Haute-Lo Outer Planets

You can be a sexy archetype or just a plain boring old stereotype.  Same idea – different dimension of manifestation. Just as the Sun Signs manifest as both their Haute & Low versions of key characteristics – so to do the Outer Planets.  You get to know ALL about this when one of them is influencing an Inner Planet of yours.

For instance: Neptune opposes your Sun – Neptune enters your life, one way or another.  Low Neptune = sleazy, slippery people, crap with drugs & alcohol, money issues remedied (not really) by strange means, lies, secrets, addictions, ghosts and Love Zombie nightmare scenarios in which you declare everything “karmic” in between gulps of Blue Devil  Hoochie Juice of lines of Space Dust.

Haute Neptune is a Faith, spiritual development, psychic powers, an amazing Yoga or Meditation practice, going Vegan, turning on to universal planetary consciousness, artistic genius and heightened Awesome in Music, Cinema, Photography…

Haute Pluto is like super-humanity, the sort of strength and pure raw guts that transforms lives and regenerates even the most corrupt structural endemic shit. I got an email the other day which included the genius line “Pluto is abs” which is kind of cool because like abs, you’re not just born with Pluto strength.

It comes via an ordeal or a little trip into your own psychological under-world. Pluto is survivor strength, resilience and compassion born from having Been There. Low Pluto is stalker violation energy, dark and manipulative.

Low Uranus is just bats – a constant low-rent rebellion against any constriction what so ever: compulsive flashing, eating only food that is purple or being breatharian, trying to ignore the basic laws of the body, cooking  up insane conspiracy theories, trying to live off-grid with your multiple lovers who probably all  hate you (since you gave up bathing).

Haute Uranus is total o.m.g. ahead of time genius inventive Awesome that jolts everyone else around you into the 21st Century…Haute Uranus is the Reset Person.

So when you have an Outer Planet transit, that energy is going to be activated in your life and it’s up to YOU which dimension of it is going to be happening…

F.Y.I. If you’re an early Virgo, Pisces, Saggo or Gemini – you’re currently doing Neptune. If you’re ANY Capricorn, Libra, Cancerian or Aries, you’re currently doing Uranus AND Pluto heh heh.  Taurus, Scorpio, Leo & Aquarius – you guys are on Saturn but let’s leave that for another post.


Image: La Rinascente Indiana

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  1. Well… what about the Haute-Lo inbetweeners?
    An X was Neptunian – mostly Lo – but has musical competence, and ,,,
    Yep. Mostly Lo – just add musix.

    I, myself, am Neptuinian. Gave up the drugs in 2000, as “I” was *Higher*.

    I am fully Haute, b y graceful choice 😉

  2. Doing my Neptune square Sun in April next year. Have another Gem pal doing his right now, it’s taken the shine a little off him to be honest. I have a question though with the outers, do we calculate the transit to the degree or is it minus 2 as the planet comes into orb? Different astrologers have different opinions. I’d like to know when I am to commence my Neptunia and how best to prepare for what is often interpreted as a challenging transit.

  3. leo-scorp grrrl

    Well…. as a Leo Sun, Scorp ascendant and Caprocirn moon, there have definitely been changes. lol. I beleive Neptune was opposing my sun whilst I quit trying to please the then-hubby. So, he found himself a piece of fluff and left. I felt set free. Life took a huge turn and with help from family, I don’t even know who I was in 1998 to have thought he was a good idea.

    Fast forward to Pluto on the moon and Satrun on the rising, back to work full time. FAST pace and huge professional growth. I HAVE to succeed. I WILL succeed. Odd thing is that some of the most stressful times have given way to opportunity. That is when you find out who you are. My mantra is work hard but flow. Listen to the universe but I gotta make it happen.

    Still dealing with some health stuff. But, my hair is growing back. I sometimes get tired of the restrictive diet but feel like shit (the minimal times I “cheat”) so I seldom do. The result is size 2-4 pants and cut arms like I might acrtually workout on purpose. (I play with the kids and do life – no work outs). Did Mystic say this was the thin and rich transit? I hope the rich is coming cuz I’ve been working hard and in this economic climate I can’t but be a little scared for my job no matter what. Cap mon won’t let me ever think I am doing enough. :-0

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      “Odd thing is that some of the most stressful times have given way to opportunity. That is when you find out who you are”
      So true. Thanks ls girl.🌸

  4. Wow i feel like i’m doing Uranus, Neptune & pluto, they all aspect my sun! my ascendent is early virgo, i have my sun in Aries in the 8th house. I have natal venus in taurus trine neptune. i am really sensitive to the environment and drugs, so i seek peaceful places and avoid drugs& alcohol, which only deplete my energy. my spirit just feels more high vibe when i’m sober and clear minded. I surely feel like an outer planet person.

  5. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Neptune, y’all. I’ve been drinking more sensibly, and trying not to be too sleazy if that helps. Have been getting into artsy things too, so probably a good thing.

