You Are On Planet Aquarius

It’s February 2021, Aquarius Central. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Hekate, and Saturn are all in the 11th sign. Uranus square it all doesn’t antidote it, not one little bit. So how are you doing with it? I’ll tell you one hilarious multi-Aquarius “symptom” – you’re super-inspired, uncluttered by legacy concepts or your expired assumptions.

But the material world around you is in disarray, at least compared to the everything-in-Earth organizational aspirations of the last few years. It’s very ‘mad scientist during Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius – you glimpse the truth at the core of the time/space continuum or hit upon the precise diagnosis/code snippet/lucid psych truth you need but forget/lose all your passwords.

How are you finding planet Aquarius? Is the lucid objectivity enough of a high to not mind the weirdness? Is your version of the fixed Aquarius-Taurus squares augmenting resolve or are you in a brinksmanship scenario already? Share here!

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  1. The Aquarius new moon is right on my Pisces Ascendant.

    I had a funny dream last night. I was having a job review.

    My boss was chastising me. He said I was bombastic and monochranist. In the dream I basically said : so what?

    I had to google monochranist. It means doing one thing at a time.

    I wonder if these are Aquarius traits?

    1. Isn’t it funny that I came up with a word that I don’t know the meaning of in a dream.

      Very puzzling !


  2. Yes, definitely on planet Aquarius! My Aqua Sun and Mercury (especially because we’re having an Aqua Merc retro) is all lit up! What’s weird, though, and the thing that is bringing me down from my Aqua high is Mars in Taurus which, on the natural wheel, would be going through my 4th house and of course Uranus would be there too and now……MAJOR LOUD CONSTRUCTION GOING ON AT NEIGHBORS’ FOR THE LAST MONTH AND CONTINUING FOR THE NEXT TWO, AND NOW THE NEIGHBORS ON THE OTHER SIDE WILL ALSO BE STARTING LOUD CONSTRUCTION —- Sorry for all caps but….WHYYYYY IS THIS HAPPENING????!!!! I just moved to this peaceful, idyllic house this summer in a quiet peaceful idyllic neighborhood in a tiny town of the same so WHY is this happening?! I read on some other astro rag that Mars in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus was going to be disruptive to whatever house they transit and I was worried because 4th house deals with home environment, but how it’s manifesting is total insanity! I also seem to have some weird karma of always ending up living near where a bunch of construction is going on and the last year I lived in SF, construction was going on in MY BUILDING. I’m SO over it! Does anyone have any idea how to break that karmic pattern? Can I possibly do something to make it stop?! I can’t take it anymore and that it’s happening even HERE, in a normally quiet place, is just beyond…moving doesn’t help, then phenomenon follows me. Also, shows there’s a lot to be said for the natural wheel chart because I have Cancer rising and so Mars and Uranus should be transiting my 11th house right now, not my 4th, if taking rising sign into account. Yet what’s happening is more in keeping with those two transiting my 4th house. Help!!! ….thanks! xoxo

    1. Oh flowerchild that sucks.

      Can you find out what the noise regulation times are for your area and make sure they stick to those times.

      At least you will be getting proper sleep to handle the stress.

      1. Yeah, that’s not the issue and won’t make any difference. Noise ordinance is 7am – 10pm. The noise is all day long and disturbs me and whatever I’m doing, my concentration, all day long, and because of the pandemic and winter and rain, I’m home all the time. Nowhere else to go and I’m not going to be constantly driven out of my house, anyway, when I have work to do here and I’m paying nearly $1600 per month to live here. It won’t do anything for the fact that no matter where I go, where I move to, in any town or city, this is what happens. Even before the pandemic.

        1. I’m sorry to hear that flowerchild.

          I don’t know what to say.

          Maybe someone else can suggest something ?


          1. Thanks, Wish! I’m just going to have to live with the situation. If I give my 30 day notice to leave, most of the construction would be done by then anyway. I’ll just have to find a way…. Loud noise fires up my PTSD… 🙁

  3. Jupiter has just entered my 12th house for a year. This new moon will also be in my 12th house.

    Interesting times for this Pisces Rising.

    1. Hi wish. Jupiter in my 12th was a very rich, deep, inward-facing time. Very personal. Connected and seeking connection, making sense of big things. I hope it is rewarding for you.

