Natal Neptune People Get Neptune Goggles

When you are born with a prominent Neptune or Neptune is activating an important dimension of your natal chart, you’re gifted with Neptune Goggles. They are, of course, invisible. Nobody but you knows that you’re wearing them, and more weirdly, you may not even know that you’re wearing them.

If you were born with a potent Neptune placement, you assume everyone has your omni-prismatic view of life. If they’re lent to you by a Neptune transit – or, as I think of them, a Neptunian mini-series – you slip them on without thinking. When you wear your Neptune Goggles, the music is always brilliant, the lighting is amazing, and you’re in love.

And yet the weirdest thing about Neptune Goggles is that though they get the bad rap of heightened drug use, strange decisions with money, and bizarre crush-delusion zombie affairs – they also enhance your creativity, connection with Source/God/Goddess/ Gaia, compassion and psychic genius.

They are lilac-tinted, multi-dimensional, 5th Essence Detecting, Dark Matter powered quantum devices that operate brilliantly if you can handle the ghosts, addictive desires, and time/sleep anomalies.

Note: Saturn transits make them malfunction and could even prompt you to shelve your omni-everything Neptune Goggles. I can attest to your relationships being saner and your system more balanced without them. Delusion can cost more than the initial estimate, and if your exit strategy resembles ‘winning a vast amount of money‘ or ‘something has to give,‘ then it is definitely time to remove them.

But sometimes, I miss them – the rose-tinted optics and strange lilac light, the buzzy thrill of a technically implausible flirtation, and the indigo disco mist surrounding so-called ‘planning.’

As Rilke – a Neptunian Sagittarius – wrote: “Don’t take my devils away because my angels may flee too.”


Image: Pater Sato

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  1. As someone who is currently experiencing three outer planet conjunctions on personal planets, I am newly appreciating this post. Unfortunately I’m not sure if I can experience the benefits of any of them.. like mixing all the paint colours together the palette ends up a muddy brown. If there’s another more fun way to see this though, I’m open to advice

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      As a Pisces Rising I can only speak for Neptune.
      Avoid alcohol etc . Protect yourself from toxic people. Ground yourself. Try to enjoy the enhanced spiritual connection and creativity.

      I have Uranus currently on my Taurus Moon and I have a Taurus/Scorpio north/south node. So my life is changing. At first it was unsettling but I am used to it. And appreciate the positive changes in my life. I’ve moved away from alot of fear. I like the trajectory it has put me on.

      If you have a bad day just remember to have a good sleep and start the next day fresh.

      Pluto going thru my 11th house got rid of alot of people that are not good for me.

  2. Funny and brand new Oracle response to my very practical query regarding safety and repairs, but connected with a friend who has promised to help, and who is also part of some broader social brouha…

    It told me to swim in Neptune’s compassion and chaos!

    I do feel lately that despite or because of my depth-delve intuition and emo, i might be too adept at concealing my true feelings from myself, the super emotional detective. Am i hiding from my own prying eye?

  3. Neptune in the 7th house – explains everything about my romantic life. I tend to see relationships and potential partners as being associated with fate, karma, past lives – and though they might be, often tend to incorporate self-destructive patterns of self-sacrificing, rose-colored glasses, delusionment, projection, losing oneself, all for the sake of love.

    Yet at the same time there tends to be something magical about my relationships – spiritual, bonding, very close – that a lot of people seem to be unable to reach.

    Venus retro has really made me reflect on this. My Venus, 7th house, and Neptune are all in Capricorn and I am eager for Saturn to make his merry way across this sector to really clear out this pattern and make things ‘real’.

  4. BOOOOOBBBZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaa

    Saturn in my 10th house; the house of my Natal Neptune, squaring my Pisces Stellium: 1st Mercury, next Ascendant, then Moon, now Sun…yeesh, it’s been rough and unrelenting. Most notable was the loss of my personal “Neptune Goggles.” I had always seen others through this floaty haze. I would register the overall effect of their energy, demeanor, attractiveness, etc. But I never noticed anybody’s small flaws…all those little freckles, acne scarring, frayed ends, etc. On this Saturn Transit I suddenly started hardcore NOTICING people’s little flaws. Oily blackheads, heavily pitted skin, scars, sun damage, etc. It has been very unnerving! It was as if I had gone through life with everything covered in a lovely, flattering filter and suddenly all the ugliness was revealed. I’m learning to tune it out, but I WANT MY NEPTUNE GOGGLES BAAAAACK!!!

  5. Having being born with a splendid pair of Neptune goggles (Neptune conjunct Asc & aspecting most planets & angles), i wasn’t aware that it was their effect that were causing certain …tendencies until getting into astrology. A bit like asking an only child what it’s like to be an only child.

    I also live on my Neptune Line & I’ve just had 3 years of Neptune transits (trines) to my Sun & Neptune. This happily coincided with the Pluto-Sun opposition – during which time the Neptune goggles came in handy…or did they? Maybe my 2nd Saturn Return round the corner will tell.

