Ask Mystic: Psycho-Shoe Karma

Dear Mystic, 

I have a question about shoes not fitting.

So, for the last three months, I have been trying to replenish my shoe wardrobe/everyday collection as I have thrown out two pairs of stalwarts recently and lack enough footwear with comfort and versatility.  

Although I am quite particular about my style, I have never had such strenuous exercise in shoe shopping, and comfort is a must.  It has turned into an ongoing saga/rotating door for shoes; for the first time, I have had to resort to online shopping, which I rarely do for clothes, and had never done for shoes. I think I am at my wit’s end, thinking the next pair will be right and I can get on with more important projects!  

I’ve started asking myself, ‘what is the symbolism here, of shoes not fitting right, not being comfortable enough in a style I like?’ But I’m stumped (pardon that pun) for anything that resonates. I do very much need to feel I am myself in my attire (Mercury/Mars in Leo in 1st?),  I remember that Pisces rules the feet, but I am not particularly Piscean in my chart (other than the Moon in Cancer in 12th/Neptune in Sagittarius in 5th?)… I just looked, and Neptune is currently transiting my 8th house. 

I feel like the Princess and the Pea.


Dear Moonglow,

Shoes are psyched. Think of Cinderella, the Red Shoes, and the winged sandals of Mercury – the Talaria. Astrologically, feet are Pisces; Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) is IN Pisces until 2027, so feet are some weird psycho-somatic zone for sure.

As I am writing this, I am wearing Yoga Toes, and though I don’t think this is a claim they make, they alter your consciousness. Having the toes which usually curl in being gently stretched outward instead does something to the brain. Is it fascial? Psychic? Think about how the toes got that way!  Guaranteed, they were forced into narrow shoes or high heels to play a particular role.

I was on Skype this morning with someone going through her closet this Venus Retrograde to donate a whole pile of “Louboutins and Pradas” from her trophy wife days. Maybe radical foot comfort will evolve into a sideline of the neo-feminism/Age of Queens?

And recently, I re-read Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s The Red Shoes: On Torment And The Recovery Of Soul Life:

Using an ancient tale deeply rooted in our collective psyches, Dr. Estes illuminates how people fall prey to destructive impulses while seeking to balance their inner lives. In our culture, she begins, we may travel life’s path in one of two ways: in handmade shoes, crafted with love and care according to the unique needs of the individual soul; or in Red Shoes, which promise instant fulfillment, but ultimately lead to a painful, hollow, and split existence.

It’s stunning. She gives a whole new deeper resonance to that old saying of “if the shoe fits…”  Also, how many of us have worn hideously uncomfortable shoes that caused real pain and strange posture while aspiring to a particular identity?

So to answer your question, I think you could productively listen to The Red Shoes, Jung out on this a bit, and then go back to the shoe shop when Venus is Direct. Think of the symbology of feet; they are how you stand on the ground, your connection to Gaia, symbolic of stability, strength, and momentum.

What does everyone else think?

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  1. I have wide feet because I’ve insisted on barefoot whenever possible my whole life. I also bought biker boots back in the 80s when they didn’t make ’em for chicks and with both the harness and engineer boots, I have to wear three–even four-pairs of socks so the boots will fit right. My feets are usually comfy, I think, as a result of the cushioning. And warm. My engineers are 20+ years old and look it; however, due to a story too long to get into here, I have taken to wearing them as fuqed up as they are because they weigh 3lbs each and I’m convinced that stopping wearing them 4 years ago in exchange for daily cowboy boot-ism is why my ass isn’t so cute anymore. You guys can laugh, but after only a couple months of stomping around everywhere in these old steel-toes, my jeans are fitting better.

    Have NO idea how that relates to Neptune getting ready to saddle up on my Venus in Pisces in the 6th and my natal Neptune seems unmolested at the moment.

