Jupiter In Pisces Benefits

Jupiter in Pisces: oceanic surge of opportunity or high tide of hubris? Potentially, like anything in Pisces, it’s both – a cryptic convergence of the two.

Jupiter is now in Pisces for 75 days, previewing 2022’s more substantial offering: Jupiter in Pisces for 26 weeks all up.

Although the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction is only exact in April 2022, their mere proximity makes both planetary influences more potent.

It will enhance the hustle of Pisceans, Sagittarians, Neptunians, sages, aspirant shamans, dreamers, intellectuals, psychotherapists, actors, scholars, actors, film-makers, psychonauts, writers, explorers and artists. It’s also arguably a booster for the chemicals industry, oil, gold, gas, maritime ventures, embezzlement, drug dealers and religous zealotry.

Psychedelic Stocks Are The New Crypto

Anticipate a new wave of mind-mood-mentality-altering drugs, complete with semi-religious degrees of hype. Zoranolone for post-natal depression, Hydroxynorketamine aka ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Ketamine’ and – the strongest contender for cult-status plus investment opportunities: Psilocybin. Psychedelic stocks will be the new cryptocurrency.

Does this make you think of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and the government-funded hallucinogenic drug called Soma? Actually, Huxley named it after the Vedic ritual drink of immortality, most likely made from – yes – psilocybe cubensis…more commonly known as magic mushrooms. FYI: Aldous Huxley was a Leo, with Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in Gemini.

*Shout out to the Saggos who’ve already ordered potting mix + funky glass jars and are designing the labels for their Activated Shroom Elixir in another tab while reading this.

Jupiter Only Operates At Scale

More personally, how best can you surf the Jupiter in Pisces wave?

Remember that Jupiter only operates at scale. If your ambition comes complete with a brochure called “Pathways To…” whatever it is, you may well have multiple advantages but you won’t get that jovial zing.  Like any rich or well-resourced entity, Jupiter is jaded with being continually hit up for pentaclesm, motivation and power-connects.

Ask not what Jupiter in Pisces can do for you, rather, what you can do for it. Make a path, remap the terrain and create opportunities for other people and then you’ll see what’s up.

Jupiter’s people are the big-dreaming ones who are not only willing to throw everything at a venture, they prefer it that way. Permanently on the prowl for knowledge, they can cram for the exam five minutes before they’re due in the room or make grandiose guesses that confound the more diligent researchers.

Classically, Jupiter rules gambling and particularly when visionary Neptune is in the picture, but it’s not particularly effective with the synthetic version. The low-ceiling, windowless maze of a casino and mechanized numbers or poker contradicts Jupiter’s spacious and organic nature.

High-vibing Jupiter in Pisces is ultra-variable and adept in the ocean that is the collective subconscious. It trades in subliminals, consciousness-altering agents and introductions to intermediaries from other realms. Like the sea itself, the immensity and strange rhythms are non-negotiable. It’s not contained, like a swimming pool.


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  1. Corduroy jeans

    As always Mystic is prescient. There is an article in the BBC and Guardian (published yesterday) about increasingly positive research into LSD, especially as micro-dosing benefits now well-known (but not yet – widely – legal). Apparently helps with neuro-plasticity, as well as helping to access parts of brain from early childhood (pre- our built-up conditioned responses). Amazing !!🌻

    1. Corduroy jeans

      (I find the process of doing art also helps access the pre-conditioned, pre-verbal parts of myself – but just more slowly/not as vividly. But just me).

  2. “Permanently on the prowl for knowledge’-‘cram 5 minutes before due in room’ it’s at front of mind then not mixed with previous data is very me.

    Psychiatric Times blaming Leary for LSD & other hallucinogens being outlawed is off kilter as no-one would have heard of them if they hadn’t done the ‘turn on-tune in’ thing.How else would people have been known -unless doing an ancient history research, extensive botany or error/luck.It was those participants that lobbied for allowing research.
    Had some Sandoz LSD the Real Thing, synthesised of course (you don’t want to be eating ergotamine) aged 22. What people call ‘acid’ or ‘trips’ is not pure or chemically clean pharmaceutical LSD. The real thing is extraordinary & def needs wise or experienced guidance for the participant.Like like Ayahuasca, vine of the goddess, not for everybody & an enormous learning too. Guide said at time ‘this is not for fun but to open you to other worlds but hey if you wanna laugh make love sing & dance……’.
    These are natures cures (along with DMT the Spirit Mollecule) for all that ails humanity.It is looking behind the veil, beyond the clouds, very Jupiterian as it is so expansive, benevolent & handsome.