    The flip side (there always seems to be one) is that being near the Ascendant, these goggles work both ways because they are also reflective – so some people only see what they project on to me – which can lead to confusion & all the problems that come with projection.

    Also, it’s just occurred to me that I’ve been practicing invisibility during the past 3 years – but i’m not sure if it’s the Neptune transits or the Pluto/Sun transit that has brought this on.

    1. LiberatingVenus

      FWIW I’d take Neptune/Asc over Pluto/Asc – I’d rather have the chance of being mistaken as an Angel rather than a Demon any day of the week. At least with Neptune you get to play the “I am whatever you say I am” game; be amorphous. With Pluto, people are left with a much stronger and more definitive impression, which more often than not tends to be negative. :-/ *sigh*

      1. I know what you mean about preferring Neptune/Asc – but be that as it is in my case, my chart ruler Venus, is conjunct Uncle Pluto who has passed on a fair amount of his energetic attributes to her – so there are flashes of Demon that slip through to Neptune/Asc via a sextile. Maybe people can see both & get confused. Often irritates the hell out of authoritarian patriarchal types who like their Angels to behave like Angels & not Demons.

  6. LiberatingVenus

    So much to say about the ugly and beautiful sides of Neptune; where to start?!

    All we have to do to get Haute Neptune is shut off the tap to its less constructive expressions. It’s like a very slow drip so subtle you don’t even notice until you’re leaking gallons (liters for our friends on the metric system) a minute. If you know its varietals of fuqery, though, you can “just say no”. Self-honesty is key here; delusion and self-deception are the enemies. Neptune is a tricksy little fuqer in this respect – it is slick and tends to erode our (good) judgment, say by whispering enticingly in the blackout drunk’s ear that “One beer will be fine….” Neptune’s M.O. is to appear innocuous right up until the riptide grabs you in its thrall and you’re no longer in control.

    I was “lucky” in that I received a very early education regarding “Problem Neptune” via my family-of-origin. Addiction does not run in the family; it gallops on both sides. Rampant alcoholism, many forms of substance abuse including heroine, and my mother even sold drugs out of the house – how’s that for being a Moon/Neptune kid? I developed an aversion to its wiles early on because of this – in fact, it is a bone of contention of mine when I hear astrologers say Neptune ALWAYS manifests as an addiction for the chartholder, as if we were powerless and had no say in the matter. No, it doesn’t; not if you have Saturn in hayz, anyway – everything I needed to know about addiction I learned from watching the adults around me. The (bad) example they set helped me decide pretty early on I was not going to give Problem Neptune the time of day.

    So with the valve to Neptune’s potential substance-loving tendencies on auto-shutoff, I feel I have been able to reap a lot of its benefits. Even as a little kid, I had a strong and totally organically-occurring spiritual slant on life – almost as soon as I could read, I started voraciously consuming books on mythology from all the world’s cultures. Circa age 8 or 9, I believed in reincarnation before the concept had ever been explained to me. At age 13, I began studying astrology to seek spiritual understanding of why my life was the way it was – I wanted to better understand my suffering, because I was convinced there had to be a reason why one so young should go through so much. My dream life has always been incredibly active since I was a child, with me remembering my dreams almost every single night and receiving regular visitations from what I now understand to be various power animals in my sleep. As a tween, Neptune manifested in a natural musical ear that allowed me to teach myself an instrument despite not having lessons or being able to read music. As I continued to grow, the charitable and compassionate facets of Neptune expressed, as did the empathetic side – I cry surprisingly easily for someone with Pluto wired to their ASC, Sun, & chart ruler and am actually quite a softie. 🙂

    In more recent years, Neptune has also put me in touch with my intuitive side, which I didn’t think I had. I hear things – for me it primarily manifests as a certain degree of clairaudience that seems to be getting progressively stronger. I’ve talked to dead people on a few occasions; or rather, they’ve talked to me. My spirituality continues to grow and expand almost daily, this pace maintained through a regular yoga practice, voluntarily abstaining from drink or drug, generally enjoying being alone with myself, and devoting my work to Service. Haute Neptune Goggles are beautiful, as they grant us the Vision to make every moment and every motion a prayer.

    1. Wow – amazing, thank you!!

      I have a question – you have mentioned that you have Saturn in *hayz* on another occasion – so i looked it up but i’m still unsure as there are different versions. I have my Saturn in Capricorn (3rd H) sextile my Neptune (in 1st H conjunct AC). My Sun is in the 9th.
      Does this mean that my Saturn IS or ISN’T in hayz? – or does it need to be in the same hemisphere as my Sun. … though Capricorn has a nocturnal association anyway in horary astro …. so Saturn is NOT in haiz??! aaaarrggh. help! Which method do you favour – if you don’t mind me asking?

