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“Mystic I guarantee that nothing can replicate you when you’re on a roll.”

Thank you Sam but the point is that I don’t think any A.I. can replicate someone on a roll, so to speak.

I signed up for Open A.I. quite early and I think that actually it’s more of a threat to Google, Wikipedia and media than anything else. I wanted to get some interesting answers that I could share on here but nothing has been worth even an FYI post. The tone is very fact-checkery and there is no way it can make the wild cognitive leaps that humans do.

Eg: I asked about Enheduanna compared to Sappho and got this po-faced response about Enheduanna being in 23rd Century BC Babylon and Sappho in 6th Century BC Greece. So then I asked whether there was an authentic ley line map in existence somewhere and got a pompous response about pseudoscience.

I asked if Botox could affect the third eye or pineal gland and got a “Botox is one of the safest and most widely used substances blah blah blah” reply.

At this point, it’s not out-there or psyched enough for me – using the above examples, I’d want an A.I. that recognized both women wrote hymns and poems to the same goddess, were able to somehow fluke the usual strictures against females of their era and live unconventionally before speed-analyzing their works and finding the two most similar sonnets.

Then rapidly-scan every museum and university database on the planet to slap up some ‘could be ley lines’ maps and slip into neurologist mode to opine on the Botox third-eye question plus produce papers like this and summarize it for me.

But no, I get sternly lectured that ley lines are pseudo-science, Sappho and Enheduanna are incomparable because they lived in different places and times, plus ‘reassured’ re Botox.

Yes, I understand it’s all in the prompts and I could build/train my own but at this point I see them disrupting Google or Google and Co become the A.I.s and essentially serving Wikipedia level answers for things faster than you could manually.

It’s also being deployed to churn out zillions of dull words stuffed with keywords purely so you might glimpse some ads while you scroll through the page looking for something – anything – that delivers the information the page portends to offer. You know the sort of thing:

“You might want to know about how to get a divorce because you want to get a divorce and need information on getting the divorce. Don’t worry. You are in the right place. Here you will find all the facts you need on divorce, getting a divorce, divorce lawyers in your area <input wrong place>and the associated costs. But first, why might someone want to get a divorce? There are many reasons…” STOP. There is enough of this piffle already clogging the internet. Someone has to write it or rather they did, now it’s just the A.I. But we don’t need more of this crud.

The other thing that concerns me is that the A.I. just glomps facts from where-ever, with no attribution let alone payment to the media that invested in gathering the news in the first place.

And, it’s biassed. There IS scientific proof for so-called ley lines, for example. Who programmed in the pompous tone?

Solutions: Stay weird, be weirder. It’s a good fit for Pluto in Aquarius and I know that the A.I won’t be able to rip off my ley lines, pineal gland contamination, Sappho and Enheduanna algorithm.

And if it does pop off, I don’t know, zines?

UPDATE: Comments are back, phew.

However, if you commented in the last 20 hours, it’s gone! Please feel free to reprise your thoughts and apologies. I won’t bore you with the granular details.

I am leaving this weird looking post up for 24 hours in case anyone has a commenting glitch to report.

I was going to put the image up with the Mars in Scorpio poem but decided against it so here he is.

Also is it just me but is weird seeing reportage and commentary about ChatGPT/A.I. that ranges from “use this to generate trillions of piffle to populate the web with your brand and never pay writers again” to “this entity might take over the world,” sci-fi style?

Hello – sorry, the comments are all still there but not displaying and it is being fixed asap. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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    1. “Hello Unnamed” is so couch-potato-core it is META. Respect!! (but yeah obvs delete/block, haa.. * nervous laughter **)

  1. Major low motivation for my AI dreamscape translation idea. A) it seems someone in NYC already is doing it. B) Am I the right person to do it even? C) Why am I so slow???

