Neptune Retrograde Lifestyle Tips

Inside The Glamorous World Of Neptune Retrograde

Neptune Retrograde lasts for nearly half the year, every year. It’s not really a big deal…except that the days surrounding the planet actually turning Retrograde are reliably nuts. They’re practically irradiated with hyperbolic Neptunian rays.

Don’t believe it? Check out the Pisceans in your orb: they’re channeling something new, right? If you’re the Piscean, I’d say to just look in the mirror but you’re too magic/hyped at the moment.

Whatever your zodiac sign, if you’ve been strangely scattered for the last week or two – well out of whatever you’d consider your normal derangement matrix – consider Neptune as the culprit. Yes, pandemic & political fatigue is a factor.

But you know Neptune is in the picture when you can compose the perfect lyric and feel every layer of paranormality but basic anything eludes you. You’re a lightning rod for everything but common sense. Your house is a mess but your aura? Immaculate.

Neptune is now officially Retrograde but as it will take another five days or so (this not one of those ‘on time’ planetary influences) for the nebulosity to lift, these Neptune Retrograde Style Tips could help.

Indulge Delusional Dating Recall

Have your memories of the pre-pandemic mating, dating and party scene become more lurid or cinematic? You may be investing the past with more pleasure and excitement than you felt at the time. Great! Gazing at the past through rose-quartz-tinted Neptune goggles raises endorphins. Save your dreary stocktake or accountability lists for another time.

Thoroughly Research Unrealistic Fashion Options

“Realistic” is now an evolving concept. If offices as we know them and Central Business Districts are dinosauring, you can wear what you want. Add global supply chain disruption or absolute confirmation of repellent ‘fast fashion’ manufacturing practices and it’s a style revolution! The Creator Economy will probably go mainstream just as Neptune hits Aries in 2025: Every Aries person will acquire a sewing machine and become their own designer, spokesmodel and muse.

Don’t Meditate

The days surrounding Neptune turning Retrograde are already paranormality plus. They’re like one of those mass events that attract what the organizers call an ‘eclectic array of people‘ but you know that dangerous entities lurk beneath the bright lights and fairy glitter. And focus is difficult enough to maintain at this time without trying to still your mind. Of course, if it is a locked-in part of your everyday regime than go for it. But don’t begin or intensify a meditation practice in an attempt to fend off weird moods; not this week.

Read The Neptunians

Not the news and not the self-enrichment tomes. Nor anything hyper-aspirational that could inspire a sad Neptunian funk over not being glossy, cool, rich, untroubled enough. Read the writers (or listen to the musicians) who never in a trillion years could count as role models. Yes, their lives seem even more tawdry from the 21st Century. But you’re not seeking sensible suggestions or to conjure up a to-do list: poignant poetic empathy that covers the full range of human failings, yearnings and magic will suffice.

Serenity Signal Random People

Assuming you have not already done this anyway, it will make you feel fantastic. Rather than fearing some Retro-Neptunian loss of composure because you sent a goo-goo message to someone you’re fairly sure is an alien or a Future Faker, relax. The trick is to do it Piscean style: A soul-centered, heart-felt transmission out of the aether -with or without gerberas – and then radio silence. And with people who harbor negative thoughts toward you – provided it is not a matter best dealt with by police, the justice system or strict avoidance – a serenity signaling good wish sans promise or substance but relatively sincere is a minor spell that works in your favor.

Get Pharmaceutical Info From The Source

As many of you know, when Neptune Vibe spikes, people are more sensitive to drugs so be aware of that until around July 6, when Mercury clears the last square to Neptune. And you may also have seen the Jupiter in Pisces post about psychedelics recently. There is a lot going on in the Neptune-ruled pharmaceutical industry and it will amplify over the next three years. Aside from your medical advisors, you can find an extraordinary array of info in the industry magazine Fierce Pharma. It’s eerily fascinating.

