Sex And The Single Aquarian Girl

Now here is a cool Aquarius woman you may not have heard of. Or, if you know of Helen Gurley-Brown, the founding editor of U.S. Cosmopolitan, you’ve waved her away as insubstantial. But even if you loathe Cosmopolitan magazine on cultural grounds, it was revolutionary when it launched in July 1965.

Cosmo took the ‘career girl’ concept mainstream, making it socially acceptable for a female to value her work as a vocation, not just a way-station en route to marriage. It also reinvented the ‘spinster’ as cool instead of a pitiable creature unable to land a husband.

A Triple Aquarius, She Re-Branded The Single Woman Concept

The magazine sprung out of a best-selling book – Sex And The Single Girl – written by triple Aquarius Helen Gurley Brown in 1962. She was Sun, Mercury Retrograde, and Lilith in Aquarius, with an ebullient Saggo Rising and Moon-Mars in Scorpio.

Add in her third house Uranus trine Pluto and Jupiter in the 10th for the ultimate maverick, runaway publishing success. Her book came out with Jupiter in Aquarius crossing her Sun + Mercury btw.

Her voice was breezy and modern, but to American women who were working, single, or divorcees, it was more like a liberation wind.

“If you can forget the stultifying concept that there are appropriate years for certain endeavors (like getting married) and appropriate days for being gay and merry (like Saturday nights) and use these times without embarrassment or self-pity to do something creative and constructive, I believe half your single girl battle is over.”

Like so many books that achieve instant success because they resonate with the Zeitgeist, she wrote it for herself. Her background was self-described as humble, and she worked multiple jobs to support her ill sister and mother. Gurley-Brown was acutely conscious that she was smart but without “looks, brains or family background to trade-off.”

Good Girls Go To Heaven – Bad Girls Go Everywhere

In between diet, budget, beauty, and blowjob tips, her Cosmo magazine covered important stories such as the equal rights amendment infuriating the feminists of her era who wanted her to use her huge platform with more political consciousness.  Like the pages of her glossy magazine, she’d flip from gritty advice on financial independence – “nobody is coming to rescue you” – to suggesting women never – literally never – let a man see them without a full face of make-up.

She edited Cosmopolitan for three decades, making it the prototypal women’s magazine of the 20th Century.

Her chief skill was in copywriting, the job she held for most of her ‘single girl’ career before Sex & The Single Girl/Cosmo. You can see it in her genius cover lines and cute axioms like “good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”

H.G.B. was the first female in the public eye to refer to bedding men as “notches on your bedpost,” the thrill of living on your own in a big city with a ‘going places’ career and the unsung peace of ‘going home to your cats.’  She’s an Aquarius woman. Of course she’s a contradiction, the answer (d) none of the above to any standard multi-choice questionnaire.

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  1. The Leo Socialite

    I’m loving that there are two people both called Barfagreed on here all of a sudden and they are talking to each other! That is post-modernism!

    HGB – RIP – her blow job tips actually often did not work and i would go so far as to tell my daughters to never follow a cosmo sex tip in their lives.

    but i have spoken to my mother about the impact of HGBs book Sex and the Single Girl and she said it was revolutionary. She wrote it in a day when women were not allowed their own bank accounts and the term spinster was commonly used as abuse for women who “could not get” a husband and you were seen as washed up if you were unmarried at 25

    HGB came along and said make your own money, you don’t need a man to be successful in life. This is so taken for granted now and we are all a bit over the sex and the city, buy your own shoes, sexually liberated cougar thing as a theme to talk about but there is blood on that floor and it is from women of HGBs generation who got in there and fought hard.

      1. Or was that just the patriarchy getting their own back by saying she wasn’t talented enough to get them off?! Lol

  2. Scorporation, Inc.

    HGB, thanks for being bold and outspoken! We are so much more than our reproductive and tidying/cooking abilities, and every woman who has openly asserted these facts has done us all a justice.

    Rest in peace, autonomous sister.

      1. Yah – Helena Rubenstein is posted about here, intereresting

        I love your title btw – where is the Embassy?

  3. Electric Eel Libran

    She was def a pioneer in her time for sure! It’s just now a days Cosmo sex tips are so dated and so bland. But i do remember in the days before the internet that there were very few magazines to offer such things for a mainly female audience.

  4. Is interesting, she is getting a LOT more love on Twitter than in the MSM – she changed the media game, said it is fine to discuss orgasms AND how to get a raise all in the same mag/sentence. Her own writing was hilarious, just saw a quote that went something like “you don’t have to chase the glittering existence like Madam Bovary did – instead you will lay a TRAP for it.”

    my theory is – just aired on my twitter – that she saw magic mike and died on a satisfied high, her work was done

      1. Hmm, i don’t think i said “feminist icon” as such but she was definitely a cultural game changer – flawed in many respects but believe it or not, she launched her mag in an era where working women/single women were seen as suss and a job just something you do until marriage.

      2. Talking about sex freely is not classified as feminism. Working overseas to free women in suppressed countries, or writing to expose the atrocities of the truly down-trodden, that is progressive. Oh, and working until you get married, then being a proud woman at home, is also feminism in an extreme form these days.