    1. Google is creepy. Moving everything from Gmail to Proton is on my to-do list, I think I can tell when I’m logged into some app through Google that I can’t pin point when I get no ads whilst watching YouTube. I deleted my YouTube account, but they still track you…

  2. I was just re reading the post. I wonder if you’d get a different answer if you were to ask, “in what ways would Botox affect the pineal gland” (for example) or “provide a list of peer reviewed sources that examine actual or potential neurological impacts of Botox”

    I hope it’s not OTT here and I definitely don’t intend to start a cosmeceuticals deep dive debate or anything but out of curiosity I did google “does botox affect pineal gland google scholar”
    And found this short article, which might be of interest for regular users. Not related to the pineal gland tho

  3. I hold some hopes that a ‘trained’ AI will generate something more inspiring and engaging than ‘content scraped’ assemblages. “Someone has to write it or rather they did, now it’s just the A.I. But we don’t need more of this crud.” Well said MM. What I have read in media outlets where concern or fear is expressed regards to future employability or career usefulness seems to come from the sectors where safe, routine thinking (even when it is a complex subject matter area) is that person’s bread-and-butter.

    However when critical comparative analysis is what’s called for – the humans with the capacity to sift cultures, genres and eras are still in a position of great advantage. If you are a hack copywriter, journalist, technical writer or lawyer – be ready for disruption and change in your life.

  4. Yes, agree Mystic. Thanks for the clarity. I hadn’t considered A>I twiffle on the interweb much before now, other than automated humans being dreary.

    *pulls nose out of MM derrière

  5. I’ve had a bit of a play with ChatGPT, mostly out of curiosity, but I found it extremely bland. And given my scepticism, it looks and feels highly censored. Think I’m done with it already!

    1. Totally. I am now getting up to 100 approaches a day from “entrepeneurs” offering me the chance to deploy it to write drivel or approach prospects in bulk. I know that some people are signing up to it as I am also getting a major upsurge in spammy emails.

      I want an A.I. that can parse currency fluctuations with Moon declinations and magnetic fields or Pluto signs – tropical, sidereal and heliocentric with major cultural trends, displaying in pie-charts, graphs and – if apt – building an algorithm.

      Not a glorified speed-googler Wikipedia quoter. I MUST be missing something, right?

  6. Hello and I only just realised you mentioned one of my comments – yes def that makes sense – also yes re the other things. I’m not doing well at keeping up but I am enjoying this evolving post x

  7. The Lion & The Centaur

    Waiting to get my sinuses X-rayed, and chuckling-out-loud at Mystic’s AI parody – IT IS SO TRUE! When you google a transit or synastry aspect you get tons of these pages, first explaning the planets in general, then the aspects, then at the very end, after 10 ads, two paraphrased lines of actual answer, ripped off the original tumblr astrology post that’s next in line in the search results.

    1. Yes! I hate it when you want to get legit comparisons between two products – say, office chairs – and hundreds of sites claim to offer comparisons but it’s just thousands of words of waffle with ads.

      “The X chair has upholstery in many colors, including slate, black and gray. In comparison you will find that the Y chair comes in ebony, light black and platinum. It is also upholstered. Many people say that upholstery is make or break but rest assured that both the X and Y chair have upholstery and a fine choice of colors to select from. In case you have not gathered it yet, an office chair is one of the most important choices you will ever make. Read on for more helpful information on the comparisons between the X office chair and the Y office chair.”

      This SEO/Click farm drivel and blatant bias in sites/articles that purport to be delivering raw data and facts are the bane of the internet.

  8. About Myst when she’s on a roll..that’s to do with Mercurian Aries.

    As it’s Aries season, checked Astrodienst for god daughter’s natal planets.
    O M G! Aries with Aries rising in the 1st house.
    Is this possible?
    And Mercury in Aries.
    Been trying to get her to journal for eons after reading 2 of her poems ‘Ancient Drums & Amazon Queen’.when she was 15 yo.
    Sun & 4 planets in Aries & 1 & moon in Gemini.
    Was gobsmacked, it so explained her.

    Luckily for anyone in her vicinity she has Mars in Pisces.
    Much has been written here about those born in the 70’s generation.
    See everything we need is in MM’s archives, who needs that ChatMachine.

    She coming with her pitbull-soz-american-staffordshire for 3 day solar return celebration/
    Her Neptune is in Sagg is what i’ll sign off with :-)…….

    1. Looks like it’s possible 🙂

      Maybe too much Aries/1st to sit and journal? She may need to talk it whilst doing a martial art or some other physical activity etc… y’know record not write. And yes you can probably all thank your lucky Mars stars.

