Mars in Leo

Astrology and The Black Supermodels – Part 2

After the ultra-Neptunian Donyale Luna (Astrology and The Black Supermodels Part 1) broke the barrier, Naomi Sims hurtled straight after her and into the American public eye. She was born in the post-World War 1 baby boom, an Aries with Mars, Saturn + Pluto conjunct in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. A trio of linked Fire sign features like this is called a Grand Fire Trine. People who are born …

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Daily Horoscope News And Uranian Notes

Greetings from Mars-Uranus centra. It has been a cathartic s**t storm of epic scale and I am readjusting my entire attitude and take on this aspect. Seriously, it’s been shite and I am a natal Uranian. How are y’all going with it? I know that Mars opposite Uranus is a s**t-stirrer and a life-quaker but this one has had a real sting in it. I went into the chemist for …

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Triple Goddess Astronauts

Asteroids In Astrology Are Like Homeopathy

Asteroids in Astrology are like homeopathy. They fluctuate in and out of fashion. When applied to a natal chart they can seem whimsical or downright irrational. Compared to the heft of a Jupiter Opposition or Lunar Eclipse, an asteroid is as diluted as a homeopathic remedy. The worst they can do is not work. But when they do resonate, it’s with uncanny magic. Logically, they shouldn’t mean anything but the …

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diamonds in a bowl lined up like cocaine

Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome

Most Summaries Of Leo Personality Traits Leave Out The Most Important One Any rundown of Leo personality traits will mention their creative psyche, love of glamor and fully-primed ego. But few descriptions feature their Self-Limiting Syndrome, although it is probably the primary challenge for people with Leo Sun, Moon or Rising sign to overcome. Think also Venus or Mars in Leo people. Nobody begrudges Leo their love of dramatic entrances …

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Dennis Rodman headline

Dennis Rodman Is Doing His Taurus

  Dennis Rodman is just doing his Taurus. This story is very Now, and it makes absolute sense. The retired pro basketball player turned aspirant diplomat is a Taurus. Of course, he’s running around trying to steal giant crystals. And amethyst is, as outlined here, kind of special. It’s obviously absurd and, this Earth Era needs metal, not more rocks. But still, there is something SO Taurus about this Dennis Rodman …

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When Mars Is In Leo

Mars in Leo likes visibility. It’s here every two years for approximately six weeks. When Mars is in Leo, you spend the whole time in comeback mode, regardless of your personal Mars sign. It’s a Mars phase for Attitude. Try your muted modesty on when Mars is in another sign. Memo From Mars in Leo Defy sub-optimal circumstance. Be non-receptive to negative transmissions. Trophies matter but your opinion of your …

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