarius”

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