  2. There is a French saying that i love that goes something like this; je marche d’or mon souliers’ translates as : i am marching/walking outside my shoes. In other words not being in ones ‘comfort’ zone, not feeling quite right.
    Was about to write that every woman should have one pair of red shoes, then read what Clarissa said…lol.
    Many cobblers have gone out of business since rubber soles hit the mainstream market for everyday wear! Finding a good shoe repairer is gold. Mine said to me ‘the thinner the sole-the more expensive the shoe’. Mimco keep him in business!
    Never buy shoes online and buy shoes in Spring or Autumn when feet are not shrunk or swollen due to weather.
    Have noticed many brands do not have half sizes anymore, therefore they are a little too big or small if not standard measurement.
    Of course walk barefoot as much as possible. There was something written about earth energies and rubber soles not able to penetrate thro’ them for wellbeing, so Barefoot in the Park when possible is the way to go if yogatoes don’t appeal to your aesthetics. After living in Tahiti for 2 years, found shoes to be unnatural as feet had spread like the locals but it gives the the ability to walk on coral w/o damaging it like tourists do.
    If anyone has had foot reflexology by a good practitioner knows the importance of your fate i mean feet.

    An aside here..tried TCM on Friday for severe lung condition that requires 5 various medications. What an alchemist was he!
    Mixed a formula of 9 different herbs to drink twice a day. The benefits after 3 days is incredible, so hopefully can drop at least half of the western drugs. Quite costly compared to our free medications but to be able to breathe freely again is quite miraculous, health IS surely wealth.

  3. I absolutely love shoes. Always have. I’d my budget would allow, Im sure I’d be over-run with them. I’ve never been fussed with clothes or bags or anything else, and I’m not materialistic in general, but there’s something about shoes I just can’t resist. I love the look of heels but I rarely wear anything other than a sturdy heel more than 6cm high. My inner feminist also rages at the idea of heels in general.

    But something thats changed for me recently is that I’ve finally committed to never buying leather (or other animal derived clothing) again. I’ve been vegan for ages so I was shocked to learn that the leather industry isn’t a by-product of the animal agriculture industry, which was how I rationalised continuing to buy leather. Serious face palm but eyes wide open now. So I’ve been doing a lot of online research into the vegan shoe brands out there. I’m amazed at how many there are and how incredible the designs and quality seems to be. It’s been such a relief but at the same time prices can be pretty high for the good stuff, and I’m a bit nervous about buying shoes online too.

    In any case, it’s definitely been a long overdue awakening. Could this be a Uranus in Taurus byproduct? It seems like veganism and plant based eating is on the rise like never before, which signals greater awareness and progressiveness re food, nature, and the environment. My Taurean partner also went vegan 3 weeks ago and I kinda predicted this might happen with the shift of Taurus into his sign.

    1. My only problem with non-leather shoes is that they just die after a few years or less, and I am a buy and hold girl (hate throwing shoes in the bin, another environmental problem). Vinyl will peel, plastic (let’s not go there #tinea), replacing worn soles, maintaining textile, etc. Is there something out there that overcomes this stuff? interested. I do appreciate Birkenstock who have stores where you can bring in your not-quite-dead birko’s and have them repaired for a small $.

    2. Good on you Kat, I have also struggled with the leather issue and shoes for a long time, as a vego. I have tried a few times to go synthetic and I just can’t stand (!) wearing synthetics on my body, I feel suffocated and weird…The shoes were particularly unbearable to me, and I have resigned myself to leather, so I try to keep the shoe collection minimal. And I am with Pi on it, leather -v- synthetic stuff that is bad for the environment etc. and fabric shoes don’t last very long. And, I really feel the cold, especially on my feet, so leather and wool socks are a must for me 3/4 of the year, warm but breathable. I think either way we just need to reduce our consumption, and put more thought into all our purchases (especially if they involve a dead animal or toxic crap polluting our environment). Buy less with more thought, quality and ecology. And look after our lovingly curated shoe wardrobes.

  4. Well I was waiting with baited breath for this Pluto new moon and a big kick in the whatnots but I have come home and its raining and I just feel a bit bleurgh. I have no drive either way. To leap into action and find another boat…or to leap into action and set up my new practice come therapist persona. I am sort of in a zen limbo. Happy to be with my very chill aqua after the super manic captain. Knowing that every other single person I worked with utterly loved me but the male senior staff (captains) are a bit miffed. Don’t know if I can tackle mine again for a whole season. I loved the job but jeeeeeeeso. I have a feeling I may just apply for other posts whilst keeping this end working as such. Still do not know about my ‘case’. the gross professional misconduct case where I wrote the truth on my website, naughty me! So that hangs in the air too. Although I really cannot give two hoots about that if I am honest. It has been the instigator of my moving on so it is a blessing. And having spoken with my current clients they are all to a person happy to continue to see me sans ‘title’.
    So here I am happily waiting again. My life is one big waiting room!

