Astro-Weirding Alert

You are not imagining it – the weirdness factor is at an all-time high. It’s half-scary, half-zany/good material for an edgy magical realist script.

Leo Full Moons are always a bit odd as they’re in the sign of the Sun but opposing the Sun. But they’re potentially super-creative and good for critical distance. Or, if your issue has been that you’ve been overly distant/detached, this Moon helps you recover your passion. Yes, relationships too.

As this one also squares the Lunar Nodes, think ‘direction change’ – actioned with enormous gusto and self-assurance.

Just avoid power-tripping and control dramatics. For example, you may literally know better than someone else or even have insider intel that confirms their current strategy is crap. Should you push this because your motives are so authentic? No.

It is not just a Full Moon thing. The emerging trend is that people want their privacy back and to be left (more) alone. One of the Saturn in Aquarius facets – aside from tech advances and a revival of anti-bra sentiment – is structured individuation. That is, people are formalizing their boundaries and levels of engagement with others.

Jupiter in Pisces nearing Neptune is magnificent: the Piscean sector of your birth chart energies is blessed now and through until May, then on/off for the rest of 2022. If you don’t where that is, a year ahead astro-report will reveal this zone! Notice, however, that Jupiter amps Neptunian vibe. Feeling more aware and compassionate to the plight of the voiceless in this world sounds nice but it can inspire melancholy.

If you’re Pisces anything or a strong Neptune, every one of your extra-sensory receptors is switched to high-receptivity right now. It is extraordinary for artistic inspo, psychic insights, and cosmic consciousness but take extra steps to protect yourself/your energy field. eg: Salt scrubs or showers, saging or space clearing, and being more mindful of the content you consume/people you hang out with.

Geopolitical What The Fuqery

The good news is that the scarier aspects of the current zeitgeist are more to do with an end-of-era leadership crisis. Culturally, it’s cooked: from Elon Musks’ hefty eight billion dollars to a ‘mystery’ charity – the truckers? – to the “woke” reboot of Magic Mike.

There is a new what-the-fuqery every day and at the very point that we crave transparency and open discussion, new “standards” about what you can and cannot say are popping up. As some of you know from having had ‘interesting’ upbringings, the tut-tutting ‘we don’t talk about that’ is rarely a successful long-term strategy.

Regardless of our personal opinions on public health or defense policies, we all need to be quick-uptake alpha-adapters and psychically agile. An example: It is strongly rumored that certain social media platforms are about to drastically downgrade/de-monetize/shadowban etc any content deemed as “alternative spirituality” or “new age” and yes, this includes Astrology.

The idea is evidently to emphasize only ‘licensed professionals.’ Keep an eye out for news stories to the effect that ‘X needed medication for their Y disorder but instead consulted a psychic.’

This Full Moon is aggravating the Pluto in Leo of several baby-boomer leaders, the Aquarius Moon of the USA country chart, and a whole cabal of late Scorpio placements in the natal chart energy of Joe Biden, the CCP formation, Vladimir Putin, etc.

Bad: The Canadian bank-freezing tactic is a dangerous precedent, no matter what you think about truckers or vaccine mandates. The Russia-Ukraine scenario is obviously a potential flashpoint and an Olympic games held amid substantial allegations of human rights abuses feels hideously like a saga we’ve seen before but thought was history.

Better: Lawyers have gone from being evidently imminently about to be replaced by a blockchain to being vital for checking/balancing power. Additionally, banks won’t want their money-earning ability impinged by having to administer freezes/thaws and the aggro around it, let alone a quazi social credit system if it escalated.

Russia/Ukraine is probably going to come down to leverage – who can exert what sanctions, haggling over the gas pipeline that runs from Russia into Europe, cyber-attacks etc. Putin is a chess and martial arts master who entered the KGB as a teenager: He has Saturn square Uranus and Pluto conjunct his Midheaven – I am not saying he is incapable of ruthlessness but his strategy is probably more complex than the current presentation suggests.

The CCP situation is also likely to come down to supply chain economics, resources hoarding, and/or a cyber-siege – unless, they have a revolution. However, it is worth mentioning that Uranus is currently at 11 Taurus, the point it was at in March 1938 when Germany ‘annexed’ Austria.

You could argue that Pluto in Aquarius has the form to be a high-tech dystopia but really, the most abiding theme of it is the rights of the individual. When I first wrote Pluto in Aquarius trends, I noted that the last time Pluto was in this sign was literally a revolutionary era. It seemed hard to visualize at the time but now? Not such a stretch.

99 thoughts on “Astro-Weirding Alert”

  1. Thanks so much for this latest Astro weirding Mystic.🌺
    The cycles of the planets tell us everything, what a blessing.
    I know that sending our thoughts to the peoples of countrues may not physically help them but I feel that buying into thus Cap/ Pluto grand sranding only adds fuel to the fire of this particular ‘Gunfight at OK Coralle’.
    Ha! In rhose days they were brave enogh not to involve other people and the leaders of opposing sides fought just each other.

