Fairy Tale Truths That Apply In ‘Real Life’

Quantum Physics and Fairy Tales agree that there are multiple dimensions. Some parts of so-called Fairy Tales are clearly dubious (Prince Charming?) or they represent medieval life values.  But they also contain a mother-lode of metaphysical truths. Guidelines even.

So here are ten of them!

(1) Every bridge to somewhere worth going has a troll or two beneath it. The more desirable the quest or destination, the viler the troll. What motivates their hostility? It doesn’t matter. Like their ‘riddles,’ it’s beneath your consideration. A bribe is faster even though they always over-charge. It’s still better than getting stuck under the bridge haggling. Think of trolls as akin to mold, ever-present.

(2) Magical Helpers don’t manifest in a cloud of light, cloaked in enchanted regalia. They’re subtle, traveling incognito. While you may only realize who/what they were later, there are clues: A name that is like an in-joke between you and the cosmos or that nobody else seems to have registered their presence. If they are an animal, they’ll do something beyond “normal” animal behavioral logic.

(3) All mirrors have the capacity to be magic. They’re potential portals to other worlds and if you’re good at scrying, relaxing into a light trance while gazing into a mirror can elicit amazing insights. Mermaids don’t gaze into mirrors for vanity alone. But beware old mirrors – you never know what’s stuck inside them. Cleanse them with sea salt water or – if portable – by leaving outside beneath a Full Moon.

(4) Prickling sensations on the skin at the back of your neck with no obvious physical cause are intimations of potential animosity, ghosts, or trouble. It’s the Gui Zhen – Ghost Pillow – point in Esoteric Acupuncture, as well as the Alta Major chakra. Gruesomely but realistically, it’s also the point at which you would technically be vulnerable to an attack you did not see coming.

(5) Birds are messengers. If a bird – especially a raven, crow, or magpie*- appears and catches your eye, notice what you were thinking or the thought that comes to mind. It’s the same for when you hear an out-of-the-usual birdsong. It’s not that you can logically translate it, more that you let your mind drift enough to capture the meaning. *Traditionally, they are in two dimensions at once.

(6) Deals that involve giving up a core magical power, talent, or possession are always duds. The wings, fishtail, or grail -whatever – is swapped for security/love, and then the arrangement turns out to be hideously restrictive. The people trying to acquire a unique quality know its worth but undervaluing it assuages their ego. Or they miscalculate that their devotion means magic stays surrendered.

(7) Knives are symbolically swords, weapons to cut unnecessary cords, or deflect ill intent. Think of how Philip Pullman’s The Subtle Knife refers to a teleutaia makhaira – a double-edged blade, effective here and in the Otherworld.  If a knife falls, notice the direction it points, particularly if it spins first. That’s your threat. Ditto people who comment on the bluntness of your blades or ‘stare daggers.’

(8) Know your strongest element. Aspirant mages and sorcerous queens are forever trying to control the Elementals, the ‘sprites’ associated with specific elements. It backfires as often as it works but everyone has a natural affinity with a specific element. Fire (Ignis), Earth (Terra), Air (Aer), Water (Aqua), and Quintessence/Aether are the classics but there are sub-types: Thunder, Mist, Neon, etc.

(9) Shapeshifters are real. Vampiric types cast glamors to disguise their intent. They conjure up charm the way a drug addict draws down dopamine, encapsulating your sensual ideal and reflecting you at your most idealized. It’s exhausting to maintain and occasionally they drop the facade the way an Olympic powerlifter dumps the 900 kg weights. Don’t stick around to discover the ‘real’ them. Flee.

(10) There is an invisible map beneath the official one. On it, for example, are four invisible cities, one for each cardinal direction. They have their own laws, winds, sorcerers, treasures, and stars. You can only get to their secret gates via the shadow roads of the astral – in dreams or between lives. But if the Electron Flux index is high or a Cardinal Direction is activated, the map shimmers and shows more.

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  1. hey! One of my spirit animals is an owl and I shoot daggers with my eyes without trying (Scorpio influences). I’m mindful of it as much as possible and keep my eyes moving but I’m not a threat! I’m just built like a cactus.

    saludos 💜

  2. A close friend’s beloved two children left home within months of each other to live on the opposite side of the country. My friend was bereft with grief. Within days, a cage of small finches they had kept somehow escaped. An owl then came to roost under the eaves of her house and stayed for months.