      1. LiberatingVenus

        Yes, there are indeed differing thoughts on this topic (not to mention variant spellings) depending upon who you read. It has nothing to do with aspects, though, and everything to do with condition – in Traditional astrology, it’s considered a mighty form of Accidental Dignity. It concerns sect, and what you’re looking for (since you have a diurnal chart and we’re talking about a diurnal planet) is for Saturn to be above the horizon in a Masculine sign and ideally in the house of its Joy (12th). Some also say it must be either in Domicile or Exaltation, while others aren’t as picky about the house placement. So the short answer to your question is “no”, even though it does have Essential Dignity by virtue of being in its own sign (Capricorn) – your Saturn is out of sect, which is an automatic disqualifier for being “in hayz”.

        1. OK – got it now, thank you. I thought as much but wasn’t entirely sure. Some texts i had to read at least 3 times & still wasn’t 100%….. oh well, bummer it aint in hayz.

  7. Natal Neptune/Vesta on my Ascendent here.

    But semi-sextile Saturn. And trine my Sun, square my Moon. Mars in Pisces

    Think Ms. Neptune has claimed me for her own? hell yes.

    The best of both worlds. Yes, I have been delusional and snookered more times than I can count, but I am also a musician/educator/artist who has “brought down to earth” much inspiration, vision, design and had the hard work element to make it happen.

    Neptune is transiting through my fifth house now, and rearranging all aspects of creativity and Spiritual connection to myself and my work/play. At last, I know what “loving myself” means.

    I have been addicted to romantic love and addicted to sugar in the past. But strangely enough, can not drink (it makes me sick) and can not do drugs. Even prescription drugs.

    I see the world through a very beautiful lens but am pragmatic also.

  8. seawitchmermaid

    I had Neptune on my Jupiter like three years ago now and it was a TRIP. I’m pretty Neptunian as it is, but this totally dialed it up. He won’t reach my late degree sun and Merc for some time.
    The squares to my Chiron and Saturn were a trip in a different way lol.

  9. Twelver, don’t manifest this by even suggesting there will be any mishaps.
    SOmethings are just NOT written in the stars.
    This is serious enough thinking to consult Mystic or a letter to her.

    1. 12th house virgo

      You’re right. I am so stressed by what is going on right now that I am projecting it onto the future. My daughter has lots of planets in Aries and moon in Taurus 12th house – she has already been under Uranus transits for years.

    2. I agree with Pegasus.
      And Anyway – these transits can be either great weird scary sudden or even totally outwardly imperceptible. At least that’s my (& others) experience with them. In the end i just think that if you are going to give any energy to this, it should be love – simply by loving yourself, your loved ones & life right NOW. I know that you know this – just thought i’d give your manifesting mind a prod….xx 🙂

        1. It’s just Virgoan worry, plus 12th house Death Worry.

          Your type need it to survive. The worry, that is.

          Or, maybe, you need to feel like you need it so you can prepare for all the worst odds, Even though you will and have survived all sorts of crazy odds. There’s no trust of self, and maybe you need to feel all that because you feel like what it is to let go of your self, without responsibilities. Only now you feel the impact of responsibility, and it’s more poignant than if it were just for you.

          Well, she’s worth the responsibility, and so are You. So is the Mama, the always-sacrificing woman, so is She.

          Maybe that’s how you feel it.

  10. Okay well this is really funny as i know some people who had this exact transit go down a few years ago. The mum left her husband for one of the teachers at the daughters school, a female teacher and at quite an old fashioned school.

    i also know someone who got massively insane international bacchalaureate (can’t spell) marks with uranus on her moon . please don’t be paranoid about this….see some of the posts in the archives about good neptune and uranus benefits!

  11. Stress seems to be tying you to this transit. Updating your will is always a good idea if you think it is necessary. I stress over certain transits too but every time they are not what I envisioned. Do some proactive things you think that will help but don’t raise your stress levels by focusing on worst case scenarios. I’ve had some big transits that I can’t even remember what happened because it wasn’t monumental, at least above ground. Or maybe I’m just boring.

  12. My Neptunianism is in my core, well concealed but driving my everything under the guise of a strong Saturn at my MC. I’ve had a few Neptune transits so far: opposite sun, conjunct IC, square Uranus AC, and a few others. But THIS. First Saturn conjunct which was all about the boundaries and damn Electro you are so porous you gotta stop it for your Self. Now it’s Neptune square Neptune which is also happening during Saturn opp Venus so my self worth is, for lack of a better description, like a beast waking up and realizing things have been a mess and swinging wildly from low lows to optimism only the Sag moon could scrape together. I know I won’t be the same after these transits are through BUT next Neptune will be in my 5th so I fully expect a pair of upgraded goggles.

    Moon conjunct Neptune 2nd house and a 12th house NN.

