Pluto Conjunct Your Natal Moon

I am writing the Pluto conjunct Moon transit bit of the Year Ahead Instant Report Revamp.

Here it is below, in case this is you!  The new design is out next week; I am also basically rewriting it, as I feel like I have an evolved understanding of some things.

Anyway, I took it off the shop as my vision for the new one is so clear, I needed it offline for the edit/redesign. It is going to be as amazing as you can make an instant astro report.

Transit Pluto Conjunct Your Natal (Birth) Moon

Pluto-Moon conjunctions are the epitome of catharsis, evoking primal emotion and passion.
While the astrological Moon represents your innermost psyche, Pluto is a transformative agent – a cosmic catalyst.

The plutonic push for authenticity at all costs runs counter to the lunar longing for sanctuary and habitual comforts. Pluto is the enemy of tight polite smiles, serenity signalling and white lies. You can’t play an emotionally stunted relationship role.

If you’ve been pretend-Zen to keep the peace or vaulting up convenient feelings, they’re agitating for release. You could have cathartic confrontations with your mother or ‘mothering’ scenarios. It’s dramatic but you become more whole.

If you’ve had Pluto conjunct your Moon in recent memory, does this resonate at all?

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  1. My natal moon is in my 12th house so this resonates completely. Probably more on the intensity side, because of that.

  2. Yes, this mostly resonated. Today is the 1st day WITHOUT Pluto on my moon. Transit Saturn is still there for another 2 weeks, but PLUTO is what scared me lol…so, tonight I celebrate. I’ve survived! Alone. And stronger than ever. Cheers!!
    ~Cancer sun 14°
    ~Capricorn moon 18°
    ~Libra rising 9°
    ***1st house Libra Stellium with
    SAME 4 planets in upcoming January 2020 Cap Stellium***
    ~Capricorn South Node 13°
    ~Cancer North
    Node 13° {{Conjunct sun/MC/and SIRIUS DogStar 🌟}}
    ~Cancer MC 11°/Cap IC 11°
    Capricorn Lilith 1°
    Libra Anti-Vertex 22°

  3. As you know, Mystic, I have been on the longest Pluto transit..Sun, Mars, Mercury….Venus and my Moon ,and then Saturn, coming up soon. Wish I had this for all those previous conjunctions ( at least I will soon be able to reflect with your insights) but so excited for these next ones! Thank you for this!!!

      1. Oh, I understand! In my lifetime Pluto has transited my jupiter, mars, sun, neptune, mercury, north node, saturn, and venus. Now it’s just finished up with my moon and is square mars, then my midheaven is next. It’s been an interesting life! Hang in there. ❤️

  4. I had this transit in 2008, and it was a doozie. Leading up to the transit, I had been very stuck, my visa was finally running out after 15 years, and I was living in a place that had become totally dead on all levels. That year, I met my now-husband (first marriage, had to deal with lots of baggage around commitment) and that sparked a relocation from a toxic city to my current idyllic city, the purchase of my first actual home (life-time renter previously), inheriting two wonderful cats (first pets of my adulthood), the start of my journey to permanent residency, and some headway in mending my relationship with my mother. BIG year. i feel like I am a poster child for this transit. Most of the actual transit was a lot of anxiety about the future, and knowing changes needed to happen but not knowing how to make them happen. And then everything just happened KABOOM near the end.

    Right now I am halfway through Pluto on my Sun, and am waiting to see what the hell this is going to bring. So far I have cut ties with a very old friend, and had a big blowup with my sister. Both things are totally out of character for me.

    1. I’ll also add that I felt that a lot of what happened in this period was karmic, lots of odd synchronicities and psychic messages. I definitely was swept out of my old life, and into my new one for a reason, something that only now is starting to make sense and I think that Pluto hitting my Sun is part of filling in the last bit of the puzzle. Pluto seems to be about getting you back on track, it doesn’t so much seem to be about mundane gains or losses, even though those will probably happen, but of looking beyond the mundane to see how those changes point you to a higher purpose.