  6. I have neptune conj. Asc. square my sun natally, so I live the neptune experience. I also have my moon in early pisces so neptune has been transiting over it on and off for about a year and a half now. It doesnt have any particular feeling or characteristic to me, so maybe a little too close to home to have any affect?

    However, I did get a surgery to the moon ruled area of the body, which is probably pretty significant. I also went from being super overweight to losing most of it during this time. Big overhaul of how I eat, although I think most people lost weight during mars/virgo transit of 2012, right?

    I grew my hair out, got really obsessed with a musician, then thought better of it. Got two puppies 🙂 Pluto is in my first house and I think the capricorn influence triumphs overall and no matter what I go back to being pretty level headed and work oriented. Which is good for a neptunian person like me.

  7. Positive Neptunian forces at work: Sun trine Neptune
    Feeling great and putting energy into music, film and the arts. Trying to avoid the low vibe aspects of sleazy Neptune.
    However, I am still attracting friends who are sober but still exhibit strong addict junkie traits such as pathological lying, flaking out being all around annoying to deal with.
    I have Neptune in Scorpio/1st House so I avoid drugs, but I seem to attract addicts and just really want to attract artists that are vibing a bit higher now. I pick up on others mental illnesses or what drugs they are on even prescription meds, energies way too easy even with strong boundaries.
    I don’t want to pull down into crazy dramas, and other weird shite anymore.
    Just wanna meet more artists, creative Neptunanian thinkers esp. Haute Neptunian thinkers.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Interesting read. I am a Pisces Rising with Neptune in Scorpio 9th house.
      It is good to know that others are also sensitive to others energies.
      I hate how people create their own drama and are so unaware of it.
      Boundaries: YES !

  8. So Mutable It Hurts

    Uh oh, I’m afraid I’m totally low-Uranus… I have Uranus bang on my MC on the cusp of my 10th house in Sagittarius opposite my sun in Gemini, and I have done everything that MM described as low Uranus, minus compulsive flashing haha…so my question is..how does one become a RESET PERSON???? Because I should be doing that!!! not quitting jobs every 3 months and running away to various countries to change my reality/beliefs/values and fuq the system.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I feel like I am really caught in a destructive cycle…

    1. 12th house virgo

      First, where is Saturn in your chart – both natal and by transit? Do your Saturn. Also, where is your north node?

      1. So Mutable It Hurts

        Hi 12th house virgo, thanks for your help! I have natal Saturn at 5 degrees Sagittarius in the 9th house…by transit it just passed my natal pluto which is at 4 degrees scorpio in my 8th house…and natal n. node at 28 degrees Aries on the cusp of my 2nd house, by transit it’s also in my 8th house in Scorpio.

        How would one do one’s Saturn if it’s 9th house Sagittarius? That sounds like the most un-Saturn place for it to be…

        1. 12th house virgo

          Sag naturally rules the 9th, so that’s cool. Its all about higher ed, travel, religion. Running around to other cultures and learning about their religions and ways sounds good – turning them into your own and then trashing them is not. You’ve got to have your own values – Aries 2nd house NN. Discipline around formulating your world veiw would be a good use of Saturn. Not just saying “fuq all, I tried it” but absorbing it and making it your own value, that’s how you get to be the reset person. Also, with heavy stuff in your 8th house, be careful of getting lost in the power of others. Sex is one way of doing that, being a holier-than-thou freeloader another. You want to make sure whatever agreements you get in with others represents your self-esteem, your values, your Aries in the 2nd NN. Perhaps you aren’t as bad off as you think? Regarding MM’s comment about lo-Uranian eating purple – I do think people with high Uranian energy need some kind of obsessive daily rituals to ground themselves. Little odd consistencies, you know? So, whatever rituals you choose, make them yours, what works for you. And then share that with others through being yourself, not through lecture ranting or any of that silliness. Hope that helps.

          1. Electric Eel Libran

            Thanks! I have Rahu/ NN in the 2nd house so this was pretty right on! But also Jupiter is sitting right on top of it.

            1. 12th house virgo

              Awesome! I like her series on NN. Mines in the 3rd house and watching the video put some longterm stuff in perspective. Glad it helped!

              1. So Mutable It Hurts

                wow. Thank you so much. You gave me lots to think about. I am a holier-than-thou freeloader…SHIT! ok I’m working on it! Great video too…but what does it mean if I have NN in the 2nd house but in Aries??? Which has a stronger effect on the NN, the house or the sign?

                Thanks again!

          2. 12th house virgo

            Cool! Replying out of thread for space.

            If you google First house or Aries North Node, Astro lada on youtube, you can watch the one for first house Aries too. In truth, it isn’t one or the other. For example, I have Leo moon, but its in the 11th. I vibe with the Aqua moon description, but probably because pride is my blind spot. 🙂 I am as Leo moon as I am Aqua moon.