  5. LOVE how you people just riff eloquently on random subjects like this. It’s my genius commenting community that make this site unique i feel.

    Also, guess what? Astral DNA – the instant birth charts with my interps for everything is imminent – there is also going to be a gift function so you can freak out your friends with my take on their mars-pluto conjunction or whatever

        1. Me too! I predict the server will crash within an hour of it becoming available. Mystic, your work is That Good and Highly Valued. xox

          Actually, on that topic, my sister in law, who is not at all interested in astrology, hired a costume for a fancy dress function recently. I asked her what she was going as and she replied “Mystic Medusa” and sent me a photo of a woman wearing a Grecian gown with a snake headpiece. Lol… Household name, Mystic. Household name.

          1. Ah well thank you for the compliment but one of the investments i have made this year is in a next-generation server, it spins up extra capacity when needed. It’s costly A.F but i hope you have noticed how much more stable it is!

            I love that anecdote about your sister in law!

            1. I had noticed. Actually, when I checked my daily horoscope this morning I was reflecting on all the changes and upgrades you’ve made just in the last year! Finessed and efficient. Very inspiring.

  6. Oh YES to caring for your precious feet. They carry you through life and I regard them as one of my most important features. Great fitting shoes are a must. I get my feet and gait measured for the best runners I can afford. Well worn leather docs or steel caps for working in the studio. Barefoot beach walks strengthen my arcs, I could go on and on. Feet are precious and hold the reflexology points that respond to other parts of the body. Feet are to be pampered, not totured in shoes that strangle and disfigure……. a bit passionate about feet.

  7. Oh my goodness, I thought it was just me. So much resonance here… Pisces looking for a career change, Capricorn ascendant wants shoes to be practical and chic, Sag moon wants to fly… I did find a pair of blood red 3 quarter length boots last week which I’ve been complimented on multiple times, they don’t tick all of the boxes but they will definitely get me through the winter while my next steps become clear to me. I also spend half of my time bare footed to think… When I shop, shoes have to ‘speak’ to me to be considered… “I’m the one, try me”

  8. The best shoes I’ve had since retiring the doc Martens are a pair of $15 Kmart school shoe style lace ups that I bought to tide me over in new job a year ago. Theyre so comfy and breathable and hard wearing- even though they’re just el Cheapo”faux leather”- i still haven’t replaced them. They’re challenging all my previous notions about quality, sustainability, that a uranian vibe?

  9. Loving the comments. As a Cancerian, Sun/Moon/Ascendant, I definitely get attached to my things, emotionally/nostalgically, and have trouble letting them go from my crab-claws. Most new clothes (and shoes) take a while to actually get worn, they can honestly sit in my wardrobe for a year as I warm to them before starting to wear. And the comfy, familiar ones I love really need to have holes in them or be falling to pieces before they go, undies included.

    I remembered a story my mum told me about a pair of blue clogs I loved as a child. She bought them for me at a shoemakers. I wore all the time everywhere, whenever I could, she had to steal them off me and throw them out as it was getting embarrassing to have her child wearing shoes so loved they had holes worn in them and were falling apart.

  10. I had some magic boots, I decorated them myself in my 2nd year of art school. I bought black plastic/rubber lace up boots with comfy thick soles and spray painted them pink, silver and gold (because I don’t like to wear plain black). Got so many compliments and felt powerful wearing them (also felt like they could kick some heads if necessary)… Sad when they finally got holes in them and fell apart.

    I’ve been keeping my eye out for a similar pair, but haven’t found the right boots yet.

  11. Ah, shoe feng shui – I LOVE THE GIF!!! I have been absolutely hankering for a pair of red shoes, but, telling myself that is an unnecessary extravagance on my budget . I really suit (ROCK) the colour red but don’t wear it too often due to its flamboyant, ‘hello, I’m here’ quality. (I have made myself small, even my posture since a child… being seen/attracting attention has negative psycho-emotional stuff attached to it for me.).

    I just listed to Pinkola-Estes’s audiobook, Women Who Run with Wolves, so will definitely read the Red Shoes!

    Thanks for your insights Mystic, bring on the strength and momentum!