    1. Now that I’m thinking about it I think I have always had a huge Neptune Saturn struggle, hmm trine at 5.4 degrees. Neptune moon conjunction is my closest aspect and I’m a solar Leo with a stellium at my MC with Saturn. Going to think about this further ‘off the air’.

  13. neptune is my most ‘triny’ planet…
    its trine my jupiter, moon and saturn!
    and sextile my venus!
    does this mean i was BORN with neptune goggles?
    oh no…am i doomed…? lol

  14. I feel I am now fully qualified to add to this post. I have Neptune in the 8th Scorpio and I ascend in Pisces, very late in Pisces. Add to that I have a water grand trine so goes to say I can handle The Bends! Plus I am at dinner time with no food in my stomach and a glass and a half of champagne in…
    Neptune googles moi?
    Saying that though, this obviously feels totally Neptune grasped due to the fact that for me this is beyond off planet as I have Saturn on my Asc and cannot do more than a glass and have never dabbled in the pond of drugs but have allowed myself to dive into 8th house mucky dealings with absolute joy. Oh by the way my south node is conjunct all this 8th house Neptune stuff so to leap headlong at the physical off planet intermingle was so comfortable. Boundary what boundary?
    My current Aqua chap thinks I am completely icky where the physical mingling is concerned. He rather feels that orgasm should be a thing one does for oneself alone…
    Errrrr dude???
    Oh dear Champagne does allow for full disclosure!

      1. LOL!!! Don’t want to offend anybody with that deck – but man it reads baad…. if one’s into being icky, that is.

  15. Neptune in the 12th here. This post came right in time. I’ve been working on taking mine off lately, but last night was crazy and today I’m still feeling weird psychic aftermaths and synchronicity. Nevertheless, I know I’m stronger for the insights Neptune brings.. be they wanted or unwanted. Thank god for my cap rising.

  16. Did i ever mention im in the midst of a really awesome but shitting awful project at work? Just when i think i need help and want to give up, i somehow find the really hard psychological barriers burn the heck out of me and i realise i might just have to make do with what can be done. It’s always a tiny communication, overly thought out, but suddenly both explanatory and refined. I acnnot communicate in what i think is my awesome, just myself gets results. Im Cap 2nd opening my 3rd into Aqua. Mars in Cap right on 1st 2nd cusp.

    Best when i’ve thought so hard and humble i dont care anymore, i just have to send it, then the networks start to form. Aqua makes bulk of my 3rd house.

    My boss both sets the paradigms that make it tough, but refines the old ways of doing things so that it will become truly 21st century, not just beginning but sustainable. And has offered unprecedented help through “boss network pull”. As in, can slightly force people to get on board. I would never!

    My boss is a Capricorn. Has been working under, behind and around the scenes (it amazes me that some people say boss is never around! Like, can u not see this means a time of deep overarching change??)

    Boss even referred to something i wondered how the heck i could make happen as their HOMEWORK. I’ll just bet those people at work would be astounded that u could at some point ask the boss if they have done their homework. That’s not right now, but i know when i’ve done mine i can check in: have u done yours, boss?

    Haha, Cap cusping 3rd, as if i would but i worry Sag Rising self might do it. Still, the boss hired me, chose me without my applying and yeh, they ride me hard, get blood from a stone. Still, for now, this Mars Cap 2nd , Saturn Taurus 6th, Virgo Pluto Lilith bitch inthe details 10th/11th is …well happy as those depressive aspects can be ( esp saturn square venus, pluto opposed sun, mars square EVERYTHING) learning, grinding away, respecting for real my superiors.

    Btw other 2IC is a Virgo. 🙂 totes in love and in awe! Im a creative big dreamer but they got me in hand.

    Never be scared of Saturn. Be afraid, very afraid of your Neptume without a strong hand. And think of the real meaning of the word “awe” and “dreams”.

    If doing such a job was ever my dream, and i think it was tho i did not know the form, then it’s been granted. The opportunity. That’s the best we can ever get, and it is scary, exciting and, for a depressive, bloody worrying! And there’s the hardest work for Neptunians…what IS the worry? WHY is it? How do you make that worry WORK, BCH, for the whole damned thing, for everyone?

    So scared im gonna fail with best of help but that JupNep gave me the opportunity and i can’t but do whatever i can. Amongst the other stuff that goes with promotion.

    You do your best and you roll your die. Never get tricked into rolling two dice. Roll your own. Just learned that.

      1. That’s ok. I meant to mention my Neptune (conjunct Jup and Moon and Ascendant and Antares) is trine my Piscean Sun and my Merc-Chiron in Aries.

        I forgot because i don’t know what that means. But i meant to mention it because i thought i did!

        Christ, kids, never have a a Neptune trine Mercury! You’ll have an inspo and it will flitter off like a butterfly, every time.

