Rihanna’s Piscean Pregnancy Aesthetic

Naturally, Rihanna’s pregnancy aesthetic is iconic. She is irrevocably influencing future maternity style to an extent not seen since Demi Moore’s nude Vanity Fair cover in 1991.* The performer-entrepreneur has always been inspirational and glamorous – she has Shamanic Neptune with the Sorceress Circe conjunct her Midheaven – but this is different.

It’s not only her flair and the “flaunting” – as the Daily Mail would say – of her belly. She’s going above and beyond her maverick Muse obligations, elevating the mood of a fatigued, cynical public. She shines out from the geopolitical gloom like a goddess: fecund, fabulous, and in love.

Yes, her vibe is a billion-dollar business, but she merges multi-layers of art and magic like any proficient witch or alchemist. There are so many spooky chic astrological connections here.

Jupiter-Neptune Wyrding

Rihanna is a double Piscean and a 12th house woman. She’s transcendental and glamanic. Her baby is due in April or May and could well be born with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Yes, that’s right – the one that last occurred 166 years ago and which will be on Rihanna’s North Node.

Exact on April 12/13, it’s potent for the next seven weeks. It would be an extraordinary soul-link between mother and child, as well as spiritually super-charged, ultra-genius natal astro. Really, did she conjure up this fabulosity in an exo-planetary magic ritual?  It’s like she’s giving birth to her spirit guide or someone sagacious she knew had to be here. Whatever this is, it’s beneficial, and the fate matrix is buzzing.

Style Synchronicity

An Aries Rising, Rihanna has described her use of fashion nous as a defensive mechanism, which resonates with her Mars rulership. She also uses it as a kind of hypersigil: the look above, for example, pays homage to her birth year, Madonna and Anna Wintour.

Multiple fashion people have observed that the styling artfully references US Vogue’s convention-busting November 1988 issue. The cover (below) featured Michaela Bercu, an Aries model with classic Mars power-brows, in a Lacroix jacket and her own stonewashed jeans.

It was the first time denim had been depicted on the cover of a fashion magazine, and that wasn’t the only broken rule: the model was smiling naturally and gazing off-camera. Her hair seemed messy compared to the day’s hair protocol, which demanded blowdries scorching enough to terraform a hostile planet, hot rollers, and maximum structural lift at the roots.

1988 -Saturn met Uranus in Saggo, Initiating A New Zeitgeist

The printers halted the entire print run because they assumed there had been a terrible mistake. It was Anna Wintour’s first Vogue cover: she was 39, mid-Pluto transit to her Scorpio Sun, and she’d been fired from her last job at Harper’s Bazaar for being too outre.

1988 initiated a new Saturn-Uranus cycle: Saturn was conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius three times – February 12, June 26, and October 18. Mars also spent most of that year in Aries, like it did in 2020. The Zeitgeist flipped and then accelerated.

Wintour adhered to her vision – “I’d sensed the winds of change,” she recalls- and dealt with the cyclonic controversy: Appalled advertisers pulled their money out or lobbied their influential friends to ‘do something’ and high society spokespeople wrote snarky takedowns in newspaper op-eds.

Church groups disapproved of the religious iconography on the magazine cover, which was tough luck because it inspired Madonna’s album art for Like A Prayer, released four months later. The image below is the full-length version of the album cover, FYI.

Born in February 1988, Rihanna has said the triple Leo is her “biggest influence.” Reggae, beauty, style, and music by Madonna sustained her through a rickety, challenging childhood beset by a violent, abusive father and school bullies.

She was preparing for her future life as a performer from age 10, cutting up fashion magazines to create her own look-books and developing her voice and dance moves. Her talent took her to America and the chance to work with professional music producers, but it also drew her into darker waters…

Rihanna’s Lilith-Pluto Flashpoint

One of the reasons it’s so uplifting to see Rihanna swanning around in full glow and evidently in love with ASAP Rocky is that many of us remember her assault by Chris Brown, as well as the aftermath. He brutally attacked her on Sunday, February 8 2009 at 00.25 in Los Angeles. The time is unusually precise because it’s all laid out in an affidavit that will apparently live online forever.

That chart shows a nearly exact Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the Midheaven, Scorpio Rising, and Pluto – the ruler of the moment – conjunct Lilith and square Venus. The Lilith-Pluto conjunction was on her Midheaven – think public  (you can’t conceal a thing when your Midheaven is activated, particularly if it is by Pluto) and potentially a renegade or feminist consciousness-raising experience. Saturn was opposite Uranus, suggesting that however this pinged off anyone’s personal natal astro, it was also a significant cultural shift.

The Leo Zenith speaks to the surreal flashy atmosphere that backdropped her then partner’s violence: They were driving back from a Grammy Awards dinner in a silver Lamborghini. A few weeks away from turning 21, she was wearing an aquatic-toned strapless Gucci maxi dress and Don’t Be Shy, her sugary caramel marshmallow-white flowery signature fragrance that year.