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    1. Just F O into your own realms. Don’t vibe blissful with your project; they’ll get attracted. Don’t vibe too busy; they’ll try and disturb. Just vibe polite and warm and vague, bc i know you actually ARE busy, so don’t bring their shit into your Busyness. Too easy to do when you’re a get-shz-done-type and just wanna deal with them quickly. But they sense it without knowing the dynamic. (You think it’s so obvi that they do it on purpose, but nah) And make some 3 minute time to ask them something, best when they’re in the middle of the morning or early arvo, but not during an actual break 😏

  1. Mystic is Neptune affecting Australia with the recent COVID outbreak?
    And is it Saturn blocking our vaccination program (or just idiot politicians)?

  2. Unicorn Sparkles

    I took a depth breath and
    listened to the old brag
    of my heart.
    I am,
    I am,
    I am.

    Feeling fragile and reading Sylvia Plath.

  3. Venus is in Leo again which makes me happy. I’ve been making and wearing floaty summer dresses lately. In neutral shades, naturally having Saturn opposite my Venus all of this year, there’s no way I’d be dressing in frivolous Liberty prints, although it has crossed my mind as a maybe for next summer.

    1. Invicta YOU IN LIBERTY PRINTS?? Florals, sweet tiny flowers all over your strong body in multi- colours, tho’ once bought 2 of the most amazing silk scarves at Liberty in London with a peacock feather print, one emerald, one tan So special & had them for years.
      Making your own gives you exactly what you want & such a range of fabrics that you don’t see commercially and the creativity-satisfaction to enjoy.
      Believe the key is the pattern making. Of course some of the best designs are the simplest so YOU shine through. You actually made some knickers once didn’t you?That takes skill. x

      1. Yes I only have knickers I’ve made myself. Bras too. Xx
        those Liberty silk scarves sound magnificent Pegs 🧞‍♀️

  4. ☄️“Every Aries person will acquire a sewing machine and become their own designer, spokesmodel and muse.” 🌚 also non Aries people 🌔

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    I just checked the current astro down below and it is 23 degrees Neptune retro. My natal Neptune is 23 degrees retro in Scorpio 9th house. And no I wasn’t born during the nutty stage.

    I am a Pisces Rising and Neptune is currently in my first house.
    I had a big sleep last night. Today I am taking it easy. I need my space and privacy.

    Can anyone tell me how the current astro would be effecting me please?

  6. NOW i read my personal scope…lol.
    Luna opp Saturn. Bedrock grudges & ancient angst agitated like one parking fine too many.
    O Mystic my life at moment in a few lines.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Take it easy
      Take it easy
      Don’t let the sound of your own wheels
      Drive you crazy

      Lighten up while you still can
      Don’t even try to understand
      Just find a place to make your stand
      And take it easy

      Lots of love 💖🌟💖
      and hugs 🤗🌟🤗🙃🙂

      1. Bless your big starry heart Lovely One. If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger i’m STEEL 🙂 x

  7. ‘Pharmaceutical info from the source’?It seems Medico’s are not into HEALTH but prescribing medications according to test results that don’t include the person’s belief’s or indeed the whole person as an integrated system.
    Is it Neptune responsible for my having doctor fatigue (it’s a thing with COPD) or Dr Google & Fierce Pharma?
    Dreams of wounded, bleeding animals seem to affirm a complete remodelling of what constitutes health needs massive attention. Not to mention the plague saying ‘check your immune’ bigtime like HIV+ said ‘look at this thing called sex’ both metaphor’s appropriate for the times.
    High Cholesterol?Take a statin.
    Blood pressure a bit higher than usual Take a BP pill. Actually it’s called ‘white coat fever’ as it goes up in doc’s office & at different times during the day.
    Emotional digestion issues? Take Prozac.
    Managed to heal it with mother apple cider vinegar w honey & cap of 32 billion beneficial bacteria daily as was off the charts from antibiotics prescribed as a prevention of exacerbation. That’s weird to prescribe them when no infection present let alone for weeks at a time.
    My 2 medic’s want me on EIGHT scripted meds & haven’t mentioned side effects or checked interactions with each one. Scary when you really think about it as i have been doing. Six months in a Neptune fog & six months coming out of it. Now suffering from giving my power & trust away w/o informed choice & feeling so toxic that anger is a result. What a fiasco
    The weirdness is that natural health was my area of study from the 70’s & belief nature held all the remedies. Perhaps ‘mutability’ in the sun sign instead of cardinal allows much leeway with people & ideas until it doesn’t!
    O dear Fierce Pharma mention = reaction. Neptune mid heaven in 10th married to Libra = important issues.
    Forgive me rave on this but feel the situation is almost criminal. The cure worse than the disorder. We could say the same about the AZ vacc?
    We will not win against this plague but need to learn to live with it w/o knee jerk reactions by upping our immune systems with careful attention to our health.
    Masks tested hold more bacteria around 5 different strains so are useless.
    Will The truth Set Us Free?