    This present state of this situation, like so many modern duels, is not a fair fight.
    It shows nothing but fear of loss (aka death) bullying, cowardice and a total lack of respect for all human life..from a cruei and frightened despot.

  2. Ugh my stars. That full moon was conjunct my sun and Venus in the third house. I have 99 problems but the one that’s making me go nuts is the Capricorn encounter I had. The same Cap who said call or message. The one that’s not replied to messages since he said that. I *hate* being ghosted. I hate being not replied to. I want to message him to instruct him on the etiquette of replying. We keep crossing paths (driving) with exquisite timing. I’m writing here so I don’t message him. I currently have Sun opposite my Sun and my Venus, and Venus square Pluto. Mystic describes the latter in the personal scopes: “If you’re suppressing strong emotions or in a clandestine crush scenario, the scene is set to blow. Romantic turf wars, jealousy, competitive urges, obsession, secret romance, and desire are the banked up ‘lava’ – erupt or transform.”
    I better put myself to bed and hope I transform while I sleep.

    1. Oh yes. I can sense that intensity in the environment. I think that being an “adult” stifles true expression. And add certain cultures = worse.

      Isn’t it funny how you keep crossing paths. All I can say is that you don’t have all the facts. But you have a right to feel angry.

      I hope you feel better tomorrow. Why don’t you ask a question before sleep.
      You might just get an answer. It works for me.

      Sweet dreams.

      1. Thank you for your reply, Wish. That’s a balm in itself, to be heard.
        We live on the same street, a busy one. We have to drive past each other’s house at some point in our journeys. I have other neighbours that I’ll never see. But tonight for instance, we drove past each other as I was on my way out. Then on my way back, I saw him standing next to his car. Not stalking, I swear! Just timing.
        I’ve had a good cry, and felt that anger lead me through reflection. My journey is very much about seeking my own validation, and not want it from others. Ironically, only then will I get what I’ve wanted from others.
        I’ll try your suggestion of asking a question. Sweet dreams indeed! 💖

        1. Seeking your own validation. What a wonderful conclusion you made.

          And I totally agree. I think that Venus retrograde brought up issues about self worth and self respect. It did for me anyhow.

          Best wishes on your self discovery.


          1. I had a good sleep and a good start to the day. I drafted a text and had a friend check it it. I sent it and felt better instantly. I don’t expect a reply. It felt good to close the door on something. Usually I hang around. Even though I knew this was a fling, and I have six weeks before I move, I seriously don’t have time for this crap (especially when I generate half of it!) 😅 what a dream whirlwind though. I’ve had a hiatus of sorts, so it was good timing.
            Plot twist is that reality will return sharply when I move. I will be reunited with my children, and will need to recalibrate a new interaction with their father, a Cancerian.
            As a total aside, I just watched a doco on Pluto. It’s geologically active, has a liquid ocean, an atmosphere, and has the building blocks for life. Absolutely fascinating. Looking forward to what’s revealed astronomically as Mystic suggests, like the new telescope recently launched.
            Wishing sparkles of possibilities to you and any who read this! 💖

    2. We all want to be seen, it’s our human condition the need for connection. Be sure to not be reliving your past through this new man, that’s what I’m reading from your words. Our tests are historical, from this life and beyond. Your worth has to come from you!! Venus square Pluto is tricky business but remember all signs have lower and higher expressions, so be kind to your mind lol. You got this whitewave 🤍

      1. Thank you Cecemesee! Yes, I am trying to learn that very lesson of worth coming from myself. This new man is in the past now. He was a kismet catalyst I’m grateful for but I need to reign in my tendencies for impossible crushes. Particularly now as I’m getting to the end of this phase. I pulled a tarot card that said “perhaps The One you are looking for is yourself” and that really defines my current challenge. I need to woo myself, fall in love with myself again. On Valentine’s I said Happy Valentine’s to myself and it was so lovely and I was content in the face of Hallmark expectations of the day. Am so glad Mercury is out of shadow. Time for sweet dreams again!

        1. Awwwww that’s a great lesson to learn self love, but when we are swimming deep in our feels sometimes we aren’t so rational lol. Valentine’s Day no matter how disconnected we are from love or a relationship is triggering. I’ve always been of the opinion that real love is about a wholeness not chocolates 🍫 lol. But that’s Venus Rx in the 12th talking.
          You seem like you’ve had the reset you needed 🤗

  3. I just left Moscow after 2 years and moved to an eco village in Moldova… the FM is magnificent from here!

    I think Putin is legacy building, it trumps his usual political genius… but we’ll see, from my global position, I will definitely see if any special fireworks make their way from the Black Sea… I just wish his US counterpart were not a Cold War veteran – paranoia bleurgh!

    Controversial but… not all law peeps are ‘bad’, I think Amal Clooney is farqing awesome (plus one or two more, fighting the ‘good’ fight).