            Anyway, I don’t think its a conflict between Aries and Taurus. Your values, being in Aries, must be *uniquely yours.* Your vocation will be *uniquely yours* – Uranus on the MH, yeah? With Saturn in Sag, maybe writing or documenting ideas and publishing? An independent means of a living would suit you well. But you will have to work at it. Maybe your standards of “making a living” will differ from the majority, but so long as you can hold your own – materially – you’d be doing your soul thing.

            North node is not something that comes naturally, you know. So be compassionate with yourself. Its like the star to aim for.

            I got laid off basically because I couldn’t related to my colleagues very well. NN in the 3rd house here. Now I can see it clearer, what I am working toward. Don’t let the label holier-than-thou-freeloader stick to you. Just see and move toward your star – its full of wealth and independence!! blessings

    2. hiddendragonqueen

      part of the trick is accepting and loving uranus energy. like somebody said above, embracing it. why fight it? being a reset person is a strange thing- it’s not something you can consciously choose to do. you just do what you do, with love, and all of a sudden somebody is like,” you changed my life!” and you’re like, “…REALLY? well, ok then…”

      1. So Mutable It Hurts

        That sounds like a good idea, loving the Uranus energy. I kind of just realized that I have a lot of it, because of the natal MC conjunction opposite sun in gem, square Jupiter rising in Pisces and also square my moon in Virgo…

        But yeah, Louise Hay taught me that self-love is the answer to everything…

  9. Early Pisces sun, Scorpio rising/Pluto, Capricorn moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus. My solution has been to go to grad school to add marketing knowledge to my fine arts undergrad.

  10. Yups, doing everything. Early Gem. Moon in Cap, Scorp rising.

    Also Natal Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. Pluto in Scorp. Does it make a difference if they’re all retrograde?

    Everything’s pinging. I resonate with low Neptune but I don’t see it as a bad thing. It happens around me and I feel it makes me a more interesting person. Colourful. But I’m not “in it” like I don’t do low Neptune, I just get drawn to that energy.

    I alternate between haute and low Uranus. Oh the conspiracy theories. I went for a facial and thought, “this would be such a good way to assassinate someone”. And while using the stairwell in my office building, I thought that it would be nice if the door opened up to some other dimension. The Uranus energy usually combines with the Pluto in the trendsetter so been there, done that.

    Was tired today. I don’t have enough stamina for the current “do or be whipped into shape” vibe.

  11. Definitely Neptune. It’s been going on for a couple of years, and there are a few more years to go yet, so Neptune is the theme of my life for now. I’m doing mostly haute, with the odd day trip to the shallow end. Neptune is transiting my Pisces sun/Saturn/Merc conjunction and will then hit Chiron and Psyche. And my Venus has just been Neptuned on the cusp of my 7th.
    My music is blossoming like never before. I’m really ready for it this time around. My intuitive / psychic sense is off the radar but I’m learning to harness it.
    I need to fiercely guard my mental health, and stay off the hooch, if this transit is to be good for me. It’s early days so Neptune and I are just getting used to each other. Settling in.
    Of course, my Cap moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno conjunction is getting zapped by Pluto, with the transit happening next year. 5th house. I think I’m finally getting the hang of how to work these dual energies. Applying my earth trine work ethic to realising my Neptune dreams.

  12. Gold! Aint it the truth that when you need to learn a lesson the teacher appears. I shalt not mess with lo-Neptune nor lo-Plutonic people again. Got it ya hear universe! Next lesson. Ahem. Letting my haute-Uranian man get under my skin, yessum thanks, love is a to-way street on the road to hi-saturn-uranian loverville.
    Leo’s were not meant to live modestly ~ GOLD **
    Thank goodness that life is epic sped-up, flower-power, fast-paced these days (like all ‘present tense experiences’) b/c I change my mind so regularly, it’s down to every 4th day of the week I’m onto a new scheme in biz + life building.
    That’s right, I’mma building me a good life for living well!

  13. Not been sleeping well while Mars transiting my natal Uranus in Libra, but after the Virgo years, am very aware of this energy. Trying my best to channel it & not head toward burnout.
    Yeah Neptune’s transiting my moon & Saturn’s in my 12th transiting various asteroids & heading for my ascendent – where I have Neptune conjunct Venus – that should be fun! But I’m more used to those energies so Uranus/Mars dominates my astroscape right now 🙂

    1. How is your little girl willow wolf? I’d be having sleepless nights with action like that plus Mars transit to natal Uranus too.

  14. 12th house virgo

    I love painting and talking to my dog…I haven’t done it in awhile….maybe next Neptune transit 🙂 Working on 2nd house Saturn myself now. Its a pincher!

  15. 12th house virgo

    I have Mars at zero Libra followed by Pluto and Mercury in my natal first. I’ve always sensed it as the problem area in my chart – 12th house is old news to me – but I am nearing 40 and only beginning to see strategic ways to leverage that energy. Its a lot. Not everyone gets to be so fit in a lifetime.