        1. It was wish. A bit destabilising at first. Like an ego death almost. Forget about setting goals and surrender instead xx

  4. How am I liking this Aquarius fest?? being a double Cancer with moon in Scoroio, I absolutely hate it so far.
    Yes everything is very clear but, I have vertigo, can’t seem to hydrate enough, don’t feel like eating and am generally very out of sorts.
    Have come back to my treo house and will stay quiet until I can rebalance…aagh! :))

    1. Just relocating to temporary accommodation to be closer to daily treatment for a month took a huge adjustment for me. I think it’s my Taurus moon.

      Silver lining : big, comfy coach.

  5. On a January post somebody commented something about February 1962 being a *mega* Aquarian month, and particularly 04 Feb?? Well I checked Astrodienst and the most high-profile name they had for birthdate 04 Feb, 1962 was country singer Clint Black (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter AND Saturn all in Aquarius !!!???) (And according to data, Virgo rising possibly conjunct Pluto? And ruling planet Uranus in late -anaretic? – degree of Leo, opposing). I have personally never heard of him or his music but according to Wiki he founded “Equity Records” to make the recording process fair for both artists and mgmt, and his lyrics seem to talk about time and stars a lot. Anyway – interesting.

    1. Very interesting, Earthstar! I vaguely remember he was a thing in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Back then, there also was a lot of Aqua energy in the air, with both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius. Clint Black does have a striking face!

      1. Hey there Calcifer!! I hope you are doing ok work-wise, & all ..?? Clint Black’s face – I knoowww!! He kind of reminds me of a medieval celestial drawing of the sun – he has those arched, crinkly, smiling eyes .. 😄 A handsome man. Although I will admit, the country music genre is not what immediately springs to mind for Aquarian tastes?? But then I don’t know too many .. xx

      2. Also, I thought of how you were building an eco-house the other day, because here in my home state in Oz an environmental scientist called Alexia Jankowski just built her own eco-house in the bush using “hemp-crete” – a kind of cement made from hemp wood-fibre, lime and water. Apparently it is a ‘bushfire-resistant, carbon-negative, lightweight, powerfully insulating, mould-resistant and termite-resistant building material’,** with similar upfront cost to double-brick homes. If this is Uranus-in-Taurus calling I am all ears – first, reducing microplastic footprint (tossed out 90% of my family’s synthetic-material clothes a few years back – struggling with shoes/food part though). Next – sustainable housing!! (Rammed earth also cool – but doesn’t absorb carbon like hemp-crete..) anyway – hope house going well ?? ☺
        **(according to a recent ABC news article about the house by Tom Edwards.)

        1. (Although I read Converse shoes have next to zero plastic, AND my kids have shown interest in wearing them, so there’s one solution, lol. Food packaging is wrong on so many fronts – I walk into a shopping aisle and literally see the landfill/recycling volumes like a parallel dimension – but there goes my natal Uranus in Scorp again! Eco-rant finished – goodnight !😊)

  6. I have found myself centered despite absolute lunacy happening in my family life – our matriarch is dying, I had to fly home on short notice but am unable to leave my hotel room for 4 days until I test negative for COVID-19. Lots of big opinions about what should be done flying around while I try to remind everyone that my beautiful Scorpio grandmother is, in fact, still alive and a human being.

    In other news, I’ve met a sweet Pisces man with a Taurus moon who has been more than kind considering my situation. He asked me out for a belated Valentine’s date as I will return home after the 14th. He’s lovely but a recovering alcoholic 2 years into therapy so I am treading water…carefully…

  7. A long distance romance with an early-Gemini chemist began. I’m mindful that this will take twists and turns, and can halt as fast as it began. My natal early-Libra Moon / Pluto conjunction trine natal Jupiter is willing to take the ride!

  8. From the brilliant Alice Randall’s “Black Bottom Saints”: Bricktop’s Ultimate Aqua detachment-

    “Bricky mesmerized Café Society. What mesmerized them? Her disinterest. It was not feigned. It was not hateful. She was simply committed to the life she had longest loved: sepian show life. Everything else was an amusing addition. She amused because she was amused.”

  9. Top pic reminds me of the Eye of Sauron. What with the Dark Moon going over my Saturn Cap, plus the 5 planets in Aqua facing off my 6 planets in Leo, & Uranus sq Uranus, i feel like i’m under the gaze & power of the Dark Lord of the Third Age himself. I am foul of mood & my nerves are fuqing frazzled. I swear if anybody pisses me off i will not be merciful.