  3. I love this post. It’s so heartening!

    I would add raptors to the bird list, like if you are walking along the beach and a Sea Eagle circles overhead, or if a Falcon whistles… there are distinct messages there too.

    <3 Thank you !

    1. I agree! I have had several amazing encounters with these awesome birds – from vultures to imperial eagles and owls. Each time it has been during v challenging transitional times during which they appear & make it very obvious to me. They seem to give me courage to keep going.

      (Nice to see you here, Kim! xx)

  4. Just dropping a line to let you know how lovely today’s personalized Daily Horoscope is for me, because I have the yarrow and the clary sage, and I’m always up for some journal/journey.
    “Moon Idyll
    The most likely time of the month for a transcendental perspective on your usual emotional flow and most intimate relationships. You don’t have to set the scene with Yarrow tea, a journeying meditation, or a dab of Clary Sage oil in the nook beneath the base of your ear lobe – but it helps. 
    Transit Moon conjunct natal Neptune”

  5. Well weirded and love the witch grounding you provide, Mystic 😀 Read this post after I bought two books yesterday, one from a shelf and genre i usu have little to no interest in: it’s a re-imagining of the tale of Rumpelstiltskin. I have no interest in him, either 😂 but the handwritten recomm label enticed me. The other book was a long sought psych documentation into a specific area.

    I guess this post is inspired by all the deep and heavy hitters, the outer planets with the inner influences, and the squares. Uranus is persistent, for example, until the change is made, and Taurus must have inviolable earthly magic truths respected and sustained in the new growth. Natal 6th Saturn in Taurus wants effective, ecologically sound, earth cycle appreciative change in my daily. Can apply also to my Neptune, Cap thing, Pluto Sun aspect, Mercurial Chironic stuff as much as NN SN type Aqua Leo biz w Venus conjunct, et al.

  6. Love this!
    After my Mum died suddenly 2 years ago I had a very strong message come into my mind to pay attention to the birds.
    Later, whilst explaining to my young daughter my belief that when we die our energy returns to the Source and we can be anything I joked and said that Nana might be a bird flying over one day and poop on her as a way of saying hi.
    Months later I’d forgotten all this and a magpie kept coming and sitting on my chair on the deck pooping on it.
    Day after day I’d shoo it away and day after day it would return and poop.
    Finally one night I recalled what I’d said in a ‘ahhh doh I’m an idiot’ way.
    The magpie never returned after that.

    1. Thanks for sharing that Universali. Before my father died a big flock of black cockatoos hung around his place for about a week. As he was passing, and I held his hand, I could feel him leaving me and I got an image of black cockatoos. When he did pass, again a flock of cockatoos appeared imagistically. Then the real flock moved on.

  7. Sent this piece to a friend of mine who is doing her phd on fairy tales and gateways luminal space etc. She will enjoy it.
    and mystic I must say just had a tarot which feels so spot on I can’t tell you
    9 cups, devil, ace cups, ace swords,7 coins, queen wands, 6 wands, 9 swords,( very telling) queen swords, knight coins, tower and my card the Fool ! I mean seriously. It is beyond Love your 12 card readings.

  8. Hello! Very new to the community 💗 and loving the insights so far. I do have a question- what if we are recognising energy vampire traits in ourselves? I have the glamours down pat but after 3 months I’m exhausted, I drop my facade and it can be so ugly. My most recent (very atheist / non spiritual + Aquarius stellium) ex just dumped me and mentioned that I’m the closest thing he’s met to a succubus. It doesn’t help that in the “normal” world I’m just a textbook borderline personality disorder case. Is this something to address in my shadow work or am I incurable? Seeking the light 🙁

    1. Every individual has a set of positive attributes and negative ones. Focus on your positive attributes and they will grow strong. Focus on your negative ones and they too will grow strong. A true friend is someone who helps you focus on your positive ones, but sometimes people are draw to others that do the opposite. My advice is to sit and list all the positive things and those around you that see those things. Focus on those everyday, let those that only see your negative traits go. Soon you will not only feel better about yourself but you will be surrounded by the support of others that recognize your better self.
      As far as mr Aqua it’s much more likely that he is being disturbed by his own reflection.