      1. Of course, too much energy to sit & write which i have never actually seen her do.
        Yes she has recently mentioned martial arts & an interest.
        Thank you Centaurus.

        1. Hahaha that was a bit of an Mars generalisation but there you go Pegs.

          That cardinal spark energy x a stellium would have a thrusting forth feel I expect but she’d definitely shake things up and get people moving. She is probably quite motivational and/or inspirational. Path cutter that comes across fearless and inspired by the challenge whilst she gives everyone orders but calls it organising and hey, she may well be the best person for the job.

          1. Centaur i’m the motivational one, she good at giving orders, need to inspire her about what orders to give if i could get her to sit still & listen for a day, an hour!
            She tamping down that amazing energy with booze ciggies & dream weed AND space dust.
            Intervention time.
            Spark & stellium.
            Her chart at first glance, all that fire she could channel into something superb.
            Thank you Lovely.

            1. Oh I see… that’d how she is currently shaking things up and supressing energy. Also read your comment to Sam.

              I get it and that’s a tough experience to to give oneself… hope she uses all that focussed fire to phoenix out of it xx

    2. She sounds FUN
      Maybe partying is her version of journalling. Or some kind of sports scene or hiking the pacific north west trail or the Camino or something

      1. Sam she fun for sure. I AM her journal up to 10 texts day.
        How id love to get her into rehab for 3 weeks & see what she can
        really do with all that fire being directed from a self realised space.
        Her energy is controlled by ‘stuff’, Sam, due to upbringing.
        Mother couldn’t handle her so at 15 yo so made her go into the world alone & under equipped.
        So the message she received was ‘big energy bad’ so subdue it how ever you can’.

  9. Wish Upon a Star

    So all this AI talk seeped into my dreamscape last night.

    I was in a place where I shouldn’t be and I saw embroyos being grown to be AI. I screamed and cried as these bubs reached 9 months and were disconnected from tubes to be farmed and trained to be AI. I have Venus and Mercury in Cancer.

    1. You dreamed of the ‘Matrix’ move StarShine. Growing hoomans for batteries/energy.
      ‘Just ask the oracle’ 🙂

          1. Wish Upon a Star

            Sorry to sound snarky Pegusus. I am going through something at the moment.

            Also have Mars square Saturn and Mars trine Pisces Ascendant. Kind of funny Mars♂️ is fighting for the Pisces Dream🐟.

            Does anyone else feel the upcoming Aries eclipse already?

            It’s lighting a fire 🔥 under my bum.

  10. Reading the comments & conversations below make me so proud to be among you all, such fine brains.
    Mystic’s Brain Trust 🙂

  11. Frank Herbert jnr & Kevin Anderson wrote a book (under the Dune series) called The Machine Wars. Terrifying beyond terrifying to ‘we are all gonna die’.
    Guess iv’e read too much Sci Fi to trust AI, i’m with Elon on this subject, tho’
    the idea of downloading your consciousness interests me, but if you believe in reincarnation it happens to us unknowingly as we supposedly drink at the well of forgetfulness before landing.
    What about swapping consciousness with another person for a day or a week?
    Would like to be in Mystic Medusa’s head when she writes stuff like this.
    Curiosity is something so admire in a person, as i see too many people not looking around, backwards or forwards, as in extreme tunnel vision.
    CGPT seems to have no creativity, way too linear.

    1. You got it – we are already doing it. I think sometimes it is more about the physical being (including the mind component) that prevents download and then the ability to be impartial with the downloaded info not re-experience.. that could be involuntary sometimes. Just biology.

  12. Unicorn Sparkles

    My uni just had to install new screening for chatgpt because students have been using it to write assignments. I’m trying to understand why you would sign up and pay to learn and then choose not to.
    I’m also weirded out by AI generated people. I saw one series of “if countries were people” and they were all quasi kardashian. Meh.

    1. Sparkles, are universities allowing students to use CGTP to write assignments? That’s a machine doing the thinking for them, how does that get someone a degree.

      1. Unicorn Sparkles

        No, like me, they’re only just realising. I didn’t even know this stuff existed until the updates to screening were announced. I can only imagine how bad AI essays would have been…

      1. Maybe the answer is to do away with essays.. as a method of take home assessment at least. Or save them for exam situations?