  17. I love this! My natal Neptune is exactly on my AC. The more I’ve read about it the more it explains my life experiences so far. Spooky 😉

    1. Mine is conjunct my ascendant too. Neptune in Libra in 12 th conjunct my Scorpio ascendant at 1 degree. Loads of aspects inc sextile to Pluto and opposition to my sun in the 7. Shapeshifting. Best to be grounded!

  18. Also have 2 books of rilke beside my bed rn.

    also i have a Thing for rings. twinkly adorned fingers. as long as I can still use my hands – do not like to be immobilised.

      1. Love bracelets they honour the inner slave girl from the 50’s movies.Indian dancers with the tinkling sound.So sexy.
        Rings? Could never steal the Mother’s thunder.
        Rings get lost so easily as they get taken off frequently or so i found.
        Earrings are my thing,never leave the house w/o them.

  19. oh my god

    wherever that hotel is, I am booking it.

    I will be wearing pretty much the outfit / accessories in image #2. (shorter nails though, less damaging on the delicate fabrics you see and makes handling art, cutlery and musical instruments less perilous)

    Also being in proximity of one’s Neptune line, is a thing…

  20. step 1: apply rose-colored glasses
    step 2: use a 12 step program to take them off
    step 3: miss them


    1. Very cute.

      ‘I used to dream sex
      I used to dream dope
      Now i dream light
      Thank god there’s still hope.

      (from a book called God Jokes)

  21. OMG that second pix is my Scorp Mother hands even down to the knuckledusters she loved. Valley of the Dolls much and a Harold Robins fan to boot but those hands had nails had me in awe 🙂
    Most, almost all of my Neptunian tendencies have been buried and given an eulogy with my growing older except for movies, French wine and fantasy-sci-fi reading.

      1. No no no Powder, the popular deux cheveux are lame. Citroens a bit weird. Old Renaults were like driving in a lounge chair, very warm and comforting.
        Peugot i do like.
        Give me Italian or German for a dream car, altho’ not for our roads.
        So miss my ’62 silver & white Karman Ghia
        she was a LOOK. Police had a habit of stopping me many times when i was a fair maiden 🙂 wheelie they did!

        1. Oooh, that would have been a sight for saw eyes – a Pegasus in the minxiest car ever. Did the police actually ever book you, tho? 😉

          An ooold-ooold flame of mine had a KG – 2tone cream/blue – so GORGEOUS. It was totally stripped back to metal on the inside (from previous owner) – with just one dodgy front seat. Poor as door mouses we were & couldn’t afford to do it up – so the passenger had to sit on a thick cushion on the floor & pray not to be noticed by cops. But the car was the hottest little minx of a thing – that even when we were stopped they’d be seduced by it & let us off with only a warning and a lingering stroke of the rear fender – such was the power of its cuteness.
          OK – so maybe in the 70’s driving & safety regulations were less stringent than now – but these were QUEENSLAND cops… before the Inquiry.

          1. The Joker has gone…sniff… to reincarnate with another crab camper-lover mechanic, who will lovingly restore it to its future self.
            I’m loving your azure-navy combo – very watery…marine…hey – how about *Marina* – like the enigmatic web-toed Pisces-like marine scientist character from the film Local Hero? Seeing we’re discussing Pisces.

            (& stay away from the roos!)

      1. Pi alas champagne tastes on what is now a beer budget.
        I call it Gourmet Poverty.
        A homeless man (lives in van with his beloved Staffie) said he would take me to MacDonald’s if he won the lottery, paused then said the one in France then onto the Arctic for ice for the Chivas. Kinda fell in love with him for a minute with such a line.
        Dresses the Staffie in bow tie and top hat when he’s busking.
        His dog plays with Daisy when i do park with her and now he’s talking puppies. YIKES! Lady & the Tramp 🙂

        1. Ahahaha the two puppy dogs what a funny image 🙂

          I hope you have a chance to enjoy some lovely champagne soon, pegs.

  22. Mystic, I still get a bit stunned that you are Piscean, just with all your go-get coaching style make-use-don’t-drown-in-astro-transit exhortations, maybe your Merc in Aries, definitely your Aqua Ascendant fine-tuning-your-personal-machine to high ops. Maybe your Mars in Virgo et al.

    The evolution of this site, though… i guess by standard socialisation it IS a woo-woo subject…but you have refined its machinations and possibilities, its audience and how it works for you, too, in those years. All the tech and the business dev side. This has been happening in your Saturn transits.

    Saturn should not polish (grind) away anyone’s Neptune. It should shine it up to greatness.

    What if you don’t miss those ghosts etc because they’re not taking over your space, but working for you, like a well controlled djinn. Integrated energy, nourishing you and not feeding anymore. You might be Al-ad-Din :

      1. I know, she’s balm for pisceans who have been told all their lives by
        trad aztro and real life people that we’re not really functional and just flakes unless we deny what truly makes us function

    1. I agree with this “Saturn should not polish (grind) away anyone’s Neptune. It should shine it up to greatness” but last year three times square between Neptune and Saturn (while Neptune was squaring my natal Saturn) totally beat the crap out of my Neptunian vibe.