      3. agreed, there is so much more to feminism than being open about sex. in essence, carrying on like a sexed up kitten, even in a feminine voice, is just as bad as the male daydream of the girl sleep-over, complete with naked pillow fight.

      4. Scorporation, Inc.

        Hey, Barf I and II:

        Look up the zeitgeist of the time, when HGB wrote the book and launched Cosmo, and you’ll see that what Mystic posits is not opinion, but Fact.

        *Real* feminists know their history. Get busy with your studies, Ladies.

      5. excuse me? wow,

        *Real* feminists know their history. Get busy with your studies, Ladies.

        and living life is living life, get with it

      6. Well, I know I don’t care for being ‘told’ what feminism is and isn’t. People are welcome to their opinions about what feminism constitutes. I think MM puts an interesting reason why astrologically HGB would be drawn to sexual topics – perhaps that is a more useful focus..

      7. how is it, that whenever a post about the achievements of one woman in a given timeframe that the Blog states as a cultural gamechanger or the like, it gets twisted into comments Mystic did not make about feminist icon and other inferred bitching? the context is clearly stated. It’s an ASTROLOGY blog focusing on the personal planets effectively played in motivation and achievements, not a critique on what is 2nd wave feminism. There is nothing wrong with not being remotely into cosmo and magazines etc but don’t twist the words around to suit your own argument. I find it fascinating to read about the astrology in context to the person even if they don’t align exact values of my own life. That is what is fascinating about astrology to me and probably most of the people on here. Why be that one dick who reads into the text and misappropriates the intent? save it for actual needed feminist critiques pls.

  5. i grew up with this mag in my teens and my mum was grateful I think so she didnt. have to explain. What an educaion/sex manual !

  6. moon mars is seriously hardcore. I am dating it at the moment. Makes you real sharp. But in scorpio, wow. Bet the sealed section was her twirling her hair. Great astro lineup.

  7. So Saturn conjunct Midheaven means a bloody hard time of it in work, but worth it in the end? What if it’s for all of us mid 60s babes with Saturn conj. Chiron in Pisces opposition Uranus/Pluto.. Zap zone freeing all that up?

  8. I wonder whether her eternal youthfulness and longevity can be put down to having Leo on the cusp of the 8th — I think that is one of the traditional astro interpretations of this position.

  9. Funny how you titled it Aquarian Girl as for being all of 90, something about HGB really is quintessentially VERY Girl. Actually, I always think Aquas perfect their joie de vivre as they get older. Something like fine ripening as they hone all that wanderlusting, gadding about, electrifying energy into an alchemy mixed with wisdom.

    My older Aqua friends always have fab advice based on their own mishaps and misadventures which they now view with both sensitivity and a chuckle, really no heaviness at all. I surmise they don’t do Grinching as they age.

    1. your post makes me ponder FA as another birthday looms. i hope to tap into my aqua nature more as i’ve never really understood it but know it always keeps me ool under pressure. Def no grinching about age even at post 50 eeek. More scary than sad. Lots to look forward to with wisdom and an adventurous spirit.

    2. I think Aqua Natures are very broad, and can to an extent, dislike the stickiness of emotion. I have an Aqua Moon so I work my emo as logically as I possibly can – if that makes any sense.

      But by saying broad, it also brings with it a certain largess. They get the micro, but prefer it to make sense within context of the macro. There’s also a bit of the “Cool Crazy Uncle/Wild Aunt” vibe to older Aquas, but I think you’re already there if you’re grooving. 🙂

      Happy birthday in advance, and remember, YOU are the adventure!

      1. Thx FA for pre bday wishes . its not till Sat urday but don’t worry being Leo everybody has pre warning and my Bday week has already started with 3 celebs already.
        I am def the cool aunt of my family and my bro who is uber aqua is the weird uncle.
        Ex had moon in aqua whih i never understood really even tho i am aqua rising but care factor ? minus infinity and beyond lol.

  10. Wow, Mystic, I really like your write-up here of the astro signatures in her chart.

    Makes me wonder what the ‘key’ to my own chart is. (*walks off to ponder*)
    I think , generally speaking, whatever is happening in the chart’s MC, and Sun are good places to start to look, and where there are planets all bunched up together.

    Any other ideas?

  11. An interesting woman she certainly lived to a good age. We share a birth date and an Ascendent it seems. GO THE AQUA GIRLS.

    1. Yes, go us! I have Aqua sun and Mercury retro = eloquent communication of stuff that no one else gets. I’m glad she was able to reach the masses.
      Reading her NYT bio, it seems she was a real shit-stirrer, with a cushion embroidered with ‘good girls go to heaven/bad girls go everywhere’, pink silk walls and in minis and fishnets until her death… all rather Libran.
      She wrote her best selling book upon the encouragement of her husband (who produced ‘Jaws’) after he discovered her love letters to a married man. They must have been a progressive, creative duo.

  12. A life well lived and dedicated to the benefit of all. Look at her getting her pegs out well into her 60s – probably older – that’s a role model! Will have to look into her life story – I did not realise that she rose from adversity. That looks like a young and nubile Linda Evangelista on the magazine cover – pre airbrushing?

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