      2. RE high school Veronica, don’t understand why mobile phones are only being monitored now when think that could have happened 30 years ago.
        Don’t teachers agree, all of them?

  13. How interesting – any form of human cross assessment of abstract thoughts or information in a format seems to me to be entirely within the comprehension and slant of the individual’s human brain, thus impossible for a machine. The assimilation of information and knowledge passes through a series of individual personal ‘takes’ and would be impossible for a machine even one humanly feed to achieve, therefore leaps of formation beyond anyone or anything other than the self, as the study any philosophical theory will tell. AI is but a human contrivance and could not possibly ‘think’ as does a brain.

  14. Song for the Luddites by Lord Byron. I particulalry love the first line of the second stanza


    As the Liberty lads o’er the sea

    Bought their freedom, and cheaply, with blood,

    So we, boys, we

    Will die fighting, or live free,

    And down with all kings but King Ludd!



    When the web that we weave is complete,

    And the shuttle exchanged for the sword,

    We will fling the winding sheet

    O’er the despot at our feet,

    And dye it deep in the gore he has pour’d.



    Though black as his heart its hue,

    Since his veins are corrupted to mud,

    Yet this is the dew

    Which the tree shall renew

    Of Liberty, planted by Ludd!

  15. I think we are a long way from an evolved bot and by the time we arrive humans will have either forgotten the the evolved bot goal or accepted some base version as exactly that. Everyone who thinks otherwise will constantly have to prove themselves against an algorithm that has more reach and therefore clout.

    It is the broader nature of things that what gets picked up and used consistently and constantly becomes second nature. Peering into the future it looks more like a cattle dog than a wide open road of exploratory growth.

    Yes keep this post and the Warhol-esque K-man. It fits. It’s important discussion too.

    I could go on at length and ultimately its all fodder for the bottomless appetite of the bot I’ve switched off. It doesn’t matter though does it. All content can and will be consumed, digested, interpreted and then spat out on a screen for someone else as ultimate fact. Broad brush comments. We always have the final choice on whether we believe or buy in but back to my second nature point…evolution just got interesting…

  16. I don’t know about Chat GPT, but I have thoughts on AI generated Art. I think it will legitimately turn us all into artists because art would be equated to effort and intent, not the result. The act of creating itself will be art, a bit of godliness sprinkled over all humans.

    Of course, AI generated art will take over most commercial endeavours. Even for recreational or cognitive navel gazing purpose-built art will find special takers, but it won’t replace something that takes human effort.

    1. ‘Won’t replace something that takes human effort’….yes!
      The iphone cameras made us all into film producers & photo stylists or had the ability to do so.

  17. I signed up to try Bard (Google’s AI). Its take on ley lines also hit the pseudo science. But I think its writing is a tad better than ChatGPT’s. And I’d give its comparison of Enheduanna and Sappho a C+:

    Enheduanna and Sappho were two of the most famous poets of the ancient world. Enheduanna was a Sumerian priestess and poet who lived in the 23rd century BC. Sappho was a Greek poet who lived in the 6th century BC. Both women were highly respected for their poetry, and both wrote about a variety of topics, including love, loss, and nature.

    Enheduanna is best known for her hymns to the Sumerian gods, but she also wrote love poems, laments, and hymns to the moon god. Her poetry is characterized by its vivid imagery and its use of metaphor. Sappho is best known for her love poems, which are often addressed to young girls. Her poetry is characterized by its emotional intensity and its use of symbolism.

    Both Enheduanna and Sappho were groundbreaking figures in the history of literature. They were among the first women to write poetry that was widely admired and respected. Their work has had a lasting impact on Western culture, and they continue to be read and studied by people around the world.

    Here are some of the key differences between Enheduanna and Sappho:

    Time period: Enheduanna lived in the 23rd century BC, while Sappho lived in the 6th century BC.

    Culture: Enheduanna was a Sumerian priestess, while Sappho was a Greek poet.

    Subject matter: Enheduanna’s poetry often focused on religious themes, while Sappho’s poetry was more personal and often dealt with themes of love and loss.

    Style: Enheduanna’s poetry was characterized by its use of religious imagery and its formal structure, while Sappho’s poetry was more lyrical and personal.

