Mercury Conjunct Uranus Has Edge


Mercury Conjunct Uranus has edge. Major edge. The Messenger God pulls away from the square to Pluto, lifting the pervasive paranoia and over-think. This is pure Uranus Vibe. Rancid old resentments scurry off like roaches when the light gets switched [ Read more…]

Checking In: Capricorn


Saturn in Capricorn for Capricorn? Welcome to more gravitas, gut instinct and being more fully in your body. Capricorns, it has been a month of Saturn – your boss planet – in the constellation of Capricorn. Never mind the presence [ Read more…]

Astronaut drawing

Uranian Space Jam

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Hey wasn’t N.Z giving the go-ahead to marriage equality a genius manifestation of Zap Zone energy, in amongst all the chaos and pain? Mercury on Uranus today is likewise epic – squaring Pluto as well – it’s switching brains onto [ Read more…]