        1. Yes understanding this solves many problems. It’s also a great way to know the other person deeply without the need for a lengthy ‘getting to know you’ thing that can go on for years. I truly believe you can know a person with great depth in the first 15 mins.

      1. David, your comments have been so heartening. It was especially affirming to be greeted by the image of one of my personal guides 💙 thank you for the mantra. You’re right, my focus (friends, etc) needs refinement ☺️
        Thank you for choosing to encourage me.

    2. Get an acupuncturist who knows the more esoteric points, it’s life-altering. But why would you have to seek the light? It’s within.

      1. I do dearly miss my acupuncturist- I highly agree that it is a necessity. I shall investigate.
        There is a line in a song that goes “but my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark” and I think it’s what I meant by seeking the light. Seeking help to find it in here.
        Incidentally, I’m getting my tattoo of lyrics by the same band completely tattooed over next week.. breaking an accidental self-bind. 🙂 thank you for your hard work, Mystic.

    3. You have each triggered the other’s qualities that can be a treasure and a weak point. BPD is found in a deeply empathic and emotionally sensitive person. Of course this would trigger a multi Aqua, a nature that would allot detached blame or ‘answers’ to complex relationship qs. Interesting they chose such a loaded word to describe your real need and the quality that they may not express well themselves. And clearly labelled with disgust your important esoteric/witch/shaman energy in development. After all, you are here, asking a beautifully put question.

      Agree with davidl. Focus on your positive and wonderful skills that are actually rare. Learn how to define and create boundaries. Online psych sites can be wonderful food for thought.

      Address shadow work w a therapist who is caring generous, and specialised, where possible, not alone without true compassionate resources you have not yet enough for yourself. Feel what you feel, but focus on removing the blame and shame from aqua. It just didn’t work, it was too close to the bone for them1, yet you are the one who seeks answers from it while aqua plants ‘answers’ loaded with hurt. Follow your questing for the holistic part of yourself and grace it with gratitude xxx

      1. Hi, thank you so much for this beautifully multifaceted analysis. My Virgo (sun) heart sings 💓 at your eloquence!
        I appreciate your recommendation of acquiring a therapist for accompanying my shadow work. You’re right, I’m struggling with blame/shame in every domain – self and other- and not just him!
        I am glad to be here. Gratitude to you x

    4. Welcome, LLL. I’m sorry your ex dumped you, but glad you’re taking time to self-reflect. Sadly, of all the personality disorders, BPD is the most unfairly maligned, but it is, in fact, the easiest to treat, with the right therapist who knows their BPD stuff (also, it’s still difficult). May I suggest some useful reading? Look up Dr David Allen’s Blog called A Matter of Personality, on Psychology Today’s website……I hope it helps

      1. Hi SS,
        My BPD is very much a point of contention between myself and my psychiatrist- because I have so much else (cPTSD, ADHD, Depression) + physical disability so like… is it a personality disorder or am I just stressed and in pain all the time and people are hard? 🤣
        I’ll add the blog to my reading list! Thank you for your suggestion, Psych Today is a great site. 😊

    5. Hello, psychologist in training here: BPD is also largely a reaction to childhood trauma, which feels uncomfortable to work through, but it is absolutely treatable. Mayhaps this is the catalyst for alchemising your pain and working to integrate difficult emotions into healthier, more aligned behaviours, so you don’t have to have such polarising reactions?

      1. Then there is a point in our lives, were you are sick of even talking about it. I’m at that part in my life. I can’t change the past. I get reminded of a lot of the horrific moments regularly. Forgiving yourself for having not known the helpful ways of coping or knowing whom to trust, is a large part of the traumatised state. It is exhausting to keep running the same patterns and having the same results. Some times you just need things to be different.