    Despite their differences, Enheduanna and Sappho were both highly accomplished poets who made significant contributions to the history of literature.

  18. I luv the Keanu reference (?), MM. And yeah like Sam said – nobody – and no tech! – can imitate you. But isn’t this is the grand irony of the “latest tech” AI – it can never be ahead of the curve, only regurgitate it…
    (Nick Cave summed it up best – in response to fans sending him “Nick Cave” music generated by AI.)

  19. Mystic I guarantee that nothing can replicate you when you’re on a roll.
    I can’t think of anything worse than reading auto generated copy on a recreational basis, particularly considering that the kinds of people who would use it self-identify as cash motivated and sub-literate in the first place. Even now my eyes are rolling back in my head out of sheer boredom at the thought of it. Also I have a bunch of 9th-house ideas around Chat gpt -type pitfalls, but I’ll save that for another essay /career path

    1. Hear, hear, Sam!! 💯💯💯
      Also re promulgating and propagating 9th house ideas re -GPT. Altho be careful – anybody watching the unedifying demise of the humanities and the university “sector” as a whole – globally – over past 20 – 30, even – years will tell you that the advent of AI is the final discombobulation in the coffin, so to speak… (Speaking from personal exp – i have ranted pathetically to academic leadership about decline of thought, many times before – my ego took a long time to die in a ditch about that one!! But thankfully, ding dong, etc.😂)
      *Which is to say, I still think we are in a low point in history, university-wise – but I have decided my input is irrelevant!💗)

        1. The coolest update, and yep, agree – current web-trawling-bot-AI is only the latest in a long line of “free info” purveyors – just with all media (as in, not just words) and with even less scruples and even less intelligence. Am interested to see what the Chat AI is like in other languages, given the “lingua franca” of the internet appears to be English??, and I’d bet the hodge-podge of summarised data entry you get back in any search is language limited – i.e. any Dead Sea Scrolls question written in English (for e.g.) is not going to be answered by the swift location, bot-read, analysis, summation, translation and re-synthesis of Aramaic, Latin or Greek (or modern day Italian or French) sources of primary chatbot data. No. Not yet anyway..

          But also like what the fudge icecream am I even talking about???

        1. Centi you Are So Right!!! I thought about this exact fact around 2.5 minutes after I commented while chopping onions for dinner prep.🤣🤣🤣
          Fortunately I must have been a silverfish or literally a paper-eating moth in an ancient library in a past life, because, okay while paper vellum made from animal hide makes my stomach churn and the idea of “illuminated” manuscripts with crushed insect wings for colouring also makes me blech, I still hold fast to the idea of paper letters (handwriting or typed), snail mail, or (very) private emails with researched points, when ranting. So – I know the specific letter I wrote to an academic exec will not see the (web chatbot) light of day, thank goodness.
          But, my view is irrelevant primarily because the systemic change required to protect the “bastions of ideas” (what used to be a.k.a. universities) from automation is not going to come from one eccentrics’ little pipsqueak… (I.e. mine). Xx

          1. All good points CJ except that last one about your irrelevant view. Not at all and who knows? When a butterfly in a forest etc etc but it may well be a case of seeing the results and then course correcting. That isn’t always an optimal approach when you can fairly confidently forecast an outcome and I think they could at least start to see outcomes.

            The other chat-chat concern is data mining and depending on the agenda its a tool that can do some heavy lifting quickly. You will note I am not using its name so it cannot search itself. Lol. I intend to continue with this trend and a better name may emerge. An alternative acronym perhaps but also still too googleable – I can also barely believe this is probably an actual word now😄

            Paper is lovely and doesn’t need critters in it to be so but trees are also lovely right. The polarising in our times is extreme. It may not matter for some things but volume is the big driver imo eg a few trees versus a forest xx

          2. Wish Upon a Star

            CJ please don’t undermine the Geminin part of you. You are very clever, quick and creative thinker. And witty. I wonder what channel you can pour f this energy into.

            I’m a Gemini Sun. My mind just raced when I was younger. Most people cannot keep up with this energy. I think you would make a great writer,

    2. Reflecting that I sound like a bit of a bitch about chat GPT use for commercial purposes. It’s not meant to be that harsh. Just agree that the marketing schtick of “never recruit a writer again” makes me itchy. Then again I am sure that the same things was said when the pocket calculator was invented, telephones, etc… Idk. Anyway, I do see positive uses e.g. for accessibility, people with language processing issues, people for whom english is not first language etc.

