Bjork, Plutonian

Is Pluto Still The Scorpio Planet?

In August 2006, the International Astronomers Union downgraded Pluto from planet to ‘dwarf planet’ and Scorpios have been confused ever since. It’s understandable.  However, while astronomy has much to recommend it, we don’t look to that science or their federations for spiritual resonance or mythopoetic meaning. Call Pluto whatever you like – this edge-of-the-solar-system erratically orbiting hunk of icy rock – has a potent astrological influence.

You’d know that if you’d had a Pluto transit recently or if, like the musician Bjork, you identified as a Pluto-person. She’s a quadruple Scorpio – born with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Neptune in this sign. People with Scorpio Rising are ruled by Pluto, with Mars riding shotgun. Sun and Moon Sign Scorpios are similarly influenced by these two – to be all three plus be born into the Neptune in Scorpio generation is super-Scorped.

Whether you’re encountering Pluto as a temporary influence via a transit or you were born with this sensibility, Pluto makes you not only resilient but anti-fragile. You’re not merely resistant to change or disruption – they’re how you operate. A Scorpionic life, Pluto transit or the part of your birth chart where you have Scorpio is where you pull periodic phoenix stunts, regenerating through drastic change, as if following a secret formula.

“An ancient spirit that’s passionate and dark and survives”

Bjork feels it so much she wrote a song called Pluto describing the process although it’s more primal tech scream than drawn out lyrics.

“…Brand new tomorrow

A reviewer wrote that “the jagged electronic samples and frenetic 140bpm of Pluto creates an uneasy feel.” Yes, well – welcome to Pluto. You know when Pluto is arcing up in your life – especially if you’re a Scorpio – because your dreams turn into ten-part Gothic science fantasy mini-series and you’re all of a sudden allergic to complacency.

As Bjork says “having a lot of Pluto influence, which I do, means you want to cut the crap, throw all the rubbish away. No extra baggage. It’s death and birth.”

“… I wanted it to be like that black, 5,000-year-old blood that’s inside us all; an ancient spirit that’s passionate and dark and survives.  I’ve got a lot of courage, but I’ve also got a lot of fear. You should allow yourself to be scared. It’s one of the prime emotions. You might almost enjoy it, funny as it sounds, and find that you can get over it and deal with it. If you ignore these things, you miss so much….”

Proving beyond any doubt that Pluto is THE Scorpio planet, here is Bjork holding forth on the Underworldly one again. It’s from an interview with the music journalist & punk historian Jon Savage.

JON SAVAGE: When were you born?

BJORK: November 21, 1965.

JS: On the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

B: My mum is heavily into these things, and apparently I’m as much Scorpio as one can be. To me, whether it means something or not – fuck that, I just love the symbolism of it. It’s pretty, like Greek and Nordic mythologies. I’m supposed to be run by Pluto. It’s like a fairy tale, it simplifies things.

JS: Is Nordic mythology similar to Greek?

B: It isn’t a copy, but it’s got the same characters. In mythology wherever you go, you’ve got the strong guy, the wise woman, the winners and the losers, the travelers and the domestic people. I always like the animals in mythology, like the ravens on Odin’s shoulders.

JS: Scorpio is all about life, death, and sex.

B: That doesn’t surprise me. My three fucking obsessions.

JS: Have you ever had your chart done?

B: My mum did it. I think she took me to all the occult creatures of Iceland, from the age of zero until I was eighteen when I became a rebel anti-hippie. I got my fortune told and everything. I think I probably believe most of it, actually. I’ve got Pluto in a very important place, and that’s what I’m about. I have to re-create the universe every morning when I wake up. And kill it in the evening, which is a bit outrageous, but there you go.

JS: Hard work.

B: Heee! Well, maybe not every morning, but maybe twice a year I have to destroy everything. I’ve also got my moon in the twelfth house, in Scorpio, and my sun in Scorpio in the first house, and also Neptune. Then on my other half, my generational picture, I’ve got Pluto and Uranus in Virgo, and my midheaven is in conjunct with those two. Virgo is the sign of the nurse, so this means I was born to nurse my generation. I’m still fifty-fifty about whether this is true, but I was breast-fed on it.”

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  1. Bjork: “My mother was an alien & my father from the underworld”
    Me: “Blimey. My parents are both from Yorkshire”


    I Think You have not Heard Danny Elfman…his Halloween Band Oingo Boingo……He does all the Movie scores for Tim Burton and He was the VOice of Jack Skelington…He Just Turned 60…Years Old this Month….