    As for the problem of “licensed professionals”… muggles will find muggles, everyone else finds Mystic!

  4. It is strongly rumored that certain social media platforms are about to drastically downgrade/de-monetize/shadowban etc any content deemed as “alternative spirituality” or “new age” and yes, this includes Astrology.

    OK I have heard rumblings of this as of late, too. It’s concerning that we may end up with only approved astrologers. Ugh.

    1. Approved astrologers on certain platforms (and we know what that means) but I suspect Mystic and other alternative (dare I say rebel?) Astrologers will find supportive/sympathetic platforms as they arise.

    2. A few astrologers have already pivoted to other apps such as telegram etc. Decentralised social media is where this will go. Feels very Pirate radioesque of the 90s to alt tech media in the 20s..

    1. Scheiße not the shingles, Skarab!! Probably a delayed reaction to that massive class action you just won – belated congrats, by the way (I did follow in the comments, just too wiped to comment at time). I hope you are taking some time out to rest your Leo stellium..

      1. Thanks, E. Yes, total Scheisse. And yes, delayed reaction to ruling, but also the monster move & relocation of home/life, again (all happening in my Aqua 4th).
        Hope you have recovered your energy too, hon.

        1. Of course. The move. Emotionally destabilising way more than we ever get at the time. Plus it’s physically exhausting to move. Oh well. Favourite movies and books, music and journaling plus lots of snacks on a tray coming right up

        2. Ohhh, Skarab. You are a WonderWoman, if ever I had to file a huge class-action, or just move, or basically anything requiring intelligence, you are the first person I would think of. And I only know your online avatar!!!
          So does this mean Saturn is currently traversing your 4th?? I have this natally, and it can be (and was for me, in early years) Scheisse.. I am still waiting for Saturn’s famous gravitas to kick in, but you have it – and so I have no doubt you will meet Pluto there with ice-calm and steel in a couple years..?!!
          I so hope you’re okay. I am big believer in epsom salt baths, but you probably have all the healing modes employed. Thanks for replying to me when you’re so busy. XOO

          1. Hey E, I’m 3 weeks late in seeing this. First i want to say thanks for your kind words, but honestly you know as well that sometimes you just have no choice but go with the punches & try to give some back in defence & somehow you end up at the other end & go Wha-? I did that? … and that too?… How the fuq?… What the..?….And then you break out in shingles, hahaha.

            And yes, Saturn’s in my 4th. Astrology, eh? We moved the first time when it was conjunct my IC. We stayed in that place for just over a yr & then riding on Jupiters vibe (through the 4th as well) we found this lovely place as Jupe went direct late last yr. It really did bring us luck. And man we really needed some luck after the past few yrs.

            So you have natal Saturn in 4th? Sounds to me like you’ve already aced that one, hon. You are the bed rock of your family AND working a law degree?! And you are waiting for gravitas to kick in?? LOL, typical Saturn, always pushing for more. Really try to enJOY yourself & what you have created, E – just love it, water it, & nurture it – the basic 4th H way. Don’t push yourself too hard & do stop to smell those roses often. xx

        3. I’m very late to this but if you’re still reading – shingles is a punish, I hope you’ve recovered now. You’ve had so many upheavals, they do leave their mark.

          1. So glad i lurked back in here, C. Recovering nicely, thank you. All thanks to spending (like you, i see below) unnatural amounts of time by the sea. Wonder what that’s all about? A Neptune attack? Water signs reverting to origins? One minute i’m like Jimi Hendrix’s apocalyptic “A Merman I Should Turn To Be” & the next i’m The Beach Boys’ Kokomo. All i can say is that at least the ocean is a healthy obsession. xx

    2. Oh no Scarab I’m so sorry that’s happening. I’m all too familiar with this scenario and it is beyond awful. Beyond.
      the crying for “no reason” is when I typically realise what is occurring and by then my nervous system is so fried that taking to my bed for a few days is merely palliative. Time to rest and be super kind to yourself. Good vibes only. Sending you love.

      1. Thank you Invicta. Been running on nervous energy since 2016 & the tank is empty now. I knew the body would throw a wobbly at me eventually. Been lying around reading of healing temples of ancient times, where one would take sleep inducing herbs, and sleep for long periods while healers interpreted your dreams & created healing unctions & potions for you. I would like that so much.

        1. And I thought 15 minutes once a year with my GP in the triage room was fun 🙂 healers giving me sleeping herbs actually sounds like nirvana

        2. Those healing temples sound divine. I’m imagining my own Pisces temples with pools and saunas. Massages and lounging around in Helenic dresses with flowers in our hair.

          It looks like I will be taking a screen holiday for the next 9 Days. Oops I didnt pay my bill. It will force me out into nature. A temple of sorts.

          At least you are aware of your needs. That’s half the battle hey? I hope you find your ancient temple and rest.