Chris Brown received a text from a woman, who may or may not have been the one he’d already said he was sleeping with on the side, she tried to grab the phone and he began battering her. Even though the police report is in sparse, unemotional facts-only language, his brutality and the details of how she tried to defend herself are horrifying.

Less than 12 hours after the paparazzi had photographed her looking radiant at the awards night, Rihanna handed in her now blood-stained maxi dress because it had become evidence and a police photographer took pictures of her 33 injuries.

Her Gucci Maxi Dress Became Evidence

A few weeks later, on her 21st birthday, TMZ published a leaked close-up image of her battered face, triggering a cultural s**t storm and turning Rihanna into the best-known ‘domestic’ violence victim of her era. As disturbing as her injuries were, the most heartbreaking aspect of the image is her tangible sadness.

Publicists like to talk about ‘starting a conversation’ – this event started a trillion arguments. The usual suspects fretted that Rihanna’s testimony might damage her attacker’s career or asked why she tried to get his phone when “she knew it would upset him?” Even some legacy media ran with a ‘their whirlwind romance” or “his artistic temperament” angle.

Imagine if an image of you at your most vulnerable – injured, shocked, eyes closed in utterly private contemplation – were shared globally and then everyone talked about it with many extolling the virtues of your attacker.

But the anti-Rihanna brigade went into full snark over her short-lived reconciliation with Brown in 2012. A 21-year-old survivor of a traumatic childhood copped more criticism than the perpetrator and marginal men used it to justify their dysfunctional relationships. She’d known Brown since she was 17 and he would have been a familiar, albeit toxic, touchstone: it would have been difficult to give up the concept that she could cajole, empathize or dazzle him into not terrifying or attacking her, that love could conquer all.

Finally, the fact that he saw minimal consequences for his actions and still seemed culturally acceptable could have made her conclude incorrectly that she was the problem. He could have killed her. She could have been psychically broken by the ordeal. Instead, she built an empire over the Zap Zone from 2012 to 2015. Also known as Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, it directly activated/stressed her Aries Moon + Venus and her Neptune + Midheaven. She leveraged it for extreme growth, channeling catharsis into art, fashion, performance, and becoming a billionaire.

Rihanna Channeled Catharsis Into Empire

In mid-2012, with Neptune conjunct her Piscean Sun, she covered her first-ever tattoo – a treble clef with a semiquaver or sixteenth note – with something more esoteric: An Egyptian Falcon that usually represents the god Horus. Posting it on social media, she wrote “Falcon, a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep.”

Nefertiti – the New Kingdom Egyptian Queen whose name means ‘the beautiful one has arrived’ – quickly followed and then the Egyptian goddess Isis. So it would be fair to say that her Neptune-Sun transit immersion had a strong spiritual component.

Shortly after her Saturn Return, she scored one of her most sensational style coups on record when she co-hosted the 2018 Met Gala with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, an avid supporter of Rihanna’s post-Chris-Brown style metamorphosis.

As the theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination, Rihanna arrived as a silver and pearl-clad Popess, complete with a papal crown. It was perfect for her transit that night: Saturn conjunct Neptune + Midheaven. It was a peak moment for her by any metrics.

Her Maison Margiela creation was also another hypersigil: La Papessa, the female pope, is the High Priestess of Tarot, often identified with the Egyptian Isis or Hathor.

In the Waite Tarot she wears a large cross on her chest representing, not the Crusades or a crucifixion, but the elemental balance between Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. And, every time Rihanna adjusted her high crown, it looked more like the one Queen Nefertiti wore or even the Ancient Egyptian Hedget crown, associated with the Horus falcon on her right ankle.

A secret agent of magic or not, she was in full saturnine worldly power mode that night but watch her unabashed joy as Madonna stages a surprise performance of Like A Prayer. It feels an array of feelings and thoughts converge at this moment.


*In 1991, Demi Moore, seven months pregnant with her second daughter to Bruce Willis, posed nude on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

If there had been an internet then, she would have broken it. It was culturally seismic, a gigantic trigger for the collective Madonna-Whore complex, and a fantastic fit for Demi’s 8th house quadruple Scorpio energies.

The photoshoot, cover launch, and commotion were all during a Pluto transit over her Sun and Venus. Pluto was also conjunct the Venus of Annie Liebovitz, the mercurial-Neptunian photographer. Some people were more upset about that magazine cover than they were about the Gulf War that had just ‘finished.’ It wasn’t just the way she’d looked – sensual, forthright, naked, and undeniably heavily pregnant – it was her words.

I’m sure there are many people who think I’m a bitch,says Moore. “I ask for what I want, and there are times I say, ‘I don’t like this. I don’t want this. It doesn’t work for me.’ I don’t fear to speak my mind. If it means changing everything that’s there, I’ll do it.”