    Experienced my first & only genuine panic attack entering the huge Melbourne Casino, had to leave tout suite. It must have been because windowless?
    Miss you will renew m’ship soon.x

    1. That whole area around southbank evokes super weird vibes for me, it seems to attract low vibration energies if you ask me. Also I wish I could do Aya, I lived in South American and never got to do it which bums me out a bit! I feel like the Green Goddess would connect me to Nature and I could interact with the boas, the jaguars and the forest. But maybe I could try to do that anyway on my own. And now I have too many responsibilities to be taking time out and puking up my past. Did you ever feel you have a job you need to do for the planet? I think laughing, making love, singing and dancing is a good thing for the world vibration.

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Haha, Sphinx !! “I have too many responsibilities to be taking time out and puking up my past..” *LOL*. And yep – I reckon your last line is super true – even Thict Naht Hahn says the highest civic duty is to sit still and be mindful – nobody starts a war looking at dappled sunlight on trees with grass beneath feet, do they?? Also I love how that perspective negates the saviour complex – something my ego has definitely had !! Xoo

  3. I have natal Jupiter in Pisces in 5th, and I cannot wait for this hit. I have been feeling this primal rhythm, butI am ready to burst in rainbows now:)))

  4. My new hobby is going fungi hunting (for photography purposes) and the Australian field guide turned up in the mail the other day. Bliss.

  5. Literally just ordered my reishi & cordyceps mushroom top up, which leans into my Neptunian III house powers and with Jupiter square my natal Jupiter feels heavy like an extremely loud drum banging or clock ticking on my path & ambitions!
    Soma reminds me of the track (with the same name) masterfully crafted by the enigmatic Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins with his Pieces energy.
    I digress…. I’ve spent the last couple hours researching into the Psychedelic markets, and it seems once again Mystic that you’re always ahead of the curve. Appreciate you!

        1. Corduroy jeans

          Have sensitive tummy too Emg & Pegs. Have reishi but too scared to try in case I get cramps – love mushrooms but they don’t me. And yep Pegs – if I have green tea on an empty stomach I feel like vomiting ! Must be because it is full of good enzymes – eating a carb after usually helps. Xx

        2. Same here. And I love the sencha and gyrokuru’s. Obviously I can have too much of a good thing. Frankly I’m best on my prana diet. I feel utterly wonderful if I fast ?!

          1. Corduroy jeans

            Yep fasting regularly feels great. 💫 Prana diet – I like it! My body feels best if I do all my eating between 12 & 6pm. One day western medicine will recognise it..😄

  6. This makes my heart sing! Because my chart has Jupiter in Pisces/9th at the zenith visually, close the MC, making a nice blue triangle to my Moon and then Mercury/Venus/Sat, it feels a nod to a spiritual connection, to being expansively blessed!
    Been meditating more recently, really needing it, but so rewarded. Nothing to do with the middle path, equanimity etc but lots of letting go at least? When in doubt, the embracing of “my way as the high way for now way”; allowing vision vs throttling the monkey mind.
    My crystal allies for meditation lately are a lovely wedge of green fuschite and a quartz spear ribbed with a strange pattern. I close my eyes and call on them to assist me, they appear in my mind as beautiful green and white energy women, in glittering emerald and diamond ensembles. Kind of ethereal Show Hostesses of the astral dimensions, who then disappear and form a platonic solid, specifically a dodecahedron, in space in which I can meditate/vision feeling safe and supported.
    Then lately I have felt like mushrooms can be my friends and allies too. I am so fascinated by the thought they aren’t actually plants or animals, but another type of being altogether, that I was wondering if it might be a fun small business venture. Going a little off or at least away from the grid always entrances me in theory, if not in practice!
    Not that I have taken mushrooms unless with a little butter and garlic, but it sounds delightful. At one point I also wanted to be an untattooted tattoo artist too. Broad brushstrokes, that’s Jupiter in Pisces/9th.
    On the down side I can see TPTB using this Neptune/Jupiter conjunction for mass mind programming, the push for the pharmaceutical industry to fully infiltrate our governments using chemical and biological agents to control humanity and bestow a new old Priesthood of the Pharmakia for the most undivine, detriment of all. But I am an apocaloptimist, so I think it will all go to hell n a handbasket and it still be alright ..in the end.

    1. Wow that’s a very well described visual description. Makes my Neptune see all sorts of dreamy images. I especially like the diamond encrusted green women. How beautiful. I can see them now. Lots of letting go for me too BTW.