          1. Hi Wish, good to hear from you! I hope your 9 days and nights in the wilderness are fruitful. A nature temple is what this world needs. Hellenic dresses and hair-flowers, too. XOO

      2. Well said Invicta. Gee I remember when I used to cry for no reason. Yes the nervous system was overloaded and the tears were the pressure valve.


  5. Dealing with a producer who never heard of the #MeToo movement and has treated women very badly and threatened to beat them into submission when they won’t toe the line and do as they are told.
    I think he is about to go through some things.
    Women are sick of this kind of bs, we want transparency and demand respect.

    1. What is it with these fuqwits?! It’s like this FM has drawn them out of their pits. I’ve not encountered so many since the 70s.

  6. FM was exact on my ascendant and yeah, been feeling completely flat and gloomy for a couple of weeks. Been doom-scrolling a bit too much, emo-eating, watching trash tv to zone out. Not sure why.

    1. Hi Chrys.. hope you okay. Why are FM’s so intense?? Smack on your ascendant too. I reckon if women ran the world, we’d have granted public holidays millenia in advance on all full moon days, and a whole week for eclipse seasons. Anyway – hi from the same place 🙂 x

      1. Thank you, lovely. The heat is killing me, I’m sure of it.
        I feel I am in some weird regeneration space. Things I thought I loved, I don’t know if I love them anymore. I guess with Venus sq Neptune natally, I never know what’s real.
        Hope all is well in your world. xx

        1. Hey gorgeous Chrysalis – you too??. 1. That W.A. Desert Wind: I call him Old Walt(er). One of these days, I’m going to open our (north-east facing) front door, and bazinga!! I’m going to dessicate into a pile of lamington crumbs, blowing all over the baked landscape… 2. Everything has lost its Meaning (if this is sort of close to what you are feeling, in falling out of love with things..?): I never thought this would happen to me, but it did, last year, and then peaked during the Venus rx. It felt like a virus took hold (not the pandemic one!..), but a kind of energetic one. I think clinically it is depression, but I never checked, and maybe I could have. Then, slowly little joys come back, the winter lifts, but you are a different tree. I theorise that perhaps because the world feels so nuts, we’ve all gone into a type of disassociation, where we’ve learnt to numb to cope?? But I truly do not know. I hope you feel better soon, beautiful C.. 🙁 x and 3. Massive sigh – Neptune and Pisces aspects. I get it. Square anything would feel like the earth shifting beneath you all the time. All the time! But I hope that a Venus square Neptune brings true “Spirit Love”, somehow. Xoo

          1. This is so lovely and generous. ❤️ I’ve been thinking about your comment for a while and letting it simmer. I hope you see my response although I am very late to it. It has been such a strange couple of weeks for us here in the Mild West, hasn’t it, at the personal and the broader level. I recognise that the last time I felt this level of melancholy or restlessness, and a relentless physical craving for the ocean, was when Neptune was on my Venus about 10 years ago. Basically, I’ve been rearranging my life to find time to go to the beach. Literal hours in the water and still not enough. It must be Jupiter moving towards Neptune and traversing my Pisces stellium. I was doing a self dev course recently and the question was raised about ‘finding your why’. And about my creativity, I said, ‘Because I need to. I just need to do it.’ As necessary as breathing. xx

            1. Corduroy jeans

              Hey Chrys XOO am so glad you are following your intuition, getting into the sea, and listening to your creativity. Life is too short, overwhelmingly this message is being sent to us, not sure if this is what you meant by the ‘strange couple of weeks’ comment above, but for me – phew. I thought I was ok with life being fragile, intransient, but no. I’ve found I’m not. So it sounds like your Jupiter conjunction with Neptune has really started, and your already stellar Pisces is being lit from the base! And now the sun has joined the party… All I can think to say is, if you are feeling really overwhelmed, maybe work your Virgo. So – plans, cleaning out dust/clutter, routine, etc etc?? Just to ground you. Mystic I am sure has greater tips, and other commentators on the Neptune Transit. Because I always live in a peripheral world of my own (not sure why – Aries stellium* in 12th house, and only Mars/MC in Pisces) I am ok with the floating bit, but yep – when you feel a physical urge for the ocean and for creativity – be sure to follow it. But also – take good care of your physical self, too. Lots of love in this beautiful West of ours, pet XOO
              *Because can we really count an Aries 12th house as really, honestly 12th house?? lol!

        2. Yes the Australian heat ?

          That venus retrograde was powerful. I took some bach flower essences and the insightful gems were realised. But more potent was the meditation essence of Australian Bush flower essences that really hit the spot. Pulled in all my energies and grounded me again. Something this Pisces Rising needs. Constitution remedy for me I feel.

          It does sound like you are regenerating. Letting go of some things is hard. Don’t beat your self up. Its part of the process. I’m a Venus trine Neptune natal. And I suggest “Do yourself a favour by finding a modality that will help you through this transition”, or you could just ride it out ?