        1. S – I hear you and feel your exhaustion on a cellular level. For me, I can’t separate certain people I love from certain things, so I think I separated parts of myself a long time ago.
          Ultimately I will integrate, but until then… I send love. To all the parts of myself, and to the whole of you, and to anyone else reading who requires or desires it. 💛

      2. Yes 🙂 I agree- I actually believe that I am here (earth) to end a very long karmic cycle of trauma, particularly through my mother’s line. It is currently manifesting as intense full body pain as well as mental dis-ease though, so it’s a lot and I often wish it wasn’t me / wonder why I ever agreed (on the soul level) to do this ancestral work.
        Thank you for using the word “alchemising”, that was important to me to remind me of the process of trying and failing many, many times with multiple modalities before achieving the result. I feel encouraged to continue trying. 💛

        1. I’m with you in the ending ancestral trauma work (especially through the matrilineal line), but jeez if it doesn’t feel as if our work isn’t cut out for us!
          Very tiring and difficult to keep faith at those dark nights of the soul.
          Also I second Mystic’s suggestion of seeking out an acupuncturist, they have been integral into releasing and clearing out trauma and old, stagnated energy.

  9. Why does magpie have a ‘*’ mystic? I mean, they always should have a ‘*’.. but still, why’d you choose it?

    I was recently given a tawny owl wing.whilst walking in the woods a few days later, (during the day), a tawny owl flew passed my face and brushed me with its wing (yeah surprised me too!). The next day, driving home late at night, a tawny owl sat in the middle of the road, wings spread over prey. It’s not just a question of who comes to visit but I would say, the amount of times a messenger comes is also interesting.

    Last night, a (massive) huntsmen spider dropped from the ceiling and onto my duvet. I am not treating this with the same revary..

  10. I have had “hackles” twice. Both times with mouthy smart arsed kids saying the holocaust is propaganda driven by inferior cultures. I was beyond angry. My mother’s family were Jewish and lived in Hamburg during WW11 surviving by sheers wits and incredible luck. They, the students, were only repeating their parents ignorance. I was furious but quietly calm, they didn’t have a chance.
    I am drawn to all things mysterious, magik and spiritual. When I was 7 I used to plan my ultimate existence on a mirror in a foggy bathroom while the bath filled. Basically I was a beautiful and powerful mermaid that had charmed sharks into friends.
    I have been gardening since I can remember so I feel connected to earth (stellium in T) but man o man I am super happy with a garden hose or a hot shower for that matter. XxXx (lots of “I” when I write Venus moon in Aries)

  11. Yes, who can forget the tale of the kindly old lady who took in 2 street teens, who while high on sweets, murder her and steal her life savings. By claiming she was a witch and that they were in a sugar rage they escaped all charges, sell the rights of their story ‘Hansel + Gretel’ and lived happily ever after in a small tax haven between Switzerland and Italy. One of the things they stole from the kindly old lady was a recipe for a type of choc hazelnut spread. Over many generations the spread, now called ‘Nutella’ has become a global supermarket brand worth $Bs. The family owned business is currently one of the largest supporters of charities in Europe. These charities focus on providing housing and support in women’s aged care.

  12. Can I add; adolescents need to go through a cocoon period before coming out as adults (a la sleeping beauty) and vampires can only cross your threshold if you actually invite them in (that said they can be very good at winkling an invitation out of one)

    1. Ah, are you sure? They can cross your threshold, slip through as a sub contractor and then you’re in deep trouble.Is there such a thing as karma? If so, it will find a way. I prefer facts. These things spook me. But then life is nothing but spooky.

  13. Anybody remember Jim Henson’s The Storyteller episodes?? John Hurt was the storyteller. Still my fave ever series. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders starred in one episode. Amazing costumes, make-up, mythical creatures..

  14. Gah! I love this site! Read this just as my two kids were running around saying ‘wingardium leviosa’ at each other, after a week of my reconnecting to all my dusty old fairytale books from the eighties :). Thanks Mystic!

  15. First thing that came to my mind reading this was right at the tail end of my ayahuasca experience, in the pre-dawn I heard a kookaburra call nearby…. It reassured me and signalled to me that I had made it through that intense night

  16. In “The Princess Myth,” her astonishing essay on princess Diana and the intersection between this fairytale metaphysical realm and our every day lives, Hilary Mantel has this quote: “The Jungian analyst Marion Woodman posits that unwanted or superfluous children have difficulty in becoming embodied; they remain airy, available to fate, as if no one has signed them out of the soul store.”