    1. Hey Pegasus, coming from a family that has used (abused?) natural remedies for the most serious ailments, I hear you from the other side of the bridge. I think/feel that the secret is in really listening to your body and mind, doing deep dream work and use active imagination to find out what works, what doesn’t. Not everything about modern medicine is evil, like not all natural remedies work in our modern lives, not to mention, it is extremely difficult to do any kind of quality control on them or to make sure that the percentages are same from one batch to the next. They are simply not under the ambit of the same laws and structure that the big pharma is, even as they have learnt to dodge it.

      All I am saying is, maintain balance. Don’t chuck out your antibiotics. Add natural remedies as a complement or addition to your existing treatment with the eventual goal of weaning off of both.

      Also, find a sane doctor who will work with you rather than against you. A good indication is whether they have enough time to listen to you. Often the best ones are not the most successful and are found as general practitioners in smaller communities.

      Loads of luck and best wishes! ❤❤

      1. What good is it when you simply can’t find any “sane” practitioners like you yourself say, especially in the public health system anymore? Not in the cities & neither in the country? That’s in the last 3 Western countries i’ve lived in. When it has been so deliberately run down in the past decades by our governments? When it’s been taken over by glorified pill pushers, who don’t listen. Last time i went, the guy didn’t even look me in the eyes?! Just head down writing. A robot. Prescribed 4 lots of meds, including antibiotics “just in case”. WTF? My experience with doctors has been the typical one of those people that take up complementary medicine because literally, I would have been carved up & be 6 foot under twice now, had i not done some *basic* research & been helped by complementary medicine.
        Not everyone has the luxury of time & money – or even knowledge to look for a sane doctor. Pegasus is right in what she says & most of us here who practice some form of complementary health modality are pretty clued up, and know when to take complementary meds & when to take allopathic meds. We do know that there is a place for both. We’re not all dangerous radical idiots like they would have us labelled.

        1. So sorry to hear your experiences. 🙁 I grew up in a developing economy and always found kind doctors in my country of birth. After I moved to the Nordics, I have needed to see doctors twice – once a surgeon for a bike accident induced severe injuries and a fertility specialist. They were different as chalk and cheese. The surgeon could not have been kinder, even going to the lengths of keeping an eye out on post-operative care, while the fertility specialist was an idiot and a half. Like you said, wouldn’t look me in the eye. So, I changed my doctors. Sure, I had to pay (for unrelated reasons), but I feel loads better.

          I also think relying ONLY on public healthcare is a mistake. I have medical insurance despite living in a welfare state, and my employer covering any stray costs. I just can’t imagine my life otherwise. If you can afford, cover your bases. Public healthcare is great until you run into an administrative wall designed by a silly beauracrat.

          I feel the anguish and unfairness. I don’t think we are dangerous, radical, idiots…just tired patients. All I say is, keep looking, keep looking…till you find that nice Doctor who will serve your family the way they should. (Hint: All the women doctors I have met have been amazing. May the Goddess help you too.)

          1. The point i am making is that since we all pay a fair whack into our public health care system (at least where i live) i DO expect the public health care system to be up to par, and for it to provide decent conditions for doctors & health care workers to be able to do their job properly. I don’t want to pay extra for private health care – nor should i have to. Whether i can afford it or not is not the issue. I live in a country whose public health care system was one of the best in the world & i’ve watched how since 2008 it has been systematically depleted & dismantled while at the same time we’re bailing out the banks – who caused the economic crisis in the first place. AND at the same time governments paving the way for a private health care systems via intense pharma lobbying & influence.
            Btw, i’ve not seen any difference in terms of quality between male or female doctors, i just ask for quality. Thank you for your kind wishes, but I have learnt to have a good network of all sorts of practitioners for different needs.