          Any how I will be offline for the next 9 days starting tomorrow and I won’t be able to reply.

          Best Wishes.

          1. Hi Wish, the Perth heat Chrysalis is referring to is not of this world.. It is kind of like living in a relentless, 24 hour fan-forced oven??!! It is exhausting. Big gum trees crack in half. The ground bakes into a biscuit. It is wordless, breathless, and feels like an ancient time warp! XOO

        1. Ha, Wish – not for me, is that job. I do very much hope the next female PM voted in is treated much better than our first one was, though!!
          Hope your nine-day hiatus is full of Hellenic pillars and grapevines !!😃💗

  7. Dang today was wild!!! Last night I told my partner it was a very auspicious day for him as the full moon was exact conjunct his Mercury and also conjunct his Sun in the 2nd house. He had an important business meeting and WE GOT FUNDING FOR OUR 2 PERSON STARTUP YAY WOW! I also noticed that the full moon was opposite my sun and midheaven as happens every February and woke up with a massive headache after awful sleep, thought the day was a wash but then magically rallied and was crazy creative and productive. Along with lots of house-witchery and chores (full moon in 4th house).

    Re: needing lawyers and the bank freeze… I am not anti-vax but I am pro free speech and freedom to assemble and was on the side of the truckers for this thing. But I realized that they could have had success and non-interference if they were tech-literate and got the money through crypto or forming some kind of DAO instead of big-tech GoFundMe.

    I’m not a tech utopian but lately I’ve been messing around with the idea of starting the first CULT on the blockchain (maybe we will buy Kanye’s old ranch as Wyoming has the first laws supporting DAOs) and other wacky tech-art experiments. I am Mercury in Pisces and so that is probably popping off right now with the astro-weather. But yes, I need to protect my energy because of it… I even started doing a practice of neutral separations with my computer/the internet at the end of the day when I start getting headaches and feel I have merged with the cyber.

    1. Congrats on getting the funding for your two person startup!
      if you buy Kanye’s old ranch in Wyoming I’m coming to visit immediately ⭐️🐴⭐️

      1. Okay sweet, I am building my cult template off previous successful cults such as the Rajneesh (the cult in the Wild Wild Country documentary). I have a degree in Philosophy so I’ve got the basic qualifications like he did for cult leadership. And like him I aspire to like minimally actually talk out loud to people so I can write my cult books… so I’m hoping eventually I can pull off the whole “vow of silence” thing after I build up my following.

        I definitely need a person like Sheela (also a person in that WWC doc, you gotta watch, it’s like spiritual Tiger King) to be my ride or die bad bitch to pull this off though. I was pondering her qualities and thought “she’s gotta be a Capricorn” and then I Googled her AND SHE IS! So if you’re interested, the job is open, and I think you’d be perfect.

        1. It’s crazy but I had exactly this in mind when I wrote that yesterday. I’ve not seen the show. Will do it this weekend. Silence is money isn’t it?

          1. I am so jealous of you right now, I wish I could watch it over again for the first time! A rewatch would probably be enjoyable but you can never go back and experience the unpredictable twists and turns of the storyline again. You will love Sheela, she’s so unapologetic and quotable. Tough titties!

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Phew, tense times indeed. One of the Saturn in Aquarius facets – aside from tech advances and a revival of anti-bra sentiment – is structured individuation. That is, people are formalizing their boundaries and levels of engagement with others.
    Feeling this.

      1. “Semi rebellious with taciturn overlay”- this sounds like my upcoming new clothes outfit for when Uranus crosses my ascendant, lol!! Seriously funny – but yeah. Saturn in Aqua is feeling as sneakily intense as Saturn in Sagittarius did for me.

        1. Oo Earthstar, I have had Uranus on my Asc recently (still only 2 degrees off). It’s wonderful! Announced it’s arrival last year with my house being struck by lightning. OMG so LOUD. Had to laugh though. It couldn’t have been more timely. Proof astrology works if we ever needed it.

          1. Your actual. House. Was Struck. By Uranian electricity??? Cra-hazy!! I do love the electric blue planet (and the song by Icehouse, sez the Gary in me – lol). Gave me my gorgeous husband – and a move across to a city I absolutely love. I have the Electric One at 11 Scorp natally, in the 6th house – so it recently just opposed itself (after a grand cross with Saturn opp natal Saturn at 10 Leo, last year – twice!! It wasn’t a cabaret show, but my ancestors DID make an appearance, spookily – Leo rules my 4th H). I have learnt a lot about healing the physical through the mental – very 12th/6th axis, I guess!! 🙂 x

  9. GEOPOLITICAL WTFuqery explains my grey mood. Gobsmacked at the antics on the world stage and the feeling of ‘acquired’ helplessness it gives, now i understand why some people scream at the television knowing can’t respond.