    I have Venus in Virgo square Neptune in Sag near my NN. I will go through the Neptune Venus opposition soon. But I find Neptune action sobers me up. I have a theory that if you have an aspect in your chart, the transits that mirror it help you learn how to use that power better. For example, I have Pluto (6) and Mercury (11) in first house Libra, but its been Pluto in Cap square natal Mercury by transit that has given me a more objective view of how I use that power. Hoping the same from Neptune. I always feel clear when Venus and Neptune square each other – the populace just stars making more sense to me in astro weather like that. I’m so Saturn-Pluo’ed out, I’m not scared of a little Neptune 🙂

  16. I am Libra Capricorn and so I’ve been feeling Pluto for years now..
    sometimes I think all there is plutonian life for me!
    Years ago i knew Pluto would settle in my first house during this particular time in my life..50’s…and I knew that I would be in control and happy with myself, what with having made choices based on what i want not what others make me want to want to be..
    I believe I went through all that 12th house stuff with Pluto by being caged in a persona for someone else, a tyrant even…and not what my true self wanted to be.
    I don’t know..it’s complicated, being human!

  17. Just had Saturn across all my Libra, Uranus conj my ASC and Pluto sq my ASC, now I have Saturn approaching my Sun, Uranus opp Venus and Pluto sq Venus, I’m not even going to look and see where Neptune is at with my Sag. I think this is pretty much my life forever now so I’m just getting used to it. It’s freaking annoying only have 3 signs in my whole chart and an ASC that opposes half of it because it means something is always getting a hard transit of some kind.

    As far as the current go round, I love Saturn so not noticing that yet at all, Uranus left me fried and I can’t even begin to think about the Venus opposition, I don’t want any Uranian men that’s for sure. I’m not a Uranus racist but the energy makes super me anxious, especially in relationships.

    I think it’s Pluto that’s the big one, it’ll be squaring my Venus for about 4 years, 2 degrees off right now but I’m really feeling it already. I think I am quite Plutonic anyway so I’m hoping to try and go super haute with this. Right now it’s manifesting in a desire to be real in relationships, no more lying to myself about what it is I really want, no more inauthentic scenarios, a need to actually share everything in my life and not hold back. I’m also feeling this transformation in how I make money, a need to change my career, to get more involved with the world, to be less of a passive observer. Feeling like I’ve been caring about all the wrong, superficial things. No doubt this will only intensify but I’m refusing to let what sounds like a bad transit be that.

    1. 12th house virgo

      Uranian energy does have a fry-anxious-vibe, but I think that’s only when its repressed and humming in the background. It will explode. But, I’ve notice Uranian types who haven’t owned the energy make the explosions happen to people or situations outside of them, as if they have no control. But that energy will explode. One way or another. Key is to leave them lots of space and avoid the fall out.

      1. The whole time it was on my ASC I felt like my insides were juddering, it was horrible. I actually have Sun conj Uranus but it’s a wide orb, almost enough to be pointless really. I admire Uranians a whole bunch!

        1. hiddendragonqueen

          charley, do you, like my brother, only have ONE line in your chart? the basic no asteroid, no frills chart? every time i look at his chart it blows my mind- the focus, holy fuq. such a huge destiny, it seems, and sooooo difficult- love in the zap zone! how many years to prove your strength and authenticity? fuuuuq. but genius, without a doubt.

    2. Curious Charley, do you have a yod? dreaded middle finger of god. I’ve got basically 3/4 if you count only inner/outer main bodies. I’m definitely more pluto/neptune but I do have a uranus in scorp the 7th house natally. combined with AS trine neptune and moon in sagg in 8th house. saturn and jup in 6th. I definately feel the retro saturn transits (well only lived thru one not counting my birth year). Saturn just left, not before mercilessly rooting out the embedded unhealthy pluto and neptune illusions and deception in my life so I’ve come to love it even though it was the most painful transformation to date.

          1. I’m totally YOD confused too. Presuming you can have them natally but transits can make them too? Confused.com.

            1. I’m new it too, but basically, the point of the triangle leads to the mission or duty in life. Whether you like it or not those houses and the planets there are you destiny. The tools you to get you there are the planets and houses that sextile at the base of the triangle. That’s the ultra short version. I’ve read a lot about this being very karmic, like lessons brought over from another lifetime. I think it is true, as the same reoccurring issues are dealt with for me. darkstar astrology has a good writeup. Also, dia.astro if you are out there chime in cause I think we have similar yod with jupiter and uranus to the sun and in 2012 there were large saturn and jupiter yods? how that affected me, well that was the ultimate train wreck…but walked aways from it a little more wiser.

              1. thank you that was so humbling to read. I’m dozing off so I must finish tomorrow, but great info. I too have jupiter in 6th in libra. somehow i must combine my social professional sphere with my own self identity. as in easy to create networks but hard to sustain because i need solitude. all the lines in my chart point to the cusp of 1 and 12 so it’s one big yod. very clear. if I don’t stay on this path, accidents have a way of setting me right. haha i can’t charm my way out of.

