Barbara Stanwyck’s Resilience Astro

“I’ve known women who plodded through life…but the women I knew did their plodding on the pavement, not the soil. I know very little about the simple life. I’m a product of crowded places and jammed-up emotions, where right and wrong weren’t always clearly defined and life wasn’t always sweet, but it was life.”

—Barbara Stanwyck

Barbara Stanwyck spent most of her awesomely long classic Hollywood career playing “hard-boiled women of easy virtue”, mistresses, con-women and fierce scrappy “fallen women.” 

In real life, her early years were hell. She was tough and with good reason. Stanwyck was orphaned aged four, when her mother was killed by a drunk and her father took off. She ran away from a series of foster homes and finally escaped via becoming a showgirl.

Pure raw guts, talent and determination turned her into one of the most feted Hollywood stars of her day, making five movies a year at her peak, nominated (but never winning) for dozens of awards and renowned for her unique professionalism. 

She was a multiple-conjunct Cancerian: Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, Lilith, North Node with the Ascendant and Moon in Virgo + Mars conjunct Uranus in Capricorn exact.

Now  that’s a combo that will pull you forward in life. You could emerge out of the primordial pit or some gutter in Downtown Apocalypse, shake off the residue, brush away a tear and strut forth – breaking into a nice easy jog once you got your rhythm.

Mars in Capricorn has a sensational work ethic while Mars conjunct Uranus reinvents on a dime, knowing when to hold and when to bolt. And we all have a Lilith aka lunar apogee point that can lie dormant or be activated.

But if it’s on your North Node and/or the Sun you channel Lilith ready or not. You bring out people’s Madonna-Whore complex and your extraordinarily resilient.

You can take enmity and turn into gold, like some sort of a rad alchemist. You also know that when someone says you lack empathy, what they really mean is that you’re not deferential enough. Barbara Stanwcyk never won an award but I betcha she was cackling all the way to the bank. 

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  1. aries, in the 2nd, hangin’ out with moon and asteroid diana… and eris, but i don’t know anything about eris.

    just looked at my transits for weird period in my life where i kinda broke free and went nuts… uranus was smack on lilith. nice.

  2. must get Lilith Bitchcraft as soon as I finish being sick… again…. want to read it when my head is clearer…… in the midst of Chiron return….. physically seem to be clearing a lot of past “stuff” ….. Chiron in my natal is trine my Lilith in 8th house…. I never even knew about Lilith until about a year ago, when she WOKE THE FUQ UP! The first few months were very trying as I adjusted, but now we’re bff’s….. I always attributed my stubborn, direct side to my Leo Sun, but now I’m thinking it may have been a lot of Lilith all along, she trines my natal north node, so thinking I need to give more voice to move forward in new career ideas…NN in Cancer, kind of like the tough love, tough mom thing 🙂

    1. Plutonian Archer Chick (PAC)

      Me too! Mine in Cap, ALSO conj moon and merc. I think the movie poster of Barbara above kind of looks like Geena Davis. Also, reading through some of this posts, I occurred to me….is there such a term as Astro-Envy?

  3. Wow, sounds like Stanwyck was a badass! Very inspiring!

    This post made me remember that Lilith is transiting with Jupiter right over my Katakan Ascendant…….look out, right? I’m kind of a bitch anyway, and right now I feel like I’m constantly biting my tongue and trying hard to be diplomatic and not just blurt out the truth, especially at work, because that would just not work there, especially right now while things are in flux at work, and I can’t afford to lose my job. Anyway…………………..I have been speaking my mind in other ways.

  4. Wow, what a conjunction!
    Natally my ascendent is in the last degree of cancer and my Lilith is in the first degree of leo. Lilith conjunct ascendent – wow! it’s time I reread Bitchcraft and work my Lilith, especially as Lilith’s about to come back to that very spot. I’m a feminist, lesbian but don’t often show my Lilith side preferring to come off unassuming and Canceran but maybe that will change. As I get older I conform less and less.