    1. Totally. I’ve been reading about the experiments Harlow did with baby monkeys and isolation at first for personal reasons (cloth substitute mother vs wire frame mom and milk bottle) kinda hard to read but it’s in service of rewiring brain circuitry damaged by generational trauma of maternal narcissism. I was struck by the similarity of what happened to the monkeys in isolation and what I’ve observed in many of my extroverted formerly happy friends. It’s also explained the weird feeling of being ahead of the curve I have felt since it started. Having been forced into isolation a lot as a kid. Time out (being locked in an outhouse) was what replaced more severe parenting strategies and I’m no stranger to solitary confinement as a result. I’ve always regarded it as safer than any other state. The logic of this is beyond flawed I know and it’s being addressed but it’s eerie seeing how shattered so many people’s lives are now. I’m not sure what happens next but I’m not the only person trying to move beyond the habit of numbing out in solitary anymore. I’m curious how we restructure our social lives going forward.

      1. Hey Invicta. For what it is worth, I am so sad to hear you had to experience all that growing up. Thanks for sharing it, I too had a really challenging time, and I just wanted to say – I hear you.
        I am late to the party on processing some of my stuff. Was frozen for a long time. It is still really weird and hard to talk about, but have discovered Deb Dana’s and Stephen Porges’ “polyvagal theory” books. I’m also trialling EFT tapping, and even transcendental meditation, to try and bring my nervous system into a better place. Art and creativity will always be my most therapeutic modality though. 🙂 Good luck, and hold on over there – all your volunteering (and sewing!!) is super special. X

        1. Yessss! Me too. Have you read The Science Behind Tapping? By Peta Stapleton? Highly recommended if not
          . Obviously a HUGE fan of deb dana and Steven porges. Love that polyvagal stuff. There’s so much great literature in that space coming out right now. Or maybe it’s because I’m open to it but I’m spending more on books than anything else lately-even than fabric maybe? Been reading so many books written for practicing psychotherapists lately I’m wondering if I’ve crossed the line and should just go ahead and sit some exams! I do think we can be our own best therapists though. I’m into it. Busy quilting right now to come down from all the heavy FM introspective labour.

          1. Hiya Invicta, sigh. I am in such gratitude to you I don’t know where to begin. XOO When language seems all clichés, platitudes and/or lies (am looking at you forever, politicians), where do you begin?? Go non-verbal?? If you were my neighbour I would leave you flowers and homemade apple pie on your door-step every Friday. I think Umberto Eco once said (in my lay, amateur understanding) that innocence is lost because we no longer have ways to say anything that conveys meaning anymore. For e.g. if somebody who was loved by many, passes away, in sudden/tragic circumstances, the refrain is often “he/she will be sorely missed”. So, while the users of the tools (Words) aren’t at fault, the words have still lost all meaning through over-use, or because they were conscripted for inept use (like, when the same refrain is said for one somebody leaves a workplace/gym, etc. *hollow laugh.* A bit like the macabre, ghastly term “collateral damage” – see Don Watson’s ‘weasel words’ for more like this.) So – in essence. I want to say, thank you so much from the bottom of my being, for eternity, even if those words read like chunks of wood falling onto concrete. :-‘)
            Because talking about trauma is so integral to getting through that tunnel. I don’t pretend to have the language to cut through the dross to heal, nor the ability, yet – but you definitely do, and if you decided to do the exams you mentioned, I think you would be … inter-galactically good (take that, Umberto!!) It has occurred to me too (to qualify), but I am still too prone to getting triggered – I volunteered at a community legal centre for six months, and the stories and vicarious grief still reverberate around my head and being, years after leaving. I find my imagination clocks in, and I empathise in multi-sensory capacity, and then – nervous system overload.
            Just like you, I know the traumatisers were victims themselves (of their own mental battles, trauma, etc). This is unspeakably sad. I think I took so long to finally let the sediment rise up, because of this. I actually played dead, (and have the very low blood pressure, gut issues, and severe fatigue to boot), for years, without realising I was living in a dorsal vagal nerve stasis – till I read Dana and Porges. Revelation. And because my health issues are impacting my little family now, I thought, it’s time.
            My therapist is helping me identify triggers (to early abandonment, then chronic fear of violence from a step-mum, growing up); and this is where the EFT tapping is incredible (another dull-wooden block word). I think you are amazing writing your own scripts, and researching the neurological basis…!! So – you’re not in solitary isolation anymore, or tapping by yourself – I am there too. Thanks Invicta… XOO

        2. Thanks Earthstar I appreciate that. I can’t do meditation. I just disassociate or fall asleep. I find tapping seriously helpful though. That bridge between naming whatever I’m feeling and the physical act of tapping on my body while accepting the feeling and naming it is so validating and helps to unlearn the self gaslighting habit we picked up as kids with BPD parents or whatever their problem was. When you have to adapt to the ever changing moods and unmet needs of the parent you do not have the luxury of having needs of your own. I remember a dream I had as a child about a child I knew from school telling me she had needs. That’s all she said in the dream and I was so horrified by the idea it woke me up. To have needs of my own would have been beyond inconvenient. It’s not an option in that situation. So I’m working on trying to raise my emotional literacy and feel whatever I’m feeling. I love creating my own tapping scrips based on accepting my feelings and being safe. Have you read about Internal Family Systems at all ?
          I find that trauma informed psychology fascinating.