      1. Yes! and as Centaurus points out too, you got it in a nutshell in the 1st & last sentence. “…. getting you back on track” to your soul’s mission is how i see it too with Pluto transits – but especially its transits to the Moon. I look at the Moon as a garden & reservoir of seeds for possible future emotional states. And I look at Pluto as a thorough gardener ploughing and aerating one’s emotional soil; pruning, weeding & deadheading unwarranted feelings & cutting back the emotional foliage which blocks the “light” to our growth path. So it is no wonder that you’ve had more psychic messages and odd synchronicities happen around this transit – or any Pluto/Moon transit. I also recall that the introspection during this transit was fierce. I was then a few yrs into my first live-in relationship & i remember being so silent & moody at the time that my Gemini partner, in a heated moment blurted out that i had turned into the most boring person he had ever met, lol. And moi with a Leo Moon! Words he soon came to regret … 🙂 … but that’s another story.
        One last morsel i just checked up on, is that my cat at the time – an amazing & special little soul (born on my 20th birthday) and with whom i had shared a few of those psychic moments, got killed by a cattle dog on the date that Pluto was square exact my Moon – at about the same time that my grandmother died (she had brought me up). So i felt alone, but i was strangely stoic about it – like knowing that one phase of my life was over & i was walking towards a new dawn.

  5. I have Pluto in Scorp (10th house) and natal moon in Sag 12th.
    I had a rough time finding my way through university during 2003-2006. Nothing I learnt I loved, everything jarred. It wasn’t until I was pushed so hard to try something, anything, outside of my degree programs I discovered Anthropology (the key find here) & English/Creative writing faculties and felt like I’d come ‘home’.
    After that, Pluto followed straight into my rising sign/1st house Cap… and things seemed to propel more efficiently for me, after this epic transit. I found it opened paths to other study loves, met my husband, had a baby, got married, found study & work more fitting and enjoyable.

    I think if this hadn’t happened so early on & in my 20s I’d have blindly followed everyone else, operated under “everyone else’s’ wishes. I felt like a black sheep at the time. But I’m grateful for the gift of the Pluto transit. I think my Pluto in Scorp placement lends itself to some experience with death and rebirth themes, so I probably handled it better than some (on the surface!)… Having Sag moon in 12th is a bit of a gift here too. Not much for traditional structures and prefer to sense out my own path.
    (Managed to ‘tack’ ALL non-course subjects onto my original program – piggybacking – and graduated with a completely different degree than applied and with enough specialties to triple major, but only able to elect two.
    Like wtf?! I went from zero idea/majors to three focused areas after this transit.)

    Illuminating as ever. Thank you Mystic x

    1. I’m Pluto square Jupiter FYI… so pretty lucky to have all that murkiness and struggle very kindly rewarded.

  6. This transit has been painfully long. It’s put me into such a serious mood and left me abandoning what I started at the beginning of the year something I thought, right finally I found a new purpose. Wrong. Instead I’m left wanting this year to end already. I’ve hated this year, it’s been lonely and too heavy. Pluto energy is not fun.

    1. You’re a NN/Moon conjunct Wish with a direct line to Pluto. how you want to think about this one and perhaps how you think in general. I think both Moon and Pluto have karmic imprints so the node axis needs to be considered plus the houses as well as any other aspects.

      Random thought/approach to get you started….

      Taurus – fixed, earth, sensual, tactile, comfortable, stubborn, cautious etc
      Moon – subconscious, feeling body, past lives, body intuition etc
      NN – the future path the soul has chosen to orientate toward (including the house theme) etc.

      So… how is the theme of Taurus and Luna supporting that or making that more of a challenge. Taurus might want to go slow and Moon might want to feel safe but the house might want you to take a risk eg if it’s natural 9th for example it’s Saggo and it’s just going to fire an arrow and see what happens next perhaps with nothing more than a whim. Taurus might dig heels in and not budge until evidence of what the future holds feels (moon) ok etc…

      Uranus hitting your Moon/NN will be interesting!

      1. Ignore the 2nd sentence which was – I think – part of a thought that I elected not to follow through on and now can’t even recall lol.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Centaurus.

        NN/Moon are in the 3rd house which lends me to writing. I would like to write about my life with a direct line to Pluto. I hope it helps other people who have experienced the same.

        Pluto in Virgo is in the 7th house. I am Pluto square Gemini (4th house) Sun. mmmm

        My psychologist said that I am a deep thinker and the astro explains that.

        Uranus will be hitting my Taurus moon April 2022. My moon is trine Uranus 7th house : yippee !
        “Earth we have lift off”

        Interesting times.