  5. 12th house virgo

    My ex the Leo has NN conjunct Moon and Lilith. What do you suppose that aspect means for a man? I figured it meant he would have beneficial relationships with women.

    1. hmm. maybe since the NN can be a challenging / less familiar place for us, and moon (emotions / interior world?) and lilith as pure-sisterhood ‘bitch goddess’ , i wonder if in fact that combination meant he backpedalled 1000 miles an hour due to the fierce and unfamiliar feminine ‘space’ that he faced whenever any combination of moon/nn/lilith things arose for him? amateur opinion of course. based on my own NN travails xx

  6. Hi, I have Lilith at 26 degrees in my 3rd House sitting right next to my Jupiter at 27 degrees Taurus. I have no idea what this means. I’m guessing something to do with how I communicate. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. I would love to utilize this placement the best way possible. Thank you.

  7. Just checked i have lililth in 15 degrees capricorn 4th house alongside my natal uranus and neptune and true node (south node dont know which one). Lilith currently transiting cancer Nn 10th house.
    Searched about lilith in capricorn something about unable to access emotions and feelings came up. Meh. Although for sure over the year ive become more in touch with my feelings….but necessarily using them for my own benefit. I guess that’s the next step.

    Any interps most welcome! 🙂

  8. So, that’s why this normally conflict-avoidant and peace- loving Libran set some powerful verbal boundaries at a business meeting yesterday- I knew Mars was in Venus but I blew myself away at how stridently I stood my ground and stood up for myself with this passive aggressive man. Now I know bitch goddess Lillith is in the mix. Still, it ruined the rest of the day for me as I have such fear around authority and being thought of as inappropriate – I want to learn how to be okay with speaking my truth – loudly if necessary.

    1. You just did it! Well done. Now don’t worry about the repercussions, let him do that lol. You don’t need any lessons or any permission, just trust your instincts, stay polite and fire! (maybe this is how to work Mars in Libra… lol)

    2. nah fuq ’em. kick back and relax, knowing you’ve stirred him up a bit. maybe have a chinwag (chat) or a bit of a laugh with another co worker who is cooler/more laid back, so you can reconnect with someone who is not the Other Uptight Co-worker… anyway you’ll be fine imo. chin up, cheeky smile on face xx

      1. LOL this made me realise – in something I was studying recently, we examined cultural differences between outwardly similar countries, e.g. USA and Australia. the trend for Australia was very laid back, relaxed about authority, not pushy. I strongly suspect that if you’re in the US maybe my response just there might have sounded like I was speaking a foreign language. Also, I’m a bit out of practice with dealing with snotty colleagues, so maybe it’s easier said than done xxx

  9. Losingmyreligion

    I have Lilith smack dab on my Capricorn sun but I don’t think I’m all that fierce. I can be a bitch sure and have had some rough times. I can also be a delicate flower at times. Maybe that’s my picses rising.

  10. Lilith conjunct my Sun. Should read up on it more. Just remembered I downloaded Bitchcraft and read it at zero o’clock in the morning fatigued and none of it soaked in. Time for some re-education.

  11. LOVE Barbara Stanwyck — what a babe.

    I have a Venus-Mars-Lilith stellium in my Aries 9th house, trine Leo-Asc, trine Uranus rising. So my Lilith is pretty strong, and she likes to come out and strut around. I’ve always done my Asc, and my Pisces sun, kind of coming off as very extroverted and flamboyant and fun, but being really accommodating and conflict avoidant in relationships, and being, at heart, rather insecure. I always felt like something was missing or I was skipping over some part of my essential nature, but I couldn’t quite let it out — I couldn’t *quite* stop giving a fuq or believe that I *deserved* to stand up for myself. I can honestly say that getting into Astrology and discovering my fiery 9th house and my over-all fiery nature, everything has clicked. I don’t LIKE disharmony, but now I’m not afraid to stand my ground, make statements, get sassy, and fight back if it matters to me. And I’m SO MUCH happier letting my little Lilith rear her head when necessary!