      It was one of the toughest “dream crashing” transit ever.

    2. 12th House Virgo

      I don’t miss them. I mean, I have felt the pangs lately but I am under stress. I am also happy I am not speaking to the dead nightly. Rather I am enjoying Feud – Bette and Joan or some other shit on tv. When I was talking to the dead, I had no time for tv.

      fuq that’s meaningless

      But, whatever has been grinding away – Pluto and Saturn – I have somehow become stable. My home is amazing. Career seems to be going well but with natal Saturn in 10th it never feels enough. Not sure where my Neptune is other than my habits and I am talking “bad” ones not my non-existent meditation practice. FFS, I bought a buddha for my garden – that is how much meditation I am NOT doing now. ugh.

  23. When i was little and it was on the radio, I also hated the lyrics, “You know you are a dreamer. Can you put your head in your hands, oh no!”

    I used to think, why not? I also thought my parents made the song play somehow, on purpose. It was all very well when I had insights and performed well; but they were harsh on the psychic stuff. They did believe in it, I know and knew, but would never accept it coming through me. Now i wonder if it scared them. Or challenged their own ‘sense’.

    So when the bridge, “What a day, a year, a life it is!” came up, it felt like the other lyrics were just harshing my buzz. Even at that age!

    1. Wow.

      Im going to xheck this song. When i hear the opening bars i’ll know if i knew it before, but already i recognise no lyrics. I know lyrics! Thry’re poetry.

      This sounds really Katakan at first read, though. Do give me a mo PF x

      1. Can you link to the song? There are so many versions on the tube! Want to hear what you hear, if u dont mind

        1. Love any Cancer related song and then add the pisces for depth. I am happy to splash about and dive deep.
          Cancer stellium and late pisces asc.
          It’s impossible not too!

    2. Oh jeez, PF, I just checked out the link and remember this from when I was quite young (and my sisters were listening to it) when Neptune was transiting my 1st.
      Natally born with Venus-Nept in Scorp 12th just short of ASC square Mars square Saturn in Aqua).
      And here Neptune is now in my Pisces 4th, having lit up my tight Jupe/Chiron in Pisces 4th exact opp Uranus SR on MC a few years ago….and now, exactly opposing my Pluto, and simultaneously exactly opposing my 1st Sagg Sun (which, along with Sagg 1st house Mercury has obviously had the Saturn treatment in recent years).
      They warned me that Neptune square Sun would be enervating and confusing…it’s like, ok, so I’ve next levelled the self-discipline and stoicism while Saturn was in 1st, hitting Sun/Merc, and now, with Saturn in early 2nd, it’s like the Neptune square Sun thing is sapping my life force, and making me vulnerable to all the emotional needs I had to rise above, so to speak, to get through Saturn in 1st.
      I used to be the kid who defended and nurtured all the kids who were rejected by their peers (for being “wogs” or whatever) at school.
      Now it is me who needs nurturing (correction: has realised that I need it is much as anyone else does, and that that is OK, and fuq you Saturn stoicism!!) but I have built so many walls to protect myself from Venus-Neptune in Scorp 12th googles (and the people in need/people who spot a soft touch that are attracted by them) that I am not at all sure of how to proceed in getting those needs met now.
      There was a Cainer horo for Sagg recently that said something along the lines of ” a fortress keeps you safe, but it also keeps out potential allies”.
      Roll on, Neptune off my Sun.
      But thank you PF for reminding me that vulnerability and kindness are things to be damned proud of…and that there are men out there like you.

      1. Thanks PF. Venus-Nept in Scorp 12th is definitely the thing I like most about me. But sometimes it feels like a curse. I have no “unbearable lightness of being”, only the heaviness of natal venus virtually stationary, having moved SD only a day or two before my birth, and Astraea also conjunct.
        Anyway, I’m a life path 9. Like you, letting go of trauma (that I haven’t written much about here), and keeping my heart open is the real deal, for this life. As a kid (and an A+ speller), I could never spell “receive”. Fuq, and I had to just check it again mentally when I typed it just now (i before e except after…)
        And I’m nearly 55. It’s the one thing Saturn CANT do that maybe only pluto can. Maybe by the time Pluto is done with 2nd house of self-esteem, I will be able to spell it without having to check I’ve got it right.

  24. I have been wearing lilac glasses for 6 months now…literally so Neptune is trine-ing itself and squaring (or is it opposite) natal Pluto/Uranus (eg Virgo 8th 15’50 and 15’30) and Jupiter and Conjuncting natal Saturn …I am not really sure what this meaning but purple goggles sound like my spun dial for sure!

  25. When Neptune is involved you find yourself at the happiest and most miserable time in the same moment. Only Nept can pull stuff like this.