  18. Oh, I had the whole circus in the last decade – Pluto opposed Sun, squared natal Pluto, Saturn squared Sun, Moon, Neptune squared natal Neptune, Venus, Saturn. I may be one of those souls survived to tell.

    Now Uranus is getting ready to oppose natal Uranus. I am curious about this one, natal Uranus is muted in my natal chart (retro in an intercepted house).

    In retrospect, Pluto transits were like inner world skeleton cleaning, Saturn demanded obedience, Neptune transits were like riding air balloons, to survive and to rise I had to drop a lot of sandbags – people, emotions, habits.

    Did I do the low? Yes, at the beginning – before I got the message. As soon as you switch to the high, – dispel fear (Pluto), master something (Saturn), express yourself through art (Neptune) – all outer planet transits make you aware that evolving so to be your true-self is the best part of life while paddling through pain and happiness.

    And I am not kidding, or exaggerating, but I don’t think I would be here without Mystic’s guidance. thank you Mystic! xoxo

      1. hiddendragonqueen

        me too!! so brilliant. i’m dropping sandbags like mad… must go lighter, lighter, no, lighter! who knew liberation could be so exhausting?

        i find the intercepted stuff to be stronger when it gets hit. and everything i’ve read about (and lived) retro uranus says the energy is even more spastic, if anything. less integrated, more explosive. having lived though, through all those transits, you’ve got this one, and you know it. 😉 xoxo

    1. “Dispel fear, master something, express yourself through art …” – lightbulb moment! Suddenly it all makes sense again. Thank you for this summary xo

  19. Gemini sun at 5degrees… Capricorn north node, and Scorpio ascendant… Feels like its all going on… I have a Capricorn friend who just keeps getting zapped, I think I am too, just not as much, I think knowing the astro can be such a saving grace and awareness of the fall and decline of the old and willingness to adapt w the new releases a lot of stress…. By that I go without it, don’t get me wrong…. I have another friend who for the last couple of years has been giving me the one liner “feel embraced”, this started when I was in India, and the last effin thing I felt was embraced, I felt assaulted on so many levels, so everyone she said it I felt either like punching her or the more nonviolent version of nervous laugh on the inside and then whatever…. The other day I found myself speaking to someone completely different and found my self describing myself as “embracing” my current situation, and the lightbulb moment occured, this is what my friend was encouraging me to do, to deeply accept and build relationship with where I am, what I’m doing, and all the rest of it! wow, its amazing actually as I write about it now! freedom

  20. So relate to this! Cap extends into my eighth and I lost my father, who was a Scorpio, last year.

    Condolences on your loss.

    I recently went Paleo because carbs just gross me out at the moment. I’m training for a 5K, which is somewhat unusual for me since I haaaaate running.

    Good luck with your journey. Hopefully Jupiter in Cancer will assist with this.

  21. I’m Cap rising, I’m doing Uranus AND Pluto, heh heh, LOL. And mirror Saturn-Neptune transits. Uranus is transiting my fourth house and yes, traditional family living arrangements are in flux. All good.

    Mystic’s 5F plan arrived this week, spot on and so motivating! Thanks again!

  22. Double Happiness

    Neptune opposing ascendant for ages!! I am re building and from the ground up… at the forgive and forget stage

  23. Great post MM!! I’m doing Haute-Uranus in my writing and inventing the $$$$$$ in ideas for biz this year. I can’t wait till next year – that good olde 7-yr cycle comes around again xox

  24. Cancer Sun, Gem Rising, Saturn return: what aren’t I doing? Lol.

    Can’t wait for for Uranus and Pluto to move on though I will miss Saturn.

  25. Wow.. I would like to say I am helping change some lives. I am Sun in Virgo with Libar rising so the Pluto and Uranus activity is what I connect with.

    Haute Pluto that transforms lives: I hung out with 2 friends who I met separately. The first person transformed me and my social life and the 2nd person I helped transform hers.

    Haute Uranus is the Reset Person / As my 2nd friend last night she said “Thank you.. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time and I so needed this!” and I said the same to her.

    That is what I see!!


    1. 12th house virgo

      I’d like to see that blog post too! Does Saturn let you go lo or do you just die if you don’t do Saturn?

        1. To take an educated guess based on my own Saturn experience, I don’t think Saturn let’s you do lo. I think he drags you kicking and screaming with your fingernails scratching up the hardwood floor, then spanks you afterwards. Lol

  26. it appears i am doing them all.
    sagg asc, toro sun, and personal planets, libran or aries.

    things got rather hectic there over last 2 weeks.

    self-prescribed time to lie low, rest up, hand wash my woolens, tend the domestic structures.

    and have met this aries guy. hm.