  7. This sounds a lot more delicately put than what I’ve seen of my friends who have experienced a Pluto moon transit. Pluto is a year or two away from my moon and it’s on the verge of squaring my Venus and nodes, first. My perception is that it is a s***-fest relating to women and women’s issues (and mother issues) and it forces us to confront our emotional core. I’m pre booking therapy now so I can ideally deflect / handle the crap that I know will come up soon enough. Hopefully after my recent Pluto /Pluto /IC square, I have a head start. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was a gentle experience.

    1. I’m just wrapping Venus as well. Moon/Venus travel as a pair… themes can blur as well as houses as one sits either side of the door with less than a degree between them.

      Not fun in some Venus themed senses I can tell you. That’s been massive for me and brutal on several fronts. And the lead in was just as potent within the orb. it’s only now that we’re in the eye that I’m getting less buffeted and able to see what’s what and maybe how I can navigate some things. Plenty of dark dead end passages but closed doors are closed for a reason It’s been long and lonely (as has been said of the moon transit by several others) and everything has changed and is still in flux.

      It ain’t all bad though. I have got a big ol bag of recycled/upcycled tools and skills and some new ones. And, for a true Venusian theme I know my own worth in such a deep centred way it’s immovable now. Some things have gone beyond a place of compromise. Not in a fixed way, just in the way value is now applied. Previously I think it’s been a malleable and flexible theme to me. With all the mutable energy in my chart everything is generally up for discussion, revision and change but actually, some things are what they are and I’m content to leave them as such. I’m clearer and more definitive at deciding what’s in/out or aligned then I ever was and I wasn’t too shabby at that anyway.

      I hope it’s a gentle-ish experience for you Pi but you don’t want it too cushioned because it’s also an opportunity to dump what’s decayed but may still look passable and most of us don’t or won’t do that of our own free will or when things are cruising along well and we’re all nice and comfy… challenge, change and a bit of creative tension are required for such transformations so a little pressure is necessary x

      1. Thanks Centaurus, it’s always interesting to hear what you have to say.
        I’ve taken a closer look and t’s also soon to sextile my sun-mercury, then square Nodes and Venus, and then 1 degree later trines my Lilith Jupiter, then square Chiron, and only after that does it transit over my moon. So I guess that’s a transition / fortifying process of sorts.
        Jupiter will always be within a few degrees of a personal planet or angle for this whole Pluto experience. With any luck that will lend cosmic blessings, rather than amplifying any latent (or overt) plutonic doom spiral.

      2. Ohhhh I wonder if my current strange work struggles are an intro theme for Pluto squaring my 10th house Venus from my 7th house. The applying orb is about 3-4 degrees. Hmm.
        Gawd no wonder Scorpios keep themselves to themself. It’s not bloody worth sharing the interior psycho-drama that seems to be going on.

        1. Yes, it could be the early rumblings of Pluto heading toward the door Pi.

          Sorry – late reply and weird times … anyway, like your last line I’m very 8th in my chart and that’ll be enough said. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. That comes down to a couple of things I s’pose but trust for one and maybe timing eg after the heat of something has faded you might think that it didn’t need to be shared and bemoan doing so. Holding the charged thought or feeling without getting stung by it until you decide you really need/want to share it is a Scorpio thing.

          And there are too many variables with the ‘how’ of a long transit so macro view is probably helpful in the beginning. I would start with high level themes so relating and public life / value of self, work, brand, image, offering, earning and then your nodes will probably show former and future glimpses of what was/is/possibilities. Sounds like you’re starting to see how this might emerge over time but I guess I’d suggest you keep it loose and be willing to adjust your view as well because Pluto will most certainly adjust it for you if you don’t (with Pluto tr conj every personal planet I can confirm that as fact) because these transits are long and slow and often with a retrograde and don’t necessarily show the full picture early on.

          Stay curious (and I think you naturally are that) and yes Jupiter will bestow some blessings along the way. Like all sky gods his gifts may not be obvious or wrapped in pretty paper but will be at opportune moments and need to be accepted when offered or they can disappear sometimes.

          Us humans often equate comfort to success but really success is found in the tension of the transformative process and the willingness to lay down one illusion of success for evolutions sake regardless of an outcome. The call to something beyond where we’re at now… Pluto is actually a power house for that. I recall missing him when he left Saggo and moved to Cap but of course it really wasn’t all fun and good times. It was a feeling of transformative energy pulsing and driving me and the change of sign (not house as it hadn’t) was palpable. I’m still with Pluto Moon so this feels like it could be a subjective lil rabbit hole to get lost in so I’ll sign off… xx

  8. Feeling this, especially as I will experience this transit in a bit.

    And because I have progressed Scorpio moon right now, along with natal Moon/Pluto.