    The ghostly relationship I had last year during NEPT/SAT square was one of the most “pure unadulterated love” and yet non-existing in reality thing I ever experience.
    And this kind of things always leaves with the “oh thank God everything is clearer now” feeling. But boy do I miss the way I was feeling back then.

    1. oh wow, this makes total and complete sense..
      “When Neptune is involved you find yourself at the happiest and most miserable time in the same moment. ”
      and the pure-unadulaterated love / non existing in reality thing – omg lightbulbs

  26. saturnplutoflux

    They sound awesome – where can I get some??? (speaking as some one who’s been wearing Saturn spectacles for way too long)

          1. Saturnians cope exceptionally well with malls. CapSis appears not to go there but knows ALL the bargains to be had at one…mind you, GemRising CapSis.

            On the astral flavour, she brings me down to status boundaried reality but never eve dismisses my … well, neptunia. Just absorbs it in, asks pointed queations, persists patiently when my ansqeres are vague. And voila! Smiles ( usually wryly) or aimply proffers a rhetorical q as her advice. Or a damn straight bit of thought. How can u not love that?

            Best of luck at the astro mall 🙂 You’ll get a true bargain, and probably sit quietly figuring out hiw to work the goggles at home. You know darned well Capricorn is a MerGoat. Awesome!

            1. Apologies for uncorrected typos. Christ why did Blackberry give up?? Me and pa loved the ol’ Blackberry. Keyboard to betsy!

            1. ..maybe an old school astro arabian market?

              i think this is where tales find a plot complication: a warning; a random encounter with someone you forgot or who did not exist to you before but should have; a piece of bad advice or trickery; a signal that leads to a gift later; a piece of gossip you weren’t meant to hear…

              Did you not think for a second you are IN an astro-market?

  27. Oh god so totally.
    As a Virgo to the 4th power, my Neptune era spans til 2024. Thanks for reminding me of the good parts, now I feel excited too, not just concerned. At least w Neptune in 1st and square Mercury, it’s not a foreign energy.

  28. I’m Pisces rising and have natal Neptune conjunct MC, I respect my Neptune goggles after a visit from Saturn. It seems they do come out in my dreams though. No drugs can explain the weirdness…

  29. If Neptune is on your Jupiter does that mean your dreams are about to come true? 😉

    I rediscovered pot goggles a few weeks back.
    It is amazing for some of my -itis’s and sleep.
    But I also felt a bit foggy. I think dosage is key to using it for health.

    Maybe Saturn dosage awareness needs to govern the Neptunian substances/issues in our lives.

    1. If that were the case, being natal neptune on jupiter, in the neptunian 12th house ruled by jupiterian sagittarius, but also conjunct (by moon) on the Rise, all of my dteams would come true. Maybe helped by friendly trines from Jupiter to Sun, Neptune to Sun, Nep amd Jup to Mercury 5th.

      Mind you, what did i dream before i was born? Or in my last life or one before? What have i ever asked for in a random impassioned moment? Both Jupiter and Neptune do grant, but you would never call their workings expected.

      For instance, last friday i visited a mate at a boutique. I had a dice in my pocket ( no reason, it was there when i pucked up my wallet etc amd i pipped it in my pocket and forgot). It was normally a quiet time, and in finacial straits in general, but we could not get the whole mo to ourselves, because we were stormed by buyers. One bought heaps of things! Took a long time and told us amazing tales of the merchandise trade and history. Everyone who visited left with a bargain and also spent up big. Me? No. Rhat’s jupiter and neptune…i had an interesting day, in service, tho it’s not my job. I was just visiting 🙂

      I’ve never been there before.

            1. You can get a cannabis tablet which has the active t h c taken out. Still helps with sleep but not foggy in the a m. Neptune conjunct Jupiter, depends which house its in. Jupiter expands everything, or you may meet a spiritual teacher. Jupiter as guru

              1. Haha at first i thought you were telling me this would assist my typing 😀

                Took it seriously at first, though felt very weird about the idea heheh x

      1. What HAVE you asked for in a random impassioned moment that came true? It’s a nice question.

        Actually I just received $300 worth of massage vouchers on this new Moon in Taurus! It was because I am a carer for my little autism bunny boy – but I always feel lucky.
        Maybe it’s a feeling a like you say you say you had an interesting day of learning – rather than materially oriented gifts too.

        I have Jupiter in Pisces/9th, double the Saggi, double the learning fun but with a mystical bent, a bit like yr placement. 😉 I hope yr dreams do come true btw

        1. Oh your vouchers!!!! Brilliant! Do use them, book them in, you can always change appointments if need (or is this my mars in csp 2nd talking)

          Funny about our kindred placements. Ive always felt i learn heaps from you and your journey through life, though i dont always say so, cos im contemplating and letting your words colour my thinking for days.

    2. Yes – this is what my natal Neptune-sextile-Saturn-based conclusion is as well. Dosage – though this could apply to anything – drugs, fun, work, eating, exercise. It’s a bit like Saturn-trine-Neptune let’s you into the party – but hauls you out before you pass out/cops come.