  27. My sun is out of the firing line but I can feel everything else going on Neptune. Mars/NN early virgo, moon in sagg. Aries uranus MC. I did my time on sun transits but saturn is coming and I quite like that compared to all the hardcore squares and transits I had in the 90s early 2000. I am doing epic growth now under difficult Neptune in terms of “seeing” because I ditched the sauce and drugs years ago. SLeaze? hmmm. not sure, I am deeply sexual by nature. It’s kind of my drug now days but you have to have some kind of outlet for all the steam yeah? sex and vegan cake. Ha. So rock and roll..

    1. actually I am lying, neptune is still squaring my sun, I am late Scoprio, how did I miss this. Neptune square sun has to be one of the hardest transits I have had for ages and I have done so much Pluto.

  28. Libra sun. Cancer moon. Aries ascendant. Libra mercury. Capricorn mars.

    I is fuqed. Feeling it. Hating it…

    Loving it 😉

  29. jupiter and uranus are jiving my ascendant 9 aqua and mercury 10 libra. pluto’s also banging up my merc, on natal saturn-nep, sextile natal pluto. i feel like ive grown 10 years in wisdom the last week what with mercury retro. cathartic, indefinitely. kinda scared for mars-uranus as i keep tripping/banging into/bumping/dropping/breaking things already. i mean, one week ago i shattered a glass desk and got stitches in my hand, then a few days later dropped my copmuter and the screen went red. i hit it and its normal again, lol. but is this clumsiness going to continue to be debilitating my life forever? i’m natal sun conj mars so maybe aries is just like super dupering that. GAH!

    1. how did you shatter a glass desk? was it miniture like an ornament? mars-uranus oppose mercury for red screen…

  30. “Haute Uranus is the Reset Person.” Thanks Mystic, that’s SO going to be my mantra now!

    Pluto is definitely about doing the work, doing the hard yards necessary to get you to wherever you want to be. Talent doesn’t count for anything at the end of the day. Hard work does.

    I can totally see how denying haute Pluto can lead one down a low Uranus path though, scary thought for us Caps, Libs, Crabs and Rams.

  31. l have gemini, scorpio,aries, taurus and leo but they are all in the middle or at the later degrees sooooo for now it’s quiet here sort of, the first to be hit will be Gemini Sun/Jupiter+MC by Neptune next year yohoooo…Gemini Jupiter is still active but not for long.
    Uranus is here to follow.

    for the rest l’m dealing with Saturn square Saturn..soon Saturn opp. Mercury :)) and late this year Saturn conjunct Moon :}

    The crazy bats thing is the outer planets hitting on my outer planets like Uranus opposing Pluto, Pluto square Pluto yay!
    So much FUN! :))
    l feel great!!

  32. Neptune opposing ones Sun is absolutely nuts.. Been feeling that one biiiiiiiiig time as an early Virgo. I do feel it subsiding now as its past exact having done the retrograde thing and all that, and it won’t be back again precisely in my lifetime but hey…still feel it from a few degrees afar. It’s intense man, the line between low and high Neptune is REALLY blurry, so my advice to anyone who will face down this aspect in their lifetimes is to hold faith and know that its all just one big lesson. It will be delusional, confusingly hazy, and generally really overwhelming, BUT the rewards if you hold your faith are IMMENSE.. I’m only just starting to see them manifesting and even then, it’s still a case of holding faith and knowing that it is ALL flow..

    1. 12th house virgo

      Will try to remember this web it’s my turn. Sun at 20 Virgo and AC 26 Virgo. I’ve got some time. I have to get through Nep opp Venus first.

      1. Hehehe yeah you’ve got quite a way off until its your turn to face it down so heaps of time to be prepared!

        I’ve found that Neptune/Venus aspects have brought pinnacle points in the love affair I’m currently fluffing around in. Quite interesting as I had a really intense ‘lower’ Neptune love affair from mid-2011 until the endish of 2012 and then Neptune/Venus at the end of November brought a new person into my life and that connection is the total opposite, higher Neptune.. So yeah, I think I learnt quite effectively from the first Neptunian encounter. Thankfully ;D

    2. Neptune is opposite my Sun+Saturn exact. Pluto is square Mars+Venus+Pluto+Asc and Uranus is opposite Venus+Pluto+Asc.

      I’m not sharpening knives, Ponzi-scheming or engineering a deified cult persona of myself but I’ve sure as hell untuned the magical whatever it was that had me radiant, detoxed and creative not too long ago. It feels like I’ve lost harmonious integration with some delicate code or nerve sequence and I have to figure out the right way to reconnect.

      I have a lot of high energy coming at me all at once and I’m trying HARD to use these forces for all out, kick-ass good and not for procrastination masturbation or watching Psych marathons in pajamas with bacon + peanut butter sandwiches and a pitcher of Mai Tais. It’s encouraging to hear others who’ve made it through.

  33. I’m Aqua Sun, Pisces Moon and Mars, Venus in Cap, Saturn in Aries, Crab rising.

    So……….in my lifetime I’ve had Uranus transit my Venus, my Sun, my moon, my Mars, and now Saturn.

    I’ve had Neptune transit my Venus, my Sun, and now approaching my Moon.