    1. wow GFTP, you sound like a force to be reckoned with! love that you’ve learnt to use the flame-thrower aspect of you.
      So … you’d be facing a Uranus conjunction (and a pluto square) with that Aries stellium soon?

      1. Haha, yes, I suppose I am! I definitely feel more authentic letting my boss-bitch out, and trusting that I’ve got softer and/or more charming elements to balance it out! Recognizing that power was really the missing piece in my personality — astrology just gave it a name and brought it to light. I actually recognized the Queen of Wands as “my” card a just about the same time I got into Astrology and grokked the nature of my 9th house.

        I am, in fact, bracing myself for that Uranus conjunction — and with the trines and whatnot, I’m already pretty Uranian so…I’m curious to see what kind of shake-ups will be coming my way. I actually got a Phoenix from Mystic back in November (one of the best presents I’ve ever bought myself, by the way!) and she addressed this as a major point coming up in my chart. Basically, I can expect myself to really start rebelling and bucking at anything that’s keeping me from the full expression of that fiery, sassy, “I’m my own woman!” self, which I have honestly been feeling coming for awhile now, so I’m feeling pretty ready for it — I’m going to view it as planetary support for a Bitch Goddess Warrior mission!

      2. YAY!! And the fact that it will be trine your natal uranus, and ASC!! ah the sheer crazy release over that time, SO good… have fun 😉

  12. Hi Mystic,
    Did I read somewhere that you will post a Venus-Uranus rant?
    That’d be good! I’m still trying to understand this aspect. xxx

  13. i have lilith conjuct north node/sun/venus, all in virgo in the 1st house…
    i can not find the “lady mars” energy … or i have not yet learn how i use it..
    i believe that the aspects between lilith and personal planets are difficult ones..

    “There is an invincible quality to you..” i wish for this ..

  14. I have Lilith 17 Gemini trine North Node-Pluto in Libra; Lilith oppose Neptune-Part of Fortune in Saggo 5th house; Lilith shares the house Jupiter lives and Venus sextiles Uranus and Jupiter from my 1st.
    Yeah, I can be charismatic, creative, unconventional if the mood takes me. It’s possible I attract these types. It could also be possible this is all channelled into an art, intellectual focus that I’ve been trying to understand for ages but it’s always blurry because I am also earthy, grounded and practical (2nd houser).
    Thanks Mystic, this has helped.

  15. you could even take enmity and turn it into double indemnity!

    yes, I want to talk about Lilith actually…I’m 2º off my Lilith return in Cancer 2nd house. She opposes my Mars Cap in 8th. She forms a Grand Water trine with DC/Neptune in Scorp and North node in Pisces. I just noticed that! Can I count the North node in a trine? She squares my Merc/Jupe conjunction in Libra, as does Mars obvs. That’s a lotta pressure on the Merc!

    Any interpretations welcome! Of course I have Bitchcraft – could I read Lilith Mars for insights into the opp?

    1. I like that your lady Mars opposes your Mars – it sounds like a sexy little dance: in the 2nd & 8th, perhaps a tango? 😉 And Kataka/Cap, so classically female/male! I’m not sure if NN can be counted as part of a grand trine, but if so perhaps if takes some of the pressure off that square?

      1. thank you Lotus Flower! Yes, I like to think that the Mars/Lady Mars opposition is a good aspect to have. Possibly tough, but I’m a Scorp, I can handle that 🙂

        I never thought about the Kataka/Cap axis like that in relation to these two – very interesting!

        A little gem I forgot….the Full Moon mid January will be on my Lilith. So the whole opp will be highlighted. Guess I’ll get a glimpse into what it’s all about!