            1. The problem is the 10 minute time frame. Would rather go twice a year for 40 minutes & be able to TALK not told to ‘be quiet while i take your blood pressure’. Then need to be quiet while she writes scripts.
              Paid $200 for TCM practitioner consult who said 10 visits for acupuncture @ $150 per visit.
              Kind words & a teddy bear work more miracles than any practitioner out there.
              You are appreciated. x

            2. I am so sorry to hear your angst. My developing economy brain still hasn’t adapted to state run healthcare, so I can try to understand but may never grasp the full extent of your frustration. Covering my bases and not relying on governments makes sense to the lizard part of my brain. But of course, its unfair and unjust. Wishing you luck with your rolodex of trusted natural practioners. Its a valuable resource.

        2. ‘Didn’t even look me in the eyes’. Skarab THIS is my distress. Sixty visits to my GP over 10 years & she knows me not. Doesn’t know my previous work, if in a relationship even.Laughed when i said the word ‘natural’ & replied ‘statins come from nature’.
          Mentioned Dr Candace Pert’s body of work & she blanked.
          Am deep into Joe Dispenza & Bruce Lipton’s books & podcasts alas when in an exacerbation all one can do is conzentrate on the next breath & hope it comes…
          She obviously thinks i’m one of those radical idiots.

      2. Thank you so much. It was a sound off yesterday with an inability to think clearly. Shall take your advice seriously, have listen to your every word & much obliged. Change doctors & start adding more natural remedies.The reason not incorporated is that something tells me that the body’s natural healing energy is blocked by big pharma products. Change thoughts = change biology. x

        1. “Change thoughts = Change Biology”! There you go! We are tougher than we think! Huge hugs! I know you will find what you are looking for.

  8. I truly love this post coz i get it (Neptune Rx Rising & born within that twilight zone of it changing from Rx to Direct – does that make one more nuts?). Love that pharma link. I always go to source too, & especially like the WHO site & its regulatory bodies. So much more interesting & revealing than conspiracy sites. At least this way there’s no doubt as to the madness that’s going on now. Everything is blatantly hiding in plain site – & ironically we may need Neptune glasses to get through it sanely.

    1. Also, in the name of research, i watched Love Has Many Faces (that poster above made me do it) – omg, just fabulous – you really pick ’em, Mystic. Mid 60s super trashy glamour camp. Lana Turner wears a vast array of superb resort wear by Edith Head. Loads of boozing & smoking on yachts & beaches, horny rich matrons, gigolos, sordid relationships & amorality. Plus an always naked but jaded gigolo, Hank, who’s motto was: “Always treat a tramp like a lady, and a lady like a tramp” lol. Pure Neptunian louche.

        1. Yes! This is all about power rich-bitch resort wear.
          If you really want the ultimate whimsy Edith Head, google “gowns by Edith Head” and you’ll see a 5.22 mins clip from a film starring Shirley Maclaine called What a Way to Go – gem of a film & hilarious. Think you can see the whole film on youtube.

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              Oh Neptune in Scorp 1st house.

              Do you give off a smouldering, mysterious, crazy vibe? I’ve got retro Neptune in Scorpio 9th house. Pisces Rising.

              What does Neptune in Scorpio mean to you?

              1. “Do you give off a smouldering, mysterious, crazy vibe” OMG, spot on! Hahaha …. But seriously, i have to watch my resting face. I’ve been told on more than one occasion that i look somewhat fierce, but that in reality i’m a pussycat.

                Neptune in Scorpio? hhhmm… deep deep diving & relentless source seeking.

  9. Well….in the past 2 weeks, I’ve lost~had my wallet stolen. Left on a counter of a shop due to mental fatigue/fog doing a double shift at work on my 1st day back after returning from a 3 week 2 state 6000km road trip. Used a dermatological cream (prescibed) on my face has left me looking like a burns victim.(People staring like you know what!)..Have used this cream before, it worked but not with these exaggerated side~effects…And stayed over night with friends on weekend, only to discover I’d left my drivers window fully down…?!? Perplexed, can’t recall doing it, luckily nothing stolen.
    Grrrrrr! Is this weariness, absent-mindedness or Neptune Retrograde on steroids ? I’m over it.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Try not to cry over spilt milk. Cut your losses and start new.

