Daily Mystic For Friday 22-Sunday 24 April

As promised, this Daily Mystic is going to outline the upcoming Mercury Retrograde.

It’s incredibly handy to have these details because, if something gnarly (or promising) comes up over the Retrograde, you will have an extra timing edge.

Gnarly Example:

Someone decides to pull a power-play or becomes uncharacteristically clingy/erratic/pedantic. If it occurs in the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde -delineated below- you could correctly take it as an early warning of impending fuqery.

If they initiate whatever it is during the actual Mercury Retrograde, it’s unlikely to gain ground or they’ll withdraw so you could conserve energy for something more interesting. If this is playing out in a corporate or highly visible setting, your Mercury mastery can score kudos for decent judgment. You become known for being remarkably unphased by transient fads or threats that amount to nothing.

Desirable Example:

Something or someone you really want evidently backs out of a promise or simply seems insanely distant. If it is the Mercury shadow before it goes Retrograde, be as clear or assertive as you want to be but then, when Mercury actually is Retro, you’re the elusive one. And then, when Mercury turns Direct, give the scenario until the end of the second shadow phase to come right. That will be when you listen carefully to signals and clues. You will be a human seismograph -picking up all sorts of intel as people/situations rush to communicate.

Mercury In Shadow-Zone: Tuesday April 26

Mercury Retrograde @4° Gemini: May 10 (11.48 Universal Time)

Mercury Direct @26° Taurus: June 3 (08.00 Universal Time)

Mercury Out of (second) Shadow-Zone. June 19.

*The core “glitch” phase is between May 10 and June 3, when Mercury is actually Retro.

*Mercury turning Retro in one of the signs it rules – Gemini – is super-mischevious so please back up your data, triple-check agreements or your take on a flippy situation and enjoy the media circus.

*The first shadow-zone is when Mercury arrives at the degrees it will later retrograde back to and the second is after Mercury is Direct, as it moves through the degrees it was recently retrograde in to arrive back at the point it went Retro at. So, for example, on June 19 Mercury is at the same point it was at on May 10.

Once you start to track this sort of info, so many connections become apparent – it’s brilliant. Finally, if you know your natal astro, Mercury spends from April 26 until June 19 between 26° Taurus and 4° Gemini. It’s a very small sector of the zodiac – eight degrees of awesome – so anything you have there is ripe for mercurial makeover, serendipity and skills acquired at warp speeed to fix errors…


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  1. My Jupiter at 27 degrees Taurus, and my MC at 5 degrees Gemini–I have a Gemini moon so is that why I’m kind of looking forward to some nonsense happening in my career lol? Thank you Mystic!

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