      2. Given that you are born with those squares in your chart and Mars in Cap, I guess that you maybe have learned to get off on getting pearls from grit? 😉

        Watch out for you this full moon – bringing sexy back? Get that grand water trine working some googly eyes for you hehe.

      3. ya, Mars in the 8th too (and the Scorp Sun)….thrive on fuqing Plutonic transformation 😯

        Anyway, I like your take on the full moon potential 😀 I need some sexy something….Venus on my Mars & Mars on my Venus right now!

      4. I hear you. 8th house Virgo moon here and you wouldn’t believe how intense I can come across ( not least to myself lol) for a sweet lil Libra/Virgo combo. Venus 5 degrees conj Pluto adds to the steam. And Pluto has been squaring my 7 Libra Pluto for how long now?! And Uranus opposing? I feel like I AM the fuqing Zap Zone! 😉

        Venus on your (8th) Mars n Mars on your Venus? You ARE getting out right? Working on the being open to people who normally would write off for a thousand reasons, right? Sorry to call a YOLO but you have energy to burn yes? Whooooot 😉

      5. wow Pluto/Venus yes and Pluto sq Pluto far out and ZZ oh my! intense city 😉

        I am not getting out unfortunately because Saturn, and also Toro Rising = Saturn in 7th and the Cap Stellium reminds me I have WORK TO DO!

    2. Just realised that my Lilith is doing some slightly similar things to yours, Calypso. Penny for your thoughts on this.

      Jupiter & Lilith are both on top of my Saturn Kataka 7th house. Saturn is major in my chart as it exact squares my Libra Sun & Mars, closely squares Venus and loosely Uranus & Pluto. I had loads of fun during the Saturn Libra transit.. 😉

      I wonder whether Jupiter (the ruler of my chart, Saggi rising) on this crunch point in my chart signals a release in some of my relationship issues? Esp w fuck off Lilith on the case? For sure I am and have been doing lots of work on setting & policing boundaries in the past year, coming off the back of the Saturn transit and the attendant abuses and yransgressions that came with that. I am trying to apply a compassionate warrior attitude in this area of my life. I am polite but my radar and force shields are up: I have been sensing bullshit like a shark scents blood – kms away. And that has hurt – leaving unhealthy friendships as well as relationship behind. But knowing that I can be my own defender seems to be freeing a little corner up in my Saturn squared heart that maybe relationships do not need to all be bad… this is a revolutionary thought in my world. But not a ZZ, Neptune Rising fuelled illusion this time, but hopefully one based on (Lilith on Saturn in the 7th) – not. taking. any. shit.

      Jup/Lilith also triggers a grand trine of Jupiter in 2nd Pisces and Mercury 10th Scorpio, which maybe releases some pressure. Love water grand trines – this summer’s one was dreamy no?

      Love Double Indemnity too! 😉 Have the film at home to watch but read the book when I was ill travelling and it’s brilliant. Classic noir pulp fiction! 🙂

      1. I don’t know but I’m going to give it a shot!

        I think Saturn being activated in Kataka 7th – it’s definitely about relationships. Kataka 7th might have expectations of nurturing relationships or to provide them, but Saturn could be quite exacting here and definitely has the potential for disappointment with all those squares…is it about maturity and seriousness in relationships? or limitations/austerity?

        Lilith is independent so no wonder you have your shields up, and don’t people say Jupiter sometimes takes away but in order to endow with greater gifts as he leaves that sector? Don’t forget he is opposing Venus Retro in Cap too, and your Sun is Libra so you are also Venus-ruled. It all seems like an ordained moment or pattern doesn’t it?

        Is Mars close to your sun? You would have a fairly strong warrior energy yourself!