    I luv Bjork..But Danny Elfman is Way More Pluto esq…

    Dead Mans Party…..Just another Day…Gratitude……This is my private Life…So many more Songs…He use to Play UCSD every Halloween….I saw him Twice in Concert…

  3. I don’t know if anyone has said it, but her MC would not be conjuncted by uranus/pluto since it would be in leo I’m guessing if she says her AC is scorp????

  4. Her last song “Crystalline” it’s just trascendental.

    She speaks of the secrets crystals that grows from the core of the Earth.

    Encouraing people around the world to awaken their consciuness and realize

    the living planet in a cosmic reallity we are living in.

  5. Bjork is just amazing… I was amazed by how neat and sweet and peppery her show was at the Big Day Out so many years ago. I was just out of my teens, awkward and looking for id and she just epitomised what kind of a girl-woman I wanted to be at the time. Cute, aggressive, sophisticated and completely, stylishly out-of-control! “It takes courage to enjoy it.. the hard core and the gentle…big time sensuality!! !” . I felt like I learned something about the power of creative womanhood in action that day, there was such relentless masculinity and beer drinking around with most of the bands and fans guys, she stood out like a pink peony amidst a sea of black paper flowers.

    What an interview, she’s so perverse and so classical. I imagine Sappho would have been something like her…

  6. Damn, another reason to love her – she knows something about astrology & embodies all the classic Scorp traits! What an awesome, innovative lady she is.

  7. Yes well – interview was in 1995. Since then these are lyrics in some of her songs which relate to the nursing vibe:

    Hunter: ‘I thought I could organise freedom…. how Scandanavian of me!!’

    Generous Palmstroke: ‘I volunteer, you own me, I’m yours’ and
    ‘you have to trust it, i’m eternally yours,
    all that i gave them, i gave to you’

  8. scorpalicious robot

    i ADORE everything about Bjork. She’s unique, inspiring and bloody talented! She’s up there with Patti Smith as far as role models are concerned.

    1. Oh, Scorpalicious Robot – you’re my kind of music person!

      Love Bjork, and I went to Melb last year to see Patti Smith. They both just make me want to go do whatever I feel like, and screw the rules!

      1. scorpalicious robot

        aww thanks Buckle. 🙂
        Yeah, i’m a bit of a music nut… a bit of a snob too.
        So how was Patti – did you get a good spot?

        Meh, stuff the rules!! I’ve always danced to the beat of my own drum. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m sure you do too, being an Aries (?)

        1. Yeah, I’m slightly music snobbish also 😉

          I was way up on the balcony in Hamer Hall for Patti last year, but it was still so intense that we cried during Horses. Yeah!

    1. scorpalicious robot

      and you forgot shoes David. I just don’t get the obsession with bloody shoes! Arrrrgh! Oh dear, you got me in a rage now. Well, not you but just thinking about people’s stupid materialistic, superficial obsessions!

      1. I don’t get the chocolate fetish. I mean, chocolate tastes yummy, but there’s no need to get all masturbatory about it.

        Life, death and sex. They’re strong!

        You never see a tarot card about chocolate or shoes.

  9. I soooo dig Bjork … even though her music kinda freaks my head out. I love how she pitbulled that photographer when he tried to take pics of her child. I love how she’s a bit of a maniac. I love her swan dress and ethereal pixie personna. I love how she’s so real and authentic and doesn’t play to any fashion, style or what’s supposedly cool rules. She makes the friggin rules! I read somewhere once that she’s a double Scorp – she actually told the interviewer this. When I saw her in concert she was the best act of the day even though it was a music festival and I was knackered and sunburned. But my all time favourite song of hers was Birthday, when she first came out with her band the Sugarcubes … that voice! Far out it blew us all away.

    1. scorpalicious robot

      why am i not surprised that you love how she pitbulled that photographer? HAHAHA… I love her feistiness. 🙂

    2. HAHAHA…prowln I was just going to say the very same thing about her decking the photog, I even remember seeing footage of it, she did it in true Scorp style, she’s walking along, he bugs her, she doesn’t say a word, bugs her again THEN WHAM!

      I just remember going, OOooh, that was good. hahahaha

        1. Honest to goodness SR, ALL my Scorp friends, loved ones, bigamist etc. ALL react that way, it is textbook. It’s like silent stealth mode then next thing you know someone has their in an aquarium…hahaha

  10. I also think it is interesting how many who have grown up with alternative views in spirituality, rebel against that too, just like religion. I brought mine up to understand astro and tarot, they all have oracles and decks etc etc and we honor the seasons and what not, no big deal, just candles and a meal, plant a seed, make a wish. But I noticed recently on their facebooks that they classify themselves as athiests. funky, as I would have assumed agnostic at the very least. well hope that one day that recall the info shared and relay it back in their adult lives, sure does help!