      Get some good sleep. It does sound like you are run down and your Skin is oversensitive. Do you have alot of Neptune in your chart? Otherwise the eclipses have been pretty full on.

  10. Mystic, or anybody that knows- how does Neptune Retro affect those with Neptune in Retrograde in their natal chart? Because I’ve felt all types of scattered in the past few weeks (which I chalked up to that delightful Neptune square during Mercury Retro) but now I feel strangely focused and able to receive and channel creative ideas 💡
    Or did I just answer my own question? 🧐🤔 lol

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Yes I tried to stay above the fray. Otherwise it was like being sucked down into a black hole.

      But now my quiet intuition has strengthened.

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      I think Neptune retros need to ask and answer their own questions.
      That’s how we get the answer.

      Or is it another aspect in our chart ? Not sure.

      It’s a muscle that needs to be exercised.


      1. That makes perfect sense to me Wish! Thank you 🙂🙂
        Neptune (for me) feels like an illusion that presents more questions than answers lol, that’s the trap but you’re so right it’s intuition that provides the greatest insights and clarity.

  11. The Lion & The Centaur

    AHH so that’s been going on (too). I have learned to Aura Cleanse and set up psychic boundaries, because I was a walking magnet for spooky low energy entities for years (Neptune opp Mercury lol). But during last Mercury Retro there was some random energy, I could not sleep for a night or two because in the corner of my bedroom there was a super spooky spot that I could not smudge “clear”. If I lied down in my bed and closed my eyes, I would vision a woman jumping from under my bed and strangle me. After some hardcore cleaning, smudging, blessing, calling of protective guides, salt throwing and decluttering the space cleared. But now the energy here was a bit sketchy again. I remember waking up last night after a dream had started to go wrong, in panicky state, all my nerves on edge, both ears ringing in different tones. So I pulled up my chart and Mercury is back in the space between my South Node and Descendant and it opposed the Great Attractor just a couple of degrees ago. Phew. I hope this extra paranormal activity eases up, I’m DONE with it.

    1. That’s no good I hope your ok.If that starts again shout at it very loudly and tell it to FUK OFF.. That’s what I do and burn some bakhour daily it’s made by nature not humans then focus on rebuke.

  12. So Mutable It Hurts

    This is impeccable guidance in my neptunian opinion. Off to take a deep dive into fierce pharma lol

  13. I have barely noticed Neptune retrograde because I have recently become obsessed with budgeting and spreadsheets. Me, fka the poster-fish for feeling Neptunian transits. It makes no sense. Saturn in my 6th is trumping everything.

    1. This fascinates me. My natal Saturn is in the sixth. In Gemini which I don’t mind and as I get older I’m less freaked out / intimidated by structure and more in awe/repulsed by it.

      1. A major aha moment I had recently was understanding the natural law of things following the path of least resistance ie water flowing and that the right structure enables that
        I haven’t a clue how to implement this yet but just being able to think about it that way is powerful. I’m starting to get why some people find structure comforting rather than oppressive.

        1. So interesting, Invicta – in Gemini do you have that lovely ‘tensile strength’ thing with Saturn there? Your aha moment sounds brilliant, such a good analogy, and you will have a Saturn-Saturn trine coming up to make it all happen!

          It’s certainly been my experience that structure is ultimately freeing although I was dragged kicking and screaming to that view by Uncle Pluto through my Cap 5th, ha. My recent motivation is plain old fear. I’ve been tripped up by Saturn transits before and I am terrified of it doing a number on me in my 6th, particularly with Pluto not far behind and second Saturn return in a few years. I’ve recently made some huge decisions around work and so I need to get every penny working harder for me beyond my strategy of benign neglect. But your comments have prompted me to think more deeply and I think it’s so much bigger than simply auto-scheduling bills. I’ve had a huge declutter at home and have given away a stack of things. I’m about to embark on a drastic digital detox and am researching how to go vegan. It’s somehow linked to other stuff I am doing to address emotional pain and addressing massive themes /issues in my life around money. It’s big. xx