    I’ve sometimes thought of this quote when it comes to my enthralling and exasperating Pisces lover of the last year or so: we just got back from an idyllic trip, in rural areas and made possible by these strange times and now some of the old demons are cropping back and we’re coming to a crux. So number 9 in this post is a ringer for me: the question of whether he’s a shape shifter, who will sometimes turn to become what he thinks I need, but can’t ultimately share a vision with me – the needs of too many others pressing from within and without and causing him to shift shape —is very much on my mind.

    Here’s the essay which I heartily recommend:


    1. Thank you for the reading suggestion. It was a delightful read, I appreciated every section. The projection of time leads into her iconic status.

  17. I love this! The elemental part always confuses me though. I’ve got a five planet stellium in Sag but don’t feel that connected to Fire as an element. Earth feels much closer for me – I feel the ground ‘helping’ me as I run or lift weights, and sometimes I feel like there is no barrier between my feet and the vastness underneath. I still remember a beautiful dream where I was swallowed up and buried under the ground and it was lovely–all velvety darkness, the smell of fresh soil and this sense of being softly enfolded 🙂 I wonder if Earth is easier to perceive because of its density? Or maybe my Virgo asc and Cap Venus are really strong? Or perhaps my fiery bits are like a fish in water (a phoenix in the flames?) and I don’t notice them because they’re so fundamental…?

    1. Earth is the element that comes after fire – as the late summer harvest and ripening season comes after high summer – in Chinese five Element theory. So you could be looking and and connected to the earth to balance and ground your fire energies, just as I bet your ascendant and Venus play that role in your astrological chart. Wonderful!

      1. Oh, thank you! That really helps. I was thinking only in terms of the Western four elements, which can seem kind of seperate from one another unless you get into some conscious (wilful?) alchemical work to connect or transform them. But the image of one element flowing into another like the seasons is beautiful and feels really apt. I just got this image of Virgo walking and tending to the fields and it is her actual presence and attention/love that brings the grain/fruit to ripeness… (which maps nicely on to cleaning, nursing, editing and all the other standard Virgo memes)

        1. The Lion & The Centaur

          I’m Fire dominant too, with lots of Saggo. I definitely feel mostly Fiery and Airy, but lately I have been doing more Earth-y stuff (gardening, studying eco systems etc) and really channeling this Uranus into Taurus. The grounding feeling is so beautiful, I feel like I can relax for the first time in my life!

  18. Lovely list! May I add 2 cents? My Gran always told me to clean mirrors with Sloe Gin, to draw the protection of Frau Holda, and clean with black sloes to discover an enemy. Banish with Salt. Grace with Sugar.
    Thank you, Mystic

  19. Thanks for this beautiful list!! I’m going to return to it many times.

    I wrote a dissertation long ago about how you can hear voices of many times and tellers in the fairy tales and that a timeless essence emerges in them. It’s riveting!

    Reading this reminds me of when a weasel charged at me once when I was pregnant – never understood why a wild animal would do that. It turned around before impact luckily! 😅

    Air is by far my strongest element – astrologically anyway. I notice when wind pics up, I love it – but being out when it’s very windy for long makes me irritable and once on a mountain in Wales scarily hysterical! I’ll never forget it – I couldn’t stop laughing and thought I would push my boyfriend over the edge – honestly I felt like it was the wind!

    1. I hope to learn more about wisdom & symbolism from Fairy tales to recognise patterns around me. This 2-part piece opened up my awareness to the huge amount of hidden meaning in folklore & fairy stories

      The Celestial Snow White – Ancient Tale, Hidden Cypher- PART I & II



  20. That was an interesting read, thank you!
    Sparked imagination.

    An aqua sorceress here, Almost 50 percent water and barely any earth (7 percent) here. Water and air are pretty even.

    I have been feeling a lot of firy smoke like internal exploding danger recently, but at the same time have been Longing for seaWater. ( Land-locked for now )

    It’s all good. I want to focus on honouring the water spirits , me thinks. I feel what I feel. Transmuting the danger to explode into a wave of water, might be key. 🌊

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