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  1. I’m not so sure about Demi’s quote considering she said she did things she didn’t want to do during her marriage to Ashton Kutcher.

  2. I thank you for this dignified retelling of this incredible human astro journey. Sending only love and joy to sweet riri and you mystic!

  3. Brilliant. Genius. Visual. Depth. Intellectual Expanse. Ancient mythology. Neo cultural aero understanding while pinpointing the pinnacle parts that shift conscious. Alchemy. Textured, graphic descriptions. Exciting and enriching.

  4. LOVE this—and in general love anytime you dive deep and do a astro-analysis of creative female figures. So mythologically and psychologically astute. Rhianna’s a similar age to me and fascinating touchstone, to watch her grow and flourish.

    And meanwhile, on Vanity Fair, your link in the weekly scopes to a profile of Radhika Jones (plus a super-cheap offer they had on uS print subscriptions) made me sign up for the magazine! I’d totally missed that it’s now helmed by a rad and relevant female Aqua editor, and suspect the magazine’s going to be the ideal reading for the Jupiter-Neptune year to come.


    1. Have been a VF reader since the early 80’s when it was 5 dollars, now increased gradually to 12. Won’t pay 12 for a magazine no matter how good.
      My local library stocks it but always 2 months behind. The quality of writing and research is excellent. You won’t regret your sub.

  5. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    Love me some RiRi.
    Not sure about the new guy she’s with
    But her fashion and mystical instincts are par excellence…

  6. In RiRi’s first pregnancy pics there’s a look in her eye, a knowing… so the fact this baby is due during the Jupiter > Neptune conj makes perfect sense. She’s about to birth something magical and she knows this! The abuse she endured during that awful night with Chris is still so triggering….. I found the treatment of her & this situation in subsequent interviews with Diane Sawyer so disturbing. Lilith on her midheaven was brutal….
    Her and Rocky ending up together seems like the fairytale ending she deserves! 🖤

    1. I know right? I feel super cheesy and disneyfied, like a bad feminist for the way I feel about them. I just wish her so much joy and peace and happiness. And they do look like a Disney cartoon couple they’re so right together.

      1. I think they’re such a beautiful union of souls and wish them so much happiness! Lord knows how difficult it is to find someone to relate to, let alone love and procreate with lol 😂

  7. Beautifully written, Mystic!
    I like the sidenote about Demi Moore as much as the piece about Rihanna. Demi’s words inspire me, “I ask for what I want, and there are times I say, ‘I don’t like this. I don’t want this. It doesn’t work for me.’ I have had to say similar words to my chef last week, and it was killing me. But I did, for better or worse. The most difficult part though, is telling people what you do want. I need to figure that out 🕵🏼‍♀️

    1. It’s hard to know what it is exactly that you do want when you’ve become conditioned by experience to tolerate what you don’t for the sake of the team, or the family or whatever. Once you’ve absorbed the idea that your desires are only reminding you that you’re unhappy you start pushing them out of your consciousness to survive. That’s so rehearsed neurologically as a circuit that it’s destabilising to think about what you want. Then you blame yourself and for that and think maybe it’s your own fault. The cognitive dissonance is real and it is painful. I feel that. Im there too. ❤️🤦‍♀️

      1. Thank you, Invicta! You have clarified the situation further for me. It is hard to be in touch with one’s own wishes when there is so much pressure to think of the wellbeing of others. Probably especially for women. I am going to reflect on your words a bit more and in the meantime it is a consolation to know that I am not the only one who has difficulty feeling in touch with what I want/need… Wishing you peace and clarity!

  8. this post is so brilliant Mystic
    I keep coming back to it and finding new parts of it that jump out as relevant and sort of summing up something that needs saying. Or reading. There’s so much strength and hope here.

  9. the night when they showed up so late at the met gala looking so in love and so chilled. She had that black beanie on and him with Zak Foster’s quilt over his tux- a gorgeous nod to gee’s bend

    they were the king and queen of america that night ❤️
    I like to think that’s when the child she’s carrying was conceived
    I love this post Mystic. Thank you

  10. Love fashion. Love this piece. Love Rhianna. I have some astro similar with her but wasn’t able to transmute the social ostracization into something positive, not until now, anyway. It’s the combo of what we individually have and what we do with it that makes the difference. Well, maybe better late than never…

    1. “It’s the combo of what we individually have and what we do with it that makes the difference”…. that statement you made is so very profound, thank you! 🤍

  11. Wow. Damn. This is what they mean when they say never underestimate a Pisces. My fave gif on all time is one of Rihanna rolling her eyes heaven-ward and shrugging her shoulders. It’s like “ yeah, whatever. I’m listening to a higher, private frequency. Me.”

    1. Have you seen the giff of her giving birth and the baby going “Rihannaaaaaaaa? Rihannaaaaaaaaaa!” It’s stupid but 🤗🤣

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