      1. Thanks for the invitation (albeit unintentional) to reflect. I think my view is intially a bit closed toward this tech and the truth is there is always all sides and you’ve made some good points.

        They will naturally give it a try… too tempting…but I’m doubtful they can replace anyone ultimately. Human’s are (or have the potential to be) unpredictable and changable and that can be very hard to replicate in a machine. Our unique spark of life force within each of us is impossible to replicate. Maybe we are all being invited into our higher mind where we can plainly see the reals and the fakes and then vote with our feet or dollar or whatever. We are being lulled into thinking we are poweless or sent off scent toward the wrong cause. Super strange times that will be a fascinating read to future folk… well depending on who writes the history books eh 😉

      2. Hi Sam, you so didn’t sound like a bish to moi. (But – am Aries and I do so respect – love even – a straight forward opinion !😃)
        But yeah, in my rush to reply between school holidays/Saturn just crushing the toes of my Piscean Mars and MC/cleaning up after the pet zoo in our household, i also forgot to add that I wasn’t setting up a random false dichotomy of AI is bad vs Horses & carriages with landed gentry is good, per se. Just last weekend, a girlfriend and I were talking about how amazing it is that the various fitness devices you can wear now on yr wrist (for e.g.) can alert you to the fact that your heart-rate zoomed in your sleep last night, and you are now in danger of a stroke (educator Maggie Dent had this exact thing happen recently, acc. to ABC), or that you can roll your car down a hill, lose consciousness, and your smart watch will not only call 000 but pinpoint your exact location so that paramedics can reach you and save you (& passenger’s) life (girlfriend told me that last bit, so can’t ref it!)
        That kind of AI, if you subscribe to the sorts of philosophies that values living and breathing, and particularly healthily/for a long time, is obviously “good”. (Sorry for parentheses but “good” is a very loaded term in philosophy, and this whole AI convo is really about confronting what we value, isn’t it?)
        So personally, am not talking about the sorts of AI that gives and saves lives.
        My issues are with lack of choice, and the protection of original thought. Because of the hegemony of AI on the internet, as it is very difficult for most peeps to avoid being online, especially if you are trying to make a living (e.g. artists and writers), then you inevitably will become chatbot “food”. There doesn’t appear to be a choice to this, or legal recourse to intellectual property theft. Then of course, to have the precious lights of human endeavour – arts, culture, imagination, etc – reduced to a facsimile, well. In short – I agree with you!

        1. A good read to start my day CJ 😊


          Better get moving…gots to hitch mah horses to the wagin 😂😉

    1. That is hilarious! Also, how? Just feed in The Effective Executive, History of the Peloponnesian War, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, MBA crib notes, create some good prompts and go?

    2. oof also SilkCharm – think of the FRILLIONS of dollars that could be saved by not paying a CEO, + benefits… (who signs off on that lol) here’s a thought, with AI at the helm, would company boards now serve only as checks & balances for auto generated leadership? Could AI actually innovate? how? Would it be more ‘ethical’? Could one be selective about the source data, thereby skewing the outcomes… give the modern slavery commitments a nudge in the opposite direction for example? Does AI object to being over-ridden despite its dispassionate analysis of all available information (like literally all)? Who has to deliver the message to the machine that its decision has been vetoed by financially motivated shareholders? what if an over-ridden decision that at first pass looks wrong, in fact proves prophetic in a few years time? oops there’s that rabbit hole, sam *sidestep*

      thought experiment. Will Pluto opposite the sign of Leo mean the end of the Human Ego? hmm (doubt it) Also if AI CEO accounts for climate change data (because data), how will climate denier company interests cope with that?

      1. Idk Sam. This could really next level modern slavery and everything else.

        The ego is a current requirement to incarnation (opinion) and we are nowhere near evolved enough to travel without it. When that point arrives I daresay bodies will no longer be required and those awake will move to a new place of their creating. Those who arent will be absorbed by the machine and live within it’s vast landscapes and believe they are of their own creating. Neither will necessarily know what is real ot imagined.