    I’m also thinking on a piscean + saturnine level (?) – walking /stepping into my higher self, my new-improved true-to-myself, and more materially and emotionally stable self…after a long period of financial/career/home/health/emotional instability. Now I’m at a place where I’m like, am I really here, is it okay to think things are okay now and I can take the next steps towards my next dreams, and yes walk confidently in that direction.

    Red shoes on the shopping list when Venus direct 🙂 XO XO

    1. Small thought reading your post…..step into your ultra self with some red footwear, deeply red (not so loud) or red embellished shoes. Fab for winter (colder, now or later wherever you are) in a rich velvet or suede — not as loud as leather or patent and very luxe and luscious…..

      1. Yes, thank you – red shoe encouragement appreciated, although I wonder what Pinkola-Estes is going to say on the matter!

  12. As a triple pisces I’ve cycled through many shoe iterations. However, this fall I’ve finally landed on shoe gold. One pair black Nike’s for my knock knee stance, and one pair black (stacked heel but doesn’t feel it at all) blondo brand black ankle boots. They are water and salt proof which is a must in my climate. I’m obsessed. And yes yoga toes are the everything 🙂
    I inherited my Scorpio grandmothers long narrow feet- she mostly wore chic Ferragamo flats.

  13. My shoe fetish has really kicked in this year. I think I’m onto my 6th pair of Frankie4’s. Designed by podiatrists, in modern styles. Afterpay makes purchasing manageable (for me)… they are addictive though.

  14. I am a Pisces and I have a shoe room, not a closet. Yes , shoes have become less comfortable and supportive. Sizes have changed. I have a normal foot but everything is too wide. Narrows are sometimes too narrow. I wonder who are these d width people ? Ridiculous. I just bought a pair of red cowgirl ankle boots and I am wearing them now.

  15. I have a pair of red cowboy boots, purchased from Camden market (UK) that are possessed. I cannot wear them, they were me and will go out come hell or, high water. They are in a safety bag for now! I am someone not often bothered by le shoe but the last fortnight, I have become a little obsessed by having more than one pair, to align my desires and personality; my needs, wants and wishes etc. so I feel there is a wing and wish associated with the feet and wanting them to take us in the right direction. This magic feels very subtle, until of course, one wears an absolute breaker and vows, never again to comply to a painful foot! The rest of me, I have to say (Cancer sun/cancer moon) needs nothing more than the touch of sand and sea. Get those pedis in salt water, enjoy a meditate on your future self and visualise on who you want to be. Then let your feet walk you to the shoe of your destined self and good luck xx

  16. Don’t get me started on ‘shoes’, this could have been written by me, I have 2 black toenails and endless withdrawals from my bank account after months of trying to buy comfortable, stylish, suitable shoes over the past couple of years unsuccessfully. Finally have given up or so I thought until I read this and now there is a deeply felt stirring happening and I fear it means I will have to return to my quest……I wish you good luck.

  17. My lovely Pilates teacher told me that curled in toes weren’t necessarily a product of scrunchy shoes but actually a reflection of your posture and how you use those toes to balance yourself on the earth – kissing lightly or clinging on…

  18. Pisces South Node here, with wide feet and high arches. Finding comfy shoes is a must. If my feet aren’t ok, I am curmudgeonly AF. Ex boyfriend bought me 2 pairs of Louboutin peep toes platform heels that I only wore for sex, and promptly sold after we split, because I prefer kitten heels. I just threw Venus Rx to the wind, and purchased a new pair of running shoes online because it’s been so difficult to find the exact same style/size/color I like. So far, so good.

    On the long term lust list: a pair of winged sandals that fit my Scorpio Mercury-Uranus-AC like a dream. The search for my Holy Grail continues.

      1. When Louboutins first came out, I thought the red sole was amazing in a hetaira/courtesan kinda way. Now it just looks like straight trash to me. The quality is also not the best, especially at that price tag.

        There is a photo on IG that I wish I could upload here…it’s the exact pair of winged sandals I crave, but I don’t know who made them.

        I’m a 90s kid. Doc Martens never went out of style for me. I also love Birkenstocks, even though I’ve never met a man – gay or straight – who likes them.

  19. Yes, definitely read the red shoes! I love that part of Estés’ book. In my opinion, shoes need to be comfortable and you need to be able to run in them. Maybe it’s the Sag in me, making sure I have appropriate footwear for escape.