    And so the plutonic energy is really overwhelming with this Scorpio Merc transit.

  9. Moon at 19 Cap, so I’m still in the margins of this transit as Saturn approaches. It’s been hard, hard, hard. Lonely. I feel like I’ve aged many years and can’t stop revisiting every past mistake and failure. I mean, I’m fine, and this may be as good as it gets for me now at 62, but it hasn’t been much fun. In another year or so Pluto will start to transit my midheaven at 25 Cap.

  10. How do I find out when or if Pluto has conjunct my moon? Or find out what my moon is? I like to take ownership of them all If I’m honest! Sorry if this is a naive or dumb question. I’m just beginning my deep dive of understanding. Thank you and may this find you having a beautiful day xo

    1. To find out what your moon is, you need to get your birth chart read. Highly recommend Mystic’s obviously but you can get a free one on To find out when Pluto has or will conjunct your moon, you need to learn to read an ephemeris (a huge book listing all of the planets positions for usually around 100 years) or similar online software. That is a trickier undertaking. Not hard, but requiring a bit more astro knowledge. If you are a beginner, I’d start with learning your birth chart first, and then move on to how the current planet transits affect it.
      In the meantime, Mystic’s daily horoscopes and year ahead reports will steer you until you can learn to interpret for yourself. Have fun! It’s likely the beginning of a lifetime of obsession as it is for those of us on this site.

    2. The Astral DNA Instant Report will reveal any natal aspects between Pluto and your Moon, while the about to be re-released Year Ahead Transits Report will let you know if you have a Pluto-Moon transit in the next year!

  11. Oh I think I’ve expressed bits and pieces during this still not over transit. It isn’t something I particularly feel like talking about (even when there are words) most of the time and yes, it’s an inward journey anyway as he finally begins to emerge from the 8th. It sort of has to be covert ops dunnit. The final pass is in play.
    I feel like I will be grateful to emerge from this with a sense of hope and a smidge of what was my sunny and sassy wit and optimism. I feel like snarling when people go out of their way to try to make me laugh and then keep persisting. I will laugh or joke when I feel like it and hopefully that will be next year! Hahaha – dark humour hasn’t gone anywhere. Some things cannot be killed off even by Pluto!

    Lower back has now gone out spectacularly in a way it never has (that I can recall anyway) and everything is either pointed, poignant or passing.

    I have done the opposition, trine and square moon and this whole transit has been Pluto trine Pluto anyway. I’d say the trine has facilitated more Pluto power almost like cloning his presence and then manufacturing images of him like holograms on everything and everyone. Ugh. It makes the rose coloured glasses of Neptune sound super desirable and I’d probably rather slap my own face then wear them again.

    Pluto has conjunct all my bloody personal planets so forgive my dour tone as life has felt like one skin shed after another and I am feeling battle weary and over it. Luna is the final one. Of course I know that this is my soul choice and moments change always but whatever was locked in my sacral is bubbling up and she ain’t getting tizzed up for the occasion either.

    Good times folks. Good times.

    And thanks Mystic. Another perspective is supremely helpful.

      1. Hehe, yes I reckon you can Invicta.
        I reckon probably heaps of folk can but this Cap transit has everyone scrutinising their own story and weaving and unpicking and redoing mentally and internally to quite an extent I think.

        Mercury mist have some more traction over the Moon as I’m back in the “I think” not “I feel” space.

        Just revising weird dreams en mass as Moon void in my 12th during sleep. One was like being a Tolkien styled elf with a group of all blonde, all dressed in white & doubled up bareback on, you guessed it, white horses to compete some quest for the not so nice king.