  11. Taurean Love Expert

    ScorpinintheSky, everyone born in the 60s has the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo, but we all have it in diff places in our charts. So, I have it in my 3rd house, Bjork has it conjunct her asc, etc etc. That’s how I understood the ‘generational’ comment, anyway.

    1. I see. So it’s not a generational part of the chart, its a generational aspect that affects individuals houses differently. Thank you.

      Thought that was some cart blanche thing about the chart that I didn’t know about.

      Hey, you prob have been asked this elsewhere but why are you a love expert? And do you care to share your expertise?

      1. Taurean Love Expert

        Ha, well there was already a Scorpio Sex Academic, so I’m the Taurean variation. My expertise is partly professional, partly learned in the University of Life, and the other part is tongue-in-cheek. If you are prepared to take anything I say with a hefty grain of salt, I am happy to advise.

    2. Hmmmm… thanks.

      It makes sense practically. I think generational zeitgeist does hold sway to a degree as most people either buy the farm or reject it or a bit of both. It’s always though various cultural lenses of course.

    3. scorpalicious robot

      obviously you can’t glean too much ‘personal’ info by looking at the generational planets in someone’s chart but if you look to the house placement of those planets, you can tell a LOT!!!!

      I quote from my book on houses:

      “In whatever houses they are placed, the three outer planets – Uranus, Neptune, Pluto – bring experiences of a more disruptive, radical and transforming nature than the other planets which might occupy that sphere.
      Rather than just living the affairs of the house in an ordinary, routine and uncomplicated way, we are somehow catapulted in a more complex relationship with that dimension of life”

      Just ask anyone who’s had a Pluto, Saturn or Uranus transit!

      1. Scorpinthesky, I had a Pluto transit, just read my posts complete with my own personal Hades character…seriously, I am textbook Pluto so the Scorpalicious is right in pointing out that it can pack a wallop as per the house its in.

        Btw, I was born with Pluto in my FIRST house. And now it’s opposing my sun…or is finishing opposing my sun as I am born on the first day of Kataka sun. Joy.

        1. scorpalicious robot

          Pluto in the first! – you were destined to be Scorped.

          “With Pluto in the 1st, an individual’s personal style, destiny and way of approaching life needs to include and recognise the nature of this planet…. they cannot escape untouched just trying to live on the surface level of life”

          There’s so much more. You must get the book. It’s freakin’ awesome!

          The Twelve Houses – Howard Sasportas, forward by Liz Greene.

        2. Scorpalicious, I am SO getting that, THANKS! Yes, I certainly was destined to be touched by a Scorp/Scorps.. you know what’s great, is for however Le Toilet has been bile and vile, I’ve had the benefit of having a counter balance of amazing Scorp friends (such as yourself)!

          Which is why I will NEVER regret carrying the Scorpion ink on my back left hip.

          And of course, if Pluto weren’t quite enough in my first house, Uranus is there to keep him company – or annoy him to bits with his tricks!

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        I am a 67 baby and have Pluto conjunct Uranus 7th house.

        I have 2 Scorpio women in my life. I get along with them very well. I like the no crap attitude. So refreshing.

        But I think this aspect doesn’t bode well with social conformity.

  12. I knew the sweetest scorp guys years ago, total goth intellect who would have sold both kidneys to marry her and I can see why, they could so relate!

  13. Thanks so much for all the Scorpio posts Mystic. I feel like it is my birthday all month long.

    Anyone know what she means about an importantly placed Pluto?

    Also what about the “generational” side of her chart? I only know that above Ascendent is personal and below is social. Or is it the other way around?

    1. she describes it as being conjunct her Midheaven, which is an angle and anything on an angle is prime prominance, plus the MC is all about public status and career expression/possibility – a place she feels really strongly about, according to her words, which rock. Man I would love to have a convo with her but she would consider me a dork lol

      1. Why would she consider you a dork? Far from it. If Mystic likes you so much you must be pretty exceptional! Plus anyone that hangs out with snakes is immediately interesting to me as a scorp and I can only draw the same conclusion about other scorps too!

        Thanks for info. So Pluto life, sex ,death obesessions then come across in her career and public expression of self. That makes sense.

        Medullah is my favourite album of hers and I was just talking about it with my mum the other day. That’s synchronicity!