  10. Today’s Dark Moon in Capricorn is hitting me hard. I usually rely on my Capricorn Ascendant to keep the worst aspects of my natal Sun in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Scorpio at bay.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Me too. I got up to get ready for my 4 week stay for my treatment. But I had to cancel.

      My body had other ideas. Intense nausea so I had to lie down. Slept, rested all day. Horrible, stuck, stagnant feelings released. The ones where you can’t see the end of the tunnel.

      But then I awake full of inspiration.

      I also have Neptune in Scorpio. And those feelings I had today we’re very bleak. Was it the same for you?

          1. yes i do, thankyou
            horrid neighbour stuff
            i potentially have somewhere to go end of feb
            keep everything crossed for me! x

      1. Sending you so much white light vibes…when there are days that overwhelm …it can help to intensely focus on the deepest core of your spirit. To focus on all that is the essential and precious core of all that is truly beautiful, strong and pure..focus on it with laser-like clarity.
        Your truest essential spirit always prevails… it’s like the blue sky that is always present, regardless of the passing weather…x

  11. <SheRat Reporting, Sir!> Too many irons in the fire to post entirely thoughtful reply, have engaged 1H Libra Moon/Uran/Lillith + 5H Aqua Sun/Merc/NN/Hekate to activate the Last-Minute Improv Genius Bullshit Generator. Sandalwood and Cinnamon oils, Rose Quatrz, black bead old hippie necklaces, witch dress – up in lockdown. Aqua-only music on Spotify (Etta James, Elmore James, Mozart, Early Alice Cooper, Guns and Roses, John Trudell, Warren Zevon, Lucinda Williams, Carole King, Alex Harvey). It’s the best I can do til Merc. retro is over. The tech glitches are *killing* me. Brand Spanking New Expensive Laptop? Totally haunted. Midnight Cat walks? He finds every hole in every fence, crawls through it, but comes back when I call. Uranus is most likely conjunct his early Taurus sun.</standing down>

    1. Yes. It’s called neurasthenia. Identified in 1869 by Dr George Miller Beard of New York City. Lots of misinfo about it on Google but whole discovery and determination of cause in the book on electrical history – The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg.

      1. I have done family histories (not all mine) and neurasthenia is mentioned as cause of death on several certificates. Interesting!

  12. Read The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg – the complete history of electricity and its environmental effects. A quarter of the book is reference materials.

    It was the most disturbing look yet at denial of the dystopian world we are creating/living in.

    Still digesting the implications.

  13. Penelope Darling

    It feels emotionally chaotic and electrified. I thought I would enjoy the air after all the earth, but instead I feel like someone switched the gravity off and I’m floating through the debris of my life trying to put everything back again.

    1. Personally the combination of a detached air of objectivity and the relaxed sense of grounded ness / Uranus in Taurus is just what I need after the past few years. I’m finally feeling relaxed and as if recharging is the best use of my time. Very unusual for a Virgo stellium and Sag stellium combination to feel this way and I am here for it with bells on

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I was trying to articulate how I was feeling then I read your comment.

        I agree. Also when I’m left alone I revert to mad scientist mode and also deep healing mode which makes me start to diss my new found friends.

        This is not a good thing. It is an old pattern that is not relevant to the new me. These people are healing the trauma that my past abusive neighbour caused. I am slowly seeing this now. They are grounded and caring. Trust is starting to brew.

        The armour is starting to crack.

  14. My Uranus opposition is coinciding with “the times” so I finally am reading Sasportas’ The Gods of Change. It’s amazing.

    Aquarius is my IC and opposes my sun, the apex of my angular t-square. So let’s just say I’m going through a seismic shift on all fronts of the inner landscape. It’s all lit up. Where I live we are having a deep winter with cold temps and lots of snow. Good for solitude and quiet contemplations.

  15. Mostly it’s been a lot of crying and releasing old thought pattern at warp speed, like my whole being is switching from my earth ( Taurus rising) to my air ( libra sun) and it’s incredible and very discombobulating all at once. Like I just realized that I don’t have to operate in the same way at all anymore.

  16. Symptoms:
    (1) Lost quite a lot of money in a hurried, delusional, hubris-induced Jupiterian investing move (“no no, this is the zeitgeist, I’m being clever” — my natal Aqua Moon)
    (2) My Very Long Distance relationship is suddenly thriving (who needs physical connection when Venus is in Aquarius and you both have Uranus in 7th house)
    (3) The last traces of a sane sleeping schedule: R.I.P.