        Yes, I love Grand water trines and that sounds like a lovely one. I can get a bit soggy though, as no fire in my chart. Also thanks for the tip on the DI original! I’ll get around to reading it one day 🙂

      2. Thank you Calypso. That’s really insightful. Perhaps incredibly, I had never thought the obvious that Kataka 7th would require nurturing relationships. Duh.. My mum & ex were both Kataka – I find the sweetness and lovingness of the sign very attractive. And obviously with such a strong and sternly placed Saturn there ( a father figure amongst the nurturing), it’s bound to be karmic. I keep thinking – pay back, pay back… how the fuq can I pay back more of my debts. It’s an urgent place that I’ve evolved to and feels similar to the evolve or evaporate mantra of the zap zone. I can’t turn it over quickly enough – find the dead wood, find the debt, and PAY IT BACK. More than one way to want to be debtfree in the ZZ lol

        Yes have Sun-Mars 1 degree conjunct. Uranus conjunct Mars too so I am like marmite & I’ve noticed that my mere presence threatens some people. No words needed, ha. (Tho if I did need, my Scorpion Merc in 10th would take care of that)

        I’m not sure but wonder whether it is about utter independence (tho cud be Sun-Mars-Uranus talking), do going against the grain of Kataka 7th NEED for nurturing (& yes I do nurture well too) and being my own father. Mine was absent (obvs). It is as though as soon as I have become aware of & disciplined enough to set and see through my own limits (Saturn), the way has opened and there is less to fear. Maybe this is a manifestation of the limitation and the maturity you suggested? You can’t cast people into parental roles and expect them to nurture you. Has to do that yourself, yo.

        But I had never heard if Jupiter taking away then to give. Sounds Saturnalian! And a def more subtle reading of Jove. Wonder where Jupiter is exalted – not Cancer, surely?? But it fits damn straight. As does the Venus retro opp – in Saturn ruled Cap, of all places. Fated yes. Sexy – no lol. I’m holding out for August.. (am I really?..)

        Made me wonder about Jupiter: hermits retrograde, the ruler of my chart, in Pisces 2nd, grand trine as mentioned. I’ve always worried about this placement – whether having your ruler retrograde (in the 2nd!!) makes you a loser!! Ha. Materially or with Pisces involved, in a spiritual development sense. Maybe two steps forwards, one step back?

        Thanks again for your thoughts – I really appreciate them. Decided where you’re going out yet on the full moon? 😉 I’m consciously refining in with the venus retro but it’s with the boundary setting. I just still need to go. slow. ….

      3. yo, no…don’t marry your folks 🙂

        your pay back urge sounds totes ZZ to me….

        …and, Jupiter IS exalted in Cancer! I don’t know much about it but Cardinal Water is the best element for him to operate in apparently 😀 So lucky you! Retro in the 2nd….inner values are important?

        I think lots of people are out of sort with love in in go-slo mode. MM’s horo for tomoro says sat in 7th perfect for coming to terms with not needing a partner, lol, and its spot on :/

      4. oh, thanks so much for saying that! it’s nice to feel like I’m finally earning my keep here 🙂

  16. Double Happiness

    Wow! What a woman! My twin devours golden yrs of Hollywood biographies so will have a chat with her bout this goddess

    For the first time I have added Chiron and Lilith to my astrodienst chart hmmmm very interesting

    My Lilith in cancer creates a perfect kite shape with my virgo sun which is directly opp Chiron in Pisces ( ummm will have to look into THAT) and my scorp moon all in blue which is good right hmmmm so much food for thought!

    1. I have Ms Lil in Cancer too trine my moon in Scorpio from the 1st to the fourth respectively. She just squared my natal Venus and has been handy in giving someone and a certain situation the big heave ho. Hell has no fury like a Lilith in full swing. She gets it done.

  17. Lillith is currently hovering near my ascendant and in my natal chart is only about 5 degrees from my descendant. Have to say I’ve only drawn on my lillith factor if I am cornered or my ‘line in the sand’ of boundaries have been crossed. Even I cringe when that aspect of me appears. The whole time I’m mouthing off my emotional intelligence/soul factor is screaming “oh no, shut up!” Ummm, been a bit of a bitch since August actually. Must look to see where lillith was then!

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