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Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome

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Most Summaries Of Leo Personality Traits Leave Out The Most Important One Any rundown of Leo personality traits will mention their creative psyche, love of glamor and fully-primed ego. But few descriptions feature their Self-Limiting Syndrome, although it is probably [ Read more…]

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Dennis Rodman Is Doing His Taurus

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  Dennis Rodman is just doing his Taurus. This story is very Now, and it makes absolute sense. The retired pro basketball player turned aspirant diplomat is a Taurus. Of course, he’s running around trying to steal giant crystals. And amethyst [ Read more…]

When Mars Is In Leo


Mars in Leo likes visibility. It’s here every two years for approximately six weeks. When Mars is in Leo, you spend the whole time in comeback mode, regardless of your personal Mars sign. It’s a Mars phase for Attitude. Try [ Read more…]

The Mars In Leo Woman.


When you’re in love with a Mars in Leo woman, you learn to give over the spotlight. You wear sunglasses at night, to shield from the glare.  In the tradition of last week’s, There’s Something About Mars In Leo Men, voila [ Read more…]