          1. Hi Invicta, meditation is so hard!! I have found, if I breathe in – repeat a mantra 3 times, then breathe out – repeat a mantra/word 6 times, I can do it. But I have to do it same time, same bat channel e’rry damn day, to “trick” my overactive brain into chilling.
            Huh – needs!! What are they?? What about when you come across somebody who has never, ever wanted for (with expressing their needs, or not having them met). Sometimes, they are entitled (“I want I get”), which isn’t fun, but still. I marvel privately like I am watching an Attenborough documentary, then laugh at myself. “So THIS is how the aliens live!!” I think. Luckily I am imagining myself into this same state, too – ha. (Not entitled, heaven forbid!!! Just a childlike naivety about expecting life to meet all my needs. It is kind of spiritual, I guess). Love xoo

            1. Ha. Yes I know that sense of watching an Attenborough documentary of the freakish animal who was unconditionally loved and thoroughly encouraged by tender, caring parents.
              The whole entitled vibe is something I feel ambivalent about. I honestly find it a bit gross that flat assumption that their feelings matter and the rest of us are just dying to hear all about them (again) I know it’s probably the psyche equivalent of gallows humour but I do cackle inwardly sometimes because seriously look how they BEHAVE 😲.
              There are upsides to trauma and I encourage everyone to celebrate them. Ffs at least survivors have a degree of nuance and refinement socially. There’s value in knowing that no one cares sometimes ya know? Even if we learnt the hard way and far too young.

            2. Earthstar I genuinely believe that everyone has a degree of trauma or gets triggered no matter how loved they were during formative years. A lot of people who look fine are deep in denial about being fine. And by a lot of people I mean honestly most of them. Most people are “fine” because they’re 💯 faking it and or displacing their worthlessness onto an external source and they’ll tell you if you let them talk for ten minutes. Others are doing a ton of projecting and fantasising or numbing out and straight up lying 😝.

              1. Right back atcha, beautiful Invicta.🤗❤❤😘 Of course, you are tres correct – trauma IS an effective way of losing what I think the Buddhists term the “self-cherishing” or “self-grasping” tendency we are all born with. And suffering is the only way to develop compassion and kindness – I think is another Buddhist tenet (quoting these not to be prescriptive – just to say my experiences concur). But anyway – thank you so much for listening to me, you have taught me SO. MUCH. XOO XOO

                1. Oh my goodness Earthstar thanks for completely fuqin NAILING IT 🙌. Yep. This is 💯 the point I was trying to make above. There really is something (I hesitate to use the word advantageous) but it’s close to the idea that having a difficult childhood gives you a spiritual head start. I have always held onto the pearl of my trauma like narcissistic oyster and admired how shiny it is. Lols.

  10. So this feeling of being stuck going nowhere feeling blah detaching from friends is the squares in action meaning it WILL change…phew.

  11. Off topic, but Mystic can I just say how much I love and appreciate your Daily Mystics which I receive in my mailbox!
    Really a favorite benefit of being a member 🙂

  12. So Mutable It Hurts

    Mystic, I love this piece. I’m in Canada and I’ve been wanting to reach out about this situation with the trucker convoy here, as I write this I can hear them honking from my bedroom. Can you clarify what you’re saying here because this is an extremely intense situation that’s happening in Canada, something I have not seen in my 36 years here, and I think it needs a lot of research and first hand accounts to know what’s actually happening. I’m purposefully not trying to share my opinion but I value your perspective so can you clarify this. Bad: The Canadian bank-freezing tactic is a dangerous precedent, no matter what you think about truckers or vaccine mandates

    edit. I shouldn’t call this a trucker convoy that is inaccurate

    1. Thank you! And it’s completely cool to share your opinion here – particularly, as you say, a first-hand account. The only ‘rule’ is respect for differing opinions. My perspective on the bank freezing was simply that if such an action were established as acceptable, it could be used to stifle dissent or to usher in a form of social-credit system. I could also see unscrupulous banks using it to remove a bunch of ‘under-performing’ non-profit-making accounts.

      1. Tweet I read said, no one froze Epstein’s bank accounts. That made me pause. Digitising currency will ensure this level of control over people.

  13. Mystic, at the end of your piece you write: ‘You could argue that Pluto in Aquarius has the form to be a high-tech dystopia but really, the most abiding theme of it is the rights of the individual.’ But wouldn’t Aquarius be more about the rights of the group and the community than about the rights of the individual?

    1. I’d love to read what Mystic has to say re this too. My understanding is that over & above anything, Aquarius values Freedom. And being ruled by both Saturn & Uranus, it seeks freedom in response & as counterforce to restrictions – be they on the individual or community.

