Cool Chironic Resonance

The stars aligned for me,” said Ngaragu Australian woman Ashleigh Barty shortly after she won Wimbledon a few days ago.

Well, sure. Talent, athletic genius, and formidable training aside, she’s Taurus. Her natal Sun squares Uranus in Aquarius: this year’s Saturn-Uranus square is home turf to her. She’s fresh off a two-year Pluto square to her Aries Mars and Eris is currently conjunct it. It’s the ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you more competitive’ transit.

But her link with another great indigenous Australian tennis champion – Wiradjuri woman Evonne Goolagong Cawley – has spooky astro-resonance. A long-standing mentor to Ash Barty, she won Wimbledon 50 years ago this month and has a long list of tennis triumphs to her name.

Fifty years ago is a Chiron Return and yes, the rogue comet that stayed is currently at 12 Aries. It was at 13 Aries when Evonne Goolagong stunned the sporting world.  She emerged from a background of not only the oft-cited “humble beginnings” but a time when the government policy was to remove children from their indigenous families to inspire ‘superior values.’

She made her first tennis racket from a fruit box and wasn’t even officially allowed in the tennis club of her rural town. To scale from that to dazzle Wimbledon was a cultural as well as a sporting feat. She’s triple Leo – Sun, Pluto plus Midheaven – with Scorpio Rising. Evonne Goolagong Cawley and Ash Barty share a Cancerian Moon as well as most notably, Mars square Jupiter and Neptune.

Trines are a gift but so many champions have big-time, edgy Mars squares! It’s the go-to astro-alignment for “challenge yourself” as a baseline reaction to practically everything. The synastry between them is not as exact as it could be because we don’t have a birth time for Barty but it’s a symphony of Outer Planet trines to one another’s inner planets.

When Ash Barty stepped out onto the center court at Wimbledon last Saturday, the constellation of Libra had just risen so Venus ruled. It was conjunct Mars in Leo, on Evonne Goolagong’s Pluto. In a very Venusian homage, Barty wore the same scalloped style tennis skirt as her mentor did when she became the first indigenous Australian woman to win the Venus Rosewater Dish in 1971.

Additionally, Chiron had returned so yes the stars – and comets – were aligned.

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  1. What a nice analysis, thank you Mystic 🙂 xx

    And wow, Cawley’s astro. You’d need that kind of fire-power to propel you out of 1950s Australia.

  2. This is such a moving post, and you have such an eye for detail, MM – I feel almost guilty reading our daily horoscopes (in addition to this amaze-blog), because it must use just such a lot of your energy to be so relevant, all the time!! Thank you – it is SO appreciated. 🙏🌟

    1. (Also have been looking forward to any potential Pleiades post since you first mentioned it, as that same day (coincidentally) I had been to our city museum and first learnt about Noongar cultural lore regarding “the Seven Sisters” – again, so deeply moving. But NO pressure from this subscriber re: any posts – just know yr appreciated!)

  3. Love this! Like many I’m finding the Evonne and Ash story a light in the night at the moment. And check this out – the Venus salver depicts Sophrosyne – a kind of cool Temperance type goddess and asteroid 134. Ash’s natal Sophrosyne is at 1 Pisces precisely conjuncted by transiting Jupiter right now. And Evonne Goolagong’s natal Sophrosyne? It’s at 10 Aries close to her 14 Jupiter with – as Mystic says – Chiron transiting right now (and 50 years ago) 12 Aries! Gives weight to asteroid Astro✨

  4. Thank you for posting this Mystic.
    Also a good reminder that squares can work magic when you supply intelligent effort.

    1. I feel that squares are dynamic obstacles – challenges? – that we are compelled to engage with.
      (Edit.. I think you said the same thing, and I’ve written it in a different way)

  5. I just love sooooooo much the 50 year difference and the fact that it’s Chiron’s return and for 2 amazing Indigenous Women. This is the only news throughout the pandemic that has given me great deep hearted joy.

  6. This seems like an astrological “family tree,” for lack of a better word! I’ve seen that people with similar paths (and within a group or those that interact) often share birth chart signatures and synastries. In my own immediate family, my mother, her brother, and I have various planets on the same degree with a blend of synastry! Good eye, Mystic, and for putting it together!

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