        Ok – riffing a bit 😉

        I am loosely reminded of Westworld the series. Not the whole thing, maybe first couple. It’s been a while. It got weird and they got lost in their script but the high level themes. Disturbing. Off topic for chat bots but AI and dark human intention themed.

        1. True. Ego as a sense of self (or self preservation?) Is not.. inherently .. bad? I’m struggling to write that though. I have Saturn in Leo, lol.

          Haven’t thought deeply about the modern slavery thing tbh but be interesting hear your take. One way or another 🙂

          1. I haven’t really either. Not for a long while at least but… I am Saggo and these kinds of calls just need to be taken up so it’ll be a riff. I think I’ll start by saying I think its a thing and what is modern is also not new. Modern slavery has less to do with overt chains and more to do with psychology and seduction. A person willingly puts on the chains themselves and comes equipped with their reasons for doing so.

            But we could also argue that everybody makes their choice and has options. We know this isnt strictly true. Everyone does have choice but not the full suite of all choice. Choice often matches circumstance and/or environment. Reminding someone they have choice in the wrong way entraps not frees.

            What does real freedom from it all look like? Idk. Perhaps that’s another little hook. Nobody wants to be the first one to sail off through a black hole in case there isnt really a new land there and they cant get back.

            People need people and we are social animals so is it slavery or community. Just normal social function including a perpetual desire to alter it from at least one person in the group lol.

            Desire could be at the root and when one desires something enough it can be exploited. Can it be exploited to the degree that whole societies fall under the same spell? Yes, I mean why not? It could probably be genetically passed down too.

            Well this is too long on a phone to really review and edit but it feels disconnected and random. Too many ideas colliding. Needed more measured thought. That was never going to happen lol. Regardless I will bravely submit. My excuse is I’m currently having a cynicism transit through my 3rd house inconjunct my care less in the 10th.

            It’s an opinion piece. Perhaps even a fiction 🙂

            Saturn Pisces. You will be getting your opposition at some point. Am a ways off my conjunct but mine could actually oppose yours.

            1. Mmm. Manipulation and exploitation for profit? They use a paper trail to audit it but the real version probably doesn’t even get near a payslip. Oh, or you’re saying it’s a better con-job now than its ever been. Chasing the fairy dust. I might agree.

              The concept of real freedom. accepting whatever happens to you as a result of your choices. Treading mindfully in the world as a result of this godly awareness. I think Scorpios get it too. Aka fk around and find out hahahaah
              but Uranian freedom, or the Sadge Quest (TM), the disappearing into the event horizon not sure if you’re coming back, that’s a whole other level.

              Had the Saturn opposition, got the postcard.. everything sort of went grey and all I could hear was ringing in my ears after that Pluto conjunction, really.

              I hope the cynicism isn’t too ruff. Remember the opposite of the 3rd house is the 9th. And the 10th, the 4th. Of course you know. Maybe 9-4 energy is remembering that the world is your home.

              Anyway. yours fictionally, and thank you

              1. I think I spared us all a forever rave thay would reach and lap the event horizon! Haha. So many ways to spin this it could be a life’s work. Personally I would tire of it at some point and also wholeheartedly disagree with myself.

                Yep, it’s a better con-job.

                I am essentially an 8 house vibe and a Scorp ruled Sun/7th. Also influences the light breezy archer vibe.

                Treading lightly is getting harder with the volume of feet! I hsve well decided I don’t need to do some thinds even if I might like to .. from an enviro perspective. If it isn’t part of my path it’s optional and I don’t get much genuine fomo. Fake fomo is everywhere and also expertly manufactured.

                Ah that description of Saturn opposition. It fits.and eventually will reveal a bigger theme at the last quarter square and the ringing will also subside….

                Hehehe TY. I have to check my actual transits as they were also fictional placements to atual feelings (dont go for a new career in stand up C?) but could definitely be Mars motivated x

          2. Wish Upon a Star

            Ego is essential for a sense of Self.

            Pisces Ascendant experiencing Saturn in Pisces. Welcoming the boundaries with Gratitude!


  20. Wish Upon a Star

    I heard about Chat/A1 about a month ago. What worried me was how good it was.

    Timing is scrupulous. Just watched The Matrix last night.


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