    1. Yes! Multi Sagg here and I agree! Have shelves full of sexy heels that are purely decoration .. footwear must allow for galloping off in any direction without danger of broken ankle

  20. This is amazing! Over the weekend I was obsessed with – straightening my shoes at bottom of wardrobe and getting some clean/deodorised, also washed my trainers and laces and got others ready to be fixed by the cobbler or thrown out. Normally I don’t really care about shoes at all. Also watched doco about Manolo. That shoe thing is happening for sure.

  21. I’ve just been bare foot for 7 weeks Yachts mean no shoes. As a child I didn’t wear shoes until school forced me and then holidays I was bare foot again. To come back to the cold uk and don shoes has been a trial. Nothing fits and my runners have to go as they are way too narrow now for me. Maybe that is the metaphor here. My life is too narrow ?!?!?

    1. No
      Your feet are wide!
      Spread and gripping the Earth
      Why should your feet and arches conform?
      You don’t! Lol
      I hate shoes too
      And everything is always too narrow
      Did gymnastics as a child and still walk on the balls of my feet

      1. My aqua man says I’ve got monkey feet as I can splay all my toes and pick things up! Maybe I should try hanging from branches with them !! Barefoot or just bare It’s been me from day one !

  22. Definitely read VikingWoman’s first up comment at page’s end. It is good advice for the feel and fit. You go for gold, Moonglow. Me, i’m waiting for the pea to stop manifesting in even the most tried and true. Your feet change, and your gait and bod change, so beware the “expensive shoe” just because it promises and embrace the expensive shoe, if it is, because it feels right…now.

  23. Shoes are not a metaphor, they are METONYM. 12th house anything, Pisces anything, Moon especially in any of those, you FEEL discomfort all day, every day. It is seasonal changeover, thus a great time to discard the hygienically, comfortably and aesthetically unfit to carry you though the future. You do not even need to replace just yet every one of them. Just discard, and wait through the real and the shopping seasons 🙂

    SAYS my 12th house triple conjunct Ascendant in Walkabout Sag trine Piscean 5th Sun. There’s a Moon in there too. Get rid of all the ones that are a dream only, unless you need a special pair for special occasions (and DO ask yourself how many of those special occasions come up and if that pair will work with any outfit, icluding the outifit you don’t yet have.)

    I’ll be doing the same – have discarded, and am about to seasonally change and discard more, i do not care how adorable or expensive. Get on your feet, soldier! And good luck and godspeed xx

  24. Yes usually Pisces = feet but you are not talking about pedicure but about shoes.
    And shoes – and bags – are accessories i.e. a deeply Libra thing.
    I find it apt that you are looking to change your shoes wardrobe now that Venus (the ruler of Libra) is going retro.
    I would be using this time to actually scout for solutions but not to do the actual purchase; like put the shoes you like in the e-commerce tray but then do some further research, seek and compare and then when Venus goes direct you can slowly start purchasing your pondered choices.

  25. How weird that this question has come up. I may have a solution to the vagaries of snapping up cute bargains in EU/US rather than AU sizes online and/or finding that for more metaphysical reasons, you just don’t fit.

    I have mangled toes from squeezing my wide feet into point shoes (bloch, off the rack, we could barely afford that when I was an adolescent), while of course never letting the pain/blood ruin the sylph-like glamour/illusion as I swanned around in the chorus of Gisele or whatever. (Scorp Venus/Neptune 12th near Asc and Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces opp Pluto Uranus in 10th…show must go on/never let them see your agony). .

    Anyways, for the first time in my liife, during this Jupe through Scorp 12th period I have been buying lots of shoes (not expensive, but to my taste, and in a wider variety of colours than ever before) to go with diifferent outfits – yes, online – and yes, sometimes fit aint perfect.

    As I am no longer willing to tolerate the kind of phys/emo pain I used to (thank you Saturn, and middle age) some of these shoes have been set aside after one wear while I think “will wear in later”…and then don’t.

    But then, just last week I discovered shoe stretchers ($25 for a pair) on ebay. They are like a plastic foot on a pole that can be adjusted to widen across toes/ball of foot and/or stretch the tight fit around your heel. You maybe spray a bit of leather expander on inside the shoe (or not), put the shoe in the appropriately adjusted shoe stretcher overnight, and bob’s your uncle.
    It’s even got little plugs you can pop into a number of slots on the plastic foot so as to stretch particular places where you need it most (e.g. if you have a corn, high arch, whatever) as well as widening/lengthening.