          1. Benign neglect 😂😂😂😂😂😂 exactly!
            This has always been my take on anything related to structure or any kind of planning, budgeting and the like. I’m so excited about my Saturn trine Saturn transit which is next year. Reading my 7 years ahead report the other night, it really cheered me up imagining some positive affirmation from a Saturn transit after the hard slog of this past few years. Also having Saturn square my sun, moon and mars means I’ve always felt so threatened by Saturn and insecure. Bizarrely the hardships of these past few years have been a tremendous help with all that. I’ve finally struggled enough to find some self esteem. I never had it from stuff that came easily.

            tensile strength- yes, Gemini is absolutely that kind of jazz / ADHD

            1. Saturn in Gemini makes me literally allergic to anything boring or tedious. I realised the other day that my pathology is pathological 😂
              well it is in house 6 so….

            2. My Saturn-Pluto-SN transit over my moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno of 2018-9 was horrible but the absolute making of me. I learned true self-reliance and the value of just showing up and doing the work, day after day. It reaped rewards I couldn’t have imagined. In the 5th house it’s set me up for what I’ll be doing for the rest of 2021 which will hopefully set me up for the magic Jupe/Neptune conj in my sign next year.

              1. This is so so Interesting
                ive been wondering if Jan 2020 was a SN Saturn Pluto transit
                i was born in South Africa and this idea Mystic had of switching the north and south nodes if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere got me thinking. It was definitely massively transformative and there’s nothing to indicate that it was a north node transit. I’m truly self reliant since – actually since April 2019 and the period leading up to the Capricorn convergence. I mean honestly friends have subsequently intimated that they’ve been feeling bad about not “rescuing “ me during that time and my reaction was revulsion and horror. As in that period of time was quite literally the making of me. Those were my exact words in fact. I became this person who could survive anything and without manipulating anyone or even needing to involve other people. It taught me how to survive without sacrificing integrity. To show up in total authenticity without pandering to anyone. It’s only now I can truly understand how valuable the experience was. If anyone had “helped” me I wouldn’t have the Saturn/ Pluto strength I take for granted as my own. Things that had always been missing in me grew during that transit.

                1. Either way,I am starting to think of the nodes as an axis now and like the different hemispheres of the brain instead of directions to go in or avoid. The same friend was blown away by the possibility of my nn basically being where my Venus is. We both agreed that the idea of haute vs low energy way of doing it matters more than the direction.

                  I would love it if my NN was in 8th house because I’ve always had a weird kind of power there whereas the 2nd house Capricorn thing is utterly foreign to me. Although I thought that was precisely why you’re meant to go north. 🤫

                  Scratching my head now.

                  where is your south node Chrysalis?

                2. That’s a cool way to think of the nodes, Invicta. I could never get my head around the switching for hemispheres idea that Mystic proposed a while back, although I should give it some thought. My NN is in Gem and SN in Sagg. It’s hard for me to move towards the Gem side of things. Much more comfortable going it alone. Maybe that’s the point.

                3. Yes I’m of the same persuasion- that the whole point is that we’re innately way more comfortable with our south node but it’s all about getting out of the comfort zone and trekking through the discomfort to follow that North Star 💫
                  hence my struggle to even think about switching the nodes. I mean I’d love nothing better than to stay in, read tarot cards, sashay around in my silky caftan under fabulous soft light and have incredible sex. Literally my comfort zone. And I completely understand why that is dependent on my being autonomous and authentic and having all my yes’s be scrupulously clean. It’s crucial I don’t use my 8th house gifts to survive, because it’s tacky and an insult to my heritage. Obviously I have to get into the 2nd house Capricorn stuff in order to yang my yin and vice versa. I’m finding it easier to just think of nodes and of keeping that tension harmonious without creating too much of a dichotomy.
                  The point is not to get stuck doing what’s comfortable for too long. So your Nodes are Gemini- Sagittarius Ok cool. Which houses? I know your fifth house is Cap. Why do I think you have a Capricorn moon?
                  if I’m being nosy don’t feel obligated to respond.