      1. Good for you Aqualeo, where is your Leo? Am a Leo, with a Gemini Asc (head) and Scorpio Moon (tail), thus the sphinx! Trying to accept my situation and not envision too much, I really like manifesting but I think I am manifesting the lesser things, losing energy and not allowing the great things? How about you? And where is Pisces in your chart?

      1. To you too dear Winged One! She really does come in colour. Last year I was lucky to be present for a channelling where it was all about colour, breathing in colour for healing, just focusing on the colour spectrum in every word as you speak.. I so loved to hear it, we have more power than we can imagine if we can focus our energy effectively.

  7. Wish Upon a Star

    Jupiter is currently in my 12th house squaring my natal Neptune in Scorpio.

    So Jupiter will be transitting and expanding my Pisces ascendant soon.

    I don’t fully understand this but it feels good. I know I have to avoid the lilac wine.

    I also really enjoy time to myself in nature. It feels magic.

    I am really living in the moment. Other people’s voices jarr this experience for me.

    1. I’m having a radical bit of me time too. Had a couple of melt downs at folk who were expecting me to constantly think for them. And had a choice about tearing myself into bits or concentrating on the bit I felt most important. Big milestones for me. But yes I’ve had quiet me time. It’s rather good. I could get used to it. When jup get to my asc it will be conj Neptune. Omg. I think I’m going to disappear in a cloud of galactic star dust.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes. I am just way to sensitive at the moment.

        Just focusing on domestic chores will keep me grounded. Then enjoying the sun and outdoors.

        I am actually breaking a bad friendship relationship pattern that started in the old era when I was in a bad way. I’m so glad I have the clarity now. So it is baby steps for me.

        I’m happy that you have reached a similar milestone.

        What is your ascendant? Is Neptune in your first house?

        I hope you bunker down for that experience and enjoy it !

        1. My asc is 21.57 of Pisces. And yes I feel that way. Bunkered down. I’m glad you’re working out your needs too. Health giving. It really is.

  8. Corduroy jeans

    Well ! T’was hoping to stop living in my little ninny head so much now am on study vacay and the onslaught of (personal) aspects has chilled.
    But then Jupiter comes busting through the saloon doors with a (well-worn) cowboy hat and dusty boots, saying “howdy, pard-ner!!” to my pisces Mars & MC.. *puts hermit cloak back on, head on – non-alcoholic – bar*..🤯🤹‍♀️🦄

  9. Week one : Identity hack on insta and Facebook business pages. Coincides with week I had sight-saving surgery so was not able to read all the messages people were sending me. I was also having a reaction to the antibiotics in which my face was swelling up and could not speak, This is going to be one hell of a Neptunian identity ride (aqua sun, virgo rising)

    1. Oh shoot! I have the same Sun/Asc placements too, so can relate. Hope you feel better soon. I talk to myself to much that if I couldn’t speak, it would be tough to think. I can empathize.

  10. The last paragraph is sublime. I’ve been in a semi-permanent state of cynicism for so long now, but reading this has altered my spirits. So thank you for this. With Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces, it will form a Grand Water Trine with my Neptune-Ascendant & Sun, so i definitely want to surf this tide.

    Oh and SHROOMS! Omg, i feel a rant coming on. But how much more Pisces/Neptune/Jupiter can you get? I mean what other organism dwells in such moral ambiguities – associated as much with death, spirits & volatility as with healing, expansion & benevolence. I could wax on about these super beings, having come of age in the Neptune/Sagg infused 70s, when they were being rediscovered in the West.

    If you really want to blow your mind without physically imbibing these cosmic neurons, then i urge people to read Merlin Sheldrake’s Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures. And learn about how fungi organised the original www, or Wood Wide Net about 500 million yrs ago; & how we could learn a lot from them, not least about cleaning up our planet by breaking down waste for fuel and sustenance instead of letting it clog up our planet & poisoning us.

    Merlin Sheldrake, though it sounds like a name out of Harry Potter, is in fact the author’s birth name, but not surprising when you find out that the way-out-there Rupert Sheldrake is his father (Sun-Jupiter square Neptune). I digress slightly, but i love renegade scientists. He coined the term morphic resonance an interesting theory about collective memory, morphic fields & quantum physics which brought criticism from the scientific Church establishment like this: “Heresy that deserves to be condemned!”…FFS, you can imagine he would have ended up in cinders ASAP in the good old days. He also gave a provocative TED talk (in bare feet) which has now been banned, about “The Delusion of Science”, claiming that science is now based on dogmas which don’t stand up to scrutiny. Anyways, rant over, & I will look forward to Jupiter in Pisces.