    Shoe heaven. I see this purchase as so apt for Jupe into the Sagg part of my 1st house soon – it’s like if I am to come out of a year long isolated Jupe in 12th, get mojo back, get out there and run wild/shake my mane over untrodden terrain (taking adv of last gasp of Uranus backtracking into my 5th for a few months soon), I need to be stylishly and appropriately shoed. (Affordably too – Saturn/Pluto transiting 2nd!) the vagaries of snapping up cute bargains in EU/US rather than AU sizes online.

  26. This has been the story of my life. I have super wide feet so am on a constant quest for shoes that fit but aren’t trainers or hideous. I’ve tried everything, including paying through the nose for custom made ones that were beautiful but ultimately still painful.

    I can only interpret this as a sign that I have to make my own shoes. Light a candle rather than curse the darkness, or manifest what the universe won’t provide.

  27. Wait, some kind of Saturn or mars square? A tricky progression? Are you … Trying to find your feet in some new endeavour? How about you go Super Tao and just wear flip flops (or lady sandal equivalent if the idea leaves you aghast) for the whole Venus retro? Barefoot when possible? UGG boots? Trendy Japanese webbing sandals? Dunno.

    1. I like the idea that it could relate literally to”finding your feet”! Good advice re Venus retro shoe choice, I’m going to give it a go

  28. What shoe size is your friend, Mystic? I’m evolving from neon high-tops and Birkenstock sandals into Statement Shoes. (Ok, the high tops are going nowhere but I’m finally wondering if I should dress like an Adult)

    Louboutin and Prada are my shoe heaven, naturally I own none as I am materially unfamiliar with the concept of trophy wife or whatever, Nevertheless if someone’s ex(?) husband’s largesse means the glorious spikes of Pigalle can live on in another shoe closet elsewhere, I am all ears.

    As for the OP… Ouch, sounds tricky! What styles are you looking at? What’s your budget? Shoe shopping online is fraught with complication.
    Why not go Neptune and let the shoes come to you? Just drift for a bit while venus is retro? Go full streetwear for a while? Those pull-on sneaks are good. Or, go vintage European..
    Cross town to a new vibe suburb for new vibe shoes. Fly to Italy and wander around there. (ha). Etc.

  29. Unicorn Sparkles

    You just haven’t found the current you yet.

    100 pairs of shoes in my closet but I mostly only wear the same two pairs on rotation. You’re doing the same thing minus the expensive outlay for the pairs that only look good on the shelf.

  30. I’ve always loved shoes and can often feel a very real connection and feeling to particular shoes. All of my shoes have some type of metallic or statement finish to them… whether they are my super comfy gold metallic Supergas in which I’m into my 3rd pair, silary, my blue/silver lager trainers with a fish scale effect, or a pair of rose gold metallic ankle boots that I can run in or a rose gold pair of slides and thongs… I’ve just realised that these are all probably reminiscent of being a multiple Pisces

  31. On the more Virgo side of things, I’m crazy about foot health, which most shoes actively undermine (not to mention literally cutting you off electrically from the earth). I recommend Katy Bowman for more on this topic.

  32. Yes…my experience is that shoes need to possess a magical quality, however that can be perceived. For that reason, the it can be helpful if the experience of purchasing them is somewhat ‘charmed’ or at least has a super positive vibe consciously attached. Shoes are awesome when they ‘elevate’ the soul : ) : ) : )

  33. Venus direct definitely. I am a former dancer whose feet had to be fitted my pros for pointe shoe purchases. (Every dancer who dances pointe has to be fitted properly). While i love beautiful shoes, they must fit well and last long and support my whole body…allignment beginning with the feet changes one’s whole body, alters posture, and incorporates one’ s costume for the day. A power platform boot makes me feel like a superhero in waiting while my tennies tell me “practical mom”. I wear indoor sherpa lined boots for winter…its about comfort and support.

    I get a strong Saturn vibe for feet and shoes. Well made shoes that support the ankle and are flexible to walk and comfortable is a must. Bones, ankles, the base of our column…i would check where Saturn is transiting and see if its doing something funky in her chart.

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