        Another was shopping in some underground mall or market for a makeup bag and the shop woman is trying to get me to buy a backpack that morphs into many things such as a bed but yes, even a makeup bag and discounted by hundreds. Anyway fast forward to the creepy bit and my magical backpack can also be a boombox and I’m in another shop looking for a makeup bag. Just a stock standard cheapy. I don’t even use much makeup or carry it around so it’s a metaphor for something.
        I’m busting for the loo and don’t want to leave my backpack extrodinaire unattended but figure I have to as I’ve gotta dash. Chris Cornell is singing a tune and I’m a fan so wanted to stay and listen. Some line like don’t touch the baby in his beautiful soulful voice as I make for this narrow corridor. An old style pram is making its way toward me unattended and baby unseen under a blanket. It looks really out of place and is coming at me with no room to sidestep it. I feel like I get pushed in the back hard and feel the thud back into my bod and associated physical sensations. That’s not usually the way I come back and I have no idea who pushed me out of the way or what that pram heading toward me meant. Just as I type I’m thinking pusher as an alternate word and disguised as a babe? Who knows? Anyway, also turns out I needed the loo 😄

    1. Wow so much more erudite and insightful than my usual “Waaah I hate this” sort of comments about my Pluto/moon transit! I’m glad you’re near the end though. xx

      1. I think you’ve been erudite too Chrys. It’s just the nature of the transit.- one is perpetually wracked with self doubt. What around me or within me is still living, useful, valid, trustworthy and supporting this journey etc has been an often asked question.

        As Invicta so hilariously said elsewhere and is totally relatable AND applicable to the transit – I put up a good sulk haha!

        There has to be time for feeling inadequate and feeling the frustration or despair and so forth or it’s just not that depth kind of transformation. The ugly preceeds the beauty and it needs the exact same soil as the beauty would but sometimes it feels easier to throw last night’s dinner scraps on it and just say fuq it.

        You made it! Cheers from catacombs. I am not far behind you xx

  12. Yup, I have a natal scorpio moon conjunct neptune and mars in third house. The late 80s and early 90s were intense in depth and solitude. I lived on my own in a city away from any family or friends, in an era before emails, skpe etc. The experiences were transformative and I believe the foundation of the wisdom I experience in this mad century. The dreams and intuition were intense and i still look back at the insights from the journals I wrote at the time.

  13. I had this transit in my early 20’s, after graduating from uni and trying to get some Sag moon breathing space before settling into any big life decisions. . I entered it riding a wild horse and rode out on a horse with no name. It was difficult and confusing and all I wanted was solid ground to stand upon. To boot, this is when my maternal grandmother passed and a few days later, the US had the 9/11 attacks. I felt like the world was falling apart. My moon is conjunct Neptune so we can say it was the beginning of the end of illusions as well.

    1. Some resonance in this with my experience with Pluto/Moon. Except that Pluto *squared* my Moon when i was in my early 20s after uni and pretty much in your situ – wanting some adventure “before settling any big life decisions”. So i walked away from an important but “over” relationship, felt very liberated and in the mood to explore many more relationships. Let’s say I learnt some insightful lessons regarding sex & power during that time (Pluto was also conjunct my Neptune in 1st H square Moon-MC).
      And my maternal grandmother to whom i was v close passed away as well.

    2. Chiron was hitting on your moon as well. I remember this period, except that for me it was Pluto and Chiron conjunct my 1st house Sagg Sun (and squaring my natal Pluto/Uranus in Virgo opp Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces). Riding in on a wild horse and out on a horse with no name soooooo resonates with me. Mind you, pluto square my moon, which happened a few years later, was probably worse.

  14. I have this natally (along with Saturn for some extra razzle dazzle – haha), in Libra/Scorpio at my MC. I’m thankful for Libra in Pluto breaking things up a bit in intensity. It’s true that I don’t do fake anything and I need to be in charge of myself. I love anything to do with personal transformation. I dunno about the tranquil part, I’ve had to work very hard to be more tranquil emotionally but again, Scorpio. I have huge emotions and do a lot of private emotional work.

  15. and what if you are born with Pluto conjunct your Moon? I relate to the description. I’m often lost in thought I rarely share my deepest feelings with others unless through art/music/writing.

    1. My husband has Pluto moon mercury conjunct. He’s intense but calm unless he’s upset about something. He has a really bad gut and gets terrible stomachaches when he’s emotional.

    Oh this felt so real guuud to read.
    Pluto (and Saturn) will conjunct on mai natal moon in January.

    Thank you Mystic!

  17. Natal Pluto conjuncts my Scorpio moon means I carry all of this around at all times. Unless I decide to set it all on fire and start anew. My 20s have been a wild ride.

  18. I am curious about this transit, too. When Pluto conjucts my Cap moon, it will be in a perfect trine to natal Pluto. It seems as if I will tumble down to Hades.