    I’m now having Pluto transit my Venus..

    I’ve had an outer planet transiting an inner planet for a good deal of my life, except during early childhood.

    My life has been quite challenging, overall. I’ve just tried to hang in there… I was called to Spirit in my late 20’s and that intensified in 2002, for some reason I remember that year in particular and certain events.. I also work as a healer in Chinese medicine and in the past I have also done some journeying with mind-altering substances. I have also dealt with great emotional sensitivity and dare say some depression.. It’s been a very wild ride, though my life has not been ‘wild’ or out of control, just unconventional, but in a ‘normalized’ way, if that makes any sense, only because I have lived in a family and environment that is very liberal so no rebellion was necessary.

    I’m a bit concerned about this Neptune transit of my moon, though. I do deal with some mild depression and I try to work it out in therapy, acupuncture, herbs, but occasionally I do drink some alcohol…not a lot, but for some reason I’d like to have it completely out of my life (prob due to alcoholic mother). What worries me more so with this transit, though, is that I’m at mid-life and I know that even more depression can come from being peri-menopausal so I hope the depression doesn’t intensify. I want to just make sure I have my supports in place……..ugh…..life seems so hard sometimes, and I feel it shouldn’t be!

    1. “ugh…..life seems so hard sometimes, and I feel it shouldn’t be!”.
      Should, should not – but it is! Life is hard for everyone no matter in which direction the scale is sliding.
      Having said that here is one of my fave Leunig cartoons on ‘life’ when I lose perspective. 🙂

      1. Aha! Perfect cartoon! Thank you, that cheered me up and it’s the exact type of perspective that can shift my moods. Thank you, Andromeda!

        1. Glad you enjoyed, hope your Pluto/Venus transit goes well. If it is any comfort, mine has been pretty good, no real issues.

  34. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    Club Saturn x3 **shakes fist @ sky**
    Love planets x Uranus,
    Mercury x Neptune
    =sounds accurate right about now.

  35. hiddendragonqueen

    lo-uranus seems to be my default state. 🙂 that gets a smile, because fuq it. 🙂 pluto i am taking haute, so far (square exact to the minute today!!). going through it with a friend and coaching her has helped me to be more objective and strong, in the vulnerable and open way. constant awareness. can i keep it haute for another year and a half without a crash into power-trippy hell? probably not. ah but to help there is neptune. neptoon!! doing it high, low, left, right, all over the place. somewhat worrisome, but then there is pluto to say fuq it again! ah actually they may be a tag-team of destruction. and rebirth of course. blah blah blah blah fuq i take a lot of space to say nothing. sorry pffft.

    1. just one really low bitch…pathetic, given your age
      seriously, you must be drunk half the time you post on this site. have you ever taken a moment to go over some of your comments? it’s nothing but drivel, mostly. stuff about invoking lillith, being a strong woman, intimidating everyone with all that dark power, etc. it’s the kind of stuff i’d expect to hear from some drunk stumbling out of a cheap dive bar at 3am. you’re nothing but a
      qi vamp/loser bitch.

      1. Double Happiness

        Didn’t your mother ever tell you if you got nothing but fuqing nasty shit to say don’t say anything at all!

      2. 12th house virgo

        Do you have anything to share about yourself? Or do you stalk about passing judgment on others? Go find the vibe that works for you and stop pissing on out party. I love HDQ. She’s not ashamed to be herself. Go be anonymous where the haters are.

        1. 12th house virgo

          I have to lol at the “intimidating everyone with that dark power stuff.” have you noticed the name of this website? I can hear sizzle of you being zapped from here. Lol!!

      3. While not wanting to empower the troll-like behaviour by commenting I must say HDQ you are wonderful! Please don’t take this comment to heart. You are much loved here. Xx.

      4. hiddendragonqueen

        darling anon of a thousand names, i am sorry you are so angry. it is true that i usually post here at 1am, 37 bowls down and occasionally drunkenly (recently at least!). embarrassing grammatical errors are the name of the game. and…? i’ve never claimed to be haute- i go for the nitty gritty and base metal and am walking the messy, ugly path up. i’m so sorry that you don’t like messy. also, i don’t give a fuq, and i’m certain no one else here does either, no matter how many personas you invent to back yourself up.

        so for you, darling, i will not invoke lilith, though you do see the irony in your statement, yes?!? no, i invoke kali, and eat your pathetic filth. loser bitch-qi vamp fed for the morning. aaah. thank you. 😛

  36. Yeah, I’m doing Neptune and Uranus bigtime. Natally I have Neptune at my IC, Mercury at my MC, and Uranus loosely conjunct my ASC, so that’s a T Square. At the moment, I have Neptune trine Neptune and Uranus trine Uranus.

    So the Haute Neptune discussion reminds me of my favorite SF author, who is infamous for his vivid descriptions of nonexistent drugs, as well as his own alcohol and drug binges, He said it took him many years to realize it was more fun to think about drugs and write about it, than it was to actually do drugs.