      Hey – good luck with those dreams! 😉

    3. 12th House Virgo

      Nope. I recently went through the transit. What house does it impact? There’s a tale to tell there.

        1. 12th house virgo

          Honestly, nothing really sticks out as being eventful about it. I have had a bit of work drama going on – unclear orders, boundaries, etc – and have come through it all OK. Jupiter is in my 6th house natal.

  30. Neptune goggles are such an amazing delightful phenomenon. Let me count the ways… Moon trine to Neptune, Mercury Opp, Venus Trine, Mars Opp, Sextile Pluto. My favorite part is that I can slide into any Neptunian situation and back out with limited overwhelm, though this has required much practice. Its also like an internal secret agent detection for anyone weird and amazing as opposed to fronting and dysfunctional. Working on the creativity and paychic genius. O holy synchro, Stardust being the communal community of my heart in the desert, of Neptunian art and music and weirdos at Burning Man. I could jamble on about this its just too good.

  31. Unicorn Sparkles

    Love Rilke.

    Today I’ve been in a life altering decision meltdown. I’m making appointments to get the ball rolling on something that could potentially be a very bad decision. I need a crystal ball. It’s a mad blind Aquarian panic. I’m told to chill… he’ll no, I’m going to go nuts like Wall Street on Stockmarket crash day

  32. Saturn transiting in Scorpio over my natal Neptune in the 5th, and then transiting in Sag square all my Pisces stuff has also helped me ‘sober’ up and (somewhat) set my Neptune goggles aside, too. These transits have felt like a relief, actually, and helped me get grounded from my natural Neptunian tendencies, which have ranged from low to haute, but I think I’ve finally pulled out of and away from the lower expressions..

    I’ve had major Neptune transits for a large part of my life, too, as I had Neptune transit my Aqua Sun and then my Pisces Moon, and now headed for my Pisces MC/Mars and onward…

    1. I’m in the same boat – lived through Neptune transits through Aqua Venus, south Node, Sun, and Pisces Mars and Mercury – all when I didn’t know anything about my chart!

      Now it’s zeroing in on my IC at 14 degrees, and my moon in a few years at 19 degrees. I’m not sure whether I should be excited or concerned!

  33. Oh yes this is definitely me – natal Neptune in sag square natal sun in Virgo. Natal Neptune is also loosely conjunct natal Jupiter so I am all about the lilac tinted glasses. This is a very timely post for me as Saturn is currently on natal Neptune squaring natal sun. I have always been a bit of a dreamer – losing myself in art, music, poetry and lots of infatuations with people that have felt like I’ve been under a spell.
    However my sun square Neptune has also meant that I’ve struggled with health problems which I think are related to being drained by other people – my boundaries are thin and I’ve grown up so aware of other people’s needs – it’s like I feel them before my own, very confusing at times and hard to develop a strong sense of self.
    With Chiron opposing and squaring my sun/Neptune along with Saturn I’m thinking oh crap what’s going to happen with my health now? I’ve been trying to meditate a lot – I was thinking maybe Saturn on Neptune is me honing my psychic awareness, hopefully strengthening my boundaries but I’ve been trying to do that for a long time. Hopefully Uranus trining natal Neptune will help me out with some ingenuity!
    Thanks so much for this post 🙂 xx

  34. Neptune on mid-heaven and I find myself working for a sea- focussed operation and loving it and planning to stay. Although I am wary of the bad side of Neptune, there seems to be no bad side to this placement.

      1. The Knowing. Even better, the Compassionate Understanding, True Nuance. The Higher Drives of the Divine in what you once considered the lowliest existence. The reality that Art ( all forms) expresses. A weird sense of existential humour. A rare but glowing smile.

        And feeeling all these things are not smugly yours, but observing and locing those moments you see them felt in everbody.

        A strong sense of hope and faith in circumstances that have no reason for it. You’ll just, even in your driest most fqd-off-with-all state know that even that is a thing gifted by Hope amd Appreciation of the weird fqn life we sometimes lead.

        And you might feel sorry for your self, or aome of you old selves and mistake it for pity, just because it’s you, but you’ll take your place as anyone else you once felt sorry for, and realise pity can lead to empathy.

        Also, you might realise one little fishy is actually a shark. You.

        Then you’ll stop seeing sharks as pure predators but as creatures with also weakness and gentle sides, who get hungry.

        1. really apt and insightful – thanks (pisces rising and moon) – having neptune on my ascendent for ages, I have actually experienced a ‘weird sense of existential humour’, and this:

          ‘A strong sense of hope and faith in circumstances that have no reason for it. You’ll just, even in your driest most fqd-off-with-all state know that even that is a thing gifted by Hope amd Appreciation of the weird fqn life we sometimes lead.’

          so true!

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