                4. I totally relate! Sagg SN in 4th, Gem NN in 10th. I should be running a media empire but instead I prefer to trek solo on beaches and through forests, reading lofty tomes, being of the ‘hell is other people’ Sartre vibe.
                  You are right, Cap moon-Lilith exact conj. Plus Eros, Juno and a bunch of other lady asteroids all in a line. I call them the Nolan Sisters. My fifth house has been completely renovated. Well, demolished and rebuilt, ha.

                5. Chrysalis, I have a feeling we have very similar charts. 🙂 May even be born around the same time?

                6. I’m a Pisces with Leo rising, and the Pluto/Uranus in Virgo generation…I also feel we have similar charts – everything you write about Saturn is exactly how I feel! I have Sun conj Saturn so I am very Saturnine in nature. I feel I may have asked this before but what is the rest of your chart? x

                7. Yes! Leo rising makes perfect sense. I remember you saying once that your hair was your super power and could so relate.

                1. Yep. It sure was. But it’s been a punish for about ten years, really. It’s only in the past year that things have come good after ten years of hell. Thanks Neptune and Pluto! 🙂

                2. Yes, your personal development has been on steroids since I’ve been a subscriber and also been promiscuously over sharing on this site for
                  oh wow okay almost ten years wow. Mid 2012 I think I stumbled into this community hey amazing yes, both of us have been through a few changes hey. I’m laughing out now. What a mad thing the internet is. And what mad things we all are.

                3. If I knew how to make emojis work I’d be adding a big fat heart for you, Invicta. We’ve seen some things, haven’t we? xx

          2. it is actually a scary sounding transit. I just had the first trimester of Saturn & Pluto in my 2nd house so I’m aware that those two fellas ain’t kiddin

            1. I actually like Saturn transits (okay, it’s my Cap stellium talking). But seriously, I have never regretted the changes Saturn brought. I literally have grown from a wayward brat to a responsible adult every time it touched a major planet/point.
              Its Uncle Pluto who brings out the big guns.

              I suspect, in retrospect of a few decades, this intensity will be missed. But Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits to planets/points are special because not everyone HAS to experience them, whereas Saturn transits arrive like clockwork at least once or maybe twice in a person’s life. It defines the human condition. Outers further out shape our individual character.

            1. Oooh, lovely. Let me cue him up on the playlist. Next Saturday, I am attending a live concert (yayyyyyy!!) that will marry classical music and nordic jazz tradition. I am beyond thrilled I scored a ticket in a reduced-capacity socially-distanced event. I am going by myself, but will still dress to the nines. Will think of you both, Invicta and Chrysalis! 🙂❤

  14. Corduroy jeans

    Corr. This is so inspired and *correct* MM that I feel like changing my comments nickname from Earthstar to “Reliably, Nuts.” (Yes, with comma punctuation to indicate sign-off status.) But knowing my Neptunian luck I’d probably accidentally manifest Ed the talking horse through my kitchen window, because quintessence. 🦄
    I am trying to avoid news but it has been so Neptunian. Wim Hof mind-over-matter stories. BBC article on the artist/poet William Blake. ABC article on the Buddhist monk who has rescued 8000 (and counting) stray animals. 💐Am off to smudge mugwort and clean out pantry cupboard. 🌠 (And yep, this Aries has her sewing machine ready for 2025. Currently a sculpture piece because I can’t handle instructions).

  15. Wish Upon a Star

    So I’m a Pisces Rising with Neptune retrograde in Scorpio 9th house.

    How do I find out if I was born in this nutty short period?

    Funny timing as I am watching the nutty professor on tv.

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Hi Wish ! 💗 Don’t laugh but I’ve discovered “ephemeris’s” (lol). I could be wrong but if you search your birth month and year with “ephemeris”, you might find a chart with daily planetary degree transits for that whole month. If Neptune stays at same degree and suddenly gets a “Rx” next to it in days immediately before or after your birthdate, then you are officially on the Reliably Rose quartz spectacles party bus! Or just search “Neptune retrograde dates” for your birth year..?

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Earth Star.

        I checked those dates and I am definitely not born in the nutty stage.

        Thank Goddess. I think it would be just too much for this Pisces Rising.

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