    1. hiddendragonqueen

      oh i so get that. they’re so much better without comedowns and anxiety and subsequent madness. remembering the craving is delicious- the intensity cannot be matched! so plutonic. but like a fantasy romance, it’s all in the head… the consummation is always a let-down.

    2. “He said it took him many years to realize it was more fun to think about drugs and write about it, than it was to actually do drugs.”

      I agree.

  37. At the moment I have Neptune square my natal Neptune in Saggitarius plus Neptune opposing my natal Mars in Virgo.

    Mainly I really feel like the wind has been taken out of my sails.
    Been a little slow and sloth-like, meditative and content with mediocre.

    It’s been hard to see people about me choose to fail on some level.
    I don’t understand fear sometimes – nor do I want to – so I just have to practice lovingness instead.

    1. Hey Andromeda, I have the same situation, literally. My natal Mars i 4.44 degrees Virgo and Neptun is opposing it now. I loved this post Mystic Medusa. I really did! Because it reassured me on several decisions I have made since Saturn enterned Scorpio (I have Sun, ASC, Moon and Uranus in Sco) and that is to dedicate myself to my spiritual development and try out to be a vegetarian and try to work in jobs of service to others instead of giving commands and exercising my will over others. I feel liberated. And not to say I became a wussy cause I know I cant I became really strong and less irritating and irascible. I became calm and firm and yet soft and understanding. I became less judgmental. And my Mars in Virgo is giving up on some “I must” attitudes which I find really reassuring. 🙂

      1. Good for you! What you say really is resonating for me. Soft is powerful – enveloping Yin energy. In a way I suppose a Mars in Virgo while neurotic is good as it is more Yin & peacekeeping. But you really are something – the triple crown of the Scorpion Queen!!!! Wow. What house is all this Phoenix energy emanating from?

  38. early Virg with Scorp rising… Happily alternating between low Neptune & extreme Saturn amazingness. SO fit SO healthy SO sleezy and sneaky and boozy and spacedusty. I feel like I’m living a double life. Cheating on my wondeful, amazing, beautiful, handsome Ram. Why? Why not.

  39. Electric Eel Libran

    Looks like I’m doing it all. I’ve got a cardinal, fixed, and mutable sign as my sun, moon, & asc.

    oh well it won’t be boring at least.

    Although I must admit the Libra scopes (both here and off site) have been damned scary lately. I feel like i should just hole up in a bunker and wait everything out for a few weeks. The only problem is I can’t make $$ in a bunker.

    1. Hey the horoscopes are not meant to be scary !!!! I shall be more careful – they’re meant to make you more aware that this a good time to collaborate with ZZ values but def not freak out…

      1. electric eel libran

        no, it’s prolly not you. It’s prolly me being a wuss and negative about my experience because im both an introvert and control freq.

      2. 12th house virgo

        I second Ellie. I’ve been reading the Libra scopes cause its most of my first house. Nothing scary, just informative/strategy stuff. Give it to me straight!

      3. 12th house virgo

        I second Ellie. I’ve been reading the Libra scopes cause its most of my first house. Nothing scary, just informative/strategy stuff. Keep giving it to me straight!

      4. Thanks for posting this! It was a tough 24 hours for me to get with the Gemini-Mercury-Uranian vibe but now that I am I’m above the mire. Thanks, I don’t know what I’d do without your scopes! 🙂 xx

    2. Hmm.. I didn’t pick up with the Libra scopes that we should be scared. It just makes me more aware of what sensitivities I might be dealing with right now and how I should maintain them vs react in a way that won’t throw me off.

      Just saying..

      1. electric eel libran

        naw, i think most librans will be happy with the upcoming stuff instead of stressed like i am. when i read about uranus in my 5th or 7th in regards to relationshits, it feels like we are going to get date raped by the kool-aid man or someone with that sort of personal boundary problem because there’s going to be some unwanted surprise involved with it. We won’t be blessed with our choice. We’ll get tossed into a blender with some crazy we didn’t ask for. Im an extreme introvert and this sort of fuquery is not welcome in my realm. part of me wants to make my wall bigger and stronger, but another part just says this is pointless because uranus is an agent of chaos . so just grit your teeth and try to push through. you won’t be able to predict how this plays out.

        1. “it feels like we are going to get date raped by the kool-aid man”
          you made me spit out my ice-tea. lmao!

  40. early virgo rising and early virgo venus….Neptune in full force.
    KATAKA sun and Saturn…..Pluto
    Leo moon and Taurus mars…..hello Saturn.

    1. Reminder here……spiritual energy and psychic powers can be used as a form of escapism.
      Moon in 12th….I’ve done it.

      A year ago Neptune arrived opposite my venus in virgo and then my virgo rising. My boyfriend drinks a lot and now I drink way more.

      Haters hate…..but I am happier with him than with any man prior. Plus we are stable and family oriented, not party zone.

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