  17. Being back in my sun sign is a nice yearly homecoming. Can feel the familiar emotional detaching process, pulling back from others and re-centering myself. Bought a bunch of light blue sweaters and suddenly don’t want to wear black anymore, since it seems much too heavy and earthy. Effortlessly dropped about 8 pounds in the past two weeks, just ’cause my natural Aquarian self doesn’t really care about eating. Shedding the ‘otherness’ of too much earth for so many months/years. Light bulbs feel spiritual again, and the lights flicker when I walk around. My anxiety levels have plummeted, and those months of walking around on edge seem like a phase and not the permanence that I thought they might be. Weirdly, I think all the earth transits for so long made me more anxious than my normal multi-Air self. Wrong frequency, I guess, too low a tone. Now I’m back up in the clouds, off the ground, and doing much better.

    1. Light blue/pale lilac clothing: YES!!!! Happening to me too (Aqua Moon). I have way too much air in my chart and feel the opposite way from you about it though. I feel like I’ve turned into a grumpy, down-to-earth earth sign and now am reverting into the confident-but-also-anxious, high-strung multiple Air sign that I did not miss being hahaa

      1. Your words are food for thought.

        Each element has it’s light and shade.

        The grass is never greener on the other side.

  18. I am Moon in Aquarius rising and I’m exhausted. Whilst ecstatic to have landed my dream job, it feels like it may take a while to recover from the 12th house shizzshow of the last few years.

  19. With Uranus crossing over my Ascendant and my P Moon conjunct the Aqua placements of Jupiter and Saturn my Sun Uranus combustion is really starting to see why people have thought I am weird all these years as well as see how it could never have been any different. It’s time I didn’t care I say…

  20. I feel like I’m trying to download WAY too much information, and waiting for some sort of message or shaman or someone who recognizes me from past or future lives to show me the way. Pluto is still conjunct my MC and I’m in major fixed-square-land (echoing the big fixed square in my natal chart) with Aquarius in my 10th house and everything squaring my Scorpio Neptune, Sun, Mercury, and NN.

    1. Aqua Sun here…and that’s often how us Aqua exist all day, most days, full stop…and feel? In constant download mode?? Mystic wrote an incredibly insightful daily scope on being an Aqua recently..something like “in order to manage the quantum level of thoughts..Aquas need .to have a robust routine for things like food & sleep”..never were truer words written?? In all of its simplicity, it was a knockout observation & sage advice. x

        1. Sometimes, can get overwhelming…but I find conscious amounts of self-care (like sufficient sleep & routinely times meals) help a lot in general…it’s grounding. And my Taurus Rising helps a lot with creating that? My home is like a personal sanctuary..abundance of a quiet location.. and recently I’ve been streaming Spa Radio music??…I think it’s the gentle electronic beats mixed with nature sounds?…soothes the mental processes…something to tone it all down. x

          1. Also Taurus rising (late Taurus – 28 degrees) and home is hugely important. But my space is very, very small. It worked when I had a job, but in this pandemic year my need for it to function every day as art studio, sewing studio, work space, yoga space, and also regular living space is pretty thwarted by the square footage.

            1. Wow..I’m 28 degree Taurus too..
              My place is also small-ish..and I work from home too…my most valuable piece of furniture (after, of course, the vintage leather couch which has almost iconic status) is: a perfectly sized 4-seater round glass-top dining table?! It a multi-purpose gem that transforms from workstation to meals ,, to art table to all round priceless flat surface… I swear by it! x

  21. My mind is a bit like an ‘electrical storm’ sans threat or negative vibe..just illumination after illumination…
    Still haven’t quite secured the traction I’d like to upmorph everything in the literal actions/manifesting/physical sense?…but certainly feeling inspired to aim big & create big changes…x

  22. My Taurean 11th house is absolutely zinging off my suddenly overcrowded Aqua 8th. I know Taureans & Aquarians aren’t supposed to ‘get’ each other, but I have always loved Feb/March & the folks who were born at this time of year. I am THRIVING on this Aqua vibe.

  23. My Aquarian moon wants to throw everything in the house out and restart minimalist, zero residual past energies and only talk to people who are also looking forward to all the oxygen thieves moving to Mars so we can restore Mother Earth…

    1. Haa! I also have Aqua Moon and am profoundly uninterested in space travel (except from the angle you so aptly presented: let them go)

  24. the mad frequency is increasing. to the point its almost congruent so waiting for the new moon to get to the aqua core
    van de graaf is the vibe

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