  14. Re: Powertripping and control dynamics

    “Villains are heroes of their own story.”

    The “well-meaning” friend claims to have been demonized, that everything they’ve done was out of the kindness of their loving hearts, even lying, deception and setting up a friend to be… (fill in the blank).

    “It was for her own good. I know best…”

    Dealing with power-tripping shapeshifters takes time to recognize and is tricky, at best. Try confronting them and you get accused of projecting. Try opening for a dialogue, and they lie to your face. They are delusional, at best and manipulative, at worst.

    A power – tripper or control-freak doesn’t recognize themselves in this role.

    1. The worst thing to do is to confront them. They will never own it because projective identification is an unconscious defence against reality. The fact it’s unconscious doesn’t mean it’s ineffective however and the behaviour is deeply rooted in pathology. These wounds have been covered up since very early and could even be generational. Dealing with this stuff in own life has made me rethink concepts like evil and morality and my relationship with the truth. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this right now and it’s important to protect yourself and get emotional support from others who can validate your experience. They don’t need to be – might be better if they’re not in your personal circle. Anyone who is healing from the trauma of narcissistic abuse will work because the techniques used (scapegoating, flying monkeys and triangulation are identical.) Its quite a learning curve ahead but you are most definitely not alone and I can recommend some sources of information if you’d like. Otherwise just take care of yourself ❤️

    2. Yes. We are all the heroes of our internal narrative and I’m learning to recognise where I’m narcissistic. To accept myself with the flaws I have and gradually learn to modify my own behaviour is the way I’m choosing now. No one knows what’s best for someone else. Particularly not if deception is used as a tactic. Control and power tripping should only be used on oneself and sparingly even then.

      1. Thank you for your comments, as I was doubting my inner voice. This is comforting.

        I have long considered the plenum to be my own body of bliss.

        Having moved into solitude and lived there for awhile, I can no longer be silent. It must be broken, but in doing so, I feel incredibly empty right in my gut.

        Shedding illusions, the feelings are not at all blissful and oneness. However, I am starting to remember my poetry of old, when I felt so happy and wrote about Angels in my breath and scintillating lights all around, a time of new discovery of the self.

        Now it’s more like I’m deep underwater, living in a protective house at the bottom of the ocean, blind but in happy community with friends. When I venture out of my bubble, in my craft, I am still protected, but I can plainly see.

        The universe, being an “empty” shell where the mind frolics infinitely, when in wakefulness, I feel sucker-punched.

        The fear of transformation still runs deeply within me, I am the first to admit, but still I feel a gladness that I am “finding my feet” and know that I can move on towards feeling happy, even when veils of illusion have been peeled away (in my 10th and 11th houses) with the innate knowledge the only the unreal dissolves.

  15. Oh! The US has Aquarius Moon? THAT explains the omnipresent casual misogyny vibe lol. (I can say these things as I’m a 5H Aqua). This moon, well, here in gusty Scotland, it seems like I can feel it’s pressure building.

  16. Good to have some perspective to focus and reflect on as the moon rises here on the east coast, Australia. A beauty!
    My cat also just brought in a rat, so I don’t know if that’s a sign of anything.

  17. Two people I know (but don’t know each other) both had massive ‘mistreatment by management’ meltdowns at work today and walked out. Totally justified but seriously dramatic. The people in charge of everything and anything are inexplicably behind the 8 ball when it comes to valuing good people. Like they think there’s a never ending supply…

    1. I currently wish more than anything that I could walk out from my job… I and my small team have been working like crazy for the past four years. During that time I have told my chef several times that we need more staff, which she listened to politely and refused politely. And now she is asking us to take on even more responsibilities. She certainly seems to think that good people are in endless supply… All of this is going on while Pluto is transiting my sixth house. My boss is a Capricorn with Pluto transiting her Sun.

      1. My team have been under the pump for the last 4 years too and don’t get anywhere near the respect we deserve. We are constantly helping others do their job bc the mangers hire inept (cheap) people. Working from home means doing double shifts. It’s difficult to sustain. My manager has Uranus transiting his 7th while Uranus is moving through my 1st. Sometimes I feel I could strangle him and his Sun Saturn Moon conjunction on the MC.

  18. Once again, you have hit the nail on the head!!! Thank you … yesterday my computer was hi-jacked and I was ALMOST fooled into allowing whoever it was (some group) to take over and help me “unfreeze” it – BUT my scorp antenna plus your warnings said at the last minute — NOPE.

    At work, someone who is impossible in the best of times was over the top — and I fell into that trap with a shouting match BUT again, saved by your advice (although I obviously didn’t heed it quickly enough) and the list goes on.

    It’s completely whacked at the moment where I live … thanks for the refreshing and cogent view of what’s going on.

    1. I had a meltdown last night and write a long tirade. And funny thing, that very same thing happened to my computer yesterday, too.

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