    1. Oh no it’ll be fab. Ruthless, but fab. I’ve just finished up with this over the past couple of years (feels like an aeon) with Pluto on my Cap moon trining my natal Pluto and Jupiter in Taurus. The only thing that will tumble down are the things that were meant to go. Of course it’s easy for me to say this now as I claw back out of Hades into the real world. xx

      1. yes!
        So chuffed you’re getting to the alchemy bit of the transit. I mean, I know that ghost dude was friendly but my heart went out to you when you posted about the phantom hugger. 🙂
        I think Hunter S Thompson said “accept loss forever” and it’s like as soon as we do, with the body and heart then things shift and it changes. The light is golden.
        I’m getting shafts of golden light as Saturn is moving out of my first and I can almost literally see it, the light. I feel different than before this transit as if I’ve received the lesson with my body. Today in my swimming I counted my laps for the first time. 2 kilometres. I never counted before, it seemed like too much hassle. I thought, you’d better become fluent with numbers woman, Saturn in the second will force you so start practicing.
        I cut my hair the other day, not a lot, just a hefty trim but seeing myself in the mirror after six months of Saturn in the first feels entirely different.

        1. I think I am finally getting to the gold, tbh. It’s taken seven years of absolute life-breaking merde, as you know.
          Defo a good plan to count with Saturn coming into the second. xx

        1. I’m sorry, I realise it could have sounded incredibly flippant – I think I am flushed with relief that I have made it through. Plus I have Neptune pinging everything right now and as a multi-Piscean I am leaning into the Neptune glow as a bit of light relief xx

          1. Your post was not flippant at all — my take was a gentle warning. Thank you. I am glad that you survived to tell. a big hug

  19. Pluto transited my natal moon (in the 8th house) a few years ago. My natal moon squares my natal Pluto AND Jupiter (which opposes my moon). All together, I watched as people around me dropped like flies (all of them male, with exception to one). 12 of my friends, gone, one after the other; some natural causes, others not and very much by surprise. My career, my relationship with my then-partner, all collapsed in ways that were extremely hurtful. Massive financial turmoil. I truly felt like I was in the underworld. Very difficult transit.

    1. Ugh – I have been worrying over this transit, which will hit me in about 4 years. My moon is in the twelfth house and trines natal pluto, but squares Uranus. I think my mom will probably die during that time.

      1. My moon is in the 8th, which as you know has natural themes around death, among other things. Unless your moon is in the 8th, I wouldn’t worry too much. I would imagine some powerful but good things might happen for you with that trine… what house is your Uranus in?

        1. My Uranus is in my 8th house at 29 degrees. It may be a sudden death of some sort, but it will be okay. Pluto will also have a sextile to my sun and venus so hopefully that will help.

    2. Hi, sorry for what you went trough. i will start this transit in the 8th house too. what was the financial turmoil coming from?

  20. I have just realized I will not see this transit in my life. I am a Moon in Taurus and the underworld god will enter Taurus in 2098 when I should be 126 years old. I’d say unlikely.
    I have anyhow experienced the Pluto in Capricorn trine to my 19° Taurus Moon and I must say what you just wrote applies to this aspect too. Maybe a tad less obsessive and bit more “opening”. Entering EMDR sessions when this transit started last year was one of the best Astro ideas I’ve ever had.

    1. Saturn in Pisces

      So sad! I feel the same way about Pluto conjunct my Sun in early Taurus. I low-key have a longevity goal to experience Pluto cross my Sun. I’ll be 103 in 2098 so maybe?

      I’ll certainly experience Pluto on my Aries Moon about 30 years earlier than that.

      Also, considering Pluto’s ultra-slow movement through the zodiac, a Pluto trine can be significant… Pluto is exactly trine my Mercury in Taurus right now and I’m feeling it! Perhaps the trine is the easier energy, the “triumphant” Pluto (certainly Pluto square my Moon back when it was in the first decan of Cap was rough).

      1. It definitely was. I never had a better experience with therapy and tattoos (I got 4 and I was never the tattoo type of person) in my life.

      2. I am having that pluto trine mercury as well, exact on 12 december. Am almost at the end of Pluto trine mars as well. Pluto now transitting 12th, mars mercury conjunct in Toro in the 4th. Changed view of self and personal history. .

        1. It’s a positive experience! It was exact for me for the last time in August. (And how close is Pluto your ascendant?)

        1. Hello astro twin!! What is your experience with this combination (with your deep insights into self no doubt also being superpowered by Pluto trining Mercury)?

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