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Skarab, and yet here is something that totally negates cynicism at the first sign of its (mooning) face – how good your posts are !! I always learn something, while laughing – like reading MM’s articles. Thanks, and while the world is heading “in (the) cinders ASAP” (😂), it is good? to share cynical, mute facial expressions..🤔xx

      1. Aaah thanks Earthstar hon. I stand with comedian George Carlin: “inside every cynical person is a disappointed idealist”. xx

        1. Didn’t i just used to love George ****sigh*****.Thanx for reminding me Skarab. And i agree, you are a well of knowledge & wisdom.

          1. It’s really just decades worth of trivia accumulation! I’m a sponge for it. But thank you for your kind words, Pegs – and right back at you! Your posts always bring that Sag(e) warmth & make me smile & wish i’d been born a decade earlier when reading about your experiences.xx

    2. Thank you for the book recommendation! Sounds very interesting, excited to check it out.
      Wanted to mention this read i found super amazing recently, might interest you 🙂
      “The Mushroom at the End of the World” by Anna Tsing x

  11. I have the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction natally, but in pragmatic Capricorn. I think the biggest influence of the conjunction will be revival of classical Venusian classy art. No more torn sweatpants or half hung out body parts being classified as fashion. No more environmentally unsustainable super ugly glass and chrome facades pretending to be great architecture. No more dissonant or formulaic music in different packaging pretending to be groundbreaking. I foresee a real resurgence of good taste and so looking forward to it. 🙂

    1. I want to give you 10 likes Cap. You are one after my own heart. I so hope your prediction rings true.

      1. Awww! Thank you! Here is to evenings spent in National Museums around the world, bent over/craning up to and appreciating old Masters’ work in super detail. 🙂

      1. Absolutely! I invested in a stylist and a formal, tailored (Cap complusion) new wardrobe in the middle of the pandemic with work-from-home situation for the foreseeable future because a) I am an idiot and b) I hope people would be so tired of their Corona wardrobe that we all will step out in roaring 20’s style once its all over. 🙂

        1. maybe you did it for other reasons, but you are not an idiot. for me personally dressing up (some days more, other days less, maybe just wearing make-up) is what saves me from slipping into ferality. I’ve been working from home for so many years now that I recognize the moment when it’s necessary for me to make an effort for the sake of my mental health.

    2. Your post made me laugh. I understand the feeling. Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune in Libra but conjunct in 12th house. I’m for resurgence of beauty.

    3. I very much agree to everything you write. I have a big stellium in taurus and virgo rising. And it is happening. Every day i read my own opinions in the newspaper, ( in Norway though, i dont know about the rest of the world…) or find the clothes i have allways liked becoming trendy. Uranus is in a good place for us venusians now. Finally!

      1. Hej! Howdy Granne! I am in Sweden and we still think tents are perfectly acceptable things to wear. I may need to hop over to Oslo to shop, if we are ever allowed out of the doghouse by our neighbours. 😃 As for politics in newspapers, the less said the better. Despite most political parties now having a woman leader at helm, our political debate is insanely patriarchal at times and frankly, racist. Our covid approach has been a matter of international shame. You certainly seem to have it better, and not just in Venusian realms.

  12. I see legalization of marijuana in the US as a possibility under this influence.

    Jupiter is trining my Mercury in Scorpio. A nice lift of expansiveness as I make my way through the transit of Uranus conjunct/Saturn square my Moon.

  13. Ran into my Jupiter and old school wisdom deity in a difficult form today. Well, no matter what we made for her, what we asked or allowed, she only had MORE QUESTIONS. Mostly, beginning with “Why..?” She is exhausting but ultimately she is me. The only response is to Allow the Curious, while telling her I Do Not Know the Answers. I can clear the house, but it’s never enough today. I am only a Piscean, this girl is Ascending Sage and neither of us know the answers, i just get to parent myself, while looking after the Others, and truly this work is not very easy. Squares are always a bit of a challenge on the deepest sense of self-getting-it-right. Just have to remind my little Cap Mars 2nd and shrinking Saturn Taurus 6th that … yes… Saturn over my Aqua IC NN natally square Saturn HAS TO BE A TREASURE. Goddesses, yes, it has to be.

  14. It’s my natal Venus at 1 deg Kataka. Didn’t get any joy out of it when it crossed my 5th. Won’t get my hopes high for this aspect. I just hope
    not to buy too tacky things.

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