        1. I often find mystic posts something on the blog the time I am thinking it/something happens in rl or ‘something’ – quite twilight zone 🙂 dorkdom comes from being overly fascinated with things and laughing too much. I have had some truly ‘amazing’ scorp connections, some of my better female friends have been scorps. love them but I think I drive the serious ones potty 😉 too much merc cancer trine neptune in scorp – part of a t-square – makes the mood a bit ditzy and hard for them to read!

          1. That blog/thought connection has happened to me a bunch too. I love it!

            If you aren’t too blogged out yourself could you pls explain what a t-square is?
            I understand the basic spatial idea. 2 planets in signs 3 signs apart, like a t-square, but the meaning?

          2. t-square is when you have two opposing planets that both square one planet, that planet being the apex and ruling energy of it all. Mars in Libra, which is limp as it is on a good day, is the apex of mine which involves merc in cancer and the moon in cap

            all very annoying but many GREAT people have t-squares, which I remind myself of when I am kicking the dirt having a mars limp wristing moment!

          3. Awesome info crabwoman! Sank u!

            I have Mars in Cancer, so that prob a bit limp-wristed too yeah? And tonnes of planets square Mars in my natal. I had a look and don’t think any of them are an exact t-square though. If they have to be exact. Like My Sun in scorp and my moon in aries square Mars but they are not in opposition so not a t-square? I need to get skype mystic consult to understand my chart properly.

          4. Scorpinthesky, I will have you know Mars in Cancer is NOT at all airy fairy, it is however a bit pass-agg and tres manipulative on a bad day but on a good one, it can be very cunning as it also signifies a “sideways” approach to things. Caring, non-confrontational, tenacious.

            Don’t worry I have it too, and used to think that but nothing could be farther from the truth. Plus it packs a memory and knows how to slowly but surely keep on keeping on! Least that’s how I like to think about it.

          5. Aww thats nice FA. Thanks. I guess like everything in astro MArs in Cancer has positive and negative potentials.

            So watch out for moonie passive-agression and manipulation! Gotcha.

    2. Scorp in sky, as Scorps make their presence known to all, of course it’s a month like
      b-day. Ask Matthew, he thinks Decemeber was invented for him:-)

      Think it’s the other way around re above & below horizon, as all but 1 of mine are above the ascendant & was told that means up front, social & no secrets.
      True or false?
      Generational is the Pluto, Pluto in Leo’s (baby boomers)Pluto in Virgo Gen Y then Pluto in Libra is X
      Scorp Gen Y… Gen ‘Z’ Zd or Zee born yet? Are they the blue kids on the block on on the back?
      Mystic’s achives come in handy here.
      Please correct me if i’m wrong.

      1. Thanks for all the generational info Pegasus.

        I thought it was Leo’s who made the entrance! I’m trying to work on being a bit flashier so THANKS! It’s good to make yourself known sometimes yeah?

  14. i met one of her drivers many moons ago…apparently she had a habit of answering the door naked, completely oblivious to the effect this would have….

    she and helena bonham carter are my favourite kooks. they’re genuine nuts…but like she says about building and destroying the universe….she seems to wield that energy…find her frightening and awe inspiring…

    that swan dress rocked…and it worked….people are STILL talking about it…

    1. I love Helena Bonham Carter! If I ever think of some true emo/goth/dramatic/vixen type in my daydreams, she is always the visual heroine that comes to mind.

  15. BUCKLE: Totally, missed the point and still going on about it! It’s like the tuck shop of fashion squabbling.

    on the rough days I crank ‘declare independence’ but only when I am going somewhere in my headphones. Marching to that is cathartic x

  16. could she be more delicious
    on rough days i pump up the volume on her song Pluto – ‘excuse me, but I just have to explode…’

  17. Yeah I freaking love her. I saw the Wanderlust music clip some time back and it’s so expansively crazy. I recommend it – it has wonderful symbolic momentum!

    MS: I’m with you. I can’t believe how much badmouth that swan dress still gets; it’s like – can’t they understand Bjork would never expect Entertainment Tonight to praise it? That wasn’t really the point. Gosh.

  18. we are on the same cusp hours apart (different year though) I totally relate to this, and it’s more eloquent than most versions I have heard I love her take on art and the universe. Although I know some people who have worked with her who said she is a nightmare and violent.

    God I loved that swan dress,

    and I laughed even harder at the womans weekly “fashionista’s” hot and not section moaning about her not wearing valentino to a premier. People wonder why our thriving